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Monday, September 24, 2001
Downloads of the week


There was a time when megabyte was a big term. However in the present-day world even gigabytes looks small. These days the hard disks are available in huge capacities and for a common user it is rather a problem to manage. Owing to the huge hard disk space, the user has to format it into many partitions, but sometimes partitioning the hard disk is not an easy task. However, with the help of software like partition magic this task can be made very simple. Partition magic is excellent software, which makes the task of formatting and partitioning very easy and thus enables you to have multiple operating systems along with many more resources on your computer. This software is capable of formatting hard disk up to 80 GB capacity. Normally, the task of formatting a hard disk is considered to be an expertís job as it is quite critical. However with the user-friendly interface of this software along with Windows style interface it is no more an expertís job as any novice can also handle the partitioning. This program is useful as it supports major file systems like FAT, FAT32, NTFS and also conversion of a file system to another file system at later stage. Using this software the margin of error is reduced as extensive help is being provided on matters related to formatting. Till now, what we have seen in hard disk partitioning software is a simple DOS-based utility, which is being used to partition hard disk before loading data onto it. However with this software the partition can be created, resized, split and merged without any loss of data even at later stage. Moreover, there is also a drive mapper utility for managing and automatically updating drive references on partitions. Besides providing an extensive software for partition this program also provide an extra utility called BootMagic, which enables you to quickly switch between various hard disks that may be present on your computer. A must-have software for the computer users and can be downloaded from www.powerquest.com.


Self-extracting archive utility

It is often difficult to share files between many users because of the structure of various files and also their number. However if you can compress them in one file, then the things may become easier. Though this task and be done by zipping the files using any utility commonly available. But, if your set of files contains programmable files and other files that cannot be compressed, then it may create problem. It may also be a problem at the personís end that is receiving the file, as everybody is not very comfortable with zipping and unzipping of files. However this task can be made very simple the help of self-extracting archive utility software. Using this software you can create a self-extracting file of a single file or set of files very easily. This is very easy to use software and presents a step-by-step process for creating the installation files. For creating a self-extracting file all you have to do is simply drag-and-drop the files into the folder or by selecting a folder or directory. Thus you do not need to possess any technical expertise for creating self-extracting files using this software. This software can be useful for program developers and for system managers who have to share files with their counterparts spread over many offices and branches. This software can be downloaded from www.gammadyne.com

Ink Monitor

There are two common observations about the computer users. One, no matter how much hard disk space you may have but sooner or later you will fall short of it. Two, no matter which printer you might be using, but when your printer would be most required then youíll be running out of ink. Well! These are the common observations and not a rule, but it has universal applicability. The worst part is that in neither of the cases youíll get a warning in advance by default. So, if you are also one of those persons who have faced similar situations, then the program ink monitor could be very useful. This software letís you assess the quantity of ink or toner remaining in your cartridge. But for the most effective use of the software you should install or activate it at the time of installing a new cartridge. This program actually calculates the number of pages you have printed vis-a-vis your printerís average capability and then on the basis of that it gauges the level of toner or ink left in your cartridge. It is a great utility especially for those who have to print a lot. This software is simple to install and supports all major brands of a printers like HP, Canon, Epson and also leave the scope of adding any other printer not included in it by default but which you might be using. This program resides in your system tray and can be recalled by simply clicking on it to know the ink left in your cartridge. You can customise it to present the status of your cartridge graphically also. This program also supports network and can automatically detect when the pages are being printed along with the quality. It also maintains a log of all printing jobs along with the time and date, this way you can also keeping check on printing jobs and can check the wasteful printing. When your printer runs low on ink then this program will give you a warning to replace the cartridge. This freeware can easily be downloaded from www.pokluda.cz