Tuesday, August 6, 2002, Chandigarh, India


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Allottees surrender plots to HUDA
Scheme to extend township fails
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service


  • About 20 per cent of plots in Sectors 27 and 28 have been surrendered in the past couple of months.
  • Another almost 50 per cent of allottees here have given applications for surrender of plots.
  • With market price being less than the price fixed by HUDA, investing here is not considered a viable option.
  • Distance from the main town is another important reason for lack of development in these two sectors.

Panchkula, August 5
The much-publicised scheme of extending the township across Ghaggar river has come a cropper. A large number of allottees of residential plots in Panchkula Extension have reportedly surrendered their plots to Haryana Urban Development Authority.

It is learnt that almost 20 per cent of the allottees in Sectors 27 and 28 have already surrendered their plots during the past couple of months. Some Group Housing Societies who were allotted land in Panchkula Extension have also surrendered their plots. Applications for surrender of another almost 50 per cent of allottees in above mentioned sectors are still pending with Estate Office.

Sources inform that maximum number of plots surrendered are in Sector 28. It is learnt that of the 227 plots of varying areas (1 kanal, 14 marlas, 10 marlas, 8 marlas, six marlas and four marlas) in this sector, almost 89 per cent had been allotted. However, during the past year, almost 25 per cent have surrendered their plots. Also, maximum applications for surrender of plots have been received from allottees of this sector.

Similarly, almost 92 per cent of a total of 330 plots cut in Sector 27 (of the above mentioned sizes) were allotted by HUDA between 1998 and 2001. However, almost 10 per cent of allottees have surrendered their plots and applications requesting for surrender are pending for another 35 to 40 per cent of allottees are still pending.

Officials in HUDA say that the main reason for allottees surrendering their plots here is the high reserved price fixed by the authority. They say that the market price in these sectors is much less as compared to the reserve price fixed by HUDA, especially for 1 kanal and 14 marla plots. HUDA has fixed the reserve price for all plots between Rs 3000 to Rs 3800 per square yard. Real estate agents in the township, when contacted by TNS, said that the market rates of the bigger plots in these two sectors were atleast 10 to 15 per cent less than the price fixed by HUDA.

The second main for the failure in development of these two sectors was the enhancement cost imposed on plot holders. Also, the fact that the recovery of cost of constructing the New Ghaggar bridge (at the cost of Rs 10.52 crores) is being done by increasing the rates of plots in these two Sectors A senior official in HUDA, in condition of anonymity, said that the fact that these two sectors are at a considerable distance from the main town has also hampered its development.

Some officials in HUDA are now of the view that the plots should again be offered by allotment at the existing price, but after a gap of two to three years. This would help woo investors and the Panchkula Extension dream could finally come true. 


6 booths sealed
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 5
As many as six booths in various sectors here were sealed by HUDA officials today over the default in the payment of instalments.

According to information, two booths in Sectors 9 and 11 and one each in Sectors 8, 12 and 14 were sealed on the directions of the Revenue Collector. While the booth in Sector 8 was under renovation, both booths in Sector 9 were jewellery shops, and two booths in Sectors 11 and 12 were daily-needs shop. Back


Cleanliness a tall order for cash-starved MC
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service


  • Colonies alone require 910 sweepers.
  • Payment by DC rate would far exceed the plan allocation of Rs 83 lakh.
  • Salary of 910 persons will come to around Rs 2.3 crore.
  • Only 1400 sweepers available against a demand of 1850.
  • Demand for ending contract system gathers momentum.

Chandigarh, August 5
The outbreak of cholera and the presence of a large number of silent cholera carriers in the city has set the alarm bells ringing for making a concerted effort to maintain cleanliness in the colonies and villages falling in the city but the corporation does not have the means to do so thus exposing the population to fresh attacks of diseases.

The corporation recently claimed to have lifted around 5000 truck loads of debris from the city but its hands seem tied with the plan head allocation for it being pegged at Rs 83 lakh during the fiscal 2002-2003 against a need for Rs 2.5 crore.

Major challenges before the city administration are to keep the colonies and villages clean in order to ward off diseases but these colonies and villages alone require around 910 persons to do the job requiring an expenditure of Rs 2.3 crore.

As per the National Safai Karmchari Ayog norms, 500 persons are required to provide clean environment to a population of one lakh.

The total population of villages and colonies and areas managed by sanitation contracts is around 3.5 lakh requiring 700 personnel and an additional 300 for taking care of their leaves, sources told the Chandigarh Tribune.

