Monday, October 28, 2002, Chandigarh, India

N C R   S T O R I E S


Metro: Who will take the driver’s seat?
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27
Who gets to control the operation and maintenance of Delhi Metro could become known by the end of Monday’s meeting of the Union Cabinet. It is likely the Cabinet will recommend to the President APJ Abdul Kalam that an Ordinance be issued, so that the legal framework is in place before the Delhi Metro begins ferrying commuters sometime in December.


September 2: The Government of NCT of Delhi decides to invite President APJ Abdul Kalam for the inauguration of Delhi Metro. Also decides to introduce a legislation that will replace the draft Metro Railway Operation and Maintenance Bill 2002 formulated by the Centre.
September 3: The Delhi Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) criticises those decisions. Says if it were not for the Centre, the Government of NCT of Delhi could not have got soft loan from an agency of the Government of Japan.


September 5: “The Centre or the Group of Ministers is mandated to take macro-level decisions only. The rest will be the domain of the Government of NCT of Delhi,” Sheila Dikshit says after inspecting the Delhi Metro’s new coaches.
September 17: Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani flags off trial run on the 8.3 km-long Shahdara-Tis Hazari section.
September 18: “The invitation still stands.” Sheila Dikshit reacts to news reports of President APJ Abdul Kalam’s turning down the invitation to inaugurate Delhi Metro’s commercial run.

The Council of Ministers of the Government of NCT of Delhi maintained it could bring a suitable legislation since a popular, duly elected government that was answerable to the people of Delhi should have an equal, if not more, say in matters pertaining to tariff, etc. An already contentious issue took a controversial turn when Urban Development Minister Ananth Kumar announced Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee would inaugurate the Delhi Metro on December 25, his (Vajpayee’s) birthday. The Government of NCT of Delhi countered by sending an invitation to President APJ Abdul Kalam.

A Group of Ministers (GoM) chaired by Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani is currently taking all the decisions relating to the Delhi Metro. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Lieutenant Governor Vijai Kapoor are special invitees to the GoM that includes Union ministers Nitish Kumar (Railways), Ananth Kumar (Urban Development) and Jaswant Singh (Finance.) The nitty-gritty is taken care of by a 13-member Board headed by the Union Urban Development Secretary. The Board has equal representation from the Centre and Delhi.

The Congress says it has reasons to believe Delhi Metro is its baby. Transport, it argues, is a state subject and Delhi Metro does not come under the Railways. Since the Government of India and the Government of NCT of Delhi have made 15 per cent investments each in the project, Delhi should have equal if not more say in fixing tariff, identifying routes, etc. The dispute, the party claims, can trace itself to the Centre’s “unilaterally” drafting the Metro Railway Operation and Maintenance Bill 2002, “ignoring the Government of NCT of Delhi’s interests.” To register its protest, the Cabinet had rejected the draft Bill and constituted a committee to make suitable recommendations for the Cabinet’s perusal.


Inept’ education officials retired
Prem Pal Singh

Meerut, October 27
The Government jobs of officials of the primary education department who took an examination after a workshop on Primary Education is in danger.

The Commissioner, Meerut Division, Mr N S Ravi, directed the officials concerned to give compulsory retirement to the Deputy Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Ghaziabad, and Assistant Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Pahasau, Bulandshahr.

Both the officials were found inept for teaching supervision work. Several other officials, who failed in the examination, were given a 30-day deadline to improve. They again would have to take an examination, and if they fail, would find a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

A training camp was organised in the K.V. College, Machna, for six days to improve the quality of primary education. Deputy Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Assistant Basic Shiksha Adhikari, school inspectors and co-ordinations and other supervising officials were given training in the camp. After the course, the officials’ performance was evaluated in which many were failed as their basic knowledge of teaching was not found up to the mark.

Divisional Commissioner N S Ravi took a serious note of the report submitted by the officer-in-charge of the training camp, Dr R N Mishra.

Mr Ravi then issued ‘perform or perish’ direction, following which a panic situation prevailed in the primary education department. Mr Ravi said in his order that according to the evaluation sheet, the General Hindi knowledge of the Dy BSA of Ghaziabad was of very low standard.

