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Monday, September 23, 2002
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Q. I have Vintron 3000 Elixir series computer, 20 GB hard disk, P III, 733 MHz, RAM 64+128, ESS 2838 modem 56 KBPS, Windows ’98 operating system, Internet Explorer version 6, MS office XP professional, installed. When I run IE, after some time screen displays a message, IE has caused an error. Then screen turns blue with the following message: A fatal exception in IE has occurred at 015F: BFF9DBA7. The current application will be terminated. Press any key to terminate the current application or press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer. You may lose any unsaved information in all applications. When I try to proceed, there is a message: "Kernel32 caused a general protection fault in module KRNL386.exe at 0001:000075a2." What is the reason for this? The above problem sometimes does not occur even after running IE for one hour. Sometimes it occurs in 5 to 10 minutes when I run IE. I am using IE 6 since last 7 to 8 months but this problem resurfaced a month back.

Devinder Kumar

A. The solution to the problem is quite easy and all you need to do for solving the problems is lower the PCs hardware acceleration by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Performance/ Graphics and moving the slider bar to lower. This could be the main reason for the error mentioned by you. You would need to reboot the machine before the effect of this setting could take place. The other problem is basically due to the first problem itself but it could also be associated with memory fragmentation. This problem crops up when you open too many memory resident programs at a time and run on your computer. However, it can be fixed by a complete power-off shut down and then restarting of the computer.

Q. I have Celeron, 1.1 GHz with 128 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, LG CD Writer and operating system as Windows XP Professional. I wish to record a movie from my Sony Handycam to the hard disk. I shall be obliged if you could provide me valuable guidance.

Malkiat, Madhpur, Samrala

A. You would need to install a video capture card for connecting the Handycam to the computer. There is a range of video capture cards available in the market. However, Pinnacle video capture cards are reasonably good.

Q. I have P III processor (850 MHz), 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD. A few days ago my computer stopped making sounds and I used my driver CD to load sound driver but it could not solve my problem. After that my CD-ROM drive became invisible in explorer. Then I ran set-up from MS DOS prompt. My sound problem was solved but the CD-ROM drive is still invisible. However, CD ROM works fine. When I put CD into CD-ROM drive, it displays its contents when I enter F:\ in the address bar. F:\ is my CD-ROM drive. What is the problem and how can it be solved? Is formatting of drive in which Windows is installed the only method to solve this problem? Please tell me some other way to solve this problem, if possible?

Jagjit, Amritsar

A. Try loading the fail-safe default/ default set up in the BIOS feature setup. I hope this will solve your problem. However if this does not help, then please write back with some more necessary information like the details of the operating system.

Q. I have P-4, 1.5 MHz, 256 MB RAM,40 GB HDD. My HDD is partitioned into 2 parts — Win ’98 on C: drive and Win XP on D: While surfing the Net, I tried to load Yahoo! messenger. The process was in between and my computer hanged. When I restarted, it gave various options to choose before booting that in the safe mode, normal mode and many others that I don’t remember. I entered in safe mode. But now my Internet Explorer has disappeared and the computer is not able to find Web pages that I downloaded. The programs saved in MS Excel have also not been found. Please tell me what’s wrong with my PC.

Riya, Chandigarh

A. Starting the PC in safe mode is the right strategy, whenever a problem occurs. After booting into safe mode you should also run scandisk, as it takes care of any problem that might occur due to hanging and abnormal shutting down of PC. If possible, you should run the PC in thorough mode. Now after all these steps, you should start Windows in normal mode and not in safe mode. On starting the Windows in normal mode, you will find all your things restored.

Q. I am having P III, 700 MHz, 20 GB hard disk with 3 partition C:, D: and E:. Windows ’98 and Windows XP OS. In Win ’98, I get problem that when I shut down my computer it does not give me message, "It is safe to shut down your computer." I checked that my PC is having the file named logo.sys. In Win XP, I am not able to establish my Internet connection. Please tell me solution of these problems. I shall be thankful to you.

Bhupinder Singh, Ludhiana

A. The Windows ’98 shutdown problem is quite old and its solution is available in the form of a patch available from the Microsoft Website. Alternatively you can also use power Tweaks to solve this problem. You can also visit the site at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q202633& for more detailed solution of your problem. Regarding your second problem, first of all please make sure that you have installed the modem correctly, which means that you are using the correct driver and the modem is functioning in Windows XP. If it is not installed properly, then Internet will not work. This seems to be the most logical reason for your problem.