These areas still remain the worst in terms of sanitary conditions and though contractors are believed to have got an approval of only 450 sweepers for for these areas, yet only 250 persons were said to be working actually officials sources revealed.

The condition has become so bad that councillors have been crying hoarse to get rid of the contract system with the Mayor too joining in.

The Medical Officer is already believed to have sent a proposal to end the system of sanitation contract.

The payment to contractors alone comes to the amount of the plan allocation to the corporation despite the contractor not upholding the rights of the workers by not giving them standard wages announced by the Deputy Commissioner.

The corporation has been reprimanded for not ensuring workers’ rights by the Safai Karmchari Ayog and the local Labour Department.

With corporation’s claims of maintaining cleanliness in the city coming a cropper recently, it decided to take 150 persons on contract basis for periods ranging from two to six months.

The corporation finds it difficult to augment its efforts towards cleanliness with the Central Government putting a ban on fresh recruitment in the Sanitation Department, which has around 1400 employees against a need of 1850 for a population of 9.10 lakh.

The contract system was adding something around 250 persons to the sanitation wing. Unconfirmed reports said a good number of sweepers are going to retire in a couple of years.

The corporation can not give contractor’s rates approved by the Deputy Commissioner as it would cost the corporation around Rs 2.3 crore expenditure.

The allocation of Rs 83 lakh also has to take care of capital expenditure on bins, tractors, wheel barrows and trucks.

Message is: either mobilise resources or learn to live with filth, smell and garbage scattered around in the City Beautiful.


3-year-old girl drowned in bathtub
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
A three-year-old girl died of suspected drowning in a bathtub at her Sector 40 Housing Board flat here this evening. The victim was declared brought dead at the Sector 16 General Hospital.

The toddler, Kudrat, in her innocence was trying to wash her handkerchief when she fell with her face down in the water-filled tub.

The upturned body of the victim was noticed at around 6 pm by her mother, Vandana and her aunt, Sashi. The toddler stepped into the bathroom unnoticed by her mother and aunt who were sleeping. They woke up to find the child missing and started searching for her in the entire locality, least suspecting that the cruel hands of the nature had already taken her life.

A neighbour told the TNS that the two women along with other persons in their locality searched at all possible places as the wire mesh door of the house was found open and they suspected that the toddler had walked out. The victim’s mother also suspected that the girl had followed her grandfather to a local gurdwara.

Ultimately the child was found in the bathroom of the house no. 3290, Sector 40-D. Kudrat was living with her parents, uncle, aunt and grandparents. At the time of the incident, the grandmother, mother and an aunt were at home. The father of the victim, Mr Gagandeep, who works at a private unit in Industrial Area here, was called from his factory on finding the child in the bath tub.

The father, grandfather and neighbours took the girl to the Sector 16 hospital. Meanwhile, a pall of gloom descended on the house as neighbours poured in to express their grief. Kudrat was described as a sweet child who used to mix with people easily.

Inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the CrPC has been initiated in the case. An official at the Sector 39 police station said no foul play was suspected.


Power, phone supply to SDM office cut
Kulwinder Sangha

SAS Nagar, August 5
The power and telephone connections to the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) office here have been cut.

The supply of power was cut by the Punjab State Electricity Board around 3 p.m. today while the telephone facility was disconnected by the BSNL authorities about a week ago due to non-payment of bills.

It is learnt that the SDM’s office received a power bill amounting Rs 3.92 lakh today.

Sources say that payments for power bills had not been made by the SDM’s office for more than a year though bills were being issued by the PSEB authorities regularly. As far as the telephone facility was concerned, only one bill was pending.

It is learnt that more than a year ago, the PSEB authorities had found, during checking, that power load being run by the SDM office was more than the sanctioned load.

As such, a bill amounting to between Rs 2 lakh and 2.5 lakh had been sent to the SDM’s office around February or March 2001. Due to shortage of funds and the payment for the bill was not made.

Since the receipt of the hefty power bill more than a year ago no payment was made by the SDM’s office for power bills that were being issued regularly.

The amount of every previous bill kept adding up to the now one and today a bill amounting Rs 3.92 lakh was received by the office.

Sources say that no additional gadget had been added to the office except a computer, which is used rarely, ever since its setting up in 1995. Letter were written to the PSEB authorities inquiring about the hefty power bill but the only reason given by them was the additional load being run.