Mr Ravi has directed the officials concerned to give compulsory retirement to the Dy BSA, Ghaziabad. The commission also issued instruction for the compulsory retirement of A. BSA, Bulandshahr.

The job of seven other education officials who were not successful in the evaluation is also in jeopardy. Attar Singh Bhargava, A BSA, Loni; Mahesh Chand Sharma, A BSA, Dampur; Swami Singh Nagar, Pahasau; and Sukhram Das, Meerut were found not trained enough to teach general Hindi.

Mr Ravi gave 30-day deadline to these officials. They would be evaluated then, and if failed, an action would be initiated against them. Likewise, the Hindi grammar knowledge of District Co-ordinators, Gazendra Singh, Mahesh Sharma, and Girish Kumar was found poor. They were also given 30 days to improve.

The commission is also preparing a detailed report on primary education as the student strength in these schools is declining. He is going to submit this report to the Chief Secretary of UP, Devendra Singh Bagga, regarding some changes in the primary education.


All mama’s boys at Grasim International
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27
This was no Mother’s Day celebration, nor were they juveniles wallowing in their Oedipus complex. Yet, twenty-six men from across the globe eulogised motherhood, as they pitted their brain and brawn to take home the title of ‘Grasim Mr. International’.

As they took centre stage, where the spotlight threatens to unveil every fleeting thought, these young men smiled their nervousness away and with great aplomb represented their nations.

Mr. India Raghu Mukherjee, who emerged the winner clinching the ‘Grasim Mr. International 2002’ title, attributed the success of the modern man to his mother. Answering the poser — as to what would be the one thing he would like to remember if he were to lose his memory — Mukherjee said: : “My mom”. The 25-year-old from Bangalore chose his mother over the rest, “because she gave me the attitude and the self to be what I am. It was she who made me capable of standing... It was because of her I learned to stand confident. It was her hand that held me when none were there. I would keep my mother’s memory, forever”.

And if you were quick to attribute this to ‘Bharatiya Sanskriti’, hear what Mr. Curasao, Danny Yanga, who won the Mr. Popular title, had to say. He declared that he would name his daughter after his mother: ‘‘Because it will give me the feeling of nursing and nurturing my mom who gave so much to bring me up”. Answering the final poser, he said he would like to remember his mother because, “she’s my queen, my God... She gave me education, the power to stand, the opportunity to be”.

The first runner-up was Mr. Venezuela, Julio Cabrera, and Mr. Greece, Odysseas Karousis, was declared the second runner-up. The event that concluded here late last night was a meeting ground for celebrities from the world of sports, cinema and art, who were entrusted with the task of choosing the best man.


Night patrol: Criminals feel the heat
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27
Criminals felt the heat in the Capital’s streets last night when around 12, 000 officers of the Delhi Police, its personnel posted in different districts, traffic police, Police Control Room staff and crime branch sleuths were on night patrol.

Hardly any crime case was reported with most criminals ensconced in their hideouts.

Police Commissioner Radhey Shyam Gupta had earlier issued directions to all policemen, including ministerial staff, to be on night patrol duty in the run-up to the festival to of lights. For the first time in the history of Delhi Police, ministerial staff were on patrolling duty.

The Police Commissioner himself visited certain areas of Central, North and South districts along with the Joint Commissioners of the respective ranges. Presence of the commissioners seemed to perk up the personnel on duty.

According to the police, over 1100 criminals were arrested during the patrolling. These included drug peddlers, auto lifters, bootleggers, gamblers and robbers. They were booked under various provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Delhi Police Act, local and special laws. Thirty-seven wanted criminals and 12 proclaimed offenders were also arrested.

A total of 2,862 bad characters were checked and of them 69 were arrested. More than 253 bad characters, who were untraceable, were located by the police. Around 1070 criminals other than bad characters were also checked and of them 91 were taken into custody.

