Wednesday, September 12, 2001,
Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S



Robbers loot cash, jewellery worth 4 lakh
9 persons, including women, beaten up; pall of gloom in 
Dera Bassi
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, September 11
Close on the heels of a robbery at a milk plant near Lalru village yesterday, an armed gang of masked robbers struck at a house in Swarswati Vihar Colony early this morning, attacked nine persons, including three members of a family, and their relatives and robbed them at gunpoint of cash, valuables and garments worth Rs 4 lakh.

Armed with double-barrel guns, pistols, daggers, iron rods, chains, electricity cables, sticks and torches, the robbers broke into Mr Anwar Hussain’s house located right in front of the local police station on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway at 1 am.

Sources in the Police Department said that the house owners and 25 of their relatives were asleep in different rooms and on the terrace of the house after solemnising the marriages of Mr Hussain’s son, Arshad, and his daughter, Anisha, when the robbers broke into the house.

The miscreants reportedly bolted all the rooms and the main gate of the house from outside before fleeing from the scene.

Mr Anwar Hussain, his father-in-law, Mr Muhammad Sarif, brother-in-law, Mr Yaqub Khan, son-in-law, Mr Muhammad Salim, Mr Roshan Lal, brother, and Yanis, a relative, sustained serious injuries while two other relatives — Mushtkim and Dilshad — sustained minor injuries. The robbers also hit Bibi Sanjirat, Mr Hussain’s wife, and slapped his daughter, Amrin.

Eyewitnesses said that the robbers called up the names of the victims one by one and then beat them the brutally. The robbers took away cash worth Rs 1.50 lakh at gunpoint from Sanjirat, gold ornaments, ‘‘note-garlands’’ and jewellery which the family members and their relatives had put on.

Besides this they even snatched the chains, neck laces, ear-rings, rings and clips and other small and big jewellery items from the womenfolk during a three-hour-long operation which was carried out at gunpoint.

Eyewitnesses said that the robbers climbed up the terrace of the house after scaling the boundary wall from the backyard. They attacked the persons sleeping on the terrace and threatened them against raising the alarm. Four members of the gang directed them to assemble at one spot and cover themselves with blankets.

The rest of the criminals went downstairs and entered the rooms in different groups. One group entered the room where Mr Hussain and his wife were asleep.

‘‘Four masked and armed men entered our room and started beating with us up iron rods, sticks and electricity cables. They also threatened us not to raise the alarm otherwise we would be shot,” said Mr Yaqub Khan, who sustained serious injuries.

‘‘Having gun and some other arms with them, the robbers directed me to hand over to them over Rs 1.50 lakh in cash and jewellery, which I had kept in the cupboard. They also directed me to take off the jewellery from the bride, Rukhsana. I did so, but they hit me on my shoulder and I collapsed”, said Bibi Sanjirat.

A visit by The Tribune team revealed that blood was splattered on the floor and walls of the room, and forensic experts were picking up prints. A poll of gloom had descended on the area after the incident.

Narrating the sequence of events, Amrin, daughter of Mr Hussain, said all the women of the house were sleeping in a separate room. She suddenly heard some noise on at the terrace.

‘‘Later, someone knocked at our door and we opened it. Four masked men entered the room attacked us. It was 1:15 am at that time. One of them came to me and asked if I was the daughter of Mr Anwar Hussain. I refused to answer. He slapped me, saying that he recognises me,’’ said Amrin.

‘‘The robbers directed all the women in the room to assemble at one corner and keep quiet. One of them showed me a double-barrel gun and asked me to show him the cupboard where the cash and jewellery were lying. I took him to the cupboard and the steel trunk in which the jewellery, garments and cash were kept. The man broke open the locks of the cupboard and the trunk, collected the valuables in a bag and fled from the scene.’’ Amrin added. Amrin said she could recognise one of the robbers. He was one of the waiters.

Later, the injured were rushed to the Dera Bassi Civil Hospital and the police was informed. On receiving information, Mr Harbhajan Singh, SHO-led a police party to the spot. A team of forensic experts and a dog squad were pressed into service.

Mr Gurdeep Singh Pannu, SP (Operations), Mr P.P.S. Virk, SP (Detective), Patiala, and Mr H.S. Bhullar, DSP , Dear Bassi, also visited the spot. A case has been registered by the police.


