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Monday, March 25, 2002
Kids chat

Make friends and meet them at worldvillage.com

HAPPY days are here again as schools are now closed for small holidays. It is time to enjoy the most before the school reopens for your new class. Let's check with Cliparti, Windy and Fluppy, what they are up to.

Windy: Hi Friends! Now we are going to move a step higher in our life with new class and new friends. But, before that lets have fun time, as new class will bring its own challenges.

Cliparti: Yeah Windy, I am rather scared of the challenges ahead.

Fluppy: Hey! Are we discussing the avenues for fun or the challenges ahead, in this meeting with our friends? Lets begin with some fun stuff, as at least I am bored after long innings of studies and exams. I have found this interesting site called www.prongo.com. This is a cool site for kids as on this site you can find a lot of interesting stuff to challenge the boredom. Regarding this site, the best feature is that it is well laid out and has sections for kids of different ages. The entry point of this site is different for kids between age group 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12. So practically, it has huge range of entertainment. Some of its popular contents include, free games, e-cards, jokes for kids, download goodies for kids, puzzles and brainteasers etc. You can select any of these contents and enter. Start having fun.


: Oh well! That's really a great site and you know something, I am no more scared now, as your discovery has thrilled me so much.

Windy: Hey Fluppy, good show yaar! You are back to what you are best at.

Fluppy: Huh! Was that a compliment or a taunt?

Cliparti: OH not again guys! Ok before you guys say anything, let me just share my finding with our friends. This is www.worldvillage.com/kidz/games/games.htm. This is an interesting site for games for kids and it has some interesting kid games like Falling star, Word Meister, UFO attack, Pipe dreams, Salt Water Swim, Online Netris game, online word search puzzles etc. Hey! That's not the end! You can read comics also on this site and the URL for the comic section is www.worldvillage.com/kidz/comics.htm Similarly there are separate sections for puzzles, more games, and kids Club. So, you can make more friends out here and meet them in the virtual world.

Windy: Yeah Right Cliparti! This site is indeed interesting, especially the comic section would be interesting and worth trying. There is another site on the Net www.nabiscoworld.com. Though a site similar to what Cliparti has just suggested yet this has some interesting games links like break the rules, Arcade, sports, puzzles and boards, multiplayer etc. Each of these categories has a number of games listed under it. Some of the popular games listed on this site include, Chip blaster, Bulls Eye saloon, sumo wrestling, driving range pro, extreme power bike, golf course pro, soccer shootout, team racing, checkers, chess, hearts, spades, fun pack, monster puzzle etc. On this site you can also take part in sweepstakes and win prizes. This is basically a games site and would invoke the interest of computer game lovers like…

Fluppy: Hey! What does that … mean? Do you mean it for me.

Windy: I never said it, but one thing I must appreciate that you have really grown up now and have become quite intelligent.

Fluppy: Ha!Ha!Ha! Yeah That's right, first time you have understood me well and have said something right about me.

Windy: Well! It is not the first time, as this time also you proved your intelligence by guessing me correctly. Ha!Ha!Ha!

Cliparti: Hey Friends! I guess now these guys have got another point to carry their discussion on. I would rather spare you from their fight and would say bye till the next week. Take care and enjoy yourself.

— Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Let’s be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. — Windy