Q. There is a symbol of euro on keyboard on key 5 (%). How can we press it? I mean I know the key combinations through character map but how can we use it from the keyboard.


A. Using the Euro symbol from the keyboard directly is still a problem in majority of cases as most of the keyboard doesn’t sport this symbol. However, for using the Euro symbol using the keyboard, you may need to map the keyboard for Latin 1 or Latin 9 font map or use some software utilities like Fontware available on the Website www.fontware.co.uk/fontkey.htm.

Q. I have a problem with my Samsung 52X CD ROM. The problem is whenever I load a CD, it takes a lot of time to run after which it becomes Audio CD. Even if I press Shift key while booting nothing happens. Once there was an error message prompting me to clean the CD ROM. Will cleaning solve my problem. Is there a way by which I could lock my desktop through password? I have Windows ’98 SE as O.S. Can I make my system an answering machine. I have an internal modem and a phone Connected.

Karanbir Singh, Patiala

A. Regarding the problem of CD-ROM, you may need to clean it using a cleaner CD. Also please check out if you have associated your CD ROM to be opened only by some audio/video media player. Because this could also be a major reason for the kind of problem mentioned by you. If you have associated it with any media player, then you should disassociate it and use the CD ROM normally. Regarding your second query, there are two ways to protect your desktop. First you should create login ID for Windows and use it. The second way is to use the default Windows screen saver and protect it with password. Set it to any timing you want and also set a password for the system to come out of screen saver mode. Once the system enters the screen saver mode, it will not be possible for any one to access the desktop. Regarding your third query, you can use many software available for using it as an answering machine, which would also be available on the driver CD of your modem.

Q. How can we change our shutdown dialogue "Its now safe to turn off your computer." I know you have answered this question many times but unfortunately I am not getting the copy of that edition.

Mukesh Dhiman

A. You may change the file named Logow.sys file displaying the message Please wait, while Windows shuts down your computer and the file Logos.sys, which represents the message, "It’s now safe to shutdown your computer." These file are located in the Windows directory. You can replace the file by editing the registry and replace them using your own file. You can also use MSPaint to edit and create your own logo files.

Q.I have an assembled PC with the following configuration: P-III, 600 MHz, Intel i810 motherboard, 128 MB RAM, 17 GB HDD with five partitions, 1.44 FDD, 52 X CD drive, Pixelview TV Tuner, Intex CMI 8738 four channel sound card, Vintron ESS 2838 internal Modem, Frontech OPTI PCI USB Card, Typhoon 100K Pixel Full Motion, Web Camera, HP 640c Inkjet Printer, operating system Windows ME on C: and Windows XP on D: I have the following problems: 1. I have MS Office XP with Frontpage and MS Publisher in Windows XP. Every time when I run Word, Excel, Frontpage, I get the message — This feature of Office XP is currently not installed. Please insert the office XP CD to install it. How can I get rid from this as I have installed Office XP? 2. Every time when I start Windows XP, I have to reinstall Webcam’s driver for running it, because without it my Webcam does not work. I have installed latest driver for it and I do not get any error message about Webcam. 3. I buy TV card for running FM on my computer but FM is not working. All TV channels are working properly. I asked about it from my hardware vendor but he is not able to solve my problem. Please tell me how can I configure my TV Tuner for playing FM channels. I don’t get any error message for it. Please solve my problem. 4. My sound is of four channel but in Window ME only two channels are working. It means only speakers in front panel work while the speakers in rear channel do not work. I have downloaded latest driver of sound card from the Net, but all in vain while everything is fine in Window XP. 5. I want to know which photosheet is suitable for HP 640c printer for printing pictures.

Gurvinder Singh Cheema, Ludhiana

A. Regarding your first problem, you would need to install the full Microsoft Office and installing just the basic CD would continue to give this problem. For solving this problem, please install the full MS Office. Regarding your second problem, there could be many reasons for it. The first one could be that you have a program installed, which is conflicting with the driver of your Webcam. If it is so, please uninstall other program. The second possible reason could be that you are not using the correct version of driver, which is suitable for Windows XP, so check out the driver details and also its compatibility with Windows XP. I am sure by taking care of these two issues, you would be able to solve the problem. Regarding your third problem, please send us the exact details of your TV tuner card, including the model number for exact solution of your problem. Regarding your other query, I would recommend that you use Epson or Kodak 256 GSM Photo paper for the best effect. However, you may also use De’smat 256 GSM paper as well, which is quite cheaper in comparison to EPSON and Kodak. My word of advice. You may not get excellent results on HP 640 printers due to low resolution.