Watchman murdered in Industrial Area tractor spare-parts unit
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, September 11
A 53-year-old watchman was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in the EEE and CEE Pressuring Limited, a tractor spare parts manufacturing unit located in Industrial Area, Phase I, this morning.

The body of Karam Chand, a resident of Haripur village in Sector 4, was found in the toilet by Mr Prem Kumar, the foreman of the unit at about 6:30 am after receiving information from Mr Tilak Raj, a sweeper. The criminals had bolted the toilet from the outside after dumping the body.

According to the police Mr Tilak Raj said he noticed the main gate of the factory open when he came. He also found the factory main door open and Karam Chand missing from the lobby, where he often used to be.

The sweeper also noticed one of the slippers and blood stains on the floor of the lobby, following which Mr Prem Kumar and the family members of the deceased were informed. He called up Mr Krishan Kukreja, owner of the unit, and the police was informed.

The police said Karam Chand had been hit on his head with some solid object, causing his death on the spot. The body was later dragged to the toilet and dumped there. In the process, one of the slippers of the deceased was left behind while the other was found in the toilet.

The police also recovered an iron rod, one tooth of the deceased and some broken glasses from the spot. Four front teeth of the deceased were also found broken.

A dog squad and a team of forensic experts was pressed into service. A case was registered and the body was sent to the Sector 6 General Hospital for postmortem examinations.


2,000 cops roped in to check rising crime
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
The city police has drawn nearly 2000 cops from various units to combat the crime wave which has engulfed Chandigarh.

Sub-Divisional Police Officers, Deputy Superintendents of Police, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors, ASIs and other cops have been deployed. and Home Guards have been deployed in various parts of the city.

According to the action plan of the city police, nakas have been set up at various places and each naka will be manned by three personnel. It is also learnt that around 40 motor cycles have been drawn from various units of the police along with the drivers and these motor cycles will be stationed at the check points.

It is also learnt that the Sub Divisional Police Officers and other DSPs will also be engaged in special patrolling.

Meanwhile, senior police officials concede that lack of timely coordination between the Chandigarh police and the police from the neighbouring areas of Punjab and Haryana is one of the main reasons why the criminals managed to escape within minutes of striking in the city.

SAS Nagar

Sealing plan envisaged

The Ropar police is working on an elaborate sealing plan to isolate all escape routes from the town to the neighbouring areas. The Assistant Superintendent of Police, SAS Nagar, Ms Kalpana Nayak, said a list of escape routes was being prepared. The Station House Officer (SHOs) had been asked to identify the sensitive areas in the town. Already seven such sites had been identified. Putting up temporary nakas and increased patrolling was on the cards.

A meeting of the resident welfare association and social organisation was being called to build the police-public rapport.

The police has advised the businessmen carrying cash to change their routine regularly in order to keep robbers at bay.


Night patrolling planned

Keeping in view the rising crime in the district, particularly in suburban areas, the Panchkula police has decided to intensify patrolling.

SP Manoj Yadav, said the number of patrolling parties would be strengthened and more police personnel would be deployed at strategic points.

The SP advised residents of Panchkula to inform the police well in advance before leaving their houses or going out of station so that proper care could be taken about the security of their houses.

Moreover, the district police has also decided to conduct night patrolling in plain clothes. The entire police staff will be engaged in night patrolling from 11 pm to 4 am on a monthly basis.

Apart from this, the police will start a scheme to check thefts and burglaries in the town. Under the scheme, Home Guard jawans will guard the houses in the absence of house-owners. The jawans on duty will remain in contact with the patrolling party during night hours. 


Phase 5 robbery was planned: police
Tribune News Service

A computer generated sketch of one of the robbers involved in the September 10 purse snatching incident in SAS Nagar.
A computer generated sketch of one of the robbers involved in the September 10 purse snatching incident in SAS Nagar.

SAS Nagar, September 11
The white Maruti car with fake registration No HR-03-0074, which was used by three youths in yesterday’s robbery in Phase 5 here, was stolen from the parking area in front of hotels in Sector 35 in the late hours on September 9. The original registration number of the car was DL-3C-6292, said a police official.

Investigations by the police revealed the robbery had been planned and the car had been stolen with the purpose of committing the robbery the next day. The time period between the theft of the vehicle and the incident was pointing towards a possibility of the robbers being locals. The menu of a Mani Majra-based fast food shop had been left behind by family members of the owner of the car.

