Saturday, February 16, 2002  

Illustration by Gaurav SoodWill art offer good investment opportunities in 2002?

The year 2001 was overcast with the clouds of fear, terrorism and uncertainty. But the art galleries of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai continued to hold major shows of well-known artists as well as newcomers. Collectors thronged to the sales and private showings and bought art as if all was well with the world. Vimla Patil asks whether art will continue to be an investment of real value in 2002.

Shades of Love
Randeep Wadehra
OVE is perhaps the only creed that is not normative — its followers make and observe their own norms. Love is a feeling that numbs all senses. It is an experience that heightens sensibilities. Love is a chemical reaction that involves pheromones.

Karnal, a new destination for artisans
Taru Bahl
MMAJI flashes a toothless grin, happily calculating her substantial earnings on the last day of the week-long Women's Crafts Mela, held recently beside the popular tourist spot of Karna Lake along the National Highway.

Portrait of a peon as an artist
Sanjay Austa
IS job at the Delhi College of Art is to clean desks and chairs before the college begins in the mornings. For the rest of the day, his task is to run errands for professors from fetching them tea, water, a forgotten paint-brush in the staff room, to whatever strikes their fancy.

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