It is learnt that the SDM’s office gets annual funds to the tune of Rs 1.20 lakh for making payments linked with power bills, consumption of petrol by the office vehicles and their repair. A separate amount is sanctioned for telephone bills.

As such the office is not in a position to make payment for the heavy power bill issued by the PSEB authorities.

The payment for the telephone bill was also not made because the office had so far not received the annual funds. Last year the amount was received in June. 


Vehicle finance racket unearthed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
A major racket of financing vehicles on the basis of forged documents in the city by a Sector 34 based company came to light when representatives of major financial institutions and finance companies today gave a joint written complaint against the company for getting to the Senior Superintendent of Police.

They claimed that the finance company had got financed vehicles and other forms of loan to the tune of Rs 45 lakh. Mr Parag, Jain, SSP, has marked the complaint to the SHO of the Sector 36 Police Station.

The complainants include Citibank, ICICI, HDFC, Ford Kotak Mahindra and some other financial institutions company. They have alleged that the company officials loans for different forms on the basis of forged documents. The SSP said he had directed the SHO of the Sector 36 to look into the matter. He said the financial institutions and the finance companies were not verifying the documents of the applicants despite the police stressing on the point on several occasions. The official of the financial institutions lamented that the police was dilly-dallying over the registration of a case


Mukhya dak ghar inaugurated
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, August 5
There is good news for as many as 36,888 various account holders in Mohali post offices. The Principal Chief Post Master General, Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh, Mr Vijay Bhushan inaugurated the “Mukhya dak ghar” at the existing sub post office in Sector 55 here today which will now provide these account holders the facility of updating of passbooks, closure of accounts etc on the spot. Earlier, these passbooks were being sent to the GPO, Chandigarh, for any entries or changes. The account holder had to as a result visit the post office more than one time. Besides this, the saving bank counter of the post office has also been computerised.

The scheme of “Mukhya dak ghar” was started on an all India basis on April 1, 2002 with a view to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Mr Vijay Bhushan while speaking on the occasion reiterated the commitment of the department to make postal services customer friendly.

Rally organised

The 134 clerks who have been removed from service by the Punjab State Education Board along with a large number of other employees of the board staged a rally here today. Leaders of these employees have demanded that only those clerks who have been proved to have used unfair means for getting into the board should be removed from service and not all 134 clerks. Mr G.S. Dhillon, president of the Non-Teaching Karamchari Association and Mr G.S. Bedi, general secretary of the association, also pointed out that the work relating to the supplementary examinations to be conducted by the board in September was also likely to suffer due to the removal of so many clerks.


The Consumer Protection Forum here has condemned the ‘‘arm twisting’’ action of cable operators of Mohali who are trying to maintain high rates of cable connections even as one of the cable service provider of the township, Punjab Cable Services limited has decided to reduce the rates from the current Rs 150 to Rs 110 per month.

In a press note issued by Col Angad Singh (retd), general secretary of the forum, stated that despite the fact that the Punjab Cable Services had promised to provide better coordination and cooperation, the other cable operators are taking advantage of the situation.


The National Handicapped Welfare Council launched the orientation of mobility of the disabled campaign here today to mark the death anniversary of noted social worker Bhagat Puran Singh. Dr Birinder Sachdeva, Chairman, Medical Wing of the council said the object of the campaign was to assure frequent and secure mobility for the disabled as it has been frequently mentioned in the PWD Act, 1995.

According to Mr Ajit Salani, secretary of the council, an Orientation and Mobility Cell was set up on Monday at the Blind Institute, Sector 26. According to Mr Salani, this nation wide campaign has been planned for the next five years and will specially work in rural areas. Various social service organisations and clubs have offered their help for the campaign. Various experts have been appointed in charge of the campaign in various states which include Dr Navjeet Singh for Punjab, Dr Harbans Ahuja and Ms Satinder Pannu for Punjab rural and Mr Rajiv Kakkar for UT and Mr S.S. Shukla for Haryana.

Seminar in AIDS

The Family Planning Association of India, Mohali Branch, organised a seminar on HIV/AIDS and female foeticide for the members and other office-bearers of the district level coordination committee of the youth clubs in Ropar as part of the IPPF-japan trust project for truckers.

