Monday, September 16, 2002, Chandigarh, India


N C R   S T O R I E S


Clamour for new exam system
20,000 UP engg students on warpath
Parmindar Singh

Noida, September, 15
More than 20,000 students of about 20 engineering colleges in UP are agitated about the ‘callous’ handling of the teaching and examination system which has allegedly played havoc with their careers.

Forty-five per cent have failed in the examination and even those 55 per cent, who have been declared passed with carry-over papers, are dissatisfied with the teaching and examination system.

The statement of the Vice-Chancellor of UP Technical University, Mr D.S. Chauhan, that he would allow pass percentage of only 10 per cent has added insult to injury.

The students held a rally at Noida Stadium on Saturday and gave a memorandum to the District Magistrate highlighting the causes of the poor show. The end result would be that the private colleges would be virtually closed. The statement has come as a blow not only to the students but also to their parents who spend quite a packet on high fees.

This has raised basic questions on the education system of U.P. Technical University. Of the 20,000 students, 9,000 have failed. ‘Back paper’ facility should be given, demand the students. If out of 340 IIIrd year students, 120 failed the JSS, which is third in rank in UP, the fate of the rest can well be imagined.

Who is to blame for such a poor result. Students? Colleges? University? or AICTE? which gave recognition to the colleges.

Faculty in such colleges comprises mostly freshers—those who have just obtained B.Tech degree and even M.Sc. degree from third grade colleges. They don’t have a clear concept of what is to be taught and have absolutely no teaching experience and lack professional skills.

The capability of a person who has just passed out with B.Tech degree to teach 4th year students can well be imagined. But neither Vice-Chancellor Chauhan nor AICTE has paid any attention to this important aspect. The examiners are also none other than those employed as lecturers, namely those who have just passed out from third grade engineering colleges.

They just compare the answer paper with an ideal answer paper and award either full marks or zero mark since the norm is: whether the answer is the same as ideal answer or not. The real assessment is not made. It takes several months for the fresh students in these college to comprehend the real deficiencies in the system. By that time, they have already wasted precious time.

In other words, it requires sometime to clear the back papers, but only one attempt is allowed. The students are planning to organise a rally at Lucknow to bring home all the above points to the notice of the authorities concerned so that their career is not spoiled.

The pity is that the syllabus provided is the same as that in IITs but the teaching standard in UP’s private colleges is at its lowest ebb.



Faridabad flooded with polythene bags 
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, September 15
The massive use of polythene and plastic bags and their improper disposal continue to be the main enemy of the sewerage and the cleanliness drive in the district. Due to no check, the drains got choked in the recent downpour resulting in the sewer water flooding the roads and residential areas.

Several residents of Ekta Colony, Bali Nagar and some other parts of Palwal town in the district were forced to vacate their houses or sleep on the rooftops of their houses. It is learnt that the houses were submerged in one to two feet of water after the recent rains in this sub-divisional town. Three persons, including two women, lost their lives in another incident in the same town when a wall caved in. Similarly, there was hardly any locality in Faridabad, except some sectors and the main Mathura Road, that was not flooded.

According to officials of the Municipal Corporation, Faridabad (MCF), the improper draining due to the choked sewer lines had led to the stagnation of storm water in the low-lying areas. Plastic bags are littered all over in violation of the rule. Nearly every town and city in the state faces the same problem and there was no one to guide or tell the residents about the proper use and disposal of polythene items.

The polythene bags are thrown in the open or in dustbins, where these could be seen lying for months together. Almost all the open drains in the town are clogged with polythene and other non-degradable items. Many a time, these items are eaten by cows and other animals, leading to their untimely death.

The authorities of Palwal town, where flooding of residential colonies had been extensive, blamed the excessive use and improper disposal of plastic and polythene bags, which had blocked the sewer lines. The municipal officials at Palwal have decided to launch a drive against the use of polythene.

