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Penalising the honest, sparing the guilty
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, June 13
Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s clarion call for “zero tolerance to corruption” does not seem to have many takers in the Government of NCT of Delhi.

At least not in the Department of Industries, or so it seems. In its anxiety to comply with certain directions of the Supreme Court, and take concrete measures to reduce air and water pollution, the Department of Industries has drawn up certain policies that seem to penalise the honest and spare the guilty. Encourage the defaulters instead of imposing costs on them.

Sample this : Industrialists established and operating in conformed areas have time till June 26 to secure the consent of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). The licence to operate stands revoked and will not be renewed otherwise. This rule, Industries Minister Deep Chand Bandhu says, does not apply to industries operating in non-conforming (or residential) areas.

As if that were not burden enough on the law-abiding industrialists, they will have to install dedicated effluent treatment plants (ETPs) and also pay for availing themselves of the facility offered by combined effluent treatment plant (CETP). CETPs cater to a group of industries located in a certain locality.

The irony becomes inescapable when, as the minister acknowledges, four out of every five industries in Delhi are operating in violation of established norms. Which means 1.01 lakh industries need not share the burden of law that will have to be borne by 25,000 industries !

Explaining the contradiction in terms, Environment Secretary Naini Jayaseelan says on the contrary, the consent clause had been made mandatory to save industrialists from having to wait interminably long for getting their licence renewed or getting the No Objection Certificate (NOC.)

The minister offers to elaborate. “The clause is in the interest of industrialists. Instead of Inspector Raj, they will now be able to approach the DPCC directly for getting the consent.” He, however, parries all queries on the rationale behind the Department penalising a few at the expense of the industries running in non-conforming areas in violation of the norms.

The “disjoint” between the stated objectives of the Department of Industries and their implementation also finds a reflection in the reception to the government’s policy of relocating industries. Out of the 28,000 applicants found eligible for allotment of alternate industrial plots, only 7,311 allottees have made 100 per cent payment towards the cost of plot. Furthermore, only 750 allottees have so far taken physical possession of the industrial plots in Bawana. Some 200 individuals have declined to take possession. Another 24,000 applicants had sought refund of their monies. The minister attributes the lukewarm response to certain procedural hurdles. “For taking possession of plot the industrialist has to furnish No Objection Certificate (NOC) stating that electricity connection at the prior location of his unit has been disconnected. And since most industries are located on land held by a third party such an NOC cannot be obtained because the electricity connection is also in the landlord’s name.”

To redress the anomaly, the minister assures the Department of Industries is studying the possibility of making do with an affidavit instead of NOC. Talks, he says, are on in this regard with the Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB.) The process of relocating the industries is tentatively to conclude before December 31. 


SAD (B) expels candidate
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, June 13
In an apparent damage control exercise, the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) today expelled its official candidate from Sahib Pura ward, Mr Atma Singh Lubana, for acting against the interest of the community in an 1984 anti-Sikh riot case. The controversial Sikh leader, Mr Atma Singh Lubana, had been given ticket for the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee polls, despite a strong protest being lodged by a section of the SAD (Badal) faction.

“Mr Atma Singh has been expelled from the party and the SAD (Badal) would support a suitable Independent candidate from the ward,” the Union Minister and party general secretary, Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, told newspersons here.

Mr Dhindsa said the party had received complaints that Mr Atma Singh had acted against the interest of the community in the 1984-riot case, in which the Congress leader, Mr H K L Bhagat, was named as an accused.

The party has already denied tickets to several outgoing DSGMC members, as they were allegedly involved in corrupt practices. Setting the momentum for the DSGMC polls, Mr Dhindsa said they would appoint a financial controller to oversee the accounts of the committee, which has an annual budget of several crores.

“Such a measure is necessary to bring about transparency in the system and to enable the committee to function freely,” he said, while highlighting the salient features of the election manifesto.

The manifesto would be officially released in a couple of days, as it is still being fine-tuned. The Union Minister was scheduled to release the manifesto today.

The outgoing DSGMC controlled by the SAD (Badal) faction had computerised four gurdwaras in the Capital and claimed that the revenue collections in these gurdwaras had increased by Rs 10 lakh per month.

However, the rival Akali factions have made allegations of financial misappropriation in the gurdwara computerisation.

Concerned over the falling standard of education in the DSGMC-run schools and colleges, Mr Dhindsa said the party would delegate more powers to the education council. This would enable the council, in turn, to function with greater autonomy.

He said the council would review the existing standard of education and the quality of teaching and non-teaching staff. It would also take appropriate measures to improve the quality of the committee-run schools in the Capital. Mr Dhindsa alleged that the Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi was being backed by Congress leaders who had been allegedly involved in anti-Sikh riot cases.

He said the party would soon expose the close links between the rival Akali factions and the Congress. Indicating the importance the party attaches to the DSGMC polls, the general secretary said Mr Parkash Singh Badal and other senior leaders from Punjab would campaign in the Capital. The leaders would be here after the State assembly session, which ends on June 23. The election to the 46-ward DSGMC would be held on June 30.