As many as 23 participants representing youth clubs from various villages, including the chairman and president of the Coordination Committee attended the seminar. Mr Surinder Singh, Population Education Officer, FPAI, Mohali, Mr M.S. Dhillon, Project Coordinator, Ms Pavan Rekha, Project Officer, Mr Ashok Kumar Bajheri, Chairman of the Coordination Committee, Mr Ashwani Kumar, President of the Behrampur Zimindara spoke on the occasion. The objective of the seminar was to create supportive environment for the implementation of the truckers as well as female foeticide projects of Mohali branch to motivate young leaders.


New system to ease power-related woes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
City residents will get an Independence Day gift from the Chandigarh Administration by way of a professionally managed power supply system. The administration in collaboration with a private party has set up a round-the-clock call centre which will have a common telephone number to register power complaints for the entire city.

According to the sources the testing shall commence on August 12 and it will be an Independence Day gift for city residents. This call centre is likely to have a common number for round-the-clock power complaints at a centralised place. There will be problem of busy telephones when power goes off and you want to lodge a complaint. All billing and complaint centres will be inter-connected through computers to provide real time availability of data.

A source explained the call centre system. This is used by all top companies to deal with their customers in a professional manner at one centralised place and is then passed onto the area or person concerned. A caller wanting to register a compliant of a power breakdown will not hear a busy tone when he calls at the centre. His call will be in waiting and the private company will be asked to have a minimum of eight to 10 persons just to take the calls.

The call will be registered on a computer. There will be three modes of communicating the compliant to the area of operation concerned. The first mode will be via hand held walkie- talkie sets to be provided between the call centre and all compliant centres. Pagers will be the second option. Besides this computer connectivity will enable all staff sitting in any complaint centre to see for themselves where a fault had occurred.

Through the same computer connectivity, the clerk manning the counter can see the latest power bill of anyone online. The subscriber can pay at any counter and the amount will be instantly credited to his account. This data base will help to know about defaulters and also about people whose bills fluctuate thus causing suspicion of power theft. The instant online system means that at the end of each day senior engineers and officials of the Administration can know how much money had been collected.


Jacob lays stone of hostel for physically challenged
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
The UT Administrator, Lieut -Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), today asked the Chandigarh Administration to issue instructions to all departments to identify posts at which the talent of the physically challenged could be utilised so as to provide them 3 per cent reservation in all jobs. The Administrator was speaking after laying the foundation stone of the building of a girls’ hostel at the Institute for the Blind, Sector 26.

General Jacob said the UT Social Welfare Department was giving a pension of Rs 200 per month to the physically challenged. Similarly, youth were getting unemployment allowance ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 300 per month. The Administration was also providing special prosthetic aids to the handicapped with maximum cost of Rs 20000.

The CTU was providing travel facilities to the physcially challenged at 50 per cent of the normal fare whereas the blind got 100 per cent concession, he said. The Architecture Department on the recommendations of the bylaws committee had already issued instructions to create “Barrier free Environment’ in Chandigarh. Ground floor of all commercial areas and shops should be fully accessible to the handicapped according to the latest instructions issued by the Chandigarh Administration.

General Jacob appreciated the efforts of the society managing the institute. He said keeping in view the necessity of a separate hostel for girls, the Administration had given this prime piece of land measuring 2,100 square yards free of cost to the society. He appreciated the plan of the hostel by architect S.D. Sharma for its functional utility.

Earlier, vice-president of the association, Gen. Rajinder Nath (retd), said the building would be constructed at the cost of Rs 80 lakh. He hoped that construction work of the building would be completed by the end of this year. Ms Neeru Nanda, Adviser to the Administrator and Mr G.K. Marwah, Secretary Social Welfare-cum-Chairman, Chandigarh Housing Board, were also present on the occasion.


BSP to raise issue in Parliament
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
The Bahujan Samaj Party members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will jointly take up the issue of denial of Scheduled Caste certificates in the city in Parliament.

This was announced here today by Mr. Narendra Kumar Kashyap, the incharge of party affairs in Chandigarh and Haryana and a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council at a press conference.

Mr Kashyap also said soon after the reconstitution of the local unit in 15 days, the party would submit a memorandum to the Governor of Punjab and the Administrator of Union Territory, to stop the denial of constitutional rights of the oppressed people by refusing to issue caste certificates to them.

Mr Kashyap has already dissolved the local unit after a direction from the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and the BSP national vice president, Ms Mayawati.

He also appealed to the Chandigarh Administration to stop the removal of schools operating from residential areas mid session or till an alternative arrangement was made by these schools.