The police said a computer generated sketch of the youth who had snatched the purse had been prepared. A photograph of Randhir of Anandpur Sahib, whose identity matched that of the driver of car used in yesterday’s case, was also being flashed to different police stations in the region.

An official investgating the case said the fake registration number painted on the number plate was of a two-wheeler owned by Hans Raj, a resident of Sector 10 in Panchkula. The other registration number CH-01-2709, which was painted on the back of the number plate, was also of a scooter registered in Chandigarh. According, to the police, the youths were planning to commit more such thefts in the area. The registration numbers of two-wheelers had been painted with this very motive.

The search for the suspects in the villages around Chapadchidhi and neighbouring villages continued, but to no avail. A vigilance was being maintained on all tracks linking the villages in the region. A police official said the robbers had split up soon after abandoning the stolen car.Back



DSOI handed over to Army
Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

The Past...

  • March 1982: A Defence Officers Association, led by Major-Gen Rajendra Nath, the then GOC, Punjab, Haryana and HP area, was registered. Applies for allotment of land in Chandigarh.
  • Land allotted on August 20, 1991, for setting up of the DSOI.
  • Possession of land was controversially handed over to a private body, “Defence Officers Club”, which did not even exist when the land was allotted.
  • The private club was led by the Punjab cadre IAS officer, Mr Bikramjit Singh.
  • September 1995: Defence officers raised a hue and cry. An inquiry was ordered.
  • Two factions went to court. A receiver was appointed to control the affairs of the club in 1996.
  • February 2001: Governor of Punjab asked to decide the issue following a compromise between the two parties in the court.

Chandigarh, September 11
The control over the Defence Services Officers Institute (DSOI) in Sector 36 here has been given to defence officers. The Punjab Governor and UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), today passed orders of handing over control of the DSOI to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C), Western Command, Chandi Mandir. Till now it was controlled by a private body.

A provision of electing some members of the governing body and the managing committee from amongst the members has been incorporated in the order. Well placed sources said letters informing about the Governor’s decision have been despatched to the Chandigarh Administration, Punjab Government and also to the GOC-in-C, Western Command.

The order specifies the number of elected representatives and those who are to be nominated by the GOC-in-C, said the source while adding that the main control will be in the hands of the GOC-in-C, Western Command, or an officer he nominates. Nominees from the Army are to be from amongst the serving officers and will be purely on ex-officio basis. The DSOI will follow rules followed by other similiar institutes across the country.

The two-acre complex in Sector 36 had been a matter of dispute in the past six years. In February this year, under a compromise deed in court between two factions of the DSOI, the Governor had been authorised to deal with the issue and pass final orders.

Following orders of the Governor, the DSOI will be registered under the name of the Western Command thus permitting extension of facilities like a CSD canteen and even availability of excise free liquor in the bar. Besides this, it will restore the two-acre land to its rightful owner. All over the country, the DSOIs are run by the defence authorities and no civilian members are enlisted. But in Chandigarh the land had been handed over to a non-defence organisation under the name of the Defence Officers Club which had been put up Director Sainik Welfare, Punjab.

Retired officers, who are members of the DSOI, had protested about six years ago. The then Adviser to the UT Administrator, Mr Vinod Duggal, had asked the then Deputy Commissioner, Mr Chattar Singh, to inquire how a prized piece of land was handed over to a club registered as private body while the letter of allotment clearly stated that the land was to be allotted to a defence organisation.

In August this year, the Punjab Cabinet accepted the proposal to hand over the land and building of the DSOI to defence authorities. Punjab had also sought back Rs 1 crore it had spent on the DSOI, but members argued that money spent was meant to be spent on sainik welfare and there was no question of re-payment.


MCC poll in December
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
The elections to the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh ( MCC) will be held in December, but the dates are yet to be finalised by the Administration.

An indication to this effect was given by the Joint Election Commissioner, Mr D.M. Khaneta, while talking to mediapersons here today.

The legal cell of the UT Administration had a few days back advised the elections of the MC and the Panchayat Samiti in December.

Officials sources disclosed that since the five-year term of the MC expired on December 22, the new team had to be elected before that date. Though the tentative dates being considered are December 2, 9 and 16, yet the most probable date was December 16, said Mr Khaneta.