To keep an eye on suspected criminals, more than 3180 persons, who were moving on the roads without any valid reason, were questioned under section 65 of the Delhi Police Act and were let off after verification. About 7,260 stranger rolls were issued to verify the antecedents of persons loitering on streets without purpose. More than 610 calls were received in police control room, of them 563 were attended by the PCR vans. A total of 321 PCR vans were deployed for the purpose. Besides, 2910 vehicles were checked and 156 challaned for various traffic violations, the police said.


UP’s wild west: AK-47s are passé, Mausers and 9 mm pistols the rage
Parmindar Singh

Noida, October 27
Pakistani agency ISI, political leaders of all hues and some professional arms smugglers have been identified by the police here as suppliers of sophisticated weapons to top gangsters and notorious criminals of western UP.

Till mid-70s, criminals in the ‘wild west’ only possessed Rampuri knives, which were crude but effective. Then came rugged country-made pistols, which had the nasty habit of blowing up in one’s face. But, today, they are armed with Mausers and 9 mm Heckler and Koch pistols — easy to use, precise and lethal.

The main supplier of these sophisticated weapons, of course, is the ISI. Such is the level of infiltration that the Inspector General of Police, Meerut Zone, Prem Chand Sabbarwal, is constrained to admit that the menace cannot be countered.

In the 80s, trigger-happy criminals usually made a beeline for Muzaffarnagar’s Mohalla Ladhawala, Dadri, Bulandshahar, Ghaziabad and Agra, which were infamous for country-made pistols, guns and crude bombs.

Today, the crime world has its share of glamour with gangs using semi-automatic and automatic weapons, including AK 47s and AK 56 rifles. Almost all leaders of the pack and top-notch criminal gangs have these weapons.

In fact, these automatic and semi-automatic weapons have increased manifold the potency of the criminals to spread terror. These sophisticated weapons have also enabled the criminals to expand their area of operations. In January 1995, when the cops had not even set their eyes on an AK 47, Pradeep Thakur had used an AK 56 rifle and killed the SO of Gujarhedi police station along with a constable. The gun was later seized by the police.

This is the time when a large number of Chinese-made 9mm pistols were smuggled into the area from Pakistan. Over 300 such pistols had been seized by the police till date.

But bulky AK 47s are passé, the rage today is miniature 9 mm pistols and Mausers; the latter have become a status symbol among the gangsters.

The Khurja Police had recently recovered an Italian pistol from gangster Sharad Tyagi, who later told the police that he had obtained it from a politician who had a number of them. The police did not dare to question the latter.

A street war recently erupted between the Jatan Sirohi And Sansarpal gangs in Saidpur Bulandshahar. Both the gangs have used ultra modern weapons in settling scores. The police had recovered an English pistol from Sansarpal early this year.

Rocket launchers and walkie-talkie sets were recovered from three Pakistani terrorists killed by the STF in Lucknow last year. The same gang was reportedly using Army grenades, which proved that the gangsters were much better equipped than the police force in the state. It is only now that special task forces are being given modern weapons.

I.G. Police Prem Chand Sabbarwal says that even if all the top gangsters and dreaded criminals are eliminated, it is not possible for the police to recover their stock of weapons. The police needs better equipment and more intensive training to meet the challenge of the notorious gangsters, he adds.


43 youths lured to Colombo on promise of eldorado

New Delhi
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police today claimed to have busted a manpower racket with the arrest of a travel agent from Lajpat Nagar. Most of the victims of the travel agents were from Punjab.

The travel agent, Rajender Singh alias Tittu, a resident of Dayanand Colony in Lajpat Nagar, had accomplices in India as well as abroad. During interrogation he disclosed that the prime suspect in the racket was another Delhi-based agent, Pankaj Mani Dhall, and his brother-in-law who lived in Greece. Each victim had to pay between Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 2 lakh to the suspects, the police said.

The suspects also had their network in Colombo and Bangkok. According to the police, the racket was unearthed following a complaint to the authorities by the Indian High Commission in Colombo. The case was handed over to the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police for investigation.

During investigation it was found that 43 youth were sent to Colombo in four groups; from there, they had be shipped to Greece where they had been promised lucrative jobs. It was also found that 26 victims reached Colombo between September 30 and October 4 directly from India while 17 reached via Bangkok.

