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Monday, March 25, 2002
Downloads of the week

Direct Connect

Online is the key word of the modern life, as being in touch always, is made possible by the Internet. Thus in a way the Internet has bridged the gap of distances and boundaries and have brought people together. This has made communication between two people or nodes extremely easy as any one can stay connected through the Internet easily. However, with the use of special software like Direct Connect, the life could be more easier, especially if you have to share your files and data with other persons. Direct Connect is a peer-to-peer Internet application that allows you to share your files with others. It is based on TCP/IP protocol and is simple to use as it has a user- friendly interface. All you need to do is put the files to be shared in a specified directory, and these items will be available to others on the network. Therefore in a way you'll also be able to find and download files from the directories of other persons. This software can thus be a boon for those people, who have their business spread over many places. The home users can also use this software for sharing their photographs with their friends and relatives over the internet as you would not need to send the photograph to each and every friend or relative as you can simply make it available by keeping this file in shared folder. This software is very versatile and thus any type of file can be exchanged on Direct Connect, from multimedia to documents. You can thus also share your MP3 files, by creating your own Napster like software. This software has some more value added features like a "pager" that lets you contact a person who frequents a particular hub. However, the best feature of this software is that it is free and can be downloaded from www.neo-modus.com


Sure Delete

Computers are like banks, the only difference is that in the banks, you keep your money and jewellery, while in computer, the even more precious thing, your data is being stored. Normally every computer user has some data, which they would not like to share with others and thus would like to either hide it from others or delete it on any occasions. But the deletion of the data in its normal way does not sure removal of data from your system as it may remain in your computer either in Recycle bin or elsewhere, which could be accessed by others. If you are also one of those people, who keep secret data on their computer, then the software Sure delete could be very useful for you. Sure Delete basically offers two utilities that work to permanently delete data from a hard drive. This utility is excellent for every computer user as besides removing the sensitive data from you hard drive, it also helps in freeing up precious system resources by clearing the unwanted files as this software just does not delete file references, but it also destroys the data completely. It is surely a big value addition to the recycle bin and is very simple to use. It has a wizard like interface, which guides you through the process of deleting the files. It is versatile software and is not limited by the type of files and file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS etc as it works in any file system and can delete any file whatsoever. It also has a disk-cleaning wizard, which can help you in cleaning the hard disk of nay clutter. This utility doesn't delete files, but it effectively cleans the free space on your computer. Overall this is a very useful software and can be downloaded from www.concentric.net