Monday, September 16, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


PU not to allow double affiliation to colleges
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Panjab University will not allow double affiliation to its colleges. The decision comes up for approval of the university senate on September 22.

The university had detected that a number of colleges, particularly in the Ludhiana belt, had also applied for affiliation to Punjab Technical University for certain courses, which is against the basic tenets of the university affiliation. Colleges have been warned against this practice which could lead to strict university action.

Panjab University will open a regional centre at Ludhiana from the next academic session (2003-2004). Besides offering various services of the university administration, the centre will commence classes for the LLB which has been a major demand from fellows of the Ludhiana area for the past many years.

The Senate will also consider recommendations of the academic council made earlier this year. The important recommendations include the university conducting two-house tests in an academic session, one in September and another in December. The council also seeks the university to implement the UGC requirement of attending minimum 75 per cent classes in an academic session.

It is noteworthy that the colleges of the city are on a war-path for the past few days asking the university to cancel the September examination and go back to the lecture requirement of 66 per cent. The Senate will announce the university proposal to offer an interest rate of 10.75 per cent on the provident fund savings of employees. The interest had earlier been higher than 11 per cent. The university has also sought permission to fix the university money in banks other than the State Bank of India.

The Senate proposes to reserve 15 per cent of the NRI seats for foreign students. These students will have to pay 50 per cent of the fees paid by those admitted under the NRI quota. The senate also proposes to enhance five per cent seats in the NRI quota.

The university proposes to levy an additional fee of Rs 5 for the NSS fund from students in the affiliated colleges. The university also takes up special concessions for Kashmir displaced students in various courses.

The Senate features two letters written by Prof M.M. Puri, a former Vice-Chancellor. He has sought information from the university against charges levelled against him for financial misappropriation. The university on its part maintains to have already sent the information required.

The Senate features certain appointments made in the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, including that of Dr B.S. Sohi as a professor and the director of the institute on a contract basis for a period of three years. The university proposes to give permanent affiliation in M.Sc (IT) to SGGS College, Sector 26, and DAV College, Sector 10.

The university will honour Prof K.N. Pathak, Vice-Chancellor, Prof Bhuvan Chandel of the Department of Philosophy and Prof Aruna Goel of the Department of Correspondence Studies for having been nominated to the board of Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla. The Senate also felicitated Prof D. N. Jauhar whose works have been commended by the Supreme Court by quoting him in a rent-related matter. Prof R. C. Sobti will also be honoured for his contribution towards cancer research.


Thefts rise as PGI admn sleeps
Pratibha Chauhan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Thieves and pick-pockets at the PGI make hay as not just patients and their attendants continue losing their valuables like money and jewellery, but even doctors have not been spared as their belongings go missing from the changing room in operation theatres.

The family members and relatives accompanying patients have not only to take care of the ill, but also to guard their valuables in the wards and ‘serais’.

Interestingly, the doctors, too, are victims as their watches, wallets, shoes and even clothes go missing from changing rooms. “Ever since my watch and shoes were stolen from the changing room, I have started being very careful and at least keep my wallet safely,” remarked a surgeon.

The list of patients and attendants, majority of whom are from distant parts of Himachal, Uttranchal, Punjab and Haryana , who have been robbed of their valuables , is endless.” With no bank account here and heavy expenditure on operation and medicines being incurred, we have no option but to keep a lot of money with us,” remarked a woman,, who has been putting up in Old Nehru Serai.

“I never knew that thieves and pick-pockets are so active in the PGI, as during my stay here I had a bitter experience on both occasions,” rues a patients, who is taking a treatment from the Orthopaedic Department. He revealed that on September 11 somebody stole Rs 450 from his bag , while on an earlier occasion his gold chain was stolen. After residing in room number 21 of Old Nehru Serai for a few days he moved out.

The case of doctors and para-medical staff’s belongings being stolen from the changing room is intriguing as very few people, including hospital staff, have access to the OT area.