During the course of inquiry, one Gurdayal Singh, a victim, of Gurdaspur, disclosed that one Jarnail Singh of Amritsar had promised him legal entry in Greece and a job, for which Rs 3.5 lakh was to be paid to the agent. He had paid Rs 2 lakh to the agent at Balaji Hotel in Paharganj in Central Delhi and the balance was to be paid in Greece.

Subsequently, on September 30 Gurdayal Singh and 12 others were given Air Lanka tickets for Colombo. Besides, they were given $ 300 each and a continuous discharge certificate (CDC), a document required by a person boarding a ship as an employee. The documents were given by Rajender Singh alias Tittu, a Delhi-based agent.

The victims were told that they would be received by their agent, Dalipa Marapona, at Colombo airport and from there they would board a ship for Greece. In Colombo they were kept in a hotel at Gaile for a week by Dalipa. Thereafter, 31 more Indians reached there in three groups. In Colombo, Dalipa collected their passports and $ 300 in foreign exchange. The 43 victims were then handed over to the Indian High Commission, which deported back to India, the police said. TNS


Govt loses Rs 1.50 cr a year in stand-off
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, October 27
The registry of Bharat Petroleum’s bottling plant at Loni could not be done for the last one year as Ghaziabad Development Authority is not allowing it 5 per cent rebate in the matter.

This has caused a loss of about Rs 1.50 crore annually in stamp fee to the government.

Three oil sector giants, Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum had put up their bottling plants in Loni in 2001. All the three public sector undertakings had bought the land from the Ghaziabad Development Authority.

The IOC had got its registry done last year for which the administration had received Rs 1 crore as stamp fee. Similarly, Hindustan Petroleum had also gone in for registry of their plot, from which the administration gained Rs 1.25 crore in the form of stamp duty. The third oil company, Bharat Petroleum has not been able go in for the registry of their plant for want of allotment letter from the GDA.

Though the GDA had announced 5 per cent rebate in the case of cash-down payment, which was deposited by the oil company in one go, some controversy has erupted between the two organisations pertaining to the 5 per cent rebate.

The GDA says that the one-time amount was deposited after the due date while Bharat Petroleum maintains that no specific date was ever mentioned. Bharat Petroleum had bought the land for Rs 15 crore from the GDA, 5 per cent rebate on which comes to Rs 75 lakh.

Neither the GDA nor Bharat Petroleum is in a position to let go such a big amount of Rs 75 lakh, which is delaying the registry.

Meanwhile, the administration is pressing for early registry so that the annual revenue goes up by Rs 1.50 crore.


Bhajan lets loose anti-Chautala tirade
Jatinder Sharma

Rohtak, October 27
The Pradesh Congress chief and former Chief Minister, Mr Bhajan Lal, today alleged total lawlessness prevailed in Haryana and demanded immediate dismissal of the Chautala government. "This government has no right to remain in power even for a day after the lynching of five Dalits in police custody at Dulina on Dasehra day", he said while addressing a rally organised by the Congress here today.

The rally was largely attended. Most of the participants came from the adjoining vilages and far off places like Safidon, Kaithal, Bhiwani etc. The rally, the first to be held by the Congress after the appointment of Mr Bhajan Lal as HPCC President, also once again brought groupism within the Congress to the fore. The local sitting MLA and President, District Congress Committee (Urban), Mr Shadi Lal Batra, and a majority of the DCC (Urban) office-bearers did not attend the rally. Former PCC Chief and leader of the Congress Legislature Party, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, too, kept a distance from the rally along with Mr Raghbir Singh Kadian, MLA, Beri, and Mrs Kartar Devi, newly appointed General Secretary of the Pradesh Congress Committee.

Mr Bhajan Lal severely criticised Mr Om Prakash Chautala for giving a clean chit to the police and demanded an inquiry by the CBI into the lynching of the five Dalits.

During his nearly 30-minute speech, Mr Bhajan Lal devoted approximately 10 minutes to explain that he was not anti-Jat and that he had never discriminated against any community during his tenure as Chief Minister of the state.