Cong activist’s murder: Cops yet to zero in on killers
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, June 13
Three weeks have passed since the sensational murder of local Congress activist Amarjeet Singh. However, the police have yet to zero in on the killers. Although one person has been arrested on the basis of suspicion, the actual culprits are still at large.

Amarjeet Singh, who was considered close to the former Chief Minister, Mr Bhajan Lal, had been gunned down near his house in a dramatic manner. It is the first incident in the state perhaps involving the use of an AK-47 rifle. Even though the police have not confirmed the make of the gun used in the murder, the police report describes it as an automatic weapon.

The shells of the cartridges recovered from the spot have been sent to the forensic laboratory in Karnal. Over 20 bullets were pumped into the victim and the assailants just walked down to another lane before vanishing into the thin air.

This killing sent a chill down the spine of local residents, who believe that it could be the handiwork of a professional gang which undertakes contract killings.

The incident took place a few days after the personal security of Mr Singh had been withdrawn by the authorities. Now after the murder, the administration has again provided the security cover to the family.

The police have been able to arrest one person, Ranbir, a contractor. He is brother of the person who reportedly had a dispute with Amarjeet over some property. He was arrested on a complaint lodged by the victim’s brother. Though the accused has been in judicial custody, the police could not collect any concrete evidence in the case.

The SSP, Mr Rambir Sharma, said that the police had been working on various theories and the case would be solved soon. However, the use of the AK-47 has left the police baffled. They have sought the help of Delhi and UP police.

The BJP leader and MLA from Mewta Maharajpur, Mr Krishan Pal Gurjar, does not rule out the hand of underworld in the killing.


Gurgaon: Jolt to industrial peace
Ravi S.Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon June 13
Time was when the industrial city of Gurgaon was a mecca for investors. The crime rate was almost zilch. Bonhomie marked the labour-management relations. The place was the envy of the administrations of other cities and towns, especially in the National Capital Region (NCR). However, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. The place misses its halcyon days now.

As the industry had been witnessing the changing industrial climate of late, it received yet another jolt last Tuesday on account of violence and arson by some workers of KJ Polymers Pvt Ltd on the factory premises. The ugly incidents were allegedly inspired by the union of the company.

In the incidents, a manager of the adjacent Sarvapriya Industries Ltd, who tried to intervene, was also assaulted leading to serious injuries on his head. FIRs have been registered from both the management and the workers’ sides in connection with the development.

The captains of the industry are more bothered about the report that some workers made attempts to attack the factory gate, which has been closed since the Tuesday incidents. Assaults were also made this morning, after which the police increased the security cover around the premises. The factory is presently witnessing a lock-out.

Speaking to mediapersons today, the Director of the KJ Polymers Pvt Ltd, Mr Pawan Jidal, in the company of the President of the Gurgaon Industrial Association (GIA), Mr Jagan Nath Mangla, alleged that a district leader of INTECH instigated the workers of his company.

The INTECH leader is president of the workers’ unions of the two companies. After forming the unions, the members made certain demands to the management. The matter reached the Labour Department and the issue was sorted out. The understanding with the workers was that they would not raise an issue of financial implications for the first three years. Besides, the workers would have to keep up the production in the units, according to the agreement. However, there was a fly in the ointment as the unions soon raised the demand for regularisation of more than a dozen casual employees of the companies in violation of the agreement.

The issue of regularisation was in dispute and the Labour Department was looking into it.

The GIA and the management of the KJ Polymers Pvt Ltd have demanded a thorough probe by the police to pinpoint the real culprits.


Monkey man resurfaces
Parmindar Singh

Ghaziabad, June 13
The monkey man, who had terrorised people in Ghaziabad, Noida and later in East Delhi last summer is back in business again, having attacked and injured at least 12 persons in two Ghaziabad villages, Dehra and Jodhapur, under the Mussori police station. The creature is said to be very strong and agile with a large head.

Amirjahan, wife of Iqbal, had injuries in her feet. Shakeela, 45, said the attacker was half-man, half-beast. A one-year-old girl, Kalu, was the first victim.

In Jodhapur, a 12-year-old boy fractured his arm when he fell from the roof while trying to escape from the monkey man.

The administration today summoned PAC 44 CO from Meerut to patrol and protect the villages. At least 30,000 persons in the area are in a state of great panic.

Last year, people had formed an all-night vigilance committee to protect their houses and localities.

Even the police were ordered to patrol localities, roads and streets to corner or overpower the mystery creature.

After a number of people have been attacked and injured in Dehra and Jodhapur villages the Ghaziabad administration is worried about this development.

At least 12 persons, including children and women, have been assaulted by the monkey man. The earliest attack is said to have been made on June 4 in Dehra village.

