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Monday, May 27, 2002

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Bluetooth revolution
by Hirdepal Singh
IMAGINE you could be sending e-mail using your laptop through mobile phone in your pocket without making any connection between laptop and mobile. All this would be possible through a revolutionary technology called Bluetooth, named after King Harald Bluetooth who lived in Denmark between 910-940 AD.

Bitten by the programmers’ bug
Ankur Gupta
UGES are a programmers’ nightmare, an ordeal that every programmer has endured. Howard Aiken of the Harvard University coined the term Bug. One of his programs did not run properly due to a moth short-circuiting the computer. The moth or the Bug tends to creep up when you least expect it to. So the obvious question that comes to mind is: Can bugs be prevented?

One PC, two modems & abundant speed
Vipul Verma
PEED is the key to the success in the virtual world. No matter how fast and advanced system you are working on, unless it also races up on the Internet it's of no use. Talking in terms of India, good Internet connectivity and higher bandwidth is still a wannabe and in a majority of cases, the surfer really suffers due to limited bandwidth of the ISP, besides poor connectivity and telephone line conditions.


Using software to assess loan applicants
Sumesh Raizada
HILE applying for a loan or credit facility from a bank or finance and leasing company, an individual as well as business organisation have to clear certain procedural requirements before a loan is disbursed. There is a time delay of few days, weeks or even months before the final decision is made on whether a loan or lease proposal has to approved, rejected or approved with certain conditions.

Self-paced and explorative, e-learning is here to stay
Rajiv Kapoor
E are currently in a transition period when, the academicians have started reviewing the teaching and learning methodologies. In the present system, a specified space, equipment, tools, costly software and teachers are required. Our country is a developing country and reducing the cost and upgrading the quality of teaching and learning is the priority.

Pope blesses the World Wide Web
Luke Baker
OPE John Paul is putting his faith in the Internet. In his weekly address at St Peter's Square, the 81-year-old Pontiff said: "I've decided, therefore, to propose a big new theme for this year: 'The Internet - a new forum for proclaiming the Gospel'."

PIB site gets more popular
V.P. Prabhakar
HE Press Information Bureau (PIB) Website (http;//pib.nic.in.) has acquired a prominent place in the Government on India's information dissemination infrastructure. Its popularity is claimed to be increasing with about 50,000 hits a day.

Pondicherry — UT with IT
S.C. Dhall
ONDICHERRY, which is one of the important tourist destinations, is doing well in the hardware sector and almost all leading hardware players have a unit here. There are almost 50 computer hardware units that are producing nearby 5 lakh computers, making a total turnover of Rs 2,850 crore.

Yahoo! stops ticket auction in Japan
To promote eBay in Europe
NTERNET site Yahoo! Japan stopped the trading of tickets for the World Cup finals on its auction site last week to help prevent touting of tickets for the tournament that starts on May 31.


Silicon is passé. How about DNA?
Jasjot Singh Narula
N analogy is usually drawn between a computer and the human anatomy. How about the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) forming a part of the computing world? There are million of natural supercomputers that exist in human body or living organism called DNA molecules, the material our genes are made of.

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