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, August 4, 2002

Celluloid chitchat
Humraaz, Kaante set betting meter ticking

FROM cricket to cinema, punters have hit big time. The betting meter for the seasonstarted ticking with Abbas-Mustan’s love triangle Humraaz, when more then Rs 1 billion was reportedly up for the taking in Mumbai city alone, depending upon the accuracy of box-office speculations.

The stakes are said to have hit an unprecedented Rs 4 billion on the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas.

Another film attracting betting interest in Kaante — Sanjay Gupta’s Hindi version of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs with a Rs 2.5 billion stake.The film is tipped as a "slow starter".

There’s also Ramgopal Verma’s Road (commanding Rs 1 billion), which has shades of the Hollywood hit, Breakdown. It is yet to generate the kind of enthusiasm Devdas and Kaante have.

Yet another biggie is Anupam Kher’s Om Jai Jagadish, which has generated Rs 2 billion in stakes.


Sunil Dutt’s comeback

"I can walk straight, people understand what I say and I think I am still quite good looking", said Sunil Dutt on his comeback to the big screen alongside son Sanjay in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s forthcoming film, Munna Bhai MBBS.

Quote to note

" I can walk straight, people understand what I say and I think I am still quite good looking."

Sunil Dutt on his comeback film Munna Bhai MBBS, in which he faces son Sanjay Dutt on camera after 30 years.

The film also marks father and son facing each other on camera for the first time in more than 30 years, after Reshma Aur Shera. "Sanju has since grown phenomenally as an actor and I want to see which one of us is better now", joked Dutt.

For a man who is yet to recover from a paralytic stroke and needs to divide time between Parliament and the many social welfare projects he is committed to taking up a film assignment has come as a surprise to many. But then, he clarifies that this is the "last offer" he has accepted.

Dutt’s last screen appearance was in the early eighties, in a home production, Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi — a film on the dowry problem in which he played the protagonist. It bombed miserably and ever since, Dutt took to politics and charitable causes full time.

"I wonder why people are apprehensive about my facing the camera after a long time" he quipped.

"As a politician, I keep appearing on television channels and like I said, I still look good. As far as acting is concerned, I believe that it can never be learnt, nor forgotten".

Star entourage

After years of squabbling over money, dates and schedules, another issue has cropped up on which producers and film stars have agreed to disagree: prohibiting the latter from being accompanied by an entourage on outstation shoots.

The reasons are purely economical. For as producer Mehul Kumar puts it: "If every star brings five people with him/her to an outdoor shoot, my budget sky-rockets. If they want to bring an entourage, they should pay for it themselves."

Retorts Amrita Arora, an upcoming heroine: "Actresses should be allowed to bring along a family member on outstation shoots. Otherwise, it is unsafe in this male-dominated industry for us to go out. Besides make-up men and hair stylists are a necessity." MF


Star style
Watches are Hrithik’s favourite accessory

Date of birth: January 10.

Most comfortable in: Jeans.

Hate to be seen in: Well, practically nothing.

Designers I like: Rocky S, Manish Malhotra, Jatin Kochhar, Hemant Trivedi.

Rocky S is a hot favourite 'coz: Because he's my designer and if I don't say this he might get offended (laughs). No seriously, he's quite good with his work and the appreciation shows with people.

My clothes are important 'coz: They enhance one's personality.

When in Mumbai I shop at: Oh, I hardly shop these days. Earlier, it used to be almost entire Mumbai--Bandra Pantaloon and Blues Bizaar and Crossroads and Shopper's Stop, but now I can't go in public even if I want to.

At a non-film party, I'd love to wear: Jeans and T-Shirt. Being casual is cool.

At a wedding, I'd wear: I would dress up in a suit for a wedding.

The most well-dressed male & female film stars are: Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor are well dressed. Among the girls, well, I don't want to take any names.

The most well dressed male & female non-film person is: My mom has a great taste in clothes; my dad too.

Accessories I like: Well, I like colognes and watches. I have a good collection of watches.

My skin is good 'coz: I have been pampering it all this while!

Cosmetics I use: Aftershave, face wash, moisturiser and a cologne.

My favourite perfume is: Issey Miyake

I style my hair from: I don't really groom himself. I simply run a quick comb through my hair.

My menu for a good diet is: Avoid fatty food. Exercise daily.


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