Though the PGI authorities have pasted small notices, warning the people to be cautious against such pick-pockets, but this has in no way prevented the culprits from indulging in their act. Both the police as well as the victims say that majority of the people avoid getting a complaint registered , as they virtually count their days here so that they can go back home at the earliest. Moreover, even in cases when a police complaint was lodged the stolen articles were rarely recovered.

Though there is a police post, but the internal security is with the PGI authorities. The security branch when contacted about the number of complaints they had received in the last one year refused to divulge details terming it as “secret” information. Moreover, they added that with so many people visiting the PGI, it was difficult for them to take care of people’s belongings. 


No bookish teaching in these schools
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 15
Nobody can pamper your child better than most pre-nursery and nursery schools in this township. These schools have now embarked upon a “no books for child” programme to woo parents.

From airconditioned classrooms to filtered water, from state-of-the-art toys to toy trains and custom-made furniture, and lately from CD ROMs to work sheets and educational kits (instead of books) — most of these schools are providing the best of facilities to children. School principals and managements say that education is no longer limited to books alone. The new-age learning includes audio-visual aids, CDs and educational kits as part of the school bag. Now play is being used as an ideal medium to impart education, they say.

Mr Mitul Dikshit, Director of Dikshant International School, says since play stimulates overall development of the child, it is an ideal medium through which children can learn. Thus, whether it is English or mathematics, general knowledge or science, honing analytical skills or cognitive development — everything in schools here is being taught through worksheets and kits.

Besides these nursery schools, other schools have also joined the bandwagon and kits and worksheets are being used as an alternative to books till Class III. This not only makes learning spontaneous and faster , but provides opportunity of “learning by doing”, says Mr Sanjay Thareja, Chairman of The Gurukul, Sector 20.

Thus, the alphabet and numbers are taught through Alphabet Bingo — a kit where children learn while playing tombola. Pairing is taught through the “Made For Each Other” kit, and there is “Fish Fun” for nursery classes to improve motor and cognitive skills. Variations of puzzle games like “Think it Out”, “Find My Partner ” and “Half-cut-books”, enhance thinking skills as children learns to sort, match and pair.

Schools like The Gurukul, Sector 20, and Shemrock Fort, Sector 12-A, for instance, have custom-made educational kits. Even the Dayanand Anglo Vedic (DAV) Management, which has at least three schools in the township, has designed its own educational kits. Though these kits are also available in the market, which are marketed by an American and an Indian company, these schools prefer to have their own specially designed kits.

A lot of imported toys are increasingly being used to increase the motor development of children. Says Ms Teenu Jolly, Principal of Shemrock Fort, “A lion’s share of the school money goes into buying these toys and kits. There is no limit to buying a particular toy. From Rs 5 a toy to Rs 10,000 if we feel a toy is going to be helpful, we buy it.”

However, not many people subscribe to completely replacing books with kits. Schools like Shemrock Fort, Hansraj Public School and Satluj Public School are using these as additional teaching aids. 


Rape case: bureaucrat, cop actively involved?
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Will the police theory of the alleged rape case of the girl from Shimla revolve around a Haryana bureaucrat and the arrested Head Constable of the Chandigarh police Narveer Singh? The answer could be in affirmative.

The main suspect, Ram Lal, during his interrogation had said the bureaucrat and the cop were “actively” involved in the rape frame-up case. The involvement of Ram Lal, Surinder and Baldev could become secondary in the case.

Sources said the police was trying to gather evidence, apart from the statements made by the suspects. "Gathering concrete evidence against a senior government official was not an easy task and would take a few days" said an official while refusing to give details of the type of evidence being gathered.

The Chandigarh police being directly under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs was subject to political interference. The bureaucrat is reported to have good connection with a Cabinet rank minister in the Vajpayee government and it could a direct bearing on the investigations of the case.

Meanwhile, two suspects, Ram Lal and Baldev were remanded in judicial custody by a local court.



EVENING walkers at Sukhna Lake can be a finicky lot. Despite the rain for more than three days in the evening last week the regulars went for their walk almost like a religious ritual. The trick was to drive up to the lake in the cars and wait for the downpour to slow down if not stop before venturing out for a walk. A light drizzle is no deterrent to the walkers.