They have reportedly decided to invoke the provisions of the Act, promulgated by the state government a few years ago to check the use of polythene and plastic carry bags. The Act envisages a fine of Rs 5,000 and imprisonment up to three months for violation. But it is seen that provisions of the Act have never been implemented properly anywhere in the state since it was made.



Tajewala water wreaks havoc on crops
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Bilaspur (Panipat), September 15
Crops worth lakhs of rupees were destroyed when a ring ‘bundh’ collapsed in this tiny village last night, allegedly after the release of water from the Tajewala headworks in Yamunanagar district. Crops grown on more than 2,000 acres spread over Bilaspur, Hathwala and Raksheda were destroyed.

Even as overflowing water wreaked havoc on paddy, sugarcane and vegetables sown in the nearby areas, the work on the repair of the ‘bundh’ continued at a snail's pace, giving a lie to the elaborate flood control measures of the district administration.

According to villagers, the ‘bundh’ was in disrepair and the flooding of the nearby areas was an annual affair. Moreover, the pressure on the ‘bundh’ this time seems to have been more after the release of about 2.75 lakh cusecs of water from Tajewala on Friday.

The villagers said that the ‘bundh’ breached around 11 am on Saturday. While the officials of Samalkha, including the SDM, Ms Pankaj Chaudhury, and the DSP, Mr Kuldip Singh, reached the site immediately, machinery for repair took its own time. Primitive methods of plugging the breach by putting logs of wood and depositing of locally available stones on the bed were tried, though unsuccessfully. In the meantime, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Mulk Raj Anand, also reached the spot to supervise the repair work.

Even as the breach continued to widen, flooding hundreds of acres and damaging crops in Bilaspur, Raksheda and Hathwala villages, the weak ring ‘bundh’ could not take it anymore water and gave away around 9.30 pm. Panic spread throughout the villages as the news of the breach spread fast. Though serious efforts were made to control the damage, scores of panic-stricken residents shifted to safer places.

In the meantime, two JCB machines and an equal number of dumper trucks arrived on the scene. Hundreds of labourers and villagers also contributed their bit to control the flood. The release of water from Tajewala and heavy downpour in the past few days are blamed for the ‘bundh’ collapse.

Meanwhile, the collapse has forced the district administration to get its act together. Now, it has ordered that the ‘bundh’ would be strengthened with the help of 50 truckloads of stones and boulders so that the disaster does not recur.



Deathly hush hangs over village as family tries to bury girl alive 
Parmindar Singh

Ghaziabad, September 15
In a bizarre incident, a family in the Harijan Colony of Bhova Nagar village of Indirapuram, just 3 km from the national Capital, attempted to bury a nine-year-old girl alive. The family, reported to be a worshipper of Balaji for years, tried to bury the girl in the presence of hundreds of villagers, saying that she was a ‘Devi’ (goddess incarnate). They refused to say anything more. A deathly silence hangs over the place.

A journalist had tipped the police who intervened just in time to save the child, called a ‘Devi’.

The village has a tradition of not informing the police of any theft, crime or anything illegal. The orthodox people would instead come to ‘Devi’ and entreat her to help them find solutions to their myriad problems, small as well as big, such as even locating a missing person. Besides, unemployed youth, the sick and the aged -- all would approach the ‘Devi’ for a panacea.

The whole village had thronged the house of this family on Saturday at 7 pm to watch the nine-year-old ‘goddess incarnate’ who was about to be buried and supposed to come back to life again.

A pandal was ceremoniously decorated with buntings and flags for the ‘grand death and resurrection affair’. Arrangements had been made for the recitation of scriptures and singing of bhajans and sholaks. A pit had duly been dug for burying the girl. So motivated was the crowd that the police had to wield lathis to disperse the devotees. Many of them were just spectators.

On being interrogated, the family told the police that some ‘pooja path’ was in progress. The cops left the scene after warning the family members against committing the illegal act. The family refused to speak to the press about the incident, shrouded in deathly hush.

