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Monday, September 24, 2001
Dr Tribune

Q. I have an assembled P III, 866 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Intel 810E and 20 GB HDD. I purchased it about three months ago. My problem is that whenever I use that Net there is an error: "Your security setting is prohibiting Active-X control on your computer. So this page cannot be viewed correctly. This problem always occurs at site www.indiafm.com but this never occurs at www.rediff.com. Please tell me the solution of this problem.

Kashyap Thakral, Hisar

A. Normally for running an ActiveX Document from the Internet, you must set your Internet Explorer security level. The default setting does not allow ActiveX components to be downloaded at all. However in this regard it should be noted clearly that changing security settings of the Internet explorer might allow evil ActiveX components to actually do a lot of harm to your PC. So it is in your interest that you should alter the settings only for visiting a particular site and after working on it, you must restore your security settings. For changing the security level in order to enable the Active X control, click on Tools menu and then click on Internet options. Now click on security tab and then click on the customise button located at the bottom of the page. Set it for enabling the Active X controls and then click OK. This will enable the Active X controls on your browser.

Q. I have Pentium III 866 MHz PC, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 16 MB ASUS Combat AGP card, Intel 815 Motherboard, onboard soundcard (SoundMax integrated digital audio), Windows 98 SE as OS. My problem is whenever I start Winamp (version 2.75), it does not start for about 30 seconds until a blue screen appears with the following message: ‘An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C0031A54 in Vxd — This was called from 0028:C00301F9 in Vxd — It may be possible to continue normally.’ Press any key to continue. Press Alt + Control+ Del to restart’. After pressing any key the Winamp starts and I can hear all songs. Music playing software like Jet-Audio run normally. What is the meaning of this message and how can I get rid of this message?

Aman, Ludhiana

A. There could be many reasons for your problem. However as a possible solution, try these methods. First of all load setup defaults in BIOS setup and then save and exit setup. Hopefully, this will solve your problem. However, if this does not solve your problem, then it is better to reinstall Windows because this problem is related to virtual memory manager. Reinstalling Windows will surely solve your problem.


Q. I have a P III computer with Windows Me as operating system, Simtronics 64 MB RAM, Tomato motherboard and SIS graphics card. I wished to increase the RAM to 128 MB. Someone told me that MHz value of RAM is required to be known to avoid mismatch between existing RAM and the new one. Is it true? If yes, is it mentioned on the RAM?

Dilpreet Singh, Faridkot

A. Your have not written the configuration including the processor speed of your computer or the specification of your motherboard, which is essential to determine, which RAM is being used in your system. However, you can check it out with any hardware vendor about the RAM used in your system. But usually there are as such no compatibility issues of RAM.

Q. I have an assembled PC, TX-100 motherboard, Cyrex-300, 96 MB RAM, 8.4 GB hard disk, 56 KBPS internal modem, Yamaha sound card with Windows ’95 Plus as operating system. I also have another PC Pent-200 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 4.3 GB Hard disk with Windows ’95 as operating system. I want to connect both PC through Crossing Link Cable. The first Cyrex PC has internal modem. Can I use it on the second PC (Pentium-200) and if I connect the Internet through my first PC, can I use the same connection on second PC for opening a Web site? Also, can I receive mail in Outlook Express? My friend told me that there should be a Proxy server for using such Internet options. Is it true? Please reply.

Bobby Syal, Jalandhar

A. I am not aware of crossing link cables. There are cross over cables, but I have no idea about crossing link cables. As far as connecting two PCs are concerned, the best way is to connect then through LAN. But if you do not want to use LAN cards, you can connect it by either parallel port to parallel port cable or serial port to serial port cable, using the direct cable connection mode of networking. Moreover, if you wish to share Internet, then in that case, first of all you will have to use LAN cards in both your machines. Then you would require proxy server for this purpose. And only after that with some change in your system and browser settings you would be able to share the Internet.

Q. I am facing a peculiar problem regarding e-mail. I have two accounts in Yahoo! One is two years old and another about a month old. I configured both accounts in Outlook Express 5. My first account works well but in case of month old account, while authorising it give an error: ‘ Password rejected’. Both accounts work well when accessed through Yahoo! Site and have same passwords .Why is it that my one account works while the other fails.

Navdeep Soni, Bathinda

A. The main reason for this problem could be that while configuring your e-mail client, you have entered the password incorrectly. This may include wrong letter cases used in your password. Please remember passwords are normally case sensitive. So, in order to correct this problem, please reenter your password correctly and then use your e-mail client.

Q. Please let me know how can I configure my Hotmail account in Outlook Express so that I can receive mail directly in Outlook Express. Please let me know the incoming and outgoing server address of Hotmail.