The walkers at the lake are like a tribe of their own. They do not like intrusions. When the Chandigarh Police introduced patrolling on bicycles by its men, several of walkers did not like it. The Inspector-General of Police, Mr B.S. Bassi, who himself enjoys a walk, was asked by the regulars that they would want the old system of patrolling on foot instead the one on cycles. Till last heard the cops were still making their rounds on cycles. The heavy rain has filled up the Sukhna to the brim.

For youngsters the rain offered the best opportunity to go for a walk in the rain. Clutching umbrellas several young couples could be seen walking hand in hand at the lake and other hot spots. All this unmindful of their granny’s advice that the rain in this season can trigger off colds.

Jagjit Singh show

The rain had its own effect on the cultural life of the city. A show by famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh had to be cancelled due to the rain. The organisers struggled to keep patrons informed about the new date. Some said it was the second week of September others talked about fresh dates being given during October. Well adding to the confusion was the idea of keeping the great man away from the press and his fans.

On the days it rained attendance in clubs dropped. Several marriage functions were ruined as venues had to be shifted from the lawns outside to the covered areas. Families of brides and grooms were a harassed lot as last-minute bookings meant more payments to be made.

Movie theatres were empty and so were restaurants . Evening and late night shows had very few viewers.

Tourist distraction

Promote tourism in Chandigarh — the authorities insist. After all, the city has many attractions to offer. Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Civil Secretariat, Panjab University campus and many other places. That is why the powers that be have even introduced a double-decker to take the tourists around the city. A “good step” no doubt about it, but will someone ensure that the toilets at Chandigarh Railway Station do not stink.

The stench rising from the toilets greet the visitors even friends and relatives can step forward and hand the bouquet over to them. It is actually so bad. Authorities, give them a better welcome, please. They deserve it.

Delayed rain fury

The low-lying areas of the city this monsoon had a taste of the delayed rain fury inundating some places due to a heavy rain within a couple of hours.

The flooding first witnessed in Mauli Jagran and Charan Singh Colony has been partly attributed to rain burst as the drainage system of the city can take only a certain load at a time. Certain places in Mauli Jagran had seen water entering houses and people going atop their roofs.

The Municipal Corporation has partly blamed the deluge to plastic bags coming in the way of outlets and partly to quick and heavy rain.

The Meteorological Department had a different version that the monsoon in the northwest India has always been quick and heavy in a short span of time. Was the planning faulty of the best planned city of the country?

Water and fire

The Fire Department of the city this season has been busy without fire incidents.

The firemen say the department had been fighting water instead of fire for the past couple of months since monsoon became active.

With water-logging on the streets, people had been calling up the Fire Department which had been sending its fighters to drain out water gathered in certain areas.

The department has now become attuned to such operations and performing its duty of rescue in calamity bestowed upon it by the nature.

Business savvy begging

Beggars of the city seem to have become business savvy by positioning themselves at places where the moneyed visit. There used to be a time when the beggars were found near religious places, but they also seem to have realised the new temples of a new world are ATMs, banks, restaurants and sweet shops.

There also seems to be a spurt in the number of beggars operating in the city, may be because of reports of drought in July.

Road (mis)guidance

Whoever said that road signs were meant to guide highway users needs to think again. If signs put up at the Zirakpur-Kalka highway are any indication then these can leave the road-users truly foxed. While according to the first signboard Chandigarh is 11 km and Patiala 57 km , the second board put up about 100 metres ahead of the first one mentions Chandigarh at 15 km and Patiala at 59 km. One is at a loss to understand how the distance can increase by 4 km ( in case of Chandigarh) and 2 km ( in case of Patiala) and more so which of the two boards is the authentic one. But authorities seem to be losing no sleep over the confusing information. As they say it happens only in India.

When CM is away

With Punjab Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh mostly away since the beginning of last month, the Civil Secretariat has remained deserted. Initially, the CM and his entourage went on a tour of England and the USA.

After his return, he unfortunately had to be hospitalised in New Delhi to undergo angioplasty. Though he came back to the city briefly to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the new Chairman of the PPSC on Thursday morning, he went to Patiala where he is convalescing.