Mr Kashyap was flanked by the Haryana Unit President, Mr Ashok Sherwal, who along with the Uttar Pradesh leader, has been given the responsibility of reconstituting the local unit.

The two leaders yesterday had a workers meet to find out an alternative to the old local unit led by Mr Mataram Dhiman.

Mr Kashyap also announced the expulsion of Mr Raja Ram from the party for his anti-party activities.

Mr Raja Ram belonged to the Backward and Muslim, Scheduled Caste Employees Federation (BAMSEF) founded by the BSP President, Mr Kanshi Ram.

Mr Kashyap indicated that Ms Mayawati would be invited to address people in the city.

The party in-charge said with the new formula of ‘’sarv samaj’’ succeeding in Uttar Pradesh, the party would now try the same formula in the city where, he hoped, it would be the main force in the near future.

Mr Kashyap said the party would not have any alliance with any party in the near future. The senior party functionary said the party was not opposed to any particular caste but against caste system itself embodied in ‘’Manuwadi’’ trends.

He denied that the party had ever coined the slogan of ‘’tilak, taraju aur talwar ...’’ specifically indicating Brahmins, Banias and Kshatriyas as its target saying it was never uttered by any of the party leaders but had been propagated by the media.


Philatelic bureau to promote culture
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
The Postal Department has decided to open philatelic bureaux to encourage school children and young persons to purchase postal stamps that would depict national and regional cultures. The department has also provided a facility of philately deposit account system to promote philately, said Mr Vijay Bhushan, Principal Chief Postmaster General, Punjab, Chandigarh and HP circles, here today.

After inaugurating the philatelic bureau at the GPO here today, he said: ‘‘Under this scheme, a deposit account has to be opened with an initial deposit of Rs 200. The philatelic material brought out by the department would be delivered at the doorstep of the account holders without any extra charges.”

He said the hobby of collecting stamps not only provided self education but also insight into history, geography, art, architecture, culture, customs and rituals of a particular region.

The department has planned to organise regular workshops in association with philatelist. Clubs would be formed in schools so that the students could participate in the state and national-level exhibitions conducted by the department.


Veer Smriti — a symbol of sacrifice

THOUGH Headquarters Western Command moved to Chandi Mandir in 1985, no war memorial came up in the present location until 1998.

It was a former Army Commander, Lieut-Gen H.B. Kala, who felt the necessity of having a war memorial at Chandi Mandir cantonment. Accordingly, the memorial was designed and its foundation stone was laid by him on the golden jubilee anniversary day of Headquarters Western Command i.e. September 15, 1997.

The well-planned and beautiful memorial called “Veer Smriti” was constructed before December 16, 1998. On this day, the 1971 war, in which the Indian armed forces achieved the most spectacular victory over Pakistan, came to an end, resulting in the creation of Bangladesh. It was on December 16, 1998, that the wreath laying ceremony was held at Veer Smriti for the first time.

Thereafter, as is customary in the Army, this ceremony is held at this memorial on all historic days, including the Raising Day of the command, to commemorate the sacrifices of war heroes. Recently, wreaths were laid at the memorial on “Kargil Vijay Divas”, on July 26.

Neglected war widows

An ex-servicemen’s delegation apprised the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, the other day that several widows of 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars had not got land compensation because they had not applied for it in time. Expressing surprise at this, Capt Amarinder Singh directed the Secretary, Sainik Welfare, Mr KBS Sidhu, to amend the rules which stipulate a cut-off date for the submission of applications for this compensation.

The background of this case is as follows. The Punjab Government vide its letter No. 2(408)/12541/G-5 of June 16, 1971, had undertaken to allot 10 acres of land to the widows/orphaned children of soldiers or parents of unmarried soldiers, who were killed in the wars against Pakistan and China. The provisions of this letter for the submission of applications were extended up to September 15, 1974.

Of the 800 such cases, 229 widows were not allotted land and their cases came to light only in 1987. Most of them being uneducated did not know about this provision. After this point was repeatedly discussed in the Rajya Sainik Board meetings, the Director Sainik Welfare, Punjab, submitted district-wise list of the widows to the Secretary, Sainik Welfare, Punjab, in May, 1996. Let us hope that all the left out widows are now allotted compensation for land.

There is another case of 23 widows who are still fighting court cases for the possession of land allotted to them. Who will help them?