The Ghaziabad SSP, Mr Chandra Prakash, said the injuries appeared to have been caused by a “wild animal”. The marks are of an animal teeth bite or scratch by his paws.

Commanding Officer R.S. Gautam, who visited the villages to collect first-hand information from those who had been attacked or had seen the half-man, half-beast, said “it looked like a conspiracy.”


Greek is dead! Long live Sanskrit!
Smriti Kak

New Delhi, June 13
The declining popularity of Sanskrit in schools and colleges has left the officials as well as academicians worried about the future of the ancient tongue. With more students opting for foreign languages, Sanskrit may go the way of Greek!

It is perhaps to address this dangerous phenomenon that the Government of India has allocated a packet for the rejuvenation and propagation of the language. Both the NCERT and the CBSE have been roped in to prepare a fresh curriculum and undertake projects that will draw students to the subject. But the allocation of funds is not all. The academic councils have taken up the issue of teaching the language in the correct format and are planning workshops for training teachers and teacher educators as well.

The Government has made available funds, which are being used by various organisations, including the NCERT, to help redeem the language. There is, however, an urgent need to develop the language by teaching it in a correct way,” said Prof Dikshit, Head, Social Sciences Department, NCERT.

Apart from creating texts for the schools students, the NCERT has taken up a five-year project, ‘Teaching of Sanskrit Through Sanskrit’, which aims at the empowerment of the Sanskrit teachers.

“Sanskrit should be taught in Sanskrit. That’s why we are training teachers and offering crash courses to those who wish to join. This apart, we are going to offer national level training programme to the teacher educators and school Sanskrit teachers,” said Prof Dikshit.

The NCERT maintains that this project has no hidden agenda. “The whole thing is being developed for those who are interested and wish to study Sanskrit. We are not forcing Sanskrit down someone’s throat. There is certainly no saffron agenda,” explains Prof Dikshit.

The CBSE too has taken up the challenge of propagating Sanskrit among students. “We started a pilot project of teaching communicative Sanskrit way back in 1999 and the results were encouraging. We are now making communicative Sanskrit effective for classes IX and X from the academic session 2002-03. We are now working for developing a communicative approach for the students of class six and seven,” said the CBSE Chairman, Mr Ashok Ganguly.

Mr Ganguly said that there would be separate Sanskrit text for the science students with emphasis on the knowledge of science as prescribed in the ancient Vedas and texts while as for the commerce students, the focus would be on the relevant treatises of Manu. “We are still developing the texts for the two streams and hope to introduce them by the next academic session.”

The aid of Sanskrit Vidyapeeths like the Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Vidya Peeth is being taken to train the teachers and the teacher educators across the country. “We are helping the CBSE train the teachers. The emphasis will be on producing audio-video cassettes and raise the communication skills. We will also hold workshops and orientation programmes for the teachers beginning from July this year,” said Kulpati Vachastati Upadhyay, Vice-Chancellor of Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Vidya Peeth.


Deputy Commissioner – civic body spat snowballs
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, June 13
The ongoing spat between the Deputy Commissioner and the Municipal Council, Bahadurgarh, authorities further intensified with one more contentious issue emerging.

This time, the controversy involves a private firm - M/s Quick Cleaning - which was given a three-year contract for sanitation services in parts of Bahadurgarh town.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Ashok Khemka, during an inspection tour found the performance of the private firm highly unsatisfactory. Enraged over the prevailing mess, the DC shot off a letter to the Executive Officer, MCB, on June 6 in which he expressed his resentment. He asked for a report on the implementation of clauses 13, 14, 17 (II) and 18 of the contract, which were being blatantly ignored.

He also asked for a list of sweepers engaged by the contractor and sought details of the salaries paid to them. In this letter, the DC termed the services as “very poor”. He remarked that “the sanitary conditions in the privatised areas were found to be worse than times when the MC was carrying out the sanitation work with its own staff. He further stated, “As such, the MC is hardly getting any additional returns for incurring an additional monthly expenditure of Rs 3,49,500 as payment to the contractor.

The DC further wrote in the letter, “It is learnt that the sanitation work allotted to M/s Quick Cleaning service has been sub-contracted out to a local party, which in turn is hiring 50-60 sweepers for four hours a day at Rs 1100 per month approximately, thus spending Rs 50,000 per month only. The difference of Rs 3 lakh is being pocketed by vested interests, including the main contractor, thus proving to be a drain on the resources of the council.

The DC also advised the MCB to suspend the contract till further clearance in the matte and directed that deduction should be done from the contractor’s payment as per clause 17 (iii) for unsatisfactory work.

The Municipal Council sent its report yesterday to the DC in which it has clarified the points raised by the DC and defended the contract.

It stated that the proprietor of M/s Quick Cleaning, Mr Ram Prakash, has 120 sweepers on the rolls and he pays Rs 2,135 each to them every month. It also attached photocopies of the attendance register and pay roll.