Earlier, the Administration had in accordance with the proposals sent by the State Election Commission almost decided to hold the elections in October.

The commission had sent them two proposals suggesting that the elections be held either in the first or second week of October or the end of November.

But following the Mayor's election, the Administration is keen that the MC completes its remaining tenure and the decision to hold the elections in Decemebr is being contemplated accordingly.

It is also learnt that the State Election Commission has sent another election programme to the Administration for holding these elections in December. The final date will be decided by the Administration after reviewing the situation.

Both the Administration and the commission are more or less unanimous on holding the poll in December.


Draft list of polling stations, voters within 15 days
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
The State Election Commision will finalise the draft list of the polling stations and voters for the forthcoming Municipal Corporation elections in the next 15 days. Genuine objections and claims filed by political leaders and candidates will be entertained till the last day. This was disclosed by the Joint Election Commissioner, Mr D.M. Khaneta, here today.

Mr Khaneta said all five returning officers deputed for MC elections had submitted their reports after visting the polling stations under their charge. He added that the lists would be displayed in the next 15 days.

As regards the objections filed in connection with the transfer of names of voters in Ward No: 17 and 18, Mr Khaneta said the councillors and political parties who had filed the same should get in touch with the Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Karan A. Singh, to get the same rectified. He pointed out that elections would be held in accordance with the Lok Sabha electoral rolls provided by the electoral officer and if the corrections were not made in time, the elections would be held on the basis of the faulty lists.

The objections filed with regard to ward No. 19 and 20 would be sorted out by the Election Commission, he said. He added that each polling station would have six or seven polling booths and there would be approximately 1,200 voters per booth.


Security deposit up

The State Election Commission hiked the security deposit for filing nominations. The fee of the SC/ST candidates was hiked from Rs 100 to Rs 1,500 while that of the general candidates would be Rs 3,000 instead of Rs 200. The same would also be applicable to independent candidates. The election expenditure to be incurred by an individual candidate was also to be hiked from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000.


Student bodies’ poll on Sept 21
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 11
The elections to the Panjab University Campus Students Council and students councils of the affiliated colleges in the city will be held on September 21, informed highly placed sources in the university. Sources in the local Police Department also confirmed the date.

According to sources in the PU, keeping in view the provisions of the PU Calendar, the date for the student body elections will be formally notified seven days before the day of elections and the results of the elections will be declared on the day of elections. Thus, the official declaration of the date of elections will be made on September 14 by the university DSW.

The principal of a city college, on the condition of anonymity confirmed the date and said that he had been asked by the PU authorities to make preparations for the elections.


Spurs suggested to protect Panchkula ext
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 11
To regulate the water flow in the Ghaggar and prevent inundation of sectors in the Panchkula extension, a special team of the Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee, which came visiting the town recently, has designed bunds to contain the damage caused by the monsoons.

Specialised designing was necessitated after a heavy downpour washed away a part of the road adjoining the bridge in Sector 21 for two years consecutively for want of support in the form of bunds.

Despite recommendations, these spurs could not be built before the advent of the rains and consequently led to the road collapse and overflowing of water to the newly carved out sectors.

Following this, the Haryana Urban Development Authority took up the case of construction of spurs for which a study by the IRI, Roorkee, was initiated. According to the study carried out by the team, 3,643 cusecs of water discharge was noticed.

It is learnt that the team has recommended construction of 28 spurs along the river bed as protection against flood water for sectors on the extension side, which, it feels, would provide enough protection against the charging water of the Ghaggar.

“We have been studying the discharge of flood water very closely. While the last two weeks of July have heavy rainfall, the water even during low discharge was flowing very close to the road constructed along the Ghaggar in Sectors 24, 26 and 27,’’ the Chief Administrator, HUDA, Mr N.C. Wadhwa, said.

The Chief Engineer, Mr K.K. Bhugra, said that the construction of spurs consists of use of river bed material, wire crates and concrete blocks. In the first phase, the estimate for the construction of 18 spurs had been worked out at Rs 342.80 lakh. This had already been approved by the government.

In the second phase, an estimate of Rs 267.65 lakh had been planned for 10 spurs, he said.


Sector Scan
City’s most populous sector
Tribune News Service

One of the most thickly populated sectors of the city, Sector 20, continues to be dogged by problems.