Ex-servicemen discuss their problems

A discussion of cross-section of ex-servicemen under the aegis of Brig Mohinder Singh (retd), president, Indian Ex-services League (IESL), was held at the Punjab Bhavan, Chandigarh, on July 28 to review the progress of major problems concerning ex-servicemen. The vice-president of IESL, Major-Gen A.S. Chopra, also attended this meeting.

Brig Mohinder Singh informed the participants about the current position of the important cases which were taken up by the league with the government in the past few years. The participants expressed great dissatisfaction over the lackluster attitude of the government towards their genuine problems. One rank one pension, removal of 33 years condition for earning full pension, medicare for ex-servicemen, their families, and widows, family pension, disparity in pension of the pre and post 01.01.1996 disabled soldiers and disparity in benefits granted to pre and post Kargil war casualties, were some of the points discussed at the meeting.

There was complete consensus among the participants on working out an action plan to make bureaucrats and politicians more responsive to their problems. Majority of the participants were in favour of organising a mammoth ex-servicemen’s rally in New Delhi to highlight the neglect of the government towards them. Great emphasis was laid on unity among ex-servicemen which, it was felt, will go a long way in changing the rigid attitude of the government towards their genuine demands.

The efforts of Brig J.S. Jaswal, Director, Resettlement Western Zone, Brig Sant Singh and Lieut-Col J.S. Mand (both retired), presidents of IESL (UT), Chandigarh, and IESL Punjab and Chandigarh, respectively, were highly appreciated by all for making the discussion a success.

Mess bar

According to Major-Gen Chand Narain Das, OBE (retd), “a bar in the officers’ mess was started during the war to meet the demands of drinks and cigarettes at all times for a large number of officers in transit”. From that time, a bar has become part of all messes. Pritam Bhullar


Realisation of God important’
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, August 5
“We read, recite and chant hymns of holy scriptures but forget that the great prophets and masters who wrote these sought the world to follow and act upon these,’’ said Rishi Vasdev Rai, preacher of the Sant Nirankari Mission, while addressing a religious congregation here today.

He further said, ‘’ It is a matter of blessing to be born as a human being, but this uniqueness is attached not with mere birth but with the achievement of the purpose for which this golden opportunity has been provided’’.

‘’ God is one and man’s first duty is to know him. He can be realised not by rituals but with the grace of guru. A person who realises God leads a self-reliant personal family life and maintains order in society’’, he added.

Rishi Vasdev also went around the charitable dispensary at the Sant Nirankari Bhavan in Sector 30. 


4 of family killed in mishap
Tribune News Service

Panchkula August 5
Tragedy struck the family of a former employee of The Tribune, Mr Vishnu Dutt, when his young daughter and son-in-law, were killed in a road accident in Jugiana village near Ludhiana late last night. Mr Dutt, a senior journalist here, is now publishing his own evening newspaper from Chandigarh.

It is learnt that four members of the family were killed and six others were injured when their Tata Qualis lost balance and hit a tree. The injured also included children. Mr Dutt’s daughter, Deepti Sharma (32) and her husband, Karan Sharma were killed on the spot, alongwith Anuj Gulati and Mukesh Kumar.

The family was returning from Vaishno Devi late last night when the accident took place. They belonged to Panipat, but Ms Deepti Sharma and her husband were based in Karnal, where the latter was employed. The injured persons — Nitin, Mani, Sudesh Rani and Neeta have been admitted to CMC Hospital. Two other injured were admitted to Oswal Hospital.

Meanwhile, a pall of gloom descended on the Dutt household as news of the accident reached here. Friends and relatives descended at their house to express their grief. Mr Dutt had rushed to Ludhiana on getting the news. The bodies were taken to Panipat for the last rites.


Jain flays Mayor's remarks on migrant labourers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
Former BJP Lok Sabha member Satyapal Jain today termed the reported demand of Mayor Lalit Joshi for a check on the entry of migrant labour in the city as violative of the Constitution.

Mr Jain said in a public meeting in the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony that the Congress, which has been getting a popular support amongst this section, had deserted them and had sided with the rich to betray the faith of migrants.

The National Executive member of the BJP said the Constitution permitted a citizen free movement and freedom of working anywhere in the country and this has benefitted the people of the city who have got jobs in Punjab, Haryana and other parts of the country.

He said if what the Mayor had said was accepted national integration would be in danger as others might start pushing out Chandigarhians.

The Mayor had already denied having made any such statement in the Municipal Corporation meeting last week saying she was wrongly quoted in a press note released from the Municipal Corporation.

Mr Jain accused the local Congress MP Pawan Bansal and the Mayor of working against the poor.


