Saturday, June 15, 2002  

A new-look Chandigarh on anvil
Ajay Banerjee

Major changes have been brought about in the city’s building byelaws and they are likely to change its skyline for good. These ‘practical measures’ will benefit citizens and, as per the Administration’s claim, will help the city grow.

family owning a popular fast food chain in Chandigarh opened a restaurant on the first floor of a showroom in Sector 17.


A Yankee in the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Darshan Singh Maini
AHARAJA Ranjit Singh’s reputation as a man and monarch has given his image a meaning that subsumes both his secular and religious energies. What’s more important, his vision, his sense of history, his valour, his wit, amongst other virtues, made him a supreme ruler.

Fighting tigers of Chhatbir
R.K. Luna
UMAN interference and loss of habitat has left not many tigers in the wild. A few zoological parks, however, are centres of attraction for the number of tigers they house. The M.C. Zoological Park, Chhatbir, starting with a pair of tigers in 1978, has been in the forefront of conservation of Royal Bengal tigers.

Man behind Barog tunnel lies forgotten
Jagmeet Singh
HE 96.54-km-long Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge track has 102 operational tunnels that constitute about 8 per cent of the total length of the route. This rail track, which was open to passengers on November 9, 1903, is a living tribute to those engineers who dared to bore a total of 107 tunnels and set an example of how a railway line could pass through a rough mountainous terrain without destroying the splendour and beauty of the hills.

A tribute to ‘Indian Einstein’
Tejendra Khanna
R P. S. GILL, a cosmic ray physicist, who was born in a Punjab village and did his Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D from the USA, died on March 23 last at his home in Atlanta. He was born on October 28, 1911.

Tackling drug menace in the Valley of Gods
Pratibha Chauhan
O not mistake Kali Mist, White Widow, Parbati and Shiv Baba for names of deities or tourist destinations, as they along with Cerebral seeds, Tosh Special and AK-47 are the brand names of narcotics that originate in the Kulu valley.

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