Saturday, July 21, 2001  

Vanishing jobs!


The great Indian job market is being violently buffeted by growth slowdowns in most sectors. Lay-offs have become mandatory as consumer demand has flattened out and finding a job today is like sifting through a stack of hay for the proverbial needle. Taru Bahl analyses the dismal scenario, and says that the going may get a lot more difficult before the market eases in the foreseeable future.


A tribute to Dr Chhuttani
by R.K. Malhotra
OT only people in Chandigarh but also those connected with healthcare all over the country continue to miss Dr P.N. Chhuttani (1915-1996). Lately, I was moved to hear a poignant tribute from one of his peers who said it was difficult to unveil the pen portrait of Dr Chhuttani, who was a remarkable physician, teacher, policy-maker and ethicist of unyielding professional principles and great integrity.

Believe it, it’s Ripley’s!
by Usha Bande
HE name Ripley conjures up images of the unusual and the bizarre — a two-headed calf, a child born old, the double-eyed man, a Grandfather clock fashioned out of 3,000 ordinary clothes pins, the huge money stones of Yap, and the like. Hundreds of incredible experiences are in store for you at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in St Augustine, Florida, USA.

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