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Monday, February 25, 2002

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For women, information technology doesn’t click
Nalin K. Rai

FARAH was one of the rising stars of an IT company based in Delhi. She was involved in deciding the future course of the company. The annual promotions were due and she was sure that she would be co-opted into senior a managerial position and the IT industry had succeeded in breaking the gender barrier. But that was not to be. On the day of her promotion, she was sidelined and a junior promoted to the senior managerial cadre. Farah was dumbstruck. She had hit the glass ceiling. ILLUSTRATIONS BY GAURAV SOOD

Symphony for mobiles
by H. S. Jatana
VER a thousand years ago, humans came across a novel idea: instead of singing a single note, they decided to combine two, or several different notes to create a whole new range of sounds. The result was polyphonic sound, which changed the landscape of music altogether, enabling rich sounds that were to be the foundation of modern music as we know it.

Asian women fall for the Net
SIAN women were full of festive cheer on the Internet in December with a huge surge in the use of e-mail and electronic greeting cards, NetValue has declared in Singapore. The proportion of Hong Kong women who used e-mail doubled between October and December to top the survey of four Asian markets, the Internet measurement firm said in a statement.

Your children know the future
by John Naughton
HERE are two ways of predicting the technological future. One is to buy a crystal ball. The other is to watch what kids do with technology. The second is by far the more productive approach. Consider mobile phones.

Get the garbage out
by Vipul Verma
HERE is a very old concept in the computer world, "garbage in, garbage out." This signified that in programming if you fed in wrong information and syntax, then the output you got would be wrong. Though today with user-friendly application-based programs available there is not much scope for programming at the user level, this concept still holds true.

Be heard in voice over Internet
by Sumesh Raizada

ONVERGENCE is going to be the next call in the IT world, which will possibly signal the next wave of IT revolution. Client-based programming careers are nowadays seeing a downtrend. However, careers in convergence are hot and have a promising future.

Indian languages get their due
by V. P. Prabhakar
number of initiatives have been taken under the Technology Development for Indian Languages programme of the Ministry of Information Technology for the development of Indian languages processing tools, human-machine interface systems, translation support systems, corpora and lexical resources.

Cell phone shields that don't work
ERTAIN shields touted as protecting cell phone users from radiation don't work as advertised and may cause the wireless devices to emit even more energy, the US Federal Trade Commission has announced.

Internet music piracy pact gets into swing
GROUNDBREAKING international pact to protect musicians and the multi-billion dollar recording industry from Internet piracy will finally go into force in May, a United Nations agency announced in Geneva on February 21.


Worldphone that lets you globe-trot
NEW general packet radio service mobile phone was launched in India last week by Motorola. The tri-band handset V.66 allows users to stay connected in Asia, Europe and the Americas. This is becoming increasingly important for globe-trotting users using international SIM cards, who want seamless connectivity no matter where they are.

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