The MC further contended that clauses 13 and 14 of the contract were being fully implemented. The MC also slapped a penalty of Rs 10,000 on the agency for not sweeping the road on the day the DC made the inspection. His contract was also suspended till further orders.

Interestingly, the president of the municipal council, Mrs Roshni Malik, has expressed ignorance about any communication between the DC office and the MC, adding that the contract of the private firm had not been suspended.

On the other hand, the Deputy Commissioner, terming the ongoing controversy as unfortunate, said that he had taken action on the factual complaints of the residents. He held that some dishonest people were trying giving a political colour to the whole issue.

The DC, not satisfied with the clarifications of the MC, has meanwhile directed the District Labour Officer to verify the list of sweepers produced by it. The SDM has been asked to look into the implementation of some of the clauses. He maintained that after a thorough investigation into the matter strict action would be taken against the corrupt officials. 


Bansi Lal tells Chautala not to stand on prestige
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, June 13
Former Chief Minister and the chief of the Haryana Vikas Party (HVP), Mr Bansi Lal, has expressed grave concern over the ongoing agitation of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) at Kandela (Jind) and other places. He has urged the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, not to make it a prestige issue and immediately start negotiations with the farmers to sort out their problems.

Addressing a huge public meeting at Rindhana village, about 50 km from here, yesterday, he said the agitation of the farmers must end immediately at all costs before it goes on to assume perilous proportions.

He made a scathing attack on the style of functioning of the Chief Minister. He squarely lay the blame for the present situation on Mr Chautala’s shoulders. He went on to say that if any person was to be held responsible for the bloodshed caused by police firing it was Mr Chautala alone.

Mr Bansi Lal also came down heavily on the farmers for taking the law into their own hands. He advised them to adopt only constitutional ways to address their grievances. The blocking of roads, which caused inconvenience to the public, could never be approved of as a means of agitation, he added.

About his party’s stand on the issue, Mr Bansi Lal categorically stated that he had always shunned the politics of expediency and he was of the opinion that the problem should be sorted out by the state government and the agitating farmers through bilateral negotiations.

He criticised the Congress party for creating chaos in the state as it had incited the farmers to take to violence. He said that action should be taken against the Chief Minister as he had instigated the farmers not to pay the electricity bills and take the law into their hands before coming to power. The farmers, he said, had now put into practice what Mr Chautala had preached.

Mr Bansi Lal criticised Mr Chautala for involving his opponents in the false criminal cases and said that it was an attempt to crush their voice against his misrule in the state. He said he never believed in making false promises and then betraying the people after cornering a position of power. He also alleged that jungle raj was prevalent in the state with no one being safe in the present regime.


Activist’ DPRO turns into INLD spokesperson
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Panipat, June 13
The District Public Relations Office (DPRO), long infamous for giving undue publicity far removed from truth to various ministries and government departments through press notes, seems to have assumed the role of the INLD spokesman now.

The farmers’ agitation, which is giving many a sleepless night to the Om Prakash Chautala government in Jind district, has provided new vigour to the DPRO to denounce the Congress and applaud the “farmer-friendly” policies of the INLD. And in the process its credibility as an independent government agency providing information to the Press has suffered a serious setback.

Every day, the newspaper offices are inundated with press notes issued by the INLD leaders through the DPRO, some of them nondescript, terming the farmers’ agitation as handiwork of the “anti-social” elements and accusing the Congress of adding fuel to the fire. The president of the district unit of the INLD, Mr Katar Singh Chokkar, termed the farmers’ agitation as an agitation sponsored by the Congress and accused it of inciting the farmers to violence.

Similarly, the president of the district urban unit of the party, Mr Parveen Jain, a greenhorn in politics, accused the Congress for the violent farmers’ agitation. In fact, he went to the extent of terming the BKU as a “puppet” in the hands of the Congress. In the meantime, these leaders, apparently oblivious of the ground situation in Jind district and the ramifications of the farmers’ agitation, seldom fail to sing paeans to Mr Chautala and his late father Tau Devi Lal. And none of the leaders seem to have the courage to visit the areas affected by the farmers’ agitation.

The “activist role” of the DPRO in favour of the ruling party has raised eyebrows about the impartial functioning of the government department. Surprisingly, a majority of the leaders issuing statements through the DPRO are hardly known figures in the grassroots politics. In fact, every day the Press is treated to new names in politics denouncing the Congress and eulogising the “pro-farmer” policies of the Haryana Government, which is fighting with its back to the wall against the Ghasi Ram Nain-led BKU in Jind district.


Congress stoking Kandela embers?
Our Correspondent

Panipat, June 13
“The Kandela episode has become an agitation of the Congress only. The party has been adding fuel to fire to make the agitation violent.” The president of the district unit of the Indian National Lok Dal, Mr Katar Singh Chokkar, in a press statement alleged this today.