Lashing out at the Chief Minister, the Congress leader said the INLD came to power by misleading the people, particularly the farmers.

Mr Bhajan Lal reiterated that if voted to power the Congress government in Haryana would reinstate the retrenched employees of various boards, corporations and government departments, including the police department. Criticising the Chautala government for imposing heavy taxes on the urban populace, Mr Bhajan Lal assured to roll back the taxes to the 1995 level. The AICC Secretary, in-charge, Haryana affairs, Mr Hanumantha Rao, said today's rally was the beginning of the Congress campaign launched to free Haryana from the misrule of the INLD government.

Although Mrs Sonia Gandhi had donated Rs 1 lakh to each of the bereaved families, the amount was not enough to rehabilitate these families. He also advised Mr Bhajan Lal to donate the money that he had received at the rally to these families. Mr Bhajan Lal immediately responded and announced donation of another Rs 5 lakh to these families.

Among others who addressed the rally included former PCC Presidents Shamsher Singh Surjewala, Mr Dharam Pal Malik, PCC Vice-President A C Chaudhary, former ministers Kirpa Ram Punia, Mr Ranjit Singh and Mr Uday Singh Dalal. Interestingly, only five Congress legislators, including Mr Bhajan Lal and his son Mr Chander Mohan, participated in today's rally. The other MLAs were Mr Mange Ram Gupta, Rao Narender Singh and Mrs Anita Yadav.


Dulina lynching: CM will spare none
Vipin Sharma

Rohtak, October 27
The Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala has reiterated that those found guilty for the lynching of five dalit youths at Dulina village in Jhajjar district would not be spared.

Talking to newsmen at Sampla town, 25 km from here today, the Chief Minister alleged that certain political parties and organisations had been trying to communalise the issue.

He alleged the Opposition leaders first spread a rumour of cow slaughter at Dulina so as to spread tension among the Hindus and Muslims in the region. Later, he alleged an evil attempt was made to create a rift between the upper caste people and the dalits.

Moreover, he said the Opposition parties had wrongly accused the police staff deputed at the Dulina police post with adopting negligent attitude during the incident. Justifying the role of the police during the incident, Mr Chautala said that firing by the police staff on the frenzied mob could have led to disastrous consequences.

Later, the Chief Minister announced that the state government had decided to set up six fast track courts in the state during the current financial year.

He was addressing the people during an inaugural function of a judicial complex here. The complex constructed at a cost of nearly Rs. 4.11 crore, was inaugurated by justice J.S. Narang of Punjab and Haryana High Court. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of chambers for lawyers in the complex.

Thereafter, the Chief Minister attended the 77th annual function of Vaish Education Society here. He claimed that his government took special interest in promoting technical education in the state.

Substantiating his claim, he said that only 9,000 students were enrolled in 58 technical institutions when his party assumed power. Now, he said, the number of students enrolled has risen to 25,000 while the number of technical institutions has grown to 138. 


Dharna held against massacre
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, October 27
Activists of different political parties and social organisations staged a one-day dharna in front of the office of the Commissioner, Rohtak division, in protest against the lynching of five Dalits at Dulina village in Jhajjar district. The call for the dharna was given by the Nagrik Manch, Rohtak. Leaders and activists of the Lok Janshakti Party, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Sampurna Kranti Manch, Jan Adhikar Sangathan, Haryana Editors' Guild, Aajadi Bachao Aandolan, Akhil Bharatiya Khet Majdoor Union, Mahila Chetna Abhiyan etc attended the dharna and criticised the role of the police in the incident.

Prof Shyam Sunder Pasrija, convenor, Nagrik Manch, Rohtak described the 'surrender' by the Haryana Chief Minister before the communal forces regarding the incident as a severe threat to the integrity of the state. He called upon the masses to express solidarity against the communal forces and to strive for bringing justice to the bereaved families.

Ms Kanta Alaria, state president of the Samajwadi Party, alleged that the Chief Minister had adopted dual standards in the incident. On one hand, she said, the investigation had been entrusted to the Commissioner, Rohtak division while, on the other hand, the Chief Minister had given a clean chit to the police staff deputed at the Dulina police post during the incident prior to the investigation.

