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, September 29, 2002
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In the spotlight
Aditi’s aage ki Soch

HAZEL eyes, auburn hair, a naughty, teasing smile and the body to complement all that... Aditi Gowitrikar is as ethereal as they get with a dash of oomph and elan. But glamour was far from what she sought at the outset, her earliest dream being to have a successful medical career. A qualified gynaecologist, Aditi reveals that, 'Earning a seat in a medical college is what I count as my first success.' She seems to have come a long way, far from curing patients, she's now responsible for making many love-sick, just by peering at them from billboards and hoardings!

One of the 'I-can-do-it-no-matter-what' variety, Aditi won the Gladrags contest despite a full-blown attack of typhoid. With the audience more than supporting her, Aditi was the new Ms Popularity in the modelling world. Print campaigns were sprinkled with TV commercials, and Aditi's was soon the face cajoling us into buying everything from Keo Karpin hair oil to designer wardrobes from Shopper's Stop. Then came the Big Step... the step that invariably spells STOP! for many a soaring female talent. Aditi, however, turned the equation around and wore her marital status on her trendily trimmed sleeve. Dr. Muffazal Lakdawalla's may not seem to be a name from the Mills and Boon mode, but his romance with Aditi sure appears to be from that world. Daughter, Kiara is already a familiar face, flanking her parents at celebrity-do's and happening events.


From (Glad)rags to riches

When Aditi won the Gladrags contest, India was already the flavour of the fashion season, what with Sushmita, Aishwarya and co. being the talk of the global beauty village. Beauty, in India, meant big bucks and Aditi seemed to have been in the right place at the perfect time. Ads for brands like Clinic All Clear, Phillips, Eureka Forbes, Shopper's Stop and Pond's followed. A step higher in the modelling hierarchy, Aditi was the object of Govinda's road-romeo style affection, in a music video from his maiden album. Anu Maliik's Baarish ho rahi hai had Aditi looking softer than the rain and 100 percent film material. Adnan Sami's Kabhi to nazar milao was another one of her lost-in-love videos. Not surprisingly, the year 2000 saw her sign her first film, Soch, with Sanjay Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan.

The other biggie of the year was the Coke-ad, which was intended to have Aishwarya romancing Hrithik. Aishwarya apparently backed out at the last minute and Aditi was roped in to fill up for her. Her first Hindi film release was 16 December which failed to wow audiences, but Aditi was once again appreciated for being immensely camera-friendly.

She’s got the spunk

Aditi seems have the kind of spunk and spirit that the celebrity arena rarely sees. Pregnant, and very much so, with her daughter, she pulled a Demi Moore (we've still to come to terms with her nine months’ pregnant nude photo shoot), on the cover of Elle magazine. Flaunting a bulge that most models would do anything to hide, Aditi looked comfortable and quite simply, incredibly hot in the news-making cover.

Another memorable look was the Elle lettuce gown one, which was Hemant Trivedi's brainchild. Apart from these, she shuffles between short kurtas (Kabhi to nazar milao)and strappy dresses (the Shopper's Stop commercial), hot pants (the Coke commercial) and jeans (her lounge gear). At the Mrs. World contest in December 2000 (Las Vegas), she wore a maroon and copper gown, exquisitely embellished with sequins and crystals.

What next?

Fielding the inevitable question of, "How long can a modelling career last?," Aditi, with mock security, says, 'My husband has offered me a Rs.2000 salary, as his secretary, the day I want to give all this up!' Seriously speaking, the term 'give up' doesn't figure in Aditi's vocabulary. Apart from her work, her daughter takes up most of her time. Fashion and family, films and fun, Aditi seems to be juggling them all at once. And you don't need a world title to tell you that this one's a winner.

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