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Monday, April 29, 2002

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Identifying people through behaviour patterns

s organisations search for more and more secure authentication methods for user access systems, electronic commerce, and other security applications, biometric technology is gaining increasing attention in today’s rapidly changing technology scenario. Once the stuff that you saw in James Bond movies, biometric technology (such as devices that read your fingerprints, cameras that recognise your face, software that knows your voice) is being used globally by companies and is readily available. However the question that comes to mind immediately is — What is Biometric?

Digital era signs in with e-signatures
by Gunmala Suri
id you know that Mr Pramod Mahajan, Union Minister of IT & Communication, was the first person to be issued a digital signature in the country? The Prime Minister, in turn, has been the first person to receive a digitally signed e-mail from Mr Mahajan.


From oil exploration to call centre
by Peeyush Agnihotri
he call centre industry in India faces a strange paradox. While on the one hand, many call centres have put up their shutters due to low or no revenue, there are others for whom the sun shines bright while they make hay. Not only is the latter category defying the recession curve, it is also making another industry soar along as a spin-off — the call centre training industry.

Hanging could be due to corrupt .dll files
by Vipul Verma
OMPUTER learning has been broadly classified into two main parts, viz. application and programming. However, with the advancement in technologies and introduction of new software and operating systems, the horizon of computer learning has broadened further to include troubleshooting also. 

Making a career out of games
by Sumesh Raizada
hile moving around in a fast food joint, fun park or a casino, one might notice children or people sitting across large display monitors with controls keys in their hand. They are mostly engaged in playing games like motorcar racing, boxing or even gambling. In fact, all these are computer-based games, created by innovative software professionals.

Computer makes bankers learn faster
S.C. Dhall
HE development in technology has created interest among training managers and trainers. The opportunities presented by technological advancements could bring about drastic changes in training techniques and could substantially improve the effectiveness of training methodology.

Achtung! CET and PMT aspirants
ne of the most novel uses of the Internet is to use it in the field of education. The portal, www.etests.biz with content-offline-testing-online, is targeting PMT and CET students.

Yahoo! settles dispute with yodeler
EB giant Yahoo! Inc said it has settled a $5-million lawsuit with a yodeler who claimed the company used his trademark cry in television and radio ads without his consent.

Oracle professional
unjab has achieved another distinction in the field of Information Technology with Amit Roy of Ludhiana becoming an Oracle Certified Associate – Data Base Administrator for Oracle 9i (OCA). He joins the elite group of information technology personnel who have passed this latest certification from Oracle Corporation.

Anti-Arab bias alleged
former senior executive at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has sued the Silicon Valley chipmaker, alleging he was forced out after the September 11 attacks because he is Arab and a Muslim.


World’s fastest computer dubbed Computenik
ointly developed by the National Space Development Agency of Japan, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, and Japan Marine Science and Technology Centre, NEC Corporation’s earth simulator is the fastest supercomputer of the world.

Cyber Kids
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Kids Chat
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