He said the Congress Party did not pay even a single paisa to kin of those farmers who were killed in the police firing in Kadma and Nisingh, whereas now the party wanted to garner sympathy of farmers by paying Rs 1 lakh each as compensation to kin of those who were killed in the police firing.

Praising the concessions allowed by the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, Mr Chokkar appealed to the farmers to withdraw their agitation. He further stated that the Chief Minister had constituted a four-member committee under the chairmanship of the state Finance Minister, Mr Sampat Singh, to consider the justified demands of farmers.

He also said that the future of farmers of the state was safe in the hands of Mr Chautala, who was conversant with the problems of farmers. He said besides providing them all kinds of facilities he had also given them adequate price for their produce.

He further appealed to the farmers not to get misguided and cooperate with the government in achieving the pinnacle of development brought about by the Chautala government.

In another press note, the president of the INLD’s district (urban) unit, Mr Parveen Jain, appealed to the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) to withdraw the agitation to avoid difficulties to the common man and not to become a pawn in the political game played by the Congress. He stated that the Haryana Government had accepted almost all demands of farmers and the cases registered against farmers during the agitation were being taken back. Moreover, the final demand of farmers to withdraw the cases against them since 1992 had also been accepted.

Mr Jain said the condolence meeting in Gulkani village had been converted into a Congress platform. Stating that the problem could be solved by discussion across the table, he declared the Haryana Government was always ready for negotiations.


Water crisis may force migration: Cong MLA
Our Correspondent

Narnaul, June 13
Mr Narender Singh, Congress MLA from Ateli Mandi, plans to raise the issue of water shortage in Mahendragarh district in the coming assembly session. Talking to ‘NCR Tribune’, Mr Narendra Singh lamented that there was no water even to drink in the district. The continuous depletion of the underground water table had played havoc with normal life here. If this condition continued to prevail, residents of the area would be forced to shift to some other state, he said.

Replying a question, Mr Singh said that he had tried to raise water problem earlier also in the assembly in vain. This time, he said, he would try to elicit from the government the positive steps going to taken address this issue. Not only water, he also would like to know about the steps to improve the power distribution in the district. For the last couple of years, there rains had been scanty in this part of Haryana adding to the problem. Quoting rough estimates, he said that the farmers were now under heavy debts after they had dug deep tubewells in search of water spending over hundreds of crores of rupees. The MLA demanded subsidy for digging wells and relaxation in the recovery of bank loans. Farmers were in a fix as to how to deal with the present situation, he claimed.

He urged the Chief Minister to address the water crisis in southern parts of the state. Like other southern parts of the state, Narnaul, the headquarters of Mahendragarh district, has been facing acute drinking water shortage for the last 30 years. The worst hit are Mohalla Peeraga, Salampura, Falsa, Sainghiwara, Rewari Road, Purani Mandi, Mohalla Rao Ka, Bhatwara, old bus stand area and almost all villages of Nalwati and Dohan Pa Chisi. Cut up with the state of affairs and lack of steps to address the water crisis, voters of over 25 villages here did not exercise their franchise in the last assembly elections.


Arrests for loan recovery not right: CPM
Jatinder Sharma

Rohtak, June 13
The CPM, Haryana, has hoped that the ongoing farmers’ agitation led by the BKU in some parts of the state would end soon through bilateral negotiations and a respectable solution found.

The state secretariat of the party at a meeting here has strongly criticised the government for imprisoning persons during recovery of farm loans in various parts of the state. The state CPM secretary, Mr Inderjeet Singh, said at least six persons had been put behind bars in Banmandori, Dhabi Khurd, Thoba and Chhabra villages of Fatehabad district. There have been reports of such arrests in Karnal and Kurukshetra districts as well.

Mr Inderjeet Singh said during a review of the situation it was found that there was an acute crisis of power supply and drinking water in the villages. In many villages, the ponds have gone dry, thereby creating crisis of drinking water for the cattle. Deficient and irregular power supply was causing serious problems for the people. The party had severely criticised the insensitivity of the administration in not taking steps to improve the situation, Mr Inderjeet Singh said.

The CPM leader said that the state committee felt deeply concerned over the increasing trend of khap-based self-styled panchayats meddling into marriages that had taken place under the pretext of gotras. This trend was not in the interests of society as the kind of “fatwas” being issued to break the duly formalised marriages were tantamount to infringing on the fundamental rights of citizens but also creating tensions within the framework of society in the name of gotras apart from causing mental torture to the married couples and their relatives, the party said.

The party is of the view that the panchayats and social organisations must work to eradicate the dowry menace, oppression of women, illiteracy, casteism and other evils.


15 NTPC stations get awards
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, June 13
Fifteen power stations of the National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd (NTPC) were presented the ‘National Awards for Meritorious Performance by Thermal Power Stations’ for the year 1999-2000 by Mr Suresh P. Prabhu, Union Minister of Power, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, at a function held in the Capital.

