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Monday, January 28, 2002
Downloads of the week

Net Visualise Favourites Organiser

IT is by and large said that what's most important in the world is Contacts. Well! This is quite true for both the real as well as virtual world. However, the context of this magical word is different for the real and the virtual world. In the real world, your acquaintances are being termed as contacts. Whereas in the virtual world or the cyber world, all the addresses like e-mail address, bookmarks of the favourite sites are being termed as contacts. No matter how you look at it the management of the contacts is a big thing. In the real world your interpersonal skills would help in managing the contacts. But in the virtual world, you would need software like NetVisualize Favourites Organiser to manage your contacts. NetVisualize Favourites Organiser is a visual bookmark manager for Windows, which generates thumbnail images of your book marked sites. This is basically useful software with user-friendly interface. Using this software you need not to click through the text links to preview the site, but you can visually recognise the site by simply clicking on it once. This software is quite universal and is not limited by the choice of your browser as works independently and is compatible with both Netscape and Internet Explore. Thus using this software, you can extract contacts from both Internet Explore and Netscape easily and can converge them at one place. However, despite their strong feature, using this software is easy as it fully supports drag and drop feature. You can also store shortcuts to favourite folders and files. Like most of the popular applications, this program also has Windows Explorer like interface and the bookmarks are being organized into a hierarchy. Therefore these bookmarks can be sorted into user-defined folders and launched in browser. There are many more advanced features of this program also and can be very useful for the advanced users. This is a cool software for the Internet-savvy persons and best of all, this software is free and can easily be downloaded from www.netvisualize.com



How good it would be if the Internet becomes free i.e. the accessing the Internet becomes free of charge both in terms of ISP charge as well as telephone charges and you could hang around for the whole day here. Well! This looks like a distant dream, as it would not happen in the near future. But there is one thing, which can partially fulfil your dream. This is not a ISP or telephone service provide, but it is actually a software called Web Copier, which can bring down your browsing cost quite substantially. Let us see how? WebCopier is basically an Internet utility that downloads and copies entire Websites to your computer's hard disk. Therefore, undoubtedly it is a great offline browsing facility, which can be utilised most effectively for the sites, which you may have to go through very thoroughly. Moreover, this program could also prove beneficial for carrying the sites with you, whenever you need them, which would otherwise not be possible in case of other offline browsers. Using this software you can have access to everything from favourite sites to important documentation regardless of where you are. This software copies and downloads a site completely and downloads all its contents like text, graphics, and links etc. on your hard disk, you can use it very effectively for offline browsing. Moreover since it preserves a site's directory, so you'll be able to browse through pages as if you were browsing them on-line. This program also supports JavaScript and Macromedia Flash files. Overall this software is good for heavy Net users and the best feature of this software is that it's free and can be downloaded from www.maximumsoft.com

Multimedia Greeting Card Maker

Multimedia Greeting Card is a freeware, using which you can create electronic greeting cards with graphics or video, text, music and sound and can send them with e-mail or in hard copy. This software creates the executable file (.exe) of the e-greeting card, thus on reaching the desired address, the receiver just need to click on the file, the file will automatically expand and run the file and will also automatically close the card. Using this software, you can also do embedding, and link information to your video and graphics. One of the important features of this software is the use of most common files used in graphics and videos like .bmp, .avi, .mid, .wav etc. Thus the user at the other end does not find any problem in viewing, seeing and listening your card. Moreover the cards created by this software are small in size and below 100 KB; thus it makes it easier to send the file in a very short time. You can download this software from www.pcww.com/web_mat/freecard.html