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Monday, August 26, 2002

Flag junk e-mails
Raman Mohan

E-mail continues to be the best part of the Internet. There are millions of PC users in India and worldwide who just use their computers to send and receive e-mail. That also explains why e-mail servers continue to be exploited by spammers since it is the cheapest way to reach millions of persons in one go all over the world. Thatís what produces junk mail. A lot of persons are doing a lot to eliminate the menace, but till that happens, you can use several programs to identify junk and delete it before it reaches the machine or just have a peep at your mailbox to know what lies there in store for you. Here are two freeware that PC users can find handy. Another freeware featured this fortnight is from Intel which lets you know whether your Intel CPU is working at the rated speed or not.

Spam Buster

Spam Buster is an e-mail filter designed to help get rid of that annoying junk e-mail that can clutter up the mailbox. Due to the popularity of the Internet and the low cost of sending out advertisements, we are now awash in a flood of junk e-mail. Rather than ban the transmission of e-mail we can use technology to help eliminate junk e-mail at the target that is the machine. Spam Buster is not an e-mail program, however, it works in conjunction with major e-mail programs. You can run Spam Buster before you run e-mail program as the first line of defence against junk. Then from Spam Buster you can launch into your e-mail program to retrieve and read the e-mail that you wish to read after cleaning up the incoming mail. Since Spam Buster does not download the entire message it is much quicker than using the normal e-mail program that will actually have to retrieve the entire message including any attachments. Spam Buster will delete the junk e-mail before it gets to the mail program. Then when you get into the mail program you will have a clean set of messages waiting after running Spam Buster. Not only will it flag junk e-mail, it will allow you to preview and selectively delete any message (including non-spam) you wish simply by marking it. Download from www.contactplus.com

POP Peeper

This is an e-mail notifier - it lets you know when you have new e-mail on any number of POP3 or Hotmail accounts. You can view the headers or the entire message, with support for HTML. You can also open and save attachments. It requires - Windows Operating System, an account on a POP3 server or Hotmail and Internet Explorer 4 (or better) to view HTML e-mail. After you download the program and install it, you just click "Add..." button to open the Create Account wizard. Select "Auto-Create Accounts" button, and click "Finish" button. This differs from Spam Buster in that it just gives you a peep into your mailboxes. You can then decide which messages you want to download and which ones to delete. Like Spam Buster it does not contain filters that will point out the junk mail. Still it is an impressive e-mail notifier. Download from: http://home.attbi.com/~meierj/software/PopPeeper

Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility

This freeware was developed by Intel Corporation to enable customers to discern whether or not an Intel processor is being operated above its Intel-rated frequency. It can also be used to identify the Intel processors installed in a system. The Frequency ID tab in the utility provides information regarding the operating status of the selected processor.

The CPUID tab in the utility identifies the Intel processor in the system. The Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility is not intended to identify microprocessors manufactured by companies other than Intel. The best part about this is that it lets you know the rated and actual speed of the processor so you know the vendor has not befooled you. Download from http://support.intel.com/support/processors/tools/frequencyid/freqid.htm.