Assessment of loss due to draught begins
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 5
The district administration has begun a special girdawari to assess the loss caused by draught.

Presiding over a meeting of officials of the Revenue Department, Agriculture Department and departments concerned, the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Jyoti Arora, asked them to submit the report by August 21. She said the land that had not been sown in the rabi season and the previous kharif season might not be included in the special girdawari.

Paddy has been sown over 2600 hectares, bajra over 300 hectares and maize over 12200 hectares Crops over 9700 hectares of land have been affected, which includes maize and green fodder.

The DC asked the BDPOs and Revenue Officers to create awareness among farmers for sowing crops in August and September as per the advice of the Agriculture Department and contact them regularly for irrigation and fertilizers.

Meanwhile, the DC has also directed that Additional Deputy Commissioner and Block Development and Panchayat Officers to arrange drinking water for cattle by filling ponds through tubewells of the Public Health Department in a phased manner.


Govt staff to wear black badges
A Correspondent

Chandigarh, August 5
Punjab Government and UT Government employees will wear black badges from August 12 to August 20 to protest against the “anti-employees’ policies” of the state government. This was decided at a meeting of various employees’ bodies here today.

Representatives of the Punjab State Ministerial Services Union passed a resolution to appeal to Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh for the immediate withdrawal of the “anti-employees” proposals which include freezing of dearness allowance, withdrawal of medical allowance and reducing of leave encashment.Back


Scooterist killed
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, August 5
An elderly resident of Morinda was killed in a road accident last night near the Amartex warehouse here. Amarjit Singh, a resident of house number 235, ward number 1, Morinda, was returning home on a scooter with his son Jagjit Singh from Chandigarh when a scooterist hit them. Amarjit Singh sustained head injuries and was declared brought dead at the hospital.


Body found
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
An unidentified beggar, aged around 60, was found dead near a temple adjoining Mani Majra Motor Market late in the evening today. According to sources in the police department, the death appeared to be natural.

Sources added that the beggar’s body had been sent for post-mortem examination and the exact cause of death would be ascertained only after receiving the report. They added that the police had launched a operation to trace the relatives of the deceased.Back

Missing’ girl reappears
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
Nearly two years after her ‘disappearance’, an Indira Colony resident surfaced at her residence here this evening. Soon after her arrival, reportedly from Muscat, 18-year-old Uma was taken into custody by the Central Bureau of Investigation.
The CBI, it may be recalled, was looking into her disappearance after a petition seeking her recovery was filed before the Punjab and Haryana High Court by a relative. The agency had reportedly announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for anyone providing information about her whereabouts.


Body of missing child found
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, August 5
In the case of missing of a 27-year-old married woman of Sector 10 and her seven-year-old child, the Punjab Police today found the body of the child, Sheetal, floating in the water running into the Narwana canal at Baknour village in Ambala — about 15 km from the point where the woman and her child were reported missing.

The Chandigarh Police has been informed about the recovery of the body. A police official said no injury mark had been found on the victim’s body and it had been sent for a post-mortem examination to Ambala. The exact cause of the death is still not known as the mother of the victim is still to be found.

The woman and her child were reported to have been missing after she had gone to her parents’ house in Banur on August 1. The police had registered a case of kidnapping against Surjeet Singh, alleged to be a parmour of the woman.

According to the information available, the woman, Rita Rani, was married to Krishan Lal, a class IV employee in a Mani Majra Government School. While it was Krishan’s second marriage, for the woman it was the third marriage. On August 1, she went to Banur reportedly with Surjeet. Both later left for Patiala to meet their relatives.

Meanwhile, Krishan lodged a complaint at the Sector 11 police station. The Rajpura police later informed the Chandigarh police about the pair of sleepers, some pictures and diary with the address of the woman that were found along an irrigation canal.

Not ruling out foul play in the missing of the woman, the police is looking for the woman. Efforts are also being made to look for the body of the woman in the canal.

Meanwhile, the police has also booked the accused under Section 302, IPC.



Cash, gold snatched in Sec 17
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
A high drama was enacted in the parking lot adjoining Bank Square in Sector 17 here when a man accused two employees of a parking contractor of conniving with two unidentified youths to snatch a purse from his wife who was sitting in a car. The two unidentified youths reportedly escaped with the purse containing Rs 10,500 in cash and 40 gm of gold.