The sector, which houses people from different walks of life from Class IV employees to Class I officers, to businessmen, is truly cosmopolitan in character with people of all religions living here. Besides this, the sector is perhaps the best served sector as far as public transport is concerned. CTU buses connect it with almost every destination in Chandigarh, SAS Nagar and Panchkula.

A majority of the internal roads have been recarpeted. The supply of water and electricity is normal. However, the garbage disposal system is not satisfactory and overflowing garbage bins and dumps of garbage in open areas are a common sight.

The functioning of the streetlights leaves much to be desired. At several important points, these do not function. Several streetlight points on the road opposite the Masjid remain non-functional and it makes the area accident-prone, considering the heavy traffic on that road.

The maintenance of the smaller parks in the sector continues to be low on the priority list of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC). The railings of a number of these are missing and wild growth has not been cleared, alleges Mr Niranjan Singh Mitha, president of the House Owners Association, Sector 20-A. A related problem is the growth of congress grass in the open areas.

Demanding proper development of the smaller parks in the sector, Mr Mitha also said that footpaths should be maintained for the convenience of pedestrians. In a majority of the cases, the footpaths have been encroached upon by house owners.

Despite claims by the MCC to the contrary, the stray cattle menace continues unabated. A number of stray cows and dogs are seen roaming in the open areas and parks throughout the day. It becomes difficult to pass through certain internal roads in Sector 20-B during the night because of the stray dogs in that area.

The markets in the sector have their own problems. Parking continues to be the major problem in all the markets, including two rehri markets. Besides, the parking lot has not been recarpeted for a long time.

The sector has a green belt, maintained by the MCC. This well-maintained green belt, is a stroller’s delight and hundreds of persons throng it in the morning and in the evening.

Besides being close to Sector 17, the commercial hub of the city, the sector has the Government College of Education, and a couple of schools. The sector also has the main mosque in the city — the Jama Masjid. 


Sec 43 residents against auto mechanics’ booths
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
Even as the UT Administration’s decision to allot an alternative site to auto mechanics in the vicinity of the Sector 43 residential area waits to take shape, residents of the area are up in arms against the authorities concerned. The proposed site, where the construction of 60 booths is going on in full swing, falls in the vicinity of the residential accommodation in Sector 43-B, posing danger to the health of the 130-odd households in the area.

With the decision, the entire green belt of the area also stands encroached upon. Normally any green belt opposite residential colonies is to be used as a green belt alone. In this case, the entire belt stands infringed. The site is likely to be ready for allotment in 20 days.

The site lies close to the IBP petrol pump on the road separating Sectors 43 and 44. It lies next to the Income Tax Colony and the Central Warehousing Corporation’s colony. There is only a small strip of road separating the housing colonies and the site. The decision had been taken following mass agitation by auto mechanics, who had been removed from the Sector 21 market.

With the spurt in construction activity in the booths at the proposed site, the level of residents’ frustration is rising. The reasons are that the residents will have to cope with high pollution levels once the work in the booths starts. The mechanics will test vehicles without silencers and welding work and other odd repair jobs will be carried out. The people are equally concerned about environmental and noise pollution.

Colony residents were of the opinion that the Administration should not have given away this site. Following the completion of construction and handig over of possession, these would be heavy pollution, they complained.

Said Ms Neelam Sharma, “We have all been worried since we came to know the purpose for which these booths have been allotted. We are planning to meet the authorities in this connection.” She added that the residents would meet on Sunday to decide the further course of action.

Similar views were voiced by others, including Ms Uma Gogia, Ms Neelam Malhotra and Ms Krishna Saini. Mr Chander Mohan Ahuja, an income tax officer, said, “We are concerned about the health of our families. We wish the Administration had taken into account the well being of residents before allotting the site in a residential area.”


Lax security at IAF station cause of concern
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
Hectic preparations and construction activity for the forthcoming Presidential Review at the Air Force Station have apparently created several chinks in the station’s security set-up, with the matter becoming a major issue with the IAF authorities here.

With the entrance gate and wall having been pulled down to make way for new structures’ and gaps in the barbed wire fence cropping up at several places, the perimeter has virtually become porous as a sieve, thereby compromising security.

Considerable movement of service personnel as well as civilian contractors and labourers in and around the station has led to the entire airbase, including the technical area, becoming vulnerable. Several contractors and hundreds of workers along with their equipment make several trips in and out of the station daily.

