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L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


CBI probe into land scam demanded
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
The Ludhiana Electroplaters Association in a memorandum submitted to the state Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, has sought CBI inquiry into an alleged land scam involving the sale of 110 acres by the Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation ( PSIEC) at a price much below the market rate.

Mr Joginder Kumar, president of the association, alleged that the management of the PSIEC, in connivance with some government officials, had dubiously sold 110 acres of industrial land to an influential person of Mundia Kalan village near here at the rate of Rs 1 lakh plus simple rate of interest on the amount for the past 16 years. Though 400 acres of the adjoining land was sold to six industrial units at a rate of Rs 6.26 lakh per acre in 1994 by the corporation. He alleged that the officials had entered into an underhand dealing of Rs 3 crore to execute this illegal deal.

According to information available, the state government had acquired 872 acres in 1992 at Dhandari Kalan to develop industrial estate. Out of this 349 acres were allotted to the PSIEC for development. In 1993, the PSIEC invited applications for various categories of plots varying from 250 to 10,000 sq yards. The applications were received in certain categories and the Corporation again invited applications in 1994 and the last date was March,1994.

Interestingly, the PSIEC reserved 110 acres for the polluting industry — electroplating and dyeing units. However, later on, the corporation claimed that the reserved land had been encroached upon and was under litigation. So at the time of draw, the number and size of the plots was reduced accordingly.

The electroplaters claimed that these 110 acres were made available to PSIEC in 2000-2001 out of which, 70 acres were de-notified by the PSIEC in 2001 and sold to an influential person at a rate of Rs 1 lakh per acre, without collecting administrative and other charges with simple interest, whereas 400 acres of undeveloped land was sold to six big industrial houses at the rate of Rs 6.30 lakh per acre. However, against the recommendation of the Supreme Court, the polluting units were totally left out by the corporation.

Mr Joginder Kumar, said, ‘‘The association with 325 members had repeatedly approached the corporation for the grant of 30 acres at the reserved price so that units could be shifted from the residential area, but without any result. Rather 30 acres in question were de-notified in December, 2001 and was given to the same person at the rate of Rs 1 lakh per acre only, without collecting even the nominal administrative charges.’’

The association has urged the Chief Minister to order a CBI inquiry in to this land scandal, which has resulted in losses worth crores of rupees to the PSIEC and the industry as well. The association has also sent the copies of memorandum to the CBI, Director, and the Central Vigilance Commission. 



Armymen, Rly staff clash, 6 injured
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
At least six persons were hurt in a clash between a number of armymen and Railway employees, mainly ticket collectors, at the local railway station today afternoon. Due to the clash, the departure of Malwa Express in which the armymen were travelling was delayed for over an hour causing undue harassment to thousands of passengers.

The Government Railway Police here has registered a case against two armymen belonging to 21 Rajput Rifles and two Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) in the incident. The train had left Jammu today morning and was heading towards Indore. The army men were travelling upto Delhi. An argument over tickets led to the clash between the two parties in the train shortly after it left Jammu.

Commotion prevailed at the railway station due to the clash. Eye-witnesses revealed that at first as many as 12 TTEs along with a couple of policemen barged into a bogey in which some armymen were travelling and beat them up. Then a number of army men spread in groups at the railway station and gave quite a handful to any TTE, they came across. Two TTEs Gian Singh and Piara Singh were injured after being beaten up by angry armymen. Armymen Raghbir Singh and Arvind Kumar also suffered injuries.

The situation was brought under control by the GRP and Railway Protection force and at the intervention of senior army officers. The AETC Railways, Mr Kuldip Singh, also rushed to the site and separated the parties. The DSP, Mr Ashwani Kumar, also reached the site and helped in controlling the situation. The injured of both the parties later recorded their statements in the station superintendents office in the presence of all the officials after which the train was allowed to leave along with the involved armymen.

The injured of both the parties, however, gave a different versions of the clash. According to Raghbir Singh, he along with 70 more men was travelling in a bogey when a TTE came and asked him to show his ticket. He said he began searching for it in his bag and took some time at which the railway official became restless and abused him. This led to an argument. On reaching Ludhiana, the TTE along with some other persons and some policemen came to their bogey and started beating him up. He said other army men came to his rescue and in the melee, some of the railway men were also injured but the main injuries were suffered by armymen. However, according to Gian Singh, a TTE, the armymen started the arguments that led to the clash. 