However, the youths did not touch the gold ornaments worn by the woman. The contractor, Mr Satish Gupta, claimed that his men were in no way involved in the incident and had just moved the car to a right place as it had been parked wrongly.

He alleged that a Sub-Inspector had slapped him in his face and hurled abuses in the public. The couple claimed that four people had come in the parking lot, while the parking staff said the couple had a tiff with two of the parking staff.

The police has registered a case under Section 379 of the IPC on the basis of a complaint lodged by the husband of the woman, Mr Pawan Piyush Mahajan. Two employees of the contractor, Bhola and Rajesh Sharma, were being questioned by the police.

The victim’s husband said he had gone to the rear end of the Deputy Commissioner’s office to get an affidavit made. He claimed that the two snatchers were known to the employees of the contractor who pushed the car. Apart from questioning the employees of the contractor, the police was ascertaining the loss being claimed by the couple.

The contractor said he would welcome any inquiry into the incident.

He claimed that when his men were paraded, the couple was not able to recognise the alleged persons. He said his two boys had moved the couple’s car as it was coming in the way of another car.


Robbery bid foiled
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 5
An Uttar Pradesh resident was allegedly caught red-handed while trying to enter a Sector 22 residence with the intention of committing theft. According to sources in the police department, the accused — Salim of Kansipur village — was apprehended on the basis of a complaint lodged by Mr Puneet Ahuja. Sources added that a case under Sections 380, 457 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered .

Man beaten up
Mohan Lal, a resident of Bapu Dham Colony, and owner of a dhaba in Sector 8 rehri market, was admitted to Sector 16 General Hospital with injuries sustained after he was allegedly beaten up by Manoj Kumar, an owner of a cycle repair shop. According to sources, a case under Sections 323 and 506 of the IPC has been registered .

One held
Satnam Singh of Phase II, SAS Nagar, was arrested by the Chandigarh Police on the allegations of pick-pocketing the purse of a Delhi resident, Mr Mohinder Pal. Sources in the police department confirmed that a case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered.

Cyclist Hurt
In a hit-and-run case, a cyclist Ashok Parshad of Hallomajra, sustained injuries after he was hit by a motor cycle. The rider, after the mishap, managed to escape. A case under Sections 279 and 338 of the IPC has been registered.

In yet another accident case, a Dhanas resident, Sandeep Walia, was hit by a Tata Sumo while he was sitting in the main market. According to sources, the accused arrested for allegedly committing offences under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC, has been released on bail after being arrested.

Two held
Two alleged liquor smugglers were arrested under the Excise Act by Sector 39 police. According to sources, the two — Om Parkash of Sector 38 and Deepak Kumar of Badheri village — have been booked under Sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act. 


4 booked for assault
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, August 5
The police has booked four residents — Suresh Kumar, Pala Ram, Krishan Lal and Rakesh Kumar — for beating up a former municipal councilor, Mr Balak Ram, here late last night.

According to the police the four youths went to the house of Mr Balak Ram, and started thrashing him. They reportedly dragged him to a dharamsala nearby.

When Balak Ram raised an alarm, his son, who was lives in a separate house, along with his family and other neighbours came for his rescue. On this the youth fled from the spot.

A case under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against them with Dera Bassi police station on the complaint of Mr Balak Ram, to day evening. 


Durian showroom

City Beautiful has joined 22 established Durian imported furniture showrooms, meeting the needs of customers all over the country. The company plans to expand its number to 50 soon.

“Durian Chandigarh showroom offers one of the largest varieties of sofa sets, bunkers for children, computer workstations, centre tables, side tables, study desks, dining, bedroom and livingroom sets. The advantage of these products is that they come in semi-knocked down condition and can be fitted instantly, explains Mr Sajjan Doxanis, Director, Durian imported furniture.

New range of trousers
Freelook, menswear and kidswear brand from Polki garments, has unveiled its new range of linen trousers and shirts for men. This range is available in all leading cities of Punjab, including Chandigarh. Designed on the concept of providing freedom at the work place and beyond, this range has both comfort and style with totally revolutionary look.

Bathing beauty
Aquaplus, on exporter of bath fittings, has presented bathing beauty, double shelled, Victorian bathtub that is a combination of old-world charm, modern technology and jet age material. Aquaplus bathing beauty has acrylic sheet on the inner as well as on the outer side making it one of the strongest yet beautiful bathtubs in India. Scratch resistant, corrosion proof and non-fading, these bathrubs are available in a choice of shapes, size and colour combinations. 


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