Some youths, however, did confirm to the press that the burial was planned in a ceremonial manner. All the residents of the Harijan Colony of Bhova Nagar were aware of the ‘ceremony’, but just buried their head in the sand and refused to speak about it, the police said.



Yamuna water level crosses danger mark
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 15
The water level in the Yamuna has crossed the danger mark this afternoon, forcing authorities in the Capital to close the old Yamuna bridge for vehicles and pedestrians.

The danger level of the Yamuna in the Capital is 204.83 metres, but water level has crossed 204.93 metres this afternoon, following which low-lying areas on the bank of the river have been flooded. The water level is still increasing. Officials of the flood department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi said that it would continue till this evening. It is expected that water level will touch the mark of 205.2 metres at night.

The water level was likely to come down from the next morning, the official said.

Sanjay Amar Colony and other jhuggi clusters on the bank of the river are flooded. Residents are being evacuated to safe places by the flood department employees of the MCD.

The water level in the Yamuna has risen after 2.72 lakh cusecs of water were discharged from Tajewala in Haryana on Friday. It took two days to rise the water level in the river in Delhi.

According to Northern Railway sources, several local trains and other trains passing through the old Yamuna bridge have been diverted to Old Delhi Railway Station. These trains will run via Tilak Bridge-Sahibabad section.



New jails in Karnal, Gurgaon by next year
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, September 15
The Haryana Jail Department has undertaken the construction of new jails in Karnal, Gurgaon and Narnaul to house more prisoners. The construction work would be completed by the end of next year.

Speaking to mediapersons in the district jail here on Saturday evening, Mr A S Bhatotia, Inspector-General of Prison, Haryana, said that at present the capacity of prisoners in the jails of Karnal and Gurgaon is 2,500 whereas in Narnaul jail, it is for 500 prisoners.

The state government, he said, already granted the sanction for the construction of jails in Faridabad and Rewari and the land for this purpose has also been acquired. The capacity of these jails at present is for 2,500 and 500 prisoners respectively. Moreover, the state government has decided to recruit 1,100 new wardens for the jails to monitor the security arrangements.

He said that most of the jails in the state are overcrowded causing a number of problems for the staff. The jail administration has sent a proposal to the state government to provide vedio-conferencing in them to check prisoners from escaping. He said that the prisoners are sent to far-off places to produce them in the courts. Thus, there is always a possibility of their escape from the custody. If the new system is implemented, the prisoners will not be allowed to go outside but their attendance before the courts concerned will automatically be available on the video-conferencing system linked between the jails and courts. 



Warm news for society flat buyers
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 15
Pronouncing relief for the consumers, the Delhi High Court has ordered various group housing societies not to charge any levy or fee from the purchasers of their flats meant for original members.

A division bench comprising Justices B A Khan and J D Kapoor issued a directive to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies to enforce the earlier directive to this effect and ensure that group housing societies do not resort to charging any levy or fee from the purchasers of flats of original members, which had no sanction of law behind it.

The court held that the charging of such ‘Entry Fee’ by the societies was unauthorised, incompetent and in contravention of the Registrar's directive. The Registrar of Co-operative Societies, in his directive dated December 14, 1999, had restrained group housing co-operative societies from charging ‘Entry Fee’.

The bench said this while dealing with a plea which said that when the petitioner, after having purchased from the original member, approached the office-bearers to recognise her as the owner, they allegedly demanded Rs 20,000 as ‘Entry Fee’, which she claimed she had paid. The petitioner sought a refund of the fee. In the present petition also, “we hold that that charging of Entry Fee was incompetent, illegal, invalid and unauthorised”.



Bigwigs encroach on plots allotted to SCs: DC
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, September 15
The Haryana Agriculture Minister, Mr Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, failed to turn up to preside over the monthly meeting of the Sonepat District Public Relations and Grievances Committee held here on Saturday.

