Saturday, March 9, 2002  

The killer continues to stalk silently
by Sasha

PLAGUE has been one of the major scourges in history. It decimated large segments of population and affected the lives of all sections of society. A pandemic of plague, known as the Black Death, broke out in 1348 in Europe and claimed one-third of the total population.

Going by the rule book to contain the disease
by Chitleen K Sethi
HE first incidence of plague in the world in this century can safely be considered contained. Five deaths and health authorities of three states on high alert is what it took to combat the disease. 

From journalism to world of ideas
Syed Nooruzzaman
T was around 10.15 in the morning. The telephone began ringing. As I picked up the receiver, the person at the other end cried, "Please uncle, come to Mr Ramasamy's house. He is serious. He requires to be taken to hospital." She was his adopted daughter, who came in contact with this great journalist through his niece.

T..K.Ramasamy         Portrait:Kuldip Dhiman

A teacher par excellence
by Bijender Sharma
TARTING off as a clerk-cum-typist in the district education office, Satya Paul Sharma soon realised his dream and became a teacher, but he had never imagined that one day he would get the prestigious President's Award for teaching!

Acquiring a new address book
by Mohinder Singh
HERE comes a time in your life when you find your address book not only getting hopelessly out of date but the entries themselves often unreadable from all those cuttings and cross-cuttings. Time to acquire a new one and re-write your address book.