In fact, the Punjab Chief Minister had gone to the PGI some months ago for a check up where he was found to be fit and fine. However, one of his colleagues, the Transport Minister, was diagnosed to be suffering from a minor liver ailment.

But after his return from the USA, especially during his last visit to Chandigarh, he felt restless and was advised check-up. In fact, he had lined up an important rally in Patiala the next day but was then advised against any travel.

Now he has been advised to go for treadmill for 30 minutes a day for quick recovery . It may take a few more days before he is his usual self.

While his predecessor and the Leader of the Opposition , Mr Parkash Singh Badal, telephoned to wish him speedy recovery, many others, irrespective of their political differences, have wished him good health. Among them have been some eminent professionals, including doctors, academicians, technocrats and lawyers.

Prominent among them has been former Advocate-General, Mr Hardev Singh Mattewal, one-time counsel of the Captain, who has wished him “speedy recovery”. With the much-awaited visit of Union Health Minister, Shatrughan Sinha to the PGI scheduled for July 29 on the occasion of the governing body meeting, there is a lot of activity in the institute, to accord him a warm welcome on his first visit.

Though the routine issues, pertaining to selections and promotions will be taken up at the meeting of the apex body, the authorities are keeping their fingers crossed against heat being generated on the sensitive issue of the CBI raids at the engineering wing of the PGI, last month.

The issue of some senior PGI doctors quitting their job during the past one year, is also giving anxious moments to the authorities, who are trying to resolve the matter, especially in the most recent case, to avoid any controversy.

Tracking station

If you are not a frequent visitor to the railway station and are going to pick up a friend arriving from some other city, do not follow the route cutting through the Industrial Area. Chances are that you will take a wrong turn or two for there are no indicators at crossroads.

Recently, a businessman rushing to pick up an associate coming from Delhi reached Madhya Marg instead of the railway station. Will the authorities look into the matter and do something about it before someone misses his train and files a suit for compensation?

Platform blues

It’s not always easy at the railway station specially if you are a law abiding citizen and do not believe in stepping on the platform without buying a ticket. Precious minutes roll-by as you shift your weight from one leg to another waiting for your turn in an unending queue. By the time you reach the counter, beads of perspiration dot your brow and you curse yourself for being “a good citizen”.

Well, the authorities have their own explanation to offer. “We are facing an acute shortage of staff, that is why the residents have to face inconvenience”, the officers insist. Shortage of manpower is understandable but at the same time the residents are getting the impression that they are being penalised for “not breaking the law”.

Diverse interests

A manager at Semiconductor Complex Limited at SAS Nagar and resident of Chandigarh, 52-year-old J.S. Nat has interests covering almost all subjects under the sum and seems to be endowed with boundless energy.

He says he has been collecting newspapers and magazine clippings for more than a quarter of a century. The topics are wide-ranging, extending from news and homoeopathy to vaastu, cooking, sports, tourism, alternative medicines and many more. Short informative tit-bits have also been jotted down in several registers.

Mr Nat says he has undergone courses in medical transcription and alternative medicines and is well-versed in English, Punjabi and Hindi. In fact, he writes poetry in the three languages which covers, among other aspects, preservation of the heritage, love among mankind and the environment. He was given a prize by the International Society of Poets, USA, for a poem entered in one of the competitions. He also has a rare collection of long-playing records, including that containing K.L. Sehgal’s two Punjabi songs on record. He says he is at present working on a tape of Punjabi songs for which he has written the lyrics. That’s not all. He says he is pursuing courses in French, sports management, magnetic therapy and palmistry. He wanted to join Urdu classes but says the time clashes with the French classes!

Mr Nat has also done an advanced certified course in the Silva method of mind control and plans to attend reiki healing and Art of Living courses.

Any other plans? Yes, these include a book on Kabir and another one on alternative systems of healing besides creating his own website, basically aimed at disseminating knowledge about a wide variety of subjects.

Evidently, for such individuals a 24-hour day is far too short!

— Sentinel


Command celebrates Raising Day
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
The Western Command Headquarters celebrates its 55th Raising Day here today.