Mr S. N. Roy, Deputy Commissioner, presided over the meeting in the absence of the minister.

The district officials of all the departments were present on the occasion. As many as 10 complaints were received and discussed in the meeting and all of them were disposed of on the spot.

Speaking on the occasion, the DC said that he had received numerous complaints about the illegal occupation of plots given to Scheduled Caste members in the district. He said that the gram panchayats had given 18,000 plots to such persons for constructing houses but influential persons had illegally occupied most of them. The DC directed the authorities concerned to take a serious note of the matter and register FIRs with the police against such persons at the earliest.

Referring to other complaints, the DC directed the officials of the Public Health Department, UHBVN, SDMs of Sonepat, Ganaur and Gohana and the Forest Department to redress the grievances of the people on a priority basis.

The DC also disclosed that the Sonepat Cooperative Sugar Mills leads other sugar mills in the country in sugarcane development programme. The mill, he said, had got a national prize in technical management during the year 1993.

Referring to the accumulation of rainwater in the rural areas, the DC directed the authorities of the Health Department to take immediate and effective steps to check the possible spread of diseases like malaria.



Metro Rail power sub-station opened 
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 15
The Delhi Metro Sub-station that will supply power for the Metro Rail has been commissioned as per schedule at Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT.)

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said the receiving sub-station cum traction sub-station / auxiliary main sub-station is the first sub-station of Delhi Metro that will extend power supply at 25 thousand volts to the overhead equipment on the Shahdara-Tri Nagar section for the running of trains.

This sub-station has been designed and constructed to feed the auxiliary equipment–station lighting rods, lifts, escalators, signal loads, automatic fare collection system, etc.

The detailed design of this sub-station was done by Systra France and built by the consortium of Messrs ABB and Best & Crompton Engineering Limited.

The DMRC said this sub-station could meet the power requirements of the entire first line of the Delhi Metro running between Shahdara and Barwala in emergency. This sub-station will also cater to the power supply requirements of the underground line from Delhi University to Central Secretariat.

The Delhi Metro Rail, which is to begin its first run in December, is expected to help solve the commuting problems of the people of the trans-Yamuna areas.



Meet on mysticism focuses on self-knowledge
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 15
The ‘12th Global Conference on Mysticism’ was inaugurated with a spiritual mushaira at Kirpal Bagh on Saturday by its president, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. The spiritual mushaira was attended by a number of renowned Urdu poets of the country including Janab Rifat Sarosh and Janab Bekal Utsahi.

In his presidential address, Rajinder Singh said that the path of mysticism was ‘for one and all.’ It is the path to self-knowledge and to be one with God. This can’t be achieved with the help of ‘Master Souls.’ The questions of our life, “who am I, what is our relation to God and how do we live our life”, are answered by mysticism.

He said we should live a life of ‘Adwait’– oneness- because we are, in reality, ‘One with God’ and not separate from each other.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Ms Sheila Dikshit, who was present on the occasion, greeted the vast gathering. She said that as long as saints such as Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj are present with us, we have the confidence to face any situation.

Sadhvi Sadhna Ji said that Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj has showed us the pathway to God. “Today, we have problems in families, societies and nations. Our thoughts and actions are filled with anger and egoism. We speak of environment protection but the solution is to alter our inner environment. This is altered by mysticism.”

Others present on the occasion were Delhi Minister Harun Yousaf, Ramakant Goswami, Karan Singh, Swami Swadharamanand Ji Maharaj, Prem Chand Gupta, Rabbi Ezekiel Issac Malekar and others. The Mission is planning to organize a blood donation camp on September 22, in collaboration with AIIMS.



Protest rally over Prahlad Tyagi’s arrest
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, September 15
A panchayat held in village Makanpur in protest against the arrest of Prahlad Tyagi by the Indirapuram police, in connection with Rajat Kumar murder case, condemned the police action. The panchayat said that the police action had tarnished the image of women of the village and supported the call for a sustained struggle in this connection. The panchayat decided to hold a rally at the Collectorate in Ghaziabad on Monday, September 16.

