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Monday, March 25, 2002

Funcom for mobile phones

GAMES and sports have been a big attraction for persons of all age group traditionally across the globe. However, the choice of sports and games differ from country to country and continent to continent. In this part of the world, cricket is the most popular sport while in Europe soccer is the most sought after sport. But as far as the virtual world is concerned, the choice of sports is not limited by the country or continent and the virtual world has become a big playground for a large variety of games for all persons spread across the globe. This week, we have found some really interesting online games for you in this section.

The Website www.playsite.com/index.gsp is a good source of online games for the computer game lovers and there is a huge collection of games on this site. The site is well laid out and has several categories for games, which includes, Board, Arcade, word, card, casino etc. All these categories have lots of games listed in them and some of the popular games are Checkers, Hex, Mancala, Monolopy, Asteroids, Centipede, Gravitar, Missile Command, Super breakout, Tempest, Cascade, scrabble, bridge, gin, hearts, spades, video poker, slots etc. You can also participate in Sweepstakes on this site and can win prizes too. However, inn order to play games on this site you will have to register yourself and then login as a member. Overall this is an interesting site.

Another interesting online games site is www.funcom.com. This site has a lot of online games listed and you can play them with other people online. The games on this site are being categorised as multiplayer and single player games and have several options in terms of online games. However, the best feature of this site is the mobile entertainment. Under this feature, you can play games from Funcom on your mobile telephone. This is a real cool feature, however, you must check out whether it supports your mobile service or not.