The command was raised as the Delhi and East Punjab Command on September 15, 1947, with its headquarters in Delhi. It was designated as the Western Command in January 1948. In 1954, the headquarters of the command were shifted to Shimla. After the Indo-Pakistan conflict of 1971, the Northern Command was carved out of Western Command for operational responsibility of Jammu and Kashmir. The Western Command Headquarters eventually moved to its present location at Chandimandir in 1985.

The command has actively participated in all wars since Independence. It was instrumental in effectively blunting the Pakistani aggressions in 1947, 1965 and 1971 and subsequently carrying the battle into the enemy territory.

The command on numerous occasions provided aid to the civil authorities for rescuing marooned people in area devastated by unprecedented floods, restoration of road communications by constructing bridges in record time and taking anti-flood measures, including providing infrastructure in several villages in rural areas. These actions have contributed in bringing the Army close to the people of Punjab , Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

The Western Command Headquarters has also undertaken a number of welfare projects for serving personnel, ex-servicemen, widows and their dependents under the aegis of the Western Command Army Wives Welfare Association and has set up a number of vocational institutes.

It has also taken measures to develop ecology of the area and create awareness about environment, Harike being a very good example.

Lieut-Gen S.S. Mehta, GOC-in-C Eastern Command laid a wreath at Veer Smriti at Chandimandir to pay homage to martyrs. The celebration included a “barakhana” for the troops and civilians and a colourful programme organised by the Army Wives Welfare Association.


Liquor vends a source of nuisance
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, September 15
Punjabis and high spirits often go together. And probably that is one reason that every evening as the sun goes down, streams of cars start lining roadsides next to liquor shops on the Chandigarh-SAS Nagar border.

For residents on both sides of the border, however, these liquor vends are a nuisance. Endless complaints to SAS Nagar councillors and the Chandigarh Administration have not evoked any response, thanks to the monthly excise moolah these shops rake in for the authorities.

Other than the fact that these shops are a major traffic bottleneck in the evenings, these places are also becoming scenes of petty fights and ugly behaviour by those who get drunk and go out of control.

The situation is worst on the Chandigarh-Mohali road near Yadvindra Public School. Within a distance of less than 500m there are three liquor shops, two complete with ahatas, making this stretch the favourite haunt of residents from nearby sectors and phases.

One of the shops which shared a common wall with the YPS School grounds has been closed down, and according to sources, only after serious intervention of none less than Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh himself. Sources state that complaints had reached him that the liquor shop was proving to be a nuisance for school children with some unconfirmed reports also alleging that liquor was being provided from this shop to hostel resident.

This shop has now shifted to the corner of the vacant land next to the Sector 62 Dasehra Ground in SAS Nagar, where it is doing an equally brisk business. ‘‘The vacant land where this shop is located is also the place where every Sunday there is a massive vegetable mandi. On Sundays many villagers who have come to sell their produce are absolutely drunk by the late evening and virtually impossible to even talk to.’’ said a resident of Phase 3-A.

The liquor shops with the ahatas are often crowded and responsible for traffic jams with cars parked on the roadside and people sitting out in the open “enjoying” themselves. For drivers returning home on this road every day, seeing someone lying on the side totally drunk or someone creating a scene shouting and swearing, being helped by friends or family is not a rare sight. ‘‘Forget that, what is most irritating is the way the driver in the car in front simply swerves to the left on seeing the shop to stop over for a swig or whatever. It’s not just disgusting, it’s also dangerous for other drivers on the road’’, said a resident of Phase 7 who commutes from Mohali to city for work daily.


15 couples tie the knot
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, September 15
The local Punjabi Cultural Society, in association with Sukhdev Singh Gill Memorial Welfare Club, organised a mass marriage of persons belonging to needy families here today.

Fifteen couples tied the knot at a colourful function at Guru Ravidass Bhavan in Phase VII in the presence of a large number of invitees. The couples had been engaged earlier, but the weddings were delayed due to the unavailability of adequate money with the families. The “anand karaj” was followed by lunch. The newly- weds were blessed by Sant Baba Avtar Singh Dhulkotwale.

