Saturday, April 27, 2002  

Vultures & wolves in classrooms
Anya Sharma

THE university is a place where the students are supposed to receive knowledge and imbibe a value system from the teachers who are the disseminators of both knowledge and morals. That is, of course, is an ideal situation and life is rarely ideal, especially nowadays.

Vultures & wolves in classrooms

Challenging men to dare
by Krishna Kumar V.R.
WEAT drips from Chandanís temples as he struggles to get a grip. "Lay stress on your right leg and move up," shouts the instructor. Chandan is hanging precariously on a rope and climbing a mountain. "Try to get hold," thunders the instructor again. Eventually, Chandan makes it to the mountain top!

The tradition-loving Kinners
by Ambika Sharma
HE natives of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh are traditionally referred to as Kinners. Even today this tradition-loving community has preserved its pristine heritage. The renowned poet Kalidasa, who belonged to Ujjain, has described Kinners in many of his works.

He breathes life into ancient temples
by S.C. Sharma
IS old eyes strain to respond to greetings of strangers but when they notice these visitors appreciating his handiwork of decades, they light up and shine warmly.