While three power stations — Ramagundam, Korba and Dadri — received Gold Medals, four stations — Kawas, Auraiya, Singrauli and Anta — were honoured with Silver Medals and Rihand station received the Bronze Medal. The Meritorious Awards are given every year by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) to encourage excellent performance of generating stationsions

The NTPC power stations given cash awards include Ramagundam, Korba, Dadri, Kawas, Auraiya, Singrauli, Anta, Rihand, Vindhyachal, Talcher (Kaniha), Kahalgaon and Farakka. The total amount of cash awards given to the NTPC stations is Rs 320 lakh.

Mr Jaywanti Mehta, Union Minister of State for Power, Mr R. V. Shahi, Secretary (Power), Mr S. Prabhakaran, Special Secretary (Power), Mr V. V. R. K. Rao, Chairman, Central Electricity Authority, and other senior officials from the Ministry of Power, CEA and NTPC were also present.


Complain to your heart’s content

New Delhi
“Why spend money on toing and froing between home and Government of NCT of Delhi’s offices when you can register your complaint at the press of a button sitting in an internet café or kiosk?” Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday addressed the state after launching – the official website of the Government of NCT of Delhi for redressal and monitoring of public grievances.

Developed by National Informatics Centre, the website acknowledges the receipt of complaint and promises a reply within three days. All the complainant will have to do is keep the complaint registration number for making enquiries. Incredibly, 200 complaints had already been received since morning. And, as officials pointed out, 40 had been replied to. TNS


If it is Monday, it must be a holiday

It’s holiday time in the State government offices in Haryana with four days off this weekend. The work would now be resumed on Monday next.

After working for only three days this week (Monday to Wednesday), the offices today remained closed on account of Maharana Pratap Jayanti, which is a state holiday in Haryana. It is followed by Martyrdom Day of Guru Arjun Dev Ji on June 14 while Saturday and Sunday are already off in Haryana offices. Although the holiday on June 14 is a restricted one, a large number of employees prefer to adjust such days as per their convenience and the attendance in the government offices is normally very poor on such occasions, said a retired government employee.

As per calculations, the total number of holidays in this month for the government employees in Haryana comes to a whopping 13 days out of total 30. These include Saturdays and Sundays, which are normally off days. A three-day holiday weekend will also be available to the state government staff on June 22, 23 and 24. While it is Saturday and Sunday on June 22 and 23, it’s Kabir Dass Jayanti on Monday. The month of March had also given a windfall of holidays to the government staff in Haryana. They had 14 holidays, including five weekend offs.


Machhgar residents block traffic
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, June 13
About 100 residents of Machhgar village and nearby areas blocked traffic on the Mohna-Chhainsa road in Ballabgarh subdivision today in protest against the disruption in the power supply for the past three days. The blockade, which lasted for about 45 minutes, was lifted after an assurance was given by the SDM and DSP of Ballabgarh that the fault would be rectified soon.

Power staff burnt
Two employees of the Power Department received burns after they came into contact with a high-tension live wire while rectifying a fault near Chhainsa village today. They have been admitted to Bhadshah Khan Civil Hospital here. The victims have been identified as Gyani Ram and Hukam Singh. This is the second such incident in the district in the past six days. Earlier, an Assistant Lineman, Harak Bahadur, was killed and another person, Jagdish, injured while repairing the power line near YMCA Institute here on June 8.


One killed
One person was killed and another injured seriously when a motorcycle they were riding rammed a road divider on National Highway 10 near DSP office in Bahadurgarh today. According to information, the deceased, Sandeep (22) of

Mandothi village, was going to Rohtak on his mobike with another person riding pillion. He lost control of the vehicle while trying to save a woman crossing the road. The motorcycle, after touching the woman lightly, rammed the road divider. While Sandeep died of serious head injuries on the spot, the pillion rider, who has not been identified yet, was rushed to PGIMS, Rohtak. The woman also sustained minor injuries. The police have registered a case and sent the body for a post-mortem examination.


Army grenades
The special staff of the district police today claimed to have arrested an ex-Armyman following the alleged recovery of some hand grenades and gun cartridges from his possession. According to a report, the police conducted a surprise raid at his house in Bohar Garhi village of Rohtak district and seized the explosives. The police have registered cases under the Explosives and Arms Acts and further investigations are in progress.

The culprit is reported to have stolen these items from the Army training camp held in Assam in 1994. The culprit, who retired from service in 1996, had taken these items to his house and kept them there. He also told the police that he wanted to kill his brother over a family dispute. The police got the information about the grenades from the driver of a Tata Sumo who had gone to the ex-serviceman’s house for the recovery of the amount outstanding against him for the past few years. But he declined to give it and threatened him with dire consequences by showing the hand grenades if he insisted on the money.

One murdered
The owner of a dry-cleaning shop, Mr Ram, was allegedly murdered by some of his neighbours in Sikka Colony here last night. According to a report, four persons, including the father and brother of the deceased, also sustained injuries and were hospitalised. They are stated to be out of danger. The police have registered a case against the alleged assailants who are still at large. A hunt is on to apprehend them. A dispute of Rs 25 for a cable connection was the main cause of the assault and murder.