Though regulating the entry of workers and vehicles under such circumstances is an enormous task, the security personnel appear to be taking it easy, as was found out by this reporter today.

When this reporter, along with a companion, drove up to the make-shift entrance near Behlana village, a DSC guard and an airman, both unarmed and without any communication equipment, made no effort to verify antecedents and the purpose of the visit. On being told that the visitors wanted to meet the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) 12 Wing, the duo was simply waved through without even being asked where they had come from.

Though the entry point was adjacent to the gate of the technical area from where the dispersal bay and some parked aircraft were clearly visible, there were no visible check points or security personnel. Further, with several thousand trees being felled, ostensibly as flight-safety measures, one can have a clear view of the airfield and ongoing activities from various points along side the perimeter.

While the AOC, Air Cmde V S Govindarajan, was not available for comments, a senior official at the station maintained that required measures to ensure adequate security of the installations are being taken.

While agreeing that screening such a large number of persons or issuing entry passes to them is not possible, he added that security guards as well as IAF personnel in plain clothes have been deployed where ever works are in progress to keep a watch.

Adding that the entire effort is now focused on getting the work completed on schedule, an official said that any undue restriction on entry or movement of contractors and workers may only give them an excuse for delay. Over the past two months, rains have put a spanner in the works several times, with water logging and slush hampering progress.

It is learnt that the IAF is also approaching the Punjab Police for security assistance. The local authorities are understood to be interacting with the Inspector General (Security), Punjab Police, for the purpose. With a large number of VVIPs, including the President, defence minister, service chiefs, state governors chief ministers as well as foreign dignitaries scheduled to attend the review, several security agencies, including the Air Force, Army, Intelligence Bureau and local police are said to be involved in working out the security arrangements.


Order on defence pension
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
Defence pension disbursing authorities have been directed by the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) to take suo motu action for revising pension of ex-servicemen without waiting for any application from the pensioners concerned.

The directions, issued with a view to rationalise the pension structure, are applicable to pre-96 armed force pensioners who are in receipt of special family pension, liberalised family pension, dependent, disability or war injury pension.

According to the circular, which runs into 40 pages, pre-1996 pensioners will not be required to submit any application to their respective pension disbursing officers at all. The increase in pension will now be worked out by the disbursing office and incorporated into the pension accordingly.


20-yr-old commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
A 20-year-old youth committed suicide at his residence in Burail village after he failed in exams.

It is learnt that Bunty was a student of the local Industrial Training Institute.

Ashamed of his failure in the examination, he reportedly hung himself from the hook of the ceiling fan. He was staying in Saini Mohalla in Burail.

Four booked: The police has booked three persons, including two Panchkula residents, on the charges of duping Krishan Kumar of Rs. 2.31 lakh on the pretext of sending him abroad.

Gurjit Singh, Anil Sharma, Sudhir Singh and Tejbir Singh have been booked under Sections 420, 406 and 120-B of the IPC.

Three arrested: Chamkaur Singh, Manjit Singh and Joginder Singh were arrested when they were caught attempting to steal a car from the Lake parking last evening.

A case under Section 379 and 411 of the IPC has been registered against them.

Burglary: Jewellery and cash worth Rs 1500 were stolen from the Sector 39-B house of Ms Nirdosh Soni yesterday. A case under Sections 454 and 380 of the IPC has been registered.


Five held for snatching money
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 11
The police has arrested five persons after they snatched a sum of Rs 1500 from a resident of Hallo Majra today.

According to the information available, the accused were arrested following an alarm raised by the victim and a number of people gathered at the spot. The accused, Ranjit, Pradeep, Mant Lal, Amar Singh and Harjit Singh, have been booked under Sections 356 and 34 of the IPC.

It is learnt that the complainant, Shiv Prasad, was going near the PRTC workshop in Phase I, Ram Darbar, when he was stalked by a group of five persons travelling in an autorickshaw. The three-wheeler was being driven by Harjit Singh. One of the accused reportedly asked the complainant for some change.

As the complainant took out the money the accused snatched the purse and fled away from the spot. Shiv Prasad raised an alarm and a few passers- by began to follow the autorickshaw.

In another incident of snatching yesterday, a bag containing Rs 5,000 was snatched from Anku Kapoor while he was going on a scooter near CII, Sector 31. 

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