Amrish Jain’s club records sought
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is learnt to have sought records from the Satluj Club here, in connection with its investigation of the corruption charges against Amrish Jain, the suspended Deputy Commissioner, customs.

He was arrested by the CBI on February 23 in connection with corruption charges levelled against him. He has already been booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act after massive seizures from his various residences.

The CBI sleuths reportedly spent two days in Satluj Club, Ludhiana recently examining the records pertaining to Mr Jain. Mr Jain is understood to have got a temporary membership of the Satluj Club and was reportedly a frequent visitor to the club.

Temporary membership is granted to the senior officers, whose job is transferable, on a nominal charge. The intelligence agency is reportedly investigating various links of Jain. Moreover, the clues about the people with whom he used to visit and sit in the club may lead to further revelations.

Although no CBI official was prepared to comment or, rather to admit that they had either sought or examined the record, it was learnt that Jain was entertained by leading businessmen and exporters of the city in the club. The Satluj Club, considered to be one of the elite clubs of the North, has most of its members belonging to the affluent sections of society or the upper middle classes only.

The CBI is learnt to have got major clues about his local links during deep and thorough interrogation of Jain over a long period. In fact at the time of the raids four luxury cars had been recovered from his Aggar Nagar residence.

He claimed that these cars had been gifted to him by some of his friends. Later, it was established that these cars had been gifted to Jain by two leading exporters of the city.

It could not be confirmed whether the CBI was likely to detain some more persons, found to be having links with Jain or not, but “questioning of some of his close links” was not ruled out. However, it would be done, in case it is needed to done but only in due course of time after the entire process of preliminary investigations is completed.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Satluj Club, Ludhiana, Mr Sunil Jain feigned ignorance about any such investigations by the CBI officials. He claimed that nothing of the sort had come to his notice so far. 



‘Set aside land for alternative farming’
Tribune News Service

Laddowal, April 9
Dr Sardara Singh Johl, an eminent economist and Agriculture Adviser to the Chief Minister, today told farmers to get out of the wheat-paddy cycle if they wanted to survive in future.

Dr Johl told farmers in the clear terms that there was no need of their produce in the market as the godowns of the government were already full with surplus grain. He was speaking at an Borlaug’s Day function organised by Agriculture Technocrats Action Committee (AGTAC) at JDM farms in Laddowal today. Dr Johl was also awarded with the Norman E. Borlaug Award for his services to the farm sector on the occasion.

Dr Norman E. Borlaug day was celebrated to mark the anniversary of the visit of founder of Green Revolution to the city and the JDM farms as well. Dr Borlaug had visited the farms on April 9 last year and had been all praise for the work of three progressive farmers, Mr Jagjit Singh, Daler Singh and Mr Manjit Singh.

Dr Johl also said that the recommendation committee on the MSP had not recommended any increase in MSP this time, but the Union government at its level, had given a token raise of Rs 10 to farmers. He told farmers to assign at least one hectare of area each from paddy as well as wheat to some other crop. He suggested the cultivation of oil seeds, pulses, vegetables and fodder instead of traditional crops like wheat and paddy.

Earlier, speaking to mediapersons, Dr Johl, said that the high-power committee on Diversification and Re-orientation of Agriculture, constituted recently by the state government, was contemplating asking the Union Government for a grant of Rs 1,000 crore for farmers, who would shift a one-hectare area of their land to some other crop. “The farmers would be free to sow anything of their choice except paddy and wheat and they would be paid a grant of Rs 10,000 by the government.”

Emphasising on the strong need to dispose off the surplus grains, Dr Johl said that to get this done, the flow of the grains was also to be stopped. He said that he has recommended that the school-going children upto the age of 14 years, can also be provided 50 kg of wheat or paddy per year. “This will ensure that he gets education and the surplus food grains would also be utilised,” he added.

The committee, according to him, has also voted for the MSP at least for some years. “The procurement by FCI and MSP should stay for some more time. This system has always proved good and inculcates a sense of security among the farmers.” Dr Johl said adding that the system cannot be demolished at this juncture of time.

Dr Peter K. Hobbs, Principal Scientist from CIMMYT, Mexico who had come especially to attend the function on behalf of the Nobel Laureate, said that he was happy to see the work of the farmers in the state. He said that Dr Borlaug had, in his message sent to the farmers, congratulated them for helping him in his mission of eradicating global hunger. On behalf of Dr Borlaug, Mr Peter advised the farmers to go in for zero-tillage technology and reduce the pressure on natural resources.