The Samajwadi Party leader alleged that either the police battered the Dalit youths to death or they instigated the mob.


‘Talks on with VP to form party for poor’
Our Correspondent

Narnaul, October 27
By the end of January next year, a national level party for the poor and downtrodden would be formed if no case was registered against the erring police officials in connection with the killings in Dulina. A case of public interest litigation would also be filed in the Supreme Court. This was stated by Mr Chand Ram, former Union Minister while addressing media persons here late last evening at PWD rest house.

He said talks were in the final stage with former Prime Minister V P Singh for the party’s presidentship. By the end of January next year, the party might get a final shape.

Mr Ram Chandra Dahiya, president, Backward Class Welfare Association and Samajic Naya Manch president Drigpal Singh Chauhan was also present.

Mr Chand Ram lamented that the Dulina killings were the result of law and order problem in Haryana and the police accesses overall. The government just wants to sidetrack the matter.

He said that as there was no locality near the police station, the possibility of killing by mob did not arise.

Mr Chand Ram disclosed that this matter would be raised at a meeting in Kurukshetra on November 1.

He has asked the Haryana government to disburse ex gratia payment to the next of kin of the deceased to the tune of Rs 10 lakh each.

Mr Chand Ram made it clear that the newly formed party would not discriminate against any particular sect or religion. It would be from all walks of life. Those living below poverty line would be its members and they would contest Vidhan Sabha elections.


NGO urges people to help needy kids on Divali
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 27
Padamshri J.N. Kaul, president, SOS Children’s Village of India, today gave a call to the people of the country to come forward and join hands to help the needy children on the occasion of Divali.

In a press statement issued here, he said that the children need our support to grow up into confident and responsible citizens of tomorrow. Let’s spare a few moments for those kids who don’t have a family to look after them, he said.

Mr Kaul disclosed that SOS Children’s Village of India was established 38 years ago to provide love and care of a family to the deprived children.

The SOS family is working in 131 countries with SOS - Kinderdorf International as the umbrella organisation.

He said that today it reaches out to lakhs of children every day, through 14 children’s villages and 122 allied projects like kindergartens, schools, medical and social centres, vocational training centres, spread across the country.

He said that new initiatives have also been taken to help the needy children within the natural families. The educational and nutritional services will extend care to the children suffering from malnutrition. The primary plus school services will provide quality educational services in the most interior regions of the country.

A model child care project at Bhopal will try to provide care and rehabilitation services to the developmentally challenged children.

Snakebite case

Sanjay, a youth of Mohana village was bitten by a snake while he working in the fields at Mohana village about 19 km from here last evening.

According to a report, he was immediately taken to a hospital where he is stated to be progressing well. The snake was killed by the youth, the report says.


G.T. Road accident victim succumbs to injuries
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, October 27
Krishan Kumar, a resident of Khewra village sustained serious injuries when he was hit by an unidentified vehicle on the G.T. Road near Bhalagarh Chowk, about 10 km from here last evening.

According to a report, the injured person was referred to the trauma centre in Delhi where he succumbed to his injuries. The police have registered the case and launched a hunt to apprehend the driver of the vehicle.

According to another report, five persons were injured, two of them seriously when two vehicles collided on the Sonepat-Rohtak Road near Kharkhauda town, 19 km from here last evening.

The injured persons were immediately hospitalised and two of them were sent to the PGI Rohtak for further treatment.

Both the vehicles had overturned after the collision which caused a jam on the Sonepat-Rohtak Road for hours.

The police have registered the case and investigations were on.

Another accident occurred on the G T Road near Kundli village about 25 km from here last night in which two Nepali labourers Jang Bahadur and Vir Bahadur were injured after being hit by a speedy jeep. They were referred to a trauma centre in Delhi for treatment.

Similarly, two more workers of a factory were injured when their bicycle was hit by an unknown vehicle on the Sonepat-Bahalgarh Road near Gandhi Chowk of Sector 14 here last night. Both the workers were returning homes from their offices when the accident took place. Both of them were referred to a trauma centre in Delhi.

