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, August 4, 2002

Dream Theme

Dreaming of goodbye
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

BIDDING farewell or goodbye is a symbol that tends to get overshadowed by other symbols in dreams such as railway stations, bus stands, crying, etc. But many a times one does dream of bidding farewell to somebody and seems to remember that aspect of the dream more vividly than the other aspects. This generally happens when the person you are bidding farewell to is a relative.

As per Indian thought, to bid farewell to someone known or closely related to you is not a good omen. If you see such a dream, you are advised to take care of your health. You shall have to face troubles as also the ill-will of other people. But should you see yourself getting left behind and bidding farewell or waving goodbye to someone who is leaving, then be prepared for some bad news regarding someone known to you.

As per western thought, to dream of bidding farewell is not a good omen, as it foretells that you are likely to hear unpleasant news concerning a friend. For a young woman to bid her farewell to her lover foretells that he shall be indifferent to her. If she does not feel sad while bidding him farewell, it means that she shall soon find others to comfort her.


Psychoanalytically speaking, dreams of parting could denote our feelings of insecurity regarding a particular relationship, such as that between lovers, or between parents and children. Such dreams are common among children who face separation from either parent due to job-related transfers or among children of separated couples. Dreams of parting can also be wish-fulfilment dreams, especially when one wishes to get out of a relationship. To see yourself going away and people bidding farewell to you means that you want to escape from a particular situation or that you wish to run away from the responsibility of a particular relationship. To see yourself bidding farewell to the other person again denotes the desire to finish a relationship by getting rid of the particular person. This person could be a guest who has overstayed his welcome in your house, your spouse with whom you do not have a good relationship, or any other relationship that has become a burden. Many a times seeing yourself bidding farewell to your children after their marriage is such a dream and not a wish-fulfilment dream. It could be that you consider having to shoulder their responsibility a burden and now wish to see them settled in their own homes so that your responsibilities decrease.

A 43-year-old man would often have a nightmare in which he would he would see himself coming home from his office only to find his entire family murdered. He would see his wife, two daughters and one son dead. There would be a big crowd in front of his house. He, as a stranger, would inquire what had happened. People would say that all the members of the family had been found dead. He would see them and like all others go to their bodies and with folded hands bid them goodbye and then walk away. It would be as if he did not recognise them. Only on waking up would he realise that it was his house and his family he had seen dead in the dream. On analysing his dream it was found, that the reason behind this dream was not a feeling of insecurity regarding their welfare, as it seemed at first, but rather a feeling of being tired of shouldering the increasing responsibilities of his family.

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