The pandal was jampacked with around 10,000 farmers from all over the state. Others who participated were Mr Kesar Singh, Chief Agriculture Officer; Mr Bhupinder Singh Mann, All India President of BKU; Mr Manjit Singh Qadian; General Secretary BKU; Dr S.S. Gill, Dr J.S. Momi, PAU experts and Dr Satnam Singh, President, AGTAC.



Rs 25,000, jewellery looted
Our Correspondent

Khanna, April 9
About eight unidentified armed robbers with masked faces looted Rs 25 thousand in cash and jewellery worth lakhs from a residence at GT Road near Bhadla Tota on Monday night after injuring three persons seriously, including one woman. The injured, identified as Nirmal Devi (45 years), her son, Jatinder (18 years) and their servant Shabhu (20 years) were rushed to the Rajindra Hospital, Patiala. The servant was attacked with iron rods while the others were shot at. The robbers, speaking Hindi, stayed for about three hours at the residence and also consumed liquor before fleeing. Forensic experts and a dog squad were also pressed into service. A police party led by SSP Devinder Singh visited the site.

According to the mother of Ms Nirmal Devi, Ms Kailashwati, who was present in the house at the time of incident, said about eight persons with masked faces scaled their house at around 12.30 am from an adjoining vacant plot with a ladder. They tied up three servants sleeping on the first floor, when the victim, Jatinder, came out from room after hearing some noise, he was attacked by the robbers. They shot him in the stomach and in the leg. They also shot the other victim, Nirmal Devi, in the leg. The robbers then shut the injured persons as well as owner of the house, Rajpal; his daughter Sonu; Kailashwati and their servants in a small room. They attacked one of the servants with an iron rod.

The robbers then looted Rs 25 thousand in cash and the jewellery kept in the house due to a marriage of a relative. The total amount of jewellery could be over one lakh. 




Ever thought why most of the people, particularly the small time politicians and self-styled social workers are keen to get themselves photographed with VVIPs like the Chief Minister, his family members or senior bureaucrats. Some irked officers of the local administration and the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation have apparently found the answers. Photographs are deemed to be the best proof of an event or occasion. Some senior officials of the government have had a bitter but interesting experience. An MC official went to see the construction site of a small time politician, rather a ‘social worker’. The construction norms had been violated. But just to outsmart, rather pressurise the officials, the said social worker had placed a photograph, showing him along with the former Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, right at the entrance of the building. This was obviously done to convey an impression that he was close to the then CM. After Mr Badal was ousted, his photograph was promptly replaced with another. However, this time it is not with the new Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, since he had assumed office recently, it was with a minister. In another case, an official received a telephone call from a minister, for settling a dispute between two persons in favour of a particular person. When the other person came to know about it, he also rushed to the same minister and made him to call the same officer. However, the minister proved to be intelligent asking the officer to ‘settle the dispute amicably’. And the officer had his own way in settling the dispute, whether right or wrong.


Most of the bureaucrats are crazy about being called Mr....(IAS, IPS, PCS). There is hardly any officer who does not mention it along with his name. In all communications by these officers, they will ensure that the letters I,A and S or IP and S are mentioned along with their names. One wonders, why they do that, particularly when everyone knows that who is what. And when it comes to the subordinates or people seeking favours from such an ‘IAS’, all limits of sycophancy are crossed. Ideal example is the official communication, wherein the three letters will find mention as many times as the name of the officer. It is surprising as why these people are so obsessed with it. And recently an Assistant Sub Inspector of Punjab Police, while on duty during the Ludhiana visit of the Ms Preneet Kaur, MP from Patiala and the wife of the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, was carrying a badge on his chest mentioning his name along with his educational qualification BA. LLB. If someone could suggest our bureaucrats to carry similar badges which will mention IAS or IPS and so on along with their name, so that everyone who looks at them takes note of it.

