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Monday, September 24, 2001
The world of  dot.com

Space is getting full

MANY space organisations and space agencies of developed and developing countries are engaged in exposing and searching the hidden treasure of space by sending manned and unmanned space flights onto it. Some countries believe that in future population of the earth will reach over 8 billion and what we call space now will be a ‘decent’ place to live in. Others are placing spy satellite, researching the celestial bodies and doing commendable work on communications, weather forecasting and land surveys. Some sites that are taking space very seriously are:


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is more than 40 years old. One of the topmost American space agency in the world is engaged in many exercises management over the space flight centres, research centres, saving earth missions and other vital installations in space. This site provides the history space flights, flash news about space, processing of current research, information about launching schedules, education programmes, businesses with NASA, exploration and development, aerospace technology, launching through TV, research in pipeline also provides information of NASA for kids.


ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), established under Department of Space, Government of India, is engaged in space programmes that involves development of satellites, launch vehicles, sounding rockets and is associated with ground systems. The site provides all information regarding its centres located all over India, description about ISRO, programmes undertaken, detail of space services it provides and space education facilities.


Russia is first country in the world that had put the first step in space exploration by sending its artificial satellite into orbit. This site is an official mark of RSA (Russian Space Agency) and provides information regarding its space activity programmes, programmes and projects taken by RSA, information regarding earth remote-sensing, launching and control of spacecraft on orbit.


Canada — www.space.gc.ca

Germany — www.Dlr.de

Japan — www.nasda.go.jp/index_e.html

European Space Agency — www.esa.int

U.K. — www.bnsc.gov.uk

— Kanwaljeet Singh