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Monday, September 23, 2002
Cyber Humour

From Sunil Sharma

ONE of Microsoft Network’s finest support techs was drafted into the Army and sent to the boot camp. At the rifle range, he was given some instructions, handed a rifle, and a couple of ammo clips. He loaded the rifle and fired several shots at the target that was 50 yards away. The report came from the target area that all of his attempts had completely missed the target. The tech looked at his rifle, and then at the target. He looked at the rifle again, and then once more at the target. He placed his finger over the end of the barrel and squeezed the trigger with his other hand. The end of his finger was blown off — whereupon he yelled toward the target area... "It’s leaving here just fine; the trouble must be at your end!"

Kid’s logic

A father noticed that his son was spending way too much time playing computer games. In an effort to motivate the boy to focus more attention on his schoolwork, the father said to his son, "When Lincoln was your age, he was studying books by the light of the fireplace." The son replied, "But Dad, when Lincoln was your age, he was President of The USA!"

Printing yellow

I had been doing Tech Support for Hewlett-Packard’s DeskJet division for about a month when I had a customer call with a problem I just couldn’t solve. She could not print yellow. All the other colours would print fine, which truly baffled me because the only true colours are cyan, magenta, and yellow. For instance, green is a combination of cyan and yellow, but green printed fine. Every colour of the rainbow printed fine except for yellow. I had the customer change ink cartridges. I had the customer delete and reinstall the drivers. Nothing worked. I asked my co-workers for help; they offered no new ideas.

After over two hours of troubleshooting, I was about to tell the customer to send the printer in to us for repair when she asked quietly, "Should I try printing on a piece of white paper instead of this yellow paper?"

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