Sense of achievement

Success gives a great satisfaction. No matter at which stage of life it comes to a person. And when it is acknowledged, the joy is too great to be missed or described in a few words. Recently the convocation of the Government College for Boys was held in Ludhiana. The Government College enjoys the credit of having produced great people like Sahir Ludhianvi and modern day heroes like Mr KPS Gill, Mr M.S. Gill, Mr Joginder Singh and so many others. Although there is nothing new in organising of the convocations and the students receiving their degrees, but it is certainly a different experience. Usually the convocations are held quite late and most of the students who are to be awarded the degrees are either already settled in their career or are usually pursuing higher studies. And it happened at the convocation that the former students after receiving their degrees were so thrilled and excited with black robes on their shoulders that they literally behaved as if they were just out of the college. And some students acknowledged it saying ‘‘it seems we have gone back by miles and years to be in the college and to receive our degrees’’. (See picture.)

‘Sick’ industry !

The Ludhiana industrialists are not only known for their innovations and hard work, but they are also known for their lack of concern about their workers’ health. Though they would spend lakhs of rupees on marriages and other social functions, but would not like to spend any amount on an activity like sports for their workers. The large number of TB cases among workers here should be matter of concern. One could easily witness in any get together or official function of the industrial associations, that majority of the participants would be rolling over one another to eat most spicy food enriched with fat contents. One of the doctors, who was witness to one of such functions, organised by an industrial association, on the World Health Day, was shocked to see that the prepared lunch was not fit for the over-weight participants. He said, ‘‘After watching this function, I can understand why the heart care centres are flourishing in the city.’’

‘Insignificant’ news

Mr Ashwni Sekhri, State Minister, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, was recently in the city to preside over the annual convention of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Punjab. Talking to the mediapersons on this occasion, he announced, ‘‘The government has decided to develop a bird sanctuary near Harike, which would be developed as the world heritage.’’ Incidentally, he could not provide details of the project, and said, that he had just started visiting his office for the past two-three days. When officials at his Chandigarh office were contacted to know the details of the project, they said that it was an insignificant news as the Central Government had sent a grant of Rs 10 lakh for the project few months ago, and nothing substantial has been done so far in this regard, neither there was any possibility in the near future.‘‘ But you can write for the sake of news,’’ they added.

Passport to marriage

In the recent convocations that were held in various colleges, one could see a large number of girls wearing ‘suhag chooras’ when they came to receive their degrees. It appeared that the parents were just waiting for their daughters to clear graduation examinations and get them married. Most of the parents think that daughters are ‘praya dhan’ and sooner they get married the better it is. May be some wanted to pursue higher studies but marriage is the be all and end all of an average girl’s life.

The ‘turi’ experience

Remember the famous story of a tailor and an elephant. In which the animal sprinkled mud on the tailors shop to avenge being pricked in the trunk by the man. A similar case came to light in Bassian village near Jagraon recently. A farmer had got his tractor repaired from a mechanic. However, the repair work was not up to the mark. The farmer returned to the mechanic demanding change of the spare part. The mechanic refused to oblige. The farmer got so angry that he brought a tractor-trolley full of ‘turi’ (wheat husk) and unloaded it in the mechanic’s shop. The move caused quite a scene in the Bassian market with people saying the mechanic had been taught a lesson like the tailor in the story. The event caused problems for the police also. They could not find a suitable section to register a case on the complaint of the mechanic. Eventually, a compromise was reached between the two with the farmer paying some compensation to the mechanic and he agreeing to do the repair work. All is well that ends well, indeed.

Athletics for pot belly's

It was an unusual sight at police lines grounds here for three days. A first-ever sports meet of the district police and a unique parivar divas was organised. Games like volleyball, kabaddi, tug-of-war and athletics were conducted. It was unusual to see some cops having large pot belly's also participating in some races though no one succeeded. It was a lesson for such cops to remain fit so that they could not feel sorry in front of their families and seniors. A senior official remarked that several of the fat tummys realised the need to remain fit and this was the very objective of the meet. While the time only would tell how far the aim was achieved, the audience had a delightful time at the effort made by the pot bellys. One hopes that more sports meets would be organised to keep them fit in order for chase of criminals with some success.

Way of the world

Nothing explains the term ‘way of the world’ more than the manner in which the public eulogises the politicians, especially those in power. A recent example was the red-carpet treatment given to Ms Preneet Kaur, the first lady of the state by virtue of being the Chief Minister’s wife. She, however, also has a distinct identity of her own. She is a Member, Parliament. But there has been a sudden spurt in invitations to her as chief guest in attending functions in Ludhiana. At a recent function, she was called the queen of values and an authority on womanhood. No one had called her when she was out of power. No one had remembered her qualities then. Someone had rightly said people only worship the rising sun.