Meanwhile, a woman Phoolwati was injured when she was hit by a vehicle on the G T Road near Biswan Meel about 15 km from here on Saturday. She was immediately rushed to the local civil hospital where she is stated to be out of danger.

Two more persons, including a student were injured in different road accidents during the past 24 hours. The injured persons were immediately hospitalised. The police are still investigating the cases. No arrest has been made in this connection.


Books for curious minds released
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27
Striving to provide overall development in children, Mother’s Pride released two nursery rhyme books, ‘Jingling Rhymes’ and ‘Kilkari’ here today Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sudha Gupta said special attention had been paid to creating lively jingles and imagination-spurring illustrations that would open doors and windows in the curious minds of the little ones. Chairman of the DPS, Society, Mr. Narendra Kumar, who presided over the function, said these books would serve as ideal tools for teachers to give the very best to children.

Ponds in Gohana dry up

Sonepat: A large number of ponds in the villages falling under the jurisdiction of the Gohana Water Service Division in this district have dried up as the authorities concerned have failed to reach canal water to most of the places. As a result, residents of these villages have been facing great hardships in providing water to the milch cattle.


Kidnapped boy’s body recovered
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 27
The police recovered the body of Varun (13), who was reportedly kidnapped for ransom from Shastri Nagar on October 13. His body was recovered from a park ‘50 Biga’ in Sarai Rohilla area in North district last evening. According to sources, the body was identified by the police personnel investigating the case.

The victim, a resident of Shastri Park in North-East district, left his house after his father had scolded him. When he did not return to his house, his father lodged a complaint with the Seelampur police station. His father received a phone call the same day from an unidentified person, who demanded Rs 25,000 as ransom for the victim’s safe release.

During investigation, the police found that the phone call was made from a Shastri Park PCO.


Toys that bring the magic of fairy tales to reality
Tribune News Service

MATTEL is all set to recreate the magic of fairy tales for little girls with the launch of the new ‘Barbie as Rapunzel’, themed around the legendary fairy tale of the beautiful long-haired princess.

Barbie as Rapunzel, like the princess from the fairy tale, has the most beautiful golden hair. She comes with a magical brush, which plays music whenever you comb her lovely long tresses with it. She also brings with her a lot of adorable friends including Ken as Prince Stefan and Penelope – the cutest talking dragon in the world.

Everfresh shirts

In tune with the festive season, Peter England has launched two new shirt collections, ‘Everfresh’ and ‘Dazzlers’ along with a new range of trousers called ‘Satin.’ The trousers follow the same credo as the shirt with great quality and ‘honest to goodness’ prices.

The Everfresh collection is manufactured using a new and innovative technology, ‘Purista’, that provides comfort to the wearer in spite of the excessive levels of humidity experienced in many cities across the country.

Utility LPG hose

Super Seals India limited, India’s hose manufacturers has introduced ‘Suraksha LPG Hose’. Suraksha is the only LPG hose pipe officially approved by the LPG equipment centre, Bangalore, on behalf of IOCL, BPCL and HPCL.

The hose is designed in a three-layered structure, which resolves all the safety problems. This user-friendly product is rodent proof, flame resistant, leak proof, abrasion, weather and ozone resistant, to mention a few and has a 5-year product life guarantee.

Bike power

Okaya, a battery brand of Microtek group, Arrow International, has launched into the Indian market a complete range of imported Japanese batteries for two and three wheeler. Made in QS 9000 certified plants, these world class Japanese batteries are trusted worldwide by the multinationals like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Digital camera

Casio, leader in consumer electronics, recently launched the world’s slimmest digital camera with colour display called Exilim. ‘Exilim’, is a hybrid word, which combines the Latin word ‘eximius’, meaning extraordinary and surprising with the English word ‘slim’. The Exilim camera is so compact that it can easily slip into a shirt pocket and it is extremely mobile.