Mr Phulraj Singh, president of the cultural society and Municipal Councillor, said each couple was given wedding worth about Rs 20,000 which included utensils, sewing machines, watches, clothes, fans, blankets and furniture.

The couples belonged to various places in Punjab, besides Ambala.

This is the third year in succession that the cultural society has organised a function. Last year, 11 couples were married and in the year before, nine.

Capt Kanwaljit Singh, Punjab Finance Minister, who was among the invitees, lauded the efforts of the society and the club to help the needy.


Jacob inaugurates helpline for ex-servicemen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
The Punjab Governor, Lt-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), today inaugurated “Ex-Servicemen Helpline”, a pilot project established by the Western Command in the Command Hospital at Chandi Mandir to provide customer-friendly client services to the ex-servicemen and widows based in Chandigarh, Panchkula, SAS Nagar and adjoining areas.

The helpline will also interact with HQ Western Command for resolving problems that require intervention at higher level. It will also provide employment assistance in conjunction with the Command Placement Cell. The ESM helpline phone nos. are: 589624 and 867624.

Speaking on the occasion, General Jacob said they should make all out efforts to provide necessary assistance to ex-servicemen who had given prime of their lives for the service of the nation. He said he was happy that the Western Command was making most of Information Technology by providing necessary information required by ex-servicemen on its website. It would save ex-servicemen from visiting the Western Command for various issues as they would be able to see the progress in their pension cases, CSD card cases and other relevant cases on the website.

General Jacob said he had asked the Punjab State Red Cross to provide artificial limbs to all serving Army personnel and ex-servicemen of the Western Command free of cost till the command’s artificial limbs centre got operational.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt-Gen S.S. Mehta, GOC-in-C, informed the Governor that the helpline would carry out liaison with civil and military agencies to resolve their outstanding problems. Besides, the helpline would interact with the Headquarters Western Command for resolving problems that required intervention at the higher level. They would also endeavour to provide employment assistance in conjunction with the Western Command Placement Cell.

Lt-Gen S.S. Mehta, while appreciating the gesture of the Punjab Governor for providing services of the Punjab State Red Cross, said the EME of the Western Command would be happy to upgrade ambulances of the Punjab State Red Cross free of cost. He said a hydraulic lift would be provided in each ambulance to evacuate injured persons without any manual assistance.

Earlier, General Jacob formally inaugurated the helpline. Besides senior military officers and ex-servicemen, former Army Chief Lt Gen V.P. Malik was also present.


Bansal’s charge against PM
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 15
The local MP, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal today accused the Prime Minister of delaying the release of funds from the Prime Minister’s Sadak Yojna and thus hampering the development of villages.

Various Congress leaders while speaking at a conference organised by the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress (CTYC) at Hallomajra village here also accused former BJP MP, Mr Satya Pal Jain, of not doing anything for the development of the UT villages during his tenure.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Bansal assured the villagers that their demands would be taken up with the officials concerned. Mr B.B. Behl, president of the CTCC, challenged Mr Jain to reply to his questions put to him and come out clean. Mr H.S. Lucky, president of the CTYC, in his speech, criticised the Gujarat Chief Minister for his “Gaurav Yatra”. Mr Pawan Sharma, district president of the CTCC (Urban) also came down heavily on the BJP-led government. Among others who spoke on the occasion included Mr Didar Singh, Mr Subhash Chawala, Mr Umesh Chawala, Mr Balraj Singh (Deputy Mayor) and Mr Prabhudayal.

Mr Bansal released funds from the MPLADS to build a stadium in Hallomajra village and for the construction of pucca lanes in Harijan Basti of the village, stated Mr Lucky in a release issued here today.

Later in the evening, Ward 18 unit of the CTYC led by Mr Luck, gheroed the power house in Ram Darbar in protest against the hike in electricity tariffs and irregular supply.


Highlighting women’s issues her forte
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 15
Madhur Kapila is a writer who has defied the common complaint that Hindi novels have no readers. After making a niche for herself in the world of Hindi literature with her novels “Bhatke Rahi” and “Vicho Vich”, Madhur has finally reached the zenith of popularity with her recent novel “Satwa Swar” which has been published by a Delhi, based publishing house.