Early timings

Come summers and schools start from 7:30 am. These timings are much suited to the students and teachers of city schools for several reasons. One, the roads are less busy and it is easy for them to reach the school in time. The commuters at that time do not even have to wait on traffic lights which are hardly functional at that time. This saves at least two to three minutes for each traffic light. No doubt the teachers and students have to get up early in summers, but they are back by 1.30 pm after which they can have a nap and be fresh for the rest of the day. Last but not the least, they also get a chance to watch the afternoon TV serials which remain favourite among most of the women.

— Sentinel



Sena men revolt against president
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
The Hindu Shiv Sena (Bal Thackeray) is in the midst of an organisational crisis with the state president, Mr Pawan Gupta, facing a virtual revolt and several key functionaries charging the party chief with an autocratic way of working, besides adopting unconstitutional and corrupt practices.

Addressing a news conference here today the Sena chairman, Mr Surinder Dogra, alleged that for quite some time, the working of the state president had been promoting corruption and factionalism in the party, which had further led to the party candidates facing a humiliating and shameful defeat in Assembly elections.

Many office-bearers and members of executive of state unit of the party, among them Swami Pushpinder Swaroop, patron and founder member, Mr Pawan Parbhakar, Mr Parmod Babla and Mr Amit Jhanji, vice-presidents, Mr Ravinder Arora, general secretary, Mr Neeraj Verma and Mr Anil Bitta, joint secretaries and Mr Sanjay Gautam, executive member, were present at the occasion.

Mr Dogra further alleged that after being blamed for defeat of the party in Assembly polls, the state president had adopted a dictatorial attitude and expelled several party activists and thereafter dissolved the entire state body. ‘‘According to party constitution, the state chief is not empowered to expel any office-bearer or dissolve the party unit, which is a prerogative of the central leadership of the party.’’

Mr Dogra and other office-bearers of the party further alleged that Mr Gupta had been collecting funds to fill his personal coffers, both from party activists and members of public and his name also figured in several cases of land grab and other criminal activities. Quite a few signed and stamped blank identity cards, meant for party office-bearers were also produced during the news conference, which the Shiv Sena functionaries said, were issued by the state chief against payment.

Mr Dogra and Swami Pushpinder Swaroop said that they had brought the prevailing situation within the party to the notice of central leadership with the demand that Mr Gupta should be replaced with a suitable person and the party general secretary, Mr Subhash Desai, had intimated that the high command would take action on this matter in next couple of days.



Sullage overflow hits traffic
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
The GT Road stretch between the Railway station and the Ghanta Ghar, thanks to the choked sewers that started flooding the road towards the Ghanta Ghar on Sunday evening, has become a veritable nightmare for vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Till Monday morning, the road had been flooded to such an extent that all small and big pits as well as the nastier and deeper craters in the road, created due to the ground-drilling work going on in connection with the elevated road project, had been submerged. The foul smell of the sewerage water also engulfed pervades the area.

Since yesterday morning, an unspecified number of scooters, cars, cycles, rickshaws and carts have fallen prey to the craters beneath the dirty water. This correspondent witnessed a cycle-rickshaw loaded with fruit crates tumbling and causing a traffic jam for about 20-minutes. The crates were scattered all over the road. As the rickshawallah started placing the water-logged crates on the narrow footpath above water-level, pedestrians had to wait till the way was cleared. Who wants to wade through sewerage water?

Fruit crates can be salvaged quickly from the flooded road, but what if a cyclist or scooterist gets his shoe or purse lost in the murky depth? This correspondent witnessed a cyclist stumbling into a hidden pit, getting up quickly and later groping in the water in search of his purse that had slipped out of his pocket. He was lucky indeed to find it. A woman would have definitely allowed her purse to remain in the dirty water or could have asked someone else to retrieve it for her. Several such scenes were witnessed today as well, as vehicle drivers of all sorts continued to fall in one ditch or the other.

In spite of the unprecedented congestion, shopkeepers of the Kamla Nehru Market along the GT Road still continue to occupy the verandah and the footpath, along it. Even scooters and cycles are parked perpendicular to the footpath while there is no space for pedestrians.

Mr R.L.Kalsia, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, had visited this stretch of the road about three weeks ago and had told mediapersons that the footpath along the road would be dismantled to make more room for pedestrians as also to facilitate the flow of vehicular traffic. But nothing has come out of it so far.

