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Sunday, September 2, 2001
Dream theme

Dreaming of the bed
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

In bed we laugh, in bed we cry;

And born in bed, in bed we die;

The near approach a bed may show

Of human bliss to human woe. ó Isaac De Benserade

A bed is not a very common symbol in dreams and even rare is its tendency to be the dominating symbol. But in real life, the bed is of immense importance. We not only sleep in it but most of our emotional hours are spent in bed. We tend to express our emotions in bed, be it tears of sorrow, passion or spending longhours of thoughtfulness.

Within the Indian context, to see yourself asleep in your bed is a very lucky omen for the dreamer. But should you see your bed full of bugs it predicts illness, which could be of a severe nature. But should you be bitten by these bugs it portends that you shall get a good woman as a wife. To see or to feel with your hands your bed in your dream means you shall gain promotions and move forward in every field of your life. But as per the Ratnachur Katha, to dream of the hinges of your bed as broken shall spell ill for your wife.


To climb a bed shall get you a high position in life. Besides the bed, should you also see your bedding in your dreams then your love relationships shall improve. To see an untidy and dirty bed signifies that moments of anxiety and ill health lie ahead of you. Should you see yourself making your bed and cleaning it, it portrays that pleasant hours in your loverís company await you. Should a mother see that her child has wet the bed then she has hours ahead of anxiety and shall receive worrying news of someoneís ill health.

As per western thought, to see a clean and tidy bed in your dreams denotes the disappearance of worries. Should you see yourself asleep in a strange room on a strange bed then unexpected encounters of friendship shall come your way. Should a sick person dream of a bed, then beware, for you shall notice further deterioration of your health. To see yourself sleeping in open air, foretells delightful experiences and further opportunities in the near future of improving upon your fortunes. Should the dreamer see a friend looking very pale lying in a bed, then be prepared to receive bad news regarding the person, which shall bring discontent in your life. For a person to dream that he has wet the bed denotes that some sickness, or mishap shall disrupt your day-to-day routine. Should you see bugs in your bed, then sickness and unhappiness shall prevail in your life. To kill them in your dreams portrays that you shall recover fast from your illness.

A bed, psychoanalytically, portrays exactly what is happening in our close relationships. We can easily get an insight into how exactly we feel about intimacy and sexual pleasures. For some people, bed is a place of sanctuary and rest where they can be totally alone. So, psychologically, a bed represents both comfort and sex. Should a person dream that his/her bed is on fire it signifies existence of marital problems. Should the person dream that he is going to bed alone it can indicate a desire to return to the womb for the safety and security that it stands for. To see that you are going to bed with someone portrays your sexual attraction to that person. To see youself laying out fresh linen on the bed indicates that you need to change your approach towards a particular matter.

A 17-year-old boy often saw that he was sleeping on a very uncomfortable bed. He kept trying his best to straighten it out, but when he lay down on it he could feel bumps in it. Such a dream portrays that the person is not able to feel comfortable in his surroundings. He needs to either change his attitude or certain aspects of the surrounding environment.

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