The police had recovered the body of Rajat Kumar from a house in Shakti Khand on September 8 following which Prahlad Tyagi was arrested from Makanpur. The people of the area had demonstrated against the police action in front of the Indirapuram Police Station. Later, the police assured the protestors that Prahlad Tyagi would be let off after interrogation. According to a senior police official, Prahlad Tyagi had suspected that Rajat kumar had been having illicit relationship with his wife and therefore, had murdered him. However, the villagers of Makanpur did not believe this version of the police.

Speakers at the panchayat said that Prahlad Tyagi was innocent and the police have unnecessarily tarnished the image of the women of the village by introducing a sex angle. They said this allegation was a slap on the face of the entire village. The people of the village demanded a probe by a high-level agency and punishment to the cops who have dragged the women of the village into the unsavoury controversy.

Shyam Sunder Tyagi, chairman of Mohan Nagar Tyagi brotherhood and Dayanand Tyagi of Prahlad Garhi will lead the rally on Monday to the Collectorate. It is expected that people from about a dozen Tyagi villages will take part in the protest rally.



Rezang La Shauriya Samiti seeks 
Shekhawat’s patronage
Our Correspondent

Rewari, September 15
A delegation of the Rezang La Shauriya Samiti, comprising its president Col Ranbir Singh Yadav, vice-president Capt Balwant Singh Yadav, general secretary Naresh Chauhan, joint secretary Capt Niranjan Singh Yadav and deputy district attorney Vineet Singh Tanwar, called on Mr B. S. Shekhawat, Vice-President of India, at Hyderabad house in Delhi recently.

They felicitated Mr Shekhawat on his elevation to the important post of Vice-President of India. They informed him about the samiti's activities pertaining to the honour and welfare of the families of jawans from Ahirwal who had created history through their supreme sacrifice at Rezang La while fighting most valiantly under the command of Major Shaitan Singh against the Chinese in November 1962. It greatly impressed the Vice-President.

Simultaneously, the delegation made a special request to Mr Shekhawat to provide his benign patronage to the samiti to enable it to touch new heights in its noble work on the welfare of war widows and other dependants of the martyrs.



BKU rally at Raj Ghat

Faridabad: The Bharatiya Kisan Union will hold a big rally at Rajghat in New Delhi on October 2 to protest against the “failure” of the government to meet the genuine demands of farmers. While talking to newsmen here today, Mr Rishi Paul Ambavata, all-India president of the union, alleged that every government at the Centre had ignored the interest of farmers and failed to give reasonable minimum prices for their crops where as the prices of seeds, fertilisers and insecticides and other items used had increased considerably.

He also said that three former Prime Ministers were expected to address the 50,000-strong rally, Mr V. P. Singh, Mr H. D. Deve Gowda and Mr Chandrashekhar, in addition to other national leaders.

ID cards: Photo schedule

Sonepat: The district administration has launched a campaign to complete the photography work for issuing voters’ identity cards. Giving this information, the Deputy Commissioner told mediapersons here today that the work had already been started and would be completed by November 3. The photography work in the Kailana assembly constituency will be from September 27 to October 6, between 9 am and 4 pm daily. In Gohana, it will be from September 16 to September 25 and in Sonepat from October 7 to October 17, in Rai, from October 18 to October 27 and in Rohat, from October 26 to November 3.



Gang of Bangladesh dacoits busted
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 15
The Delhi Police have busted a gang of Bangladeshi nationals, who have been allegedly involved in several cases of murder, dacoity and burglary in and around the Capital, with the arrest of four persons.

The suspects have been identified as Mohammad Harun Faraji, Mohammad Muneer Khan, Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammad Nazrul. They were arrested last night when they were planning to loot a petrol pump in Ghazipur village of East Delhi, police said.