“It is true that the market for Hindi novels is in decline but it is up to the writers to give something new to the readers, which is relevant with the times and society,” says Madhur. Her novel “Satwa Swar” deals with the issue of single and unwed mothers, a bold topic in the Indian social context.

Most of the novels Madhur has penned down deal with women in terms of the changing social set-up. However, readers are soon to see her in the role of a biographer with her forthcoming book “Swar Samrat”. In this book, which is all set to hit the bookstores, she has written about the life and music of Pandit Jasraj, the greatest contributor of the Mewati gharana of Hindustani vocal music in contemporary times.

“The book was commissioned to me by the Haryana Sahitya Akademi about five years back but as I could not meet the great maestro sooner, the project lingered on for all this time,” says Madhur.

Madhur, who started her literary journey at the age of nine, came out with her first novel, “Bhatke Rahi”, in 1964. After being associated with Dainik Tribune since its inception, she has now has gone for self-imposed retirement to devote time to writing books. Her forthcoming books include “Anayaas Ek Din”, a short-story collection, and an untitled novel. Both these books are nearing completion.


2 die in accident
Our Correspondent

Kharar, September 15
Two persons were killed in an accident in the early hours of the day near Majat village today.

According to information received from the police, the persons were killed when their three-wheeler PB-23 C-1528 was hit by a truck HR-37A-1602.

According to the police, the names of the victims were Parminder Singh of Fatehpur village in Bassi Pathana police station and Jagjit Singh of Chunni village. The police has registered a case under Section 304 A and 279 of the IPC against the driver of the truck who was absconding.


Stepfather booked for child’s murder
Our Correspondent

Kharar, September 15
The local police has registered a case against Harvinder Singh, a resident of Mundi Kharar village and stepfather of Rahul (5), under Sections 302 and 201 of the IPC on charge of murdering the child by throwing him in the Bhakra canal near Morinda.

Mr Rupinder Singh, DSP, said the police had registered the case as per the statement recorded by Ms Om Priti, mother of the child.

She had reported that after the death of her husband she married Harvinder Singh on February 4, 2002. She had informed the police that Rahul had been missing since August 29. She had reported that Mr Jagjit Singh informed her that he had seen her husband near Ramgarh village on August 29 alongwith Rahul in the morning and after sometime he had seen him alone.

She had informed the police that when she enquired from Harvider Singh about the child, he admitted that he had committed the crime.


Items worth Rs 1 lakh stolen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Items worth Rs 1 lakh were stolen in three separate incidents in the city.

A briefcase containing Rs 35,000, a demand draft of Rs 50,000, two cheque books, three key sets and an electronic diary were stolen from a car in Sector 8 here yesterday.

Bikram Singh, a resident of Sector 8 , had parked his car at the rear side of his house when the briefcase lying in the vehicle was stolen. A case has been registered. In another case, Jaspal Singh, a resident of Patiala, reported that eight bags of screws and four dyes worth Rs 15,000 cash were stolen from a plot in Industrial Area, Phase 1, on the night of September 13.

Besides, a car stereo was stolen from a car in Sector 7 on the night of September 13. The car was parked in front of a house in Sector 7. A case has been registered on a complaint lodged by Vinod Kumar, a resident of Sector 7.


ARRESTED: The police has arrested Dharmendra from near Majri Chowk on charges of speculation and recovered Rs 1020 from him.

HELD: The police has arrested two persons in separate incidents for illegally possessing weapons. While Angrej Singh was arrested from Manakya village and a single-barrelled .12 bore gun was recovered from him, another person, Amar Singh, was arrested from Chandi Mandir with a knife. Both have been booked under the Arms Act.

BOOKED: The police has booked two persons- Rahul and Balraj — on charges of defrauding Ms Om Kaur. The complainant had given them a cheque of Rs 31,500 for buying a machine and a dye from them.


Cheat arrested
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Gurdip Singh, a resident of Delhi, was arrested by the operation cell of the Chandigarh Police while selling a second-hand car in the car bazar here today.

