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Monday, September 3, 2001

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Accessing rural areas with Simputer

by Dinesh C. Sharma
HESE days one hears of computers everywhere — from the Prime Minister’s office to a remote town in Tamil Nadu or Gujarat. Even states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are speaking the IT-tongue. But unfortunately, the present scenario is bit a skewed. It has a strong urban bias, and a tilt in favour of the English-speaking people. While software programs are being developed in various Indian languages, they are not as pervasive as Windows or the Internet Explorer. 



Store 1.7 MB on 1.44 MB floppy
by Vipul Verma
N the present day world of CDs and DVDs, a floppy is fast losing its importance as new storage mediums like Zip drives and CD writers are not only quite efficient but also hold up voluminous data in comparison to the floppies. All said and done, floppies have not yet become a thing of past and computer users still find it useful to store and carry data.

Using IT to decipher genes
by Sumesh Raizada
ODAY, computers have penetrated in almost every field concerning mankind, whether it is accounts, science, arts or arithmetic. Though, most of the applications till now were in the field of advanced research, accounting or Web-related packages, scientists and biologists have now realised its immense potential in the field of life sciences, pharmaceuticals and crop research also. 

Technology transforms rural records
WO decades ago, the village of Ramanagaram was the setting for the Bollywood action classic "Sholay" and the British Raj epic, "A Passage to India". Today, it is back in the news but the theme has changed from a feudal vendetta and colonial rule to the power of computer networks to transform centuries-old habits of keeping land records.

Sidhuisms: "Wickets are like wives—you never know which way they will turn"
by Narayanan Madhavan
NDIA'S former opener Navjot Singh Sidhu is playing anything but a straight bat in his new role at the microphone. Test batsman-turned-television commentator Sidhu is spicing up the broadcasts with comments such as: "Wickets are like wives; you never know which way they will turn."

How I traced my friend
by Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal
T had been around four years when I last met my classmate and best friend Roopak (name changed) in Patiala. After that he joined a software developing company in New Delhi. His company then sent him to UK. Both of us did not know each other’s whereabouts.

LAN cards make networking possible
by Jasjot Singh Narula
OMPUTERS have revolutionised corporate offices, government and private business establishments. Modern offices no longer rely on a battery of cabinets containing accounting, personal, or marketing data to provide the information. Piles of files are being edged out by computers.

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