Man who threatened IWHF nabbed
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, June 13
The Special Cell of the Delhi Police arrested a mechanical engineer from Tamil Nadu, who had worked with reputed firms in India and the US, for getting cancelled the 10th Women’s Hockey Cup qualifier by writing threatening letters to the Indian Women’s Hockey Federation (IWHF). The match was to be played between India and the USA in the first week of this month.

The suspect, V. Ramachandran (40), was arrested from his house at Sengipatti in Thanjavur area of Tamil Nadu, the police said.

He allegedly had written three letters to the IWHF, which were threatening in nature and created scare among the US Women Hockey Team. Following this, The US team returned without playing the matches scheduled to be held on June 3, June 4 and June 6 at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in the Capital. The letter was reportedly written using the name of the President of India.

A case was registered after a complaint was lodged by Mrs Amrit Bose, honorary secretary of the IWHF, here.

During interrogation, he disclosed that he had sent these letters to disrupt the test series out of frustration and anger with the United States Hockey Association. He was very much interested in hockey from his school days. He was the captain of Annamalai University hockey team while he was doing his BE. After completing BE in 1986, he joined Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd in Bangalore and continued playing hockey.

In 1989, he went to North America on a special assignment. During his stay there, he had a dispute with the US Field Hockey Association since he wanted to represent the US hockey team in the Pan-American games in 1994. He was not selected. Thereafter, he was frustrated, tensed and sued some organisations and the money he earned there had been spent in litigation. In 1998, he came back to India, the police said.

He is the self-styled president of the Midwest Hockey Association, the national governing body for hockey in the US, and also self-styled chairman of the Lok Adalat, the police said.


One killed, 22 hurt as bus turns turtle

Narnaul, June 13
One person was killed and 22 others were injured when a private bus going from Narnaul to Buhana (Rajasthan) turned turtle after a truck hit it near Raghunathpura (near Police Firing Range), about 3 km from here, today afternoon. All the seriously injured persons were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Narnaul. According to a commuter, Dharmender Kumar of Dohar Khura, the Buhana-bound private bus was fully loaded and passengers were even sitting on the roof. When the bus reached near Raghuathpura, a speeding truck hit the bus. As a result, the bus turned turtle and fell into a khud, damaging a culvert.

The deceased was identified as Dharampal of Bachroli (Buhana, Rajasthan). According to Mr Shingara Singh, DSP of Narnaul, the truck driver, Dharmender of Eshkhands, has been arrested. The injured are Ajai (16) of Meghpur, Tula Ram (21) of Khatoti Ti Dhani, Mahander Singh Kaushik (48) of Rewari, Mahander Singh (25) of Mohanpur, Sarli (55), Kamla (45), Sushma Devi (8), Pushpa (32), Sarita (17), Neelam (18), all residents of Pathroli (Rajasthan), Hemlata (19) of Jhanjnu (Rajasthan), Pooja (10) of Neerpur, Subhash Yadav (42) of Santos (Rajasthan), Vikas Yadav (19) of Raipur Ahiran (Rajasthan), Manjit (9) of Neerpur, Luxmi Devi (48) and Men Raj of Gudiani (Rewari), Kamlesh, wife of Des Raj Yadav of Meghpur, Ashok (22)and Dharmender Kumar (18) of Dohar Khurd, Narender (16) of Dohar Kalan and Tribeni (45) of Brahmanwas. The Narnaul police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving. OC


Two highway robbers arrested
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, June 13
The special staff of the Sonepat police have arrested two highway robbers and recovered a motorcycle with fake registration numbers, another motorcycle with fake number plates, a bus pass, a country-made pistol and four live cartridges.

The Superintendent of Police, Mr Paramjit Singh Ahlawat, told mediapersons here today that the arrested robbers were Sheeshpal alias Shashi and Suresh alias

Kala of Nangla Par village under the Sadar police station in Panipat.

Giving the details of the arrests, the SP disclosed that a police party was on routine patrolling on the Sonepat-Gohana road near Machhri village when both the culprits arrived on a motorcycle there. The motorcycle had fake registration numbers in the front and back. The duo also presented a fake bus pass for their identification. While searching them, the police found a loaded pistol and three live cartridges. A case has been registered in the Gohana police station against them.

According to the SP, the duo, during the course of interrogation, confessed to their involvement in a number of loot and robbery cases committed in Panipat and Delhi areas. They also named their associates, including Rajesh of Babel village and Jatinder of Shamri village. They also told the police that they had made an attempt to loot the medical store of Tinku Hospital in Model Town area of Panipat and fired one shot at the owner.

