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Monday, March 25, 2002
Dr Tribune

Q. I have recently loaded Windows whistler beta version on my Compaq system in D: drive in addition to '98 windows in C: drive. My problem is that I can run easily, the Internet on my '98 Windows but when I try to do that on whistler, my computer can't detect the modem (internal) which is 56 SM Motorola. I even tried my best from making new connections options but while browsing the modem model there is no option of my model. I even tried the CD but couldn't succeed. Please me tell me the way by which I can log on to the Internet from Windows whistler. Or tell me the site from where I can download the software for modem.

Ashish Kumar, Jalandhar City

A. Windows Whisler is the code name for Windows XP. Therefore for using the modem you will have to install the drier for Windows XP on your system. You can download the necessary driver from the website of the modem manufacturer.


Q. I have a VSNL connection, Windows Me. If I try to connect to the Internet at night especially after 11 p.m., it gives me the message, "the computer can't establish dial up connection. Check your password and try again." But next morning again it works fine. The problem occurs only at night. I have changed my password many times but problem still exists.

Amarjeet Singh, Punjab.

A. You also need to mention the error number, which you get along with the error message as it would help in understanding your problem better. Please send me the complete error message along with the error no, however, in the mean time you should get in touch with the customer support of the VSNL for a possible solution.

Q. I have a P III, 800 MHz, LG 15" colour monitor, 128 MB RAM, Windows '98 OS 40 GB HDD, 52X CD ROM. My problem is that when I try to play certain games, for example:close combat , the following message appears on the screen "unable to start the program because your video card does not support at least 800x600x16 bit resolution. What does this mean and can I overcome my problem. Moreover for some other games the following message appears "this game requires a 3-D card. Please tell me how can I overcome these problems.

Robin Sandhu, Tarn Taran

A. From the description of the problem, it appears that you have not loaded the correct version of drivers on your system and you should reinstall the AGP driver. However, if you are using an old VGA card on your system, then you may have to change it with a recent AGP card for playing heavy graphics game mentioned by you. But I think your problem is related to driver and installing the correct driver would solve you problem.

Q. I have 15" L.G Studio works monitor (552 volts). Please tell me:

1) What is degaussing of monitor? How it can be done if there is no facility of degaussing is provided in the monitor itself? Is there any freeware to perform degaussing? What is the time interval after which degaussing of the monitor should be performed?

2) Is there any freeware utility through which i can password protect my personal folders?

3) Also tell me any freeware through which i can undelete the data that have been deleted accidentally data.

Vinay Jain, Patiala

A. Degauss is a process to demagnetise the monitor. By degaussing the monitor, undesirable magnetic field is being removed that may have built up within the display, causing distortion of the image or color. The degauss facility is being given as a button on the front panel of the monitor, else the monitor includes an internal coil that will degauss the display when it is turned on. So, there is no need of Degauss software as far as the standard monitors are concerned. Regarding your second query, you can find many programs to password protect your files and folders. One such program is folder lock and you can download it from www.staticfree.net/softjunkies.

Q. I have an assembled PC with the following configuration - Pentium-III Processor, 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM. I am facing a problem in my system. In between program, it gets struck and I have to reboot it again. Sometimes even as I am working or surfing on the Internet, the screen freezes. What could be the reason? Secondly, is there any site from where I can download the screensavers to which I can add my choice of pictures?

G.S.Saini, SAS Nagar

A. From the description of your problem it appears that there could be bad sectors in your hard disk, therefore you must scandisk your hard disk in thorough mode followed by Disk Defrag. This will report any problems including the problems of bad sectors in your system. However, if by any chance, no bad sectors are reported, for which the probability is very less, then you may have to get the motherboard checked for any errors, as these are the two reasons responsible for the kind of problem mentioned by you.

Q. My PC configuration is Celeron 533 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, 810i board. My problem is that since last four months my mouse pointer keeps on moving by itself. Whenever I try to change the movement it moves in its own direction. I had even deleted the mouse driver and installed the latest one. I tried changing the mouse and scanned with the anti-virus for the latest update. I update my anti-virus weekly. Last option left is to format the HDD and reinstall it again. But as I had a large number of software installed on it, it became time consuming to install. Can you provide me with some solution except reinstallation?

Anil Kashyap, Panchkula

A. The problem mentioned by you could be due to two reasons. First is that your mouse has some problem, and needs to be replaced. However, before replacing your mouse you can still try by cleaning its ball with warm water and mild soap. If this works, then your system will start working normally. However, if this does not work, then you should concentrate on the second reason, i.e. by lowering down the hardware acceleration pointer to one step left or two step left. Now, restart your system. If your mouse starts working normally, then your problem would be solved. Otherwise you can safely assume that this is a hardware problem related to your mouse and you need to replace it. You do not need to format your hard disk in this case, as this is not the solution to your problem.

Q. I have a system having configurations Pentium III, 866 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD. Both Windows XP and Windows '98 are operating systems. I have some queries:

1. The booting speed of Windows '98 is very slow. By what method can this be increased.

2. I have a software GATEKEEPER for locking of folders in Windows '98. But it is not operational on Windows XP. How can I lock folders in Windows XP.

Aman, Raikot

A. Regarding your first problem, you must eliminate all unnecessary programs including the Norton Antivirus from the start up menu, if the virus threat perception is not very high in your case. You must also remove any shareware and freeware programs also from the start up menu for boosting the booting up process. Also, you should unload all unnecessary drivers etc from the booting up process in the Autoexec.bat. Also, you must disable, boot up floppy seek in the BIOS feature set up and should have Floppy drive or A: in your booting sequence. I am sure this will boost your booting performance. Regarding your second problem, you need to download the correct version of the software for the Windows XP as the incorrect version may not work in this case.

Q. Is there any Website through which I can download the software for assigning password to my important folders. If yes, please suggest.

Malkiat, Samrala

A. Please refer to the solutions of last week for the detailed answer to your question.

However in brief, you can visit the site www.staticfree.net/softjunkies and download the software Folder Lock v4.1for password protecting your important folders and files.

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