Bharat Jain, Chandigarh

A. Configuring Hotmail in Outlook Express is very simple as it is built in Outlook Express. All you need to do is that if you are already using the Outlook Express, then select a new identity and start configuring your e-mail account. In the third step, it will ask you to use your present e-mail address in case of Hotmail or use any other e-mail account. Here you should use the Hotmail option and follow the instructions. This will configure Outlook Express for your Hotmail account.

Q. We have Packard bell computer having processor-120 MHz; 1.2gb Seagate HDD; 1.44 MB FDD; 64 MB RAM and Win ’95 as operating system. Last week when we opened the computer, it showed ‘missing operating system’ and did not boot further. We boot through bootable Win ’95 floppy and then checked drive C: for its directories for which it showed nothing but failure/retry/abort etc. We have some important data stored in it. Please advise if it can be retrieved or not. If yes, then how?

Deepak Verma

A. There could be some serious trouble in your PC as this scenario could be due to hard disk failure or hard disk crash also. But first of all, open the BIOS setup window and detect your hard disk. If the system detects your hard disk, then you are safe. But if your hard disk is not detected, then there could be trouble ahead for you as your hard disk may have crashed. However, I would suggest you that you consult a hardware engineer in this case, because even if the hard disk has failed, it can still be corrected by some measures, which includes changing of logic card of your hard disk. So, in all cases, if your hard disk is not detected under your BIOS setup, you should consult a competent person personally rather tan experimenting with it yourself.

Q. My computer configuration is: Intel Celeron 300, 128 MB RAM, 20GB HDD. (Outlook express 6) Win’ 98. My external modem V 90 Flex gets disconnected after 1.20 - 1.50 seconds despite all settings of the time duration etc but internal modem - 56 works fine and does not get disconnected at all. I want to use the external modem for speed but cannot do so. Also I want to know the POP AND SPMS (incoming and outgoing mail server) settings for the chequemail.com. Could you also give the list Web sites where I can host the Web page and the name and address of the authority to register the domain name?


A. Regarding your first problem of modem getting disconnecting every 1.2 – 1.5 seconds, please make sure that you have used the correct driver. In this regard it is important to understand that you should not use the flex driver, as it is not may not be supported by your telephone service provider. Instead use the ordinary 56 KBPS driver. Ideally, this will solve your problem. Regarding the chequemail, since it is a Web-based mail, so I am not aware of the pop and SMTP servers, therefore I will not be able to provide it. For domain name registration and Web page hosting, there are many companies working in India like www.net4domain.com etc. You can visit this site and get the necessary details for domain name registration and Web hosting packages.

Q. I have an assembled PC, TX-100 motherboard, Cyrex-300, 96 MB RAM, 8.4 GB hard disk, 56 KBPS internal modem, Yamaha sound card with Windows ’97 as operating system. I want to install Linux. As I read in Log…in Tribune Linux can co-exist with another operating system. Please tell me can Windows-based software as MS-office, Pagemaker, Corel draw run as usual on Linux. I have made two different accounts in Outlook Express. Is it possible that when we receive mail it may get saved in a particular folder as we desire, that is one account message will come in one folder and the other may come in second folder.

Vinod Syal, Jalandhar

A. It is a great idea to install Linux on your system as it is free and can co-exist with your normal Windows operating system. However, if this is the first time you are trying to install Linux on your operating system, please use the installation manual available in the form of books in many book stores. As far as the programs mentioned are concerned, there are separate version of software, which can run on Linux. So you will have to check them out as per your requirement. Regarding the Outlook Express, when you create separate identities, it creates separate accounts and also separate folders. However, if you wish to divert your mail to any particular folder other than the default Inbox, then you can you should first create a folder and name it whatever you want. Then, use the filters to divert specific mails to this account. Alternatively, you can also use it as your default Inbox also. This procedure can be adopted in both email accounts.

Q. I have an assembled PC with the following configuration: Celeron 600 MHz, 10 GB HDD, 64 MB RAM, Windows ‘98 , Motorola 56 KBPS internal modem. I do not have UPS so sometimes while working on the computer if power shutdown occurs I lose unsaved data. My problem is that now, sometimes while I start my computer, it gives the error after verifying DMI pool data saying:"BOOT FROM ATAPI CD-ROM : FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK & PRESS ENTER". But when I restart it 2-3 times, it boots up without giving any error message. It takes 2 to 4 minutes to boot up. Even on performing surface scan and defrag which took around 30 minutes, there was not bad sectors.

Preeti, Ludhiana.

A. Please check your BIOS setup settings and change the boot sequence to C, CD ROM, A. Right now, your system appears to be set on the settings CD-ROM, C, A. Changing this setting will solve your problem. Regarding the longer booting time etc. please run scandisk followed by defrag and also perform disk cleanup. Moreover, remove all unnecessary programs from the startup directory this will reduce your booting up time.

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