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Monday, September 24, 2001


1.Name the high-tech drama released in 1997 that had Sandra Bullock acting as Angela Bennett, a Cathedral Systems’ top analyst.

2.Name the film based on the capture of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick.

3.A film made for television on the battle between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for control of the personal computer industry was named what?

4.Released in 1998, a pen-pal romance updated for the Internet age, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks was named what?

5.Name the movie-documentary released in May 2001, on the rise and fall of Internet mania.

6.What do we mean by B2B?

7.B2C stands for what?

8.B2G represents what?

9.What does G2C mean?

10C2C means what?

The following are the answers to Compuquiz 48

1.Pierre Omidyar

2.Jim Kimsey

3.Howard Rheingold

4.Douglas C Engelbart

5.Ray Tomlinson

6.Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe

7.John Perry Barlow

8.Jon Postel


10.John Perry Barlow

The winners of Compuquiz 48 are:

1.Rajnish Kumar, Hoshiarpur

2.Pardeep Kumar, Rajpura

3.Kuldeep Singh, Kharar


Compuquiz rules

1.The readers who submit correct answers will be awarded the following cash prizes by The Tribune: First prize Rs 1,000, second prize Rs 750, third prize Rs 500.

2. All entries must be accompanied with a clipping of this quiz.

3. Entries should be sent to Quizmaster, Log in....Tribune, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chandigarh latest by October 1, 2001.

4. In case of more than one correct entry, prizes will be decided by a draw of lots. The decision of the Quizmaster in this regard will be final.

5. The answers and result of Compuquiz-50 will be published in the issue of October 8, 2001.

6. Entries should be sent on plain paper preferably typed in double space or handwritten legibly in block letters.

7. All entries must carry the sender's name, complete address and contact number.