During interrogation, the suspects disclosed that they used to operate in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida.

After committing crimes, the accused used to escape to Bangladesh and return to India after a gap of few months, the police said.

Pickpocket gang busted: The North district police today claimed to have busted a gang of pickpockets during a special drive against such criminals after a spate of robberies, pickpocketing and molestation in the Capital.

The suspects were identified as Nand Kishore, Javed alias Chikna, Jameel, Neeraj and Uttam Sharma, the police said.

The police recovered two mobile phones, one motorcycle and one scooter from their possession. During interrogation, Javed confessed to be involved in 10 cases of pickpocketing, robberies and criminal activities under the Arms Act.

The gang mainly operated in West, North-est and North districts of the Capital. They confessed that they were also involved in criminal activities in other parts of the Capital.

Explaining their modus operandi, they disclosed that even as Javed and Nand Kishore, known as “Kalakar” and “Machine”, picked the pocket, rest of the gang members helped by pushing and surrounding the victim in order to divert his attention and were called ‘Thrkwaz’. They disclosed that during the operation they were always armed and did not hesitate to use them.

Apart from the persons arrested, they also employed casual workers. The modus operandi of the gang was first to select a starting point called “phool” where a bus was targeted for the operation.

One member with a mobile phone remained about 500 yards ahead of the bus to warn the gang members about the police presence. Another member of the gang followed the bus by a scooter or a motorcycle. The man with the booty normally escaped in the scooter or motorcycle following the bus, the police said.

Illegal liquor unit unearthed: The Special Staff of the North-West district police unearthed an illegal liquor manufacturing unit near Budh Vihar nalla on Kanjhawala road in Mangolpur Khurd and arrested three persons.

They were identified as Kamal, Gurmeet and Gian Chand. Nineteen cartons of ready to deliver liquor, 200 litres of alcohol in a big plastic container, a hygrometer for measuring the strength of liquor, a hand operated machine for caping bottles, 250 caps and 120 empty quarter bottle were seized from the premises of the factory.

The accused reportedly prepared illegal liquor after diluting spirit and adding colour to it. They would bottle the liquor and then supply it in the market, the police said.

Maruti Car Recovered: One Maruti car was recovered by the police after the arrest  of two auto-lifters, Gurpreet Singh and Pradeep. The suspects were arrested while they were travelling in a stolen Maruti 800 car last evening.

They had stolen the car from Punjabi Bagh. They were found involved in seven cases of car theft and snatching. Interrogation of the arrested criminals revealed that Pradeep was a notorious auto-lifter while Gurpreet was a snatcher, the police said. 



Father, sons booked for fake arms licence 
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, September 15
The district police have registered a case today against five brothers and their father on charges of making fake arms licenses in Bahadurgarh. The accused were running an arms shop, Rathee Gun House, in the town. The case has been registered on the complaint of Karambir Rathee, Yoginder Rathee, Baljeet Nandal and Somnath Elavadi, all Municipal Councillors in Bahadurgarh. The police sources said that Samunder Singh, resident of Jatware Mohalla in Bahadurgarh and his sons Satyapal, Satyawan, Naresh, Devender, and Jaipal were booked under Sections 420, 467, 468, 471 of IPC and Arms Acts for obtaining fake firearms licenses on forged documents and tampering with arms records.



This mobike is a unique combination of 
power, fuel efficiency

Hero Honda, the pioneer in two-wheeler company, has launched a unique “Powerfuel” motorcycle, Ambition, in north India. Ambition, with 133 CC and 11 bhp engine, is a technological marvel. It offers the customers a unique combination of power and fuel efficiency, till now considered unachievable in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Its exemplary engine uses a superior Advanced Microprocessor Ignition (AMI) system that helps in delivering the unparalleled combination of pick up, power and top speed, along with high fuel efficiency.