The traffic problem as well as the flooding of the GT Road due to choked sewers has put a question mark on the kind of sanitation the civic body is trying to provide to residents.



Thapar ends fast 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
After fasting for three consecutive days, a local resident, Dilip Thapar, broke his fast today after the Deputy Commissioner Mr Anuraag Aggarwal, assured him that his demand of grant of national monument status for the ancestral house of martyr Sukhdev Thapar would be taken up with the government, here today. Mr Aggarwal said while offering a glass of fruit juice to Mr Dilip Thapar that he would discuss the matter with the government at priority.

Hailing from the same community to which Sukdev Thapar belonged, Mr Dilip Thapar had started his fast three days ago on April 7. Since then he was taking only water after regular intervals. Despite being convinced and assuring for hours by local member of legislative assembly, Mr Surinder Dawar district Congress committee president, Mr K.K. Bawa and General Assistant to DC, Mr H.S. Brar, Mr Dilip Thapar did not gave up. He repeatedly demanded that he would be satisfied only if the Deputy Commissioner or the state minister concerned would come to give him assurance.

When asked, “You are a dedicated Congress worker why have you decided to go on indefinite fast in spite of putting the matter before your government.” He replied, “I only want that the due respect should be given to the martyr.”



BSNL employees strike on April 16
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Employees Union, Punjab circle, has decided to observe strike on April 16 after a call given by Central Trade Unions.

In a press note issued here, the Punjab circle secretary, Mr Balbir Singh, said the union would observe total strike in BSNL offices throughout the state to oppose ‘anti-people’ policies of the government.



Shopkeeper booked for assault 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
A mother-daughter duo was injured in an attack by a male business rival here late last night.

According to Ms Surinder Kaur (60), who has been admitted to the Civil Hospital, she has opened a grocery shop at Iqbal Nagar as a result of which the business of another shopkeeper in her neighbourhood had been affected. The shopkeeper along with some of his cronies allegedly attacked her while she and her daughter, Karamjit Kaur, were present in the house. Attackers allegedly cut off one of her fingers with a sharp-edged weapon and beat up her daughter. The old woman alleged that the accused also snatched away one of her earrings. And in order to hide their crime, attackers had lodged a report against her at the area’s police station, she added.

However, the police has recorded her statement and registered a case of assault against the shopkeeper.

One injured: An auto-driver, Saudagar Singh, a resident of Shimla Puri, was allegedly beaten up by a driver of a mini local bus near Subhani Building, here on Monday.

According to information, the auto-driver protested against the bus driver’s act of negligent driving. The bus driver took out an iron rod from the bus and allegedly hit Saudagar Singh on the head. One of the onlookers telephoned the police control room which informed a PCR team moving in the area. The bus driver, who fled from the spot, was apprehended by the police.

Woman injured: The Haibowal police has registered a case of assault on the statement of Ms Raminder Kaur, a resident of Bhami Khurd village, against Toni, Baljinder Kaur and others.

The complainant has alleged that Toni and Baljinder Kaur, both residents of the same village, along with some unknown persons, beat her up and injured her.

One arrested:
The local police has arrested Jaspal Singh of Barnala for a case registered against him under Sections 366, 506 and 120-B of the IPC. However, four accused namely Sarabjit Kaur, Sunder Singh, Mandip Singh and Neetu Dhobi are still absconding.

According to information, the absconding accused helped Jaspal in kidnapping a minor girl of Mai Jeena village. The accused took her to Basti Dadahoor village from where the police arrested Jaspal Singh and traced the girl.

Two arrested: The Dehlon police has arrested Tejbir Singh and Bhupinder Singh, both residents of Pohid village, in connection with a case registered against them under Sections 279, 337, 323, 148 and 149 of the IPC on November 4, 2001.



Six of family hurt in attack
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
At least six persons were injured one of them seriously, when 15 to 20 people attacked a family with lathis over the issue of marriage of a girl at Tibba Road here today.

The police has arrested four persons under Sections 452, 323, 148 and 149 of the IPC on the complaint of Mr Mohammed Osman. According to the police, the problem arose when the parents of the girl refused to send their married daughter to her in-laws’ house. One of the victims sustained serious head injuries and has been admitted to local hospital. Those arrested are Mahmood Saifi, Abbas Vaqil and Feroz.


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