The duo along with Rajesh had snatched a Maruti car at pistolpoint from Sector 6 in Karnal in December last year. The duo had also forced the salesman of a petrol pump to give petrol. They had also made attempts to loot a trader of Panipat, who had a factory at Delhi and who used to deal with lakhs of rupees every week, thrice with the help of the car driver of the trader but failed in every attempt. The SP also disclosed that the duo had named a property dealer of Panipat who gave shelter and cash to Rajesh, another culprit. 


Six murders solved in Rohtak
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, June 13
The district police claimed to have solved all the six cases of murder reported during the past one week.

A spokesman for the police said here today that all the accused in the murder cases had been identified and nine suspects arrested so far. He said the police parties had been sent to different places in search of the absconding suspects and they would be nabbed soon.

Divulging details of those arrested, he said Ishwar Singh, his brother Jai Singh and Surender Singh, a son of Jai Singh, all residents of Bharan village, had been arrested on the charge of murdering Ranbir, a brother of Ishwar Singh and Jai Singh, over a dispute concerning irrigation water.

Devender, a resident of Sanghi village, was arrested last night for allegedly battering to death Kedar Singh of the same village on June 9. The Sampla police today arrested Jai Bhagwan, a resident of Ismaila village, for allegedly killing Netram of the same village on Wednesday.

Pappu and his father, Dewak Ram, residents of Kathmandi locality here, Arvind, a resident of Dhandlan village, and Rambeer of Maina village were nabbed on the charge of murdering a carpenter, Ramesh. The victim was allegedly shot dead by Pappu, a timber merchant, on the Jhajjar road here on June 9. However, Rajal, a brother of Pappu is still at large.

Karamchari Sangh

The activists of the Sarv Karamchari Sangh, Haryana will hold public meetings in nearly 2,000 villages in the state to apprise the masses of the ‘faulty’ policies of the state as well as the union governments. They would get a demand charter signed by nearly 20 lakh people which would be submitted to the Governor of Haryana during the assembly session in Chandigarh.

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of the state executive of the sangh held here this afternoon under the presidentship of Mr Poonam Chand Rati.

Mr Rajbeer Berwal, press secretary of the sangh, said all the arrangements had been made to expose the ‘anti-people’ policies of the state and the union governments by holding public meetings at the village level all over the state. He said the sangh had demanded that the government departments meant for public interest including education, health, power, public health, transport, irrigation, agriculture, banking, aanganwari etc should not be privatised.

The sangh also sought the restoration of services of the employees who were retrenched from various departments, strengthening of public distribution system and adequate prices for the farmers’ produce. Besides, the sangh also demanded a check on the unabated access of multinational companies in the country so as to protect the financial condition of the nation.


Four held for grabbing land, duping builder
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, June 13
The Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police arrested Harish Kumar, Harender Singh, Raj Kumar and Bhopal Choudhary, who allegedly grabbed a plot in Kalkaji, cheated a buyer and a bank of lakhs of rupees.

They reportedly prepared forged papers of the plot in Kalkaji and disposed of it to Mr P. K. Goel, proprietor of M/S Tempest Construction Private Limited, for Rs 60 lakh. However, the plot was originally allotted by the DDA to M. R. Sakhuja and his wife, Sushma Sakhuja, in 1988.

They took a loan of Rs 2.35 crore from Punjab and Sind Bank on the basis of the plot but they allegedly did not repay the amount. Since they had gone underground, the bank took possession of the plot through the DRT. Meanwhile, the suspects prepared forged papers and Special Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney Will in favour of Harish Kumar purported to be received from Australia duly attested by the Indian High Commission, Victoria, Australia. Showing these documents, they gained the confidence of the complainant, Mr P. K. Goel, and disposed of the property to him.

The complainant had given them Rs 27.20 lakh in advance. When he had started construction on the plot, a notice from the DRT was affixed at the plot for action. The complainant lodged a report with the Economic Offences Wing against the ‘land-grabbers’. During investigation, the police found that there was no such Indian mission in Australia and that it was a racket of the suspects and they were arrested.

The role of the DDA official was also to be probed as the plot had been restored by the DDA despite the original allottee being absent. More persons were likely to be arrested, the police said.

Constable killed
Binesh Kumar (35), a constable posted in the Provision Lines, was killed after unknown vehicle hit him near Adhchini village in South district this morning. He was going on his scooter when the incident occurred. When he reached near Adhchini village, a rashly driven vehicle hit him from behind and he fell down. He was taken to the AIIMS where he succumbed to injuries, the police said.

Dacoits arrested
The Anti-Auto Theft Squad of the South district police arrested four persons while they were allegedly planning to commit a dacoity. They were identified as Saleem Mohammad, Vijender alias Naushad, Sanjay Alias Rajender and Shakeeluddin. They were arrested from Nizamuddin. Their fifth accomplice has absconded. Two country-made pistols, two live cartridges, an iron rod and a lock-breaking instrument were recovered from their possession. They were involved in a number of robbery cases in the trans-Yamuna area, the police said.

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