To top it all, the kingly ‘Regal Crest’ styling is yet another first in the industry.

Ambition thus promises the customer splendid all-round performance in all the three key aspects of riding–power, fuel efficiency and style. A truly, genuine all-rounder.

‘Caterpillar’ launched

The US based Wolverine Worldwide, a leading company of branded footwear, has launched its world renowned ‘Caterpillar,’ brand footwear, more popularly known as ‘CAT’, in the Indian market. The Wolverine Worldwide has been selling its brands in 152 countries.

While launching the shoes in India, Dan Tancate, vice-president, said the Caterpillar shoes with rugged fashion look are aimed at customers between 18-35 age group. They are rugged as well as formal shoes, suited for all occasions. The ‘CAT’ shoes are made of tough components including premium quality leather, high technology comfort systems and insole, working as shock absorbing pad.

Italian Dream

Influenced by the contemporary Italian styling, ZOD has added a fashionable and trendy difference to the classic shirt, the ‘Italian Dream.’ Two buttons, Florentine collars with contrast, saddle stitching on cuffs, collars and buttons typifies the classic yet trendy ‘Italian Dream’ shirt. Available in three colours, sky blue, brilliant white, and black, these shirts are priced reasonably. Announcing the launch of the product, Salman Noorani, managing director, Zodiac clothing company limited, said, “Our long association with the global fashion market enables us to forecast trendy way ahead of other Indian players. The ‘Italian Dream’ shirts are a true Italian influence to the classic shirt.

Ayurvedic paste

To care of gums and teeth, a natural gum and dental paste ‘Arodent’ has been launched in the market. The product has been formulated by a team of six renowned Ayurvedic doctors at Arodent Dental Laboratory. Arodent provides maximum protection to both gums and teeth. As in Ayurvedic paste, it has no side effects. Moreover, due to the herbal contents, it maintains the natural dental health. This wonder paste can be used by anyone for overall dental health.

Personal skincare

Clarins, has introduced a new body contouring product called ‘Clarins Body Lift Contour Control’, having double the contouring power. It promises unequalled effectiveness, unequalled body contouring and visible results.

It comprises of over 90 products for the face and the body. Clarins produces high-quality innovative products, sold exclusively through prestige distribution network. To ensure that you gain maximum benefits, experts at the Clarins counter will design your personal skin care plan with products, which address your beauty concerns.

Wrinkle-free cream

The IPSA labs has launched new Ayurvedic cream, Eraser Plus, in the market for scarless, wrinkle-free and luminous skin. The cream has natural vitamin ‘E’, which rejuvenates the skin cells and makes the skin look young. Vitamin ‘E’ in Eraser Plus protects the skin against wrinkles and lines.

The cream has kumkum, rose along with anti-bacterial qualities of Neem, Haldi, Chandan and Tulsi, which keeps the skin healthy and maintains the moisture balance of the skin.


Freelook Junior, the leading kidswear brand from the house of ‘Freelook’, has launched its fall/winter 2002 range for kids in the segment 2-14 years. Based on four themes, the range offers high quality apparel with unique styling to keep the little ones warm and cosy in winters.

The product range includes T-shirts and sweatshirt, shirts, jackets, jamaicans, capris, pants and pullovers for both boys and girls. The four themes available are Freelook Rally 4X4, Freelook Grand Prix, Miss Butterfly and Starletts.

Numero Uno

Numero Uno has unveiled its latest theme collection ‘Denim fx.’ The collection has been designed keeping in mind the contemporary lifestyles of the target customers and providing them with the latest international styles. The ‘Denim fx’ theme collection comprises of innovative jackets, shirts, tops and bottoms for both men and women.

Narinder Singh, director, Numero Uno said, “It is our endeavour to provide our customer with the latest in style throughout the year by launching new theme collections every 40 days, thereby making sure that he or she is at par with what’s happening on the international fashion scene.”


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