In 1992, Gurdip was arrested by the Delhi Police for possessing fake share certificates worth Rs 9 crore, and in 1994 also by the Mumbai Police for possessing fake certificates. He was also arrested by the Amritsar police for possessing Indira Vikas Patras and Kisan Vikas Patras worth Rs 2 crore.


Insurance plan for non-smokers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Om Kotak Mahindra introduced an innovative insurance policy for non-smokers here today.

Under the scheme, women and non-smokers will have to pay up to 40 per cent lower premium in comparison to smokers.

Launching the policy, Ms Lalita Joshi, Mayor, appreciated the efforts of the company to come up with a novel scheme. She said as per the scheme, the insurance cover of Rs 10 lakh would be available for less than Rs 7 per day or Rs 240 per month. Mr Ajay Shyam Budhiraja disclosed that the company was a joint venture of Old Mutual, a South African giant in insurance business, and Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra.

Ms Shikha Verma, Sales Manager, Om Kotak Mahindra, claimed that the company did a business of Rs 1.5 crore of sum assured today. She said the company had so far opened 28 branches in the country, including one each in Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Karnal in the region. The Kotak preferred term-plan would be available for a 5 to 30-year period with all riders like accidental death benefit, permanent disability and critical illness benefits.’’


Training camp for mechanics
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
Bajaj Auto organised a training programme pertaining to the four-stroke Chetak scooter for mechanics and garage owners here today. About 400 participants from the city and nearby towns attended the programme, held at Himachal Bhavan in Sector 28.

Company engineers briefed the mechanics about the four-stroke technology and discussed the technological changes introduced in the new model in comparison to the two-stroke models. The participants also accepted the mileage challenge of the four-stroke Bajaj Chetak scooter and achieved a mileage upward of 70 kmpl. Speaking on the occasion, Mr R.M. Prajapati, Regional Sales Manager, Bajaj Auto, stressed the need to use genuine spare parts for the longer life of vehicles. He also announced that the company had reduced the prices of 2,200 fast-moving spare parts, basically to encourage two-wheeler owners to use genuine spare parts.

Later Mr U.R. Singh, Regional Sales Manager of the company, presented awards to leading mechanics and garage owners. Leading companies manufacturing spare parts and lubricants for Bajaj Auto, like Mobil and Bharat Petroleum, were also present on the occasion.


Stress on tech upgradation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 15
The small-scale sector is contributing above 40 per cent of the total value-addition in the manufacturing sector, worth Rs 5,785 billions in 1999-00. However, 60 of the SSI units were sick in the country. Though about 1.77 crore persons were employed in the sector, but due to obsolete technology and credit constrains, its potential has not been tapped so far, said Mr Ajit Singh Balhotra, regional head, National Productivity Council, here today.

He was addressing industrialists and engineers on the 35th Engineers’ Day, celebrated here today. The function was organised at the Institute of Engineers in memory of Bharat Ratna, Sir M. Visvesvaraya.

Mr A.L. Aggarwal, Chairman, Chamber of Chandigarh Industries, lamented that though there were a number of acts to safeguard the interests of the SSI sector, an integrated approach was essential to enable the domestic SSI sector to create a niche for itself in the global market.

Mr Ramesh Chander Dogra, Minister of Health & family Welfare, Punjab, emphasised the need to use the best skills and talent of engineers for the upgradation of technology in the sector. Mr Bhagat Singh Sandhu, Adviser, Irrigation, Punjab, was facilitated on this occasion.


Iraq consulate to meet industrialists
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, September 15
Iraq’s Trade Consulate is to begin regular interaction with the Mohali Industries Association to explore trade opportunities and facilitate the answering of queries from members.

Stating this in a press release issued here today, Mr Tarsem Bansal, president of the association (Bansal faction), said an assurance to this effect was given by the Iraqi Ambassador to India, Prof Salah al Mukhtar, at a meeting with members of the association in Chandigarh yesterday.

The ambassador said that Iraq preferred Indian goods. His country’s trade with India had increased from $ 300 million to $1 billion in 2002 and the figure was expected to touch $ 2 billion next year.

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