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Monday, September 23, 2002

Keep a track of all surfing habits
Raman Mohan

LACK of privacy on a PC, both at home and office, can cause much embarrassment. Family members or colleagues can keep a track of all surfing habits. Besides, the entire activity on the machine remains on many Windows applications. This fortnight we feature a comprehensive program that erases all such traces. The other program is a small self-file-extracting freeware that does away with the need for unzipping programs. It allows greater control over extracting zipped files. Both are freeware and a must for any computer user.

Cute Shield Internet Eraser

Your computer is tracking all your activities. Anyone who can touch the computer can know the Website you have visited, the Web pages, images and videos you have ever seen. They will also know which files you have just opened in Office and many other applications. All these tracks are stored in hard disk. Just emptying the Recycle Bin and deleting the Internet cache in Web browser will not protect you at all. Even if the hard disk is formatted, others can know of the past activities using some tools even several years later. CuteShield Internet Eraser protects the privacy by cleaning up all tracks of Internet activities. The tool is integrated with IE and can erase the browser cache, history, cookies, typed URLs, autocomplete list and so on in one click. You can also set the tool to automatically erase those tracks when you quit IE or quit Windows. This tool has an integrated small, configurable and intelligent Ad window blocker. Unlike some other popup killer that closes the Ad window after they appear, the integrated IE Popup Blocker blocks the creation of Ad windows so that they will never appear. Unlike some other privacy protection tools that only delete the files and thus can be easily recovered by some data recovery tool, CuteShield Internet Eraser completely removes those files from the hard disk without the possibility to recover by any practical software or hardware methods. With the plugin support, CuteShield Internet Eraser now supports the erasure of the tracks left by any applications. Whatís new in version 2.0 is the feature for erasing free disk space on the hard disk. Erasing disk free space ensures any data currently stored in unallocated space in your hard disk will be obliterated. Any tracks that may be left over from deleted files will be destroyed. This function is useful if you have deleted some files in Windows explorer and want to ensure those files will not be recovered by any tool. Download from www.internet-track-eraser.com

StubbieMan SFX Maker

StubbieMan is a program that makes self-extracting archive files (SFX files). SFX allows distributing zip files without the recipient needing to use an unzipping program - they just run SFX. An SFX also gives more control over how and from where the files in the archive are extracted. There are a number of SFX maker applications available, but this one meets all requirements. Here are the things that StubbieMan SFX can do which most of the other similar programs cannot. There is no need to create a zip file first - StubbieMan automatically compresses the files you select as it makes the SFX. It displays a customised message to the user before any files are extracted. Optionally it prompts the user for a folder to unpack the archived files into. It specifies a default folder to unpack the archived files into. It can use constants for the unpack folder - such as the userís TEMP folder, the userís Windows/WinNT folder or the userís Windows System folder. It can also run any number of commands either before or after the files in the archive have been extracted. Optionally it cleans up all files and folders created by the SFX. The Ďstubí program used by StubbieMan is just 48K. That too makes it unique. Download from www.dataperceptions.co.uk