Hi-tech gas stoves

Bajaj electricals has introduced five new state-of-the-art gas stoves to make the pre-festive hard work in the kitchen pleasurable. The latest gas stove range has five models with 2 and 3 burners. Some of them are also equipped with auto-ignition facility, which allows you to easily switch it on without the cumbersome procedure of using the gas lighter. Besides, these gas stoves are designed for low gas consumption making them more cost effective. Select models in the new range are also equipped with a spill tray.

Car fragrance

Godrej Sara Lee has launched Ambi Pur, the largest brand in the household and body-care division of Sara Lee international. Under the Ambi Pur brand, the first product introduced in the Indian market is Ambi Pur Car, which is the number one car perfume in Europe.

Ambi Pur Car is available in three fragrances, Aqua, Vanilla Bouquet and After Tobacco, with long lasting fragrance.

Digital TV

Beltek has now launched a new digital range of CTVs– Gamma, Beta, and Sapphire, at highly competitive prices. This new range of Beltek is packed with state-of- the-art Japanese technology that ensures hi-fi sound, clear picture, latest hi-tech features and powerful performance for the years to come. Beltek’s new range is a perfect blend of economy, technology and performance.

Exquisite sherwanis

The men’s wear brand Diwan Saheb has launched a new collection of exquisite sherwanis in fine silk. These sherwanis will be available at all their outlets in the country. The special colours for this season include metallic green, golden hue and cream. Gold and silk threads have been used on these sherwanis along with swavroski crystals and zardosi work. The range also includes silk kurta pyjamas with light or heavy embroideries and matching decorative buttons to lend grace and warmth to these creations.

Trend-setting shoes

Mirza Tanners, which has time and again inspired awe and excitement, has launched its new trend-setting range of shoes. Red Tape has yet again come out with its sleek range of shoes in the fashion wear category. The shoes are available in black, brown, resin, wine and bordo colours. These ultra-light shoes protects the feet from shocks.

Winter wear

Duke has launched its winter wear range, comprising of Bush coats, Chesters, and Cargo jackets apart from full sleeve T-shirts, sweat shirts, track suits and lowers. Sporting Italian cuts complementing Indian requirements, Duke’s winter collection writes a new fashion statement for Indian male.

It is aimed at providing clothing concepts at highly economical or affordable prices. Duke’s jacket range, specially designed on the international pattern of zippers, flaunts more than 25 different gorgeous styles and over 75 attractive colour combinations.

Himalayan soda

DS Foods has launched Catch Club Soda, which would be the nation’s first soda to be bottled at source in the lap of the Himalayas. A perfect blend of nature’s pristine purity and bubbling effervescence, Catch Club Soda is processed from the pristine-pure natural spring water and packaged at in-house state-of-the-art bottling plant at Kullu. Packed with fizz in two satisfying sizes, the soda would be retailed at Rs 10 and Rs 15.

Internet ready PC

Easy Distribution, a major information technology (IT) component distributor, has launched a full feature Internet ready multimedia personal computer (PC). The PC brand named ePC has an impressive configuration with VIA C3 800 Mhz Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Divali cards

ITC has launched a range of 302 new designs of Expressions Utsav cards for Diwali in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Maarathi around the theme of auspicious beginnings. The collection carries representation of Ganesha, the lord of new initiatives, Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, signifying the theme. This is complemented with simple icons like diya, swastika, shloka, rangoli and aum, which capture the essence of the festival of lights.

Trendy jewellery

Oyzterbay, the design leader in contemporary jewellery for young women, has unveiled the dazzling ‘Oyzterbay Autumn Collection 2002’, an interpretation of the glory of authentic, beautifully cut diamonds in three exclusive ranges– Moonlight Collection, Your First Diamond, Solitaires and Oyzterbay Limited Edition.

The glittering collection has diamonds generously spangled over delicately sculpted precious metal–with yellow gold reflecting the auspiciousness of the festivities and white gold, standing testament to the purity of the season.

Body scent

Body Kouros, the new fragrance for men by Yves Saint Laurent, brings out the provocative masculinity in you. Clearly mysterious, set in a greenish grey and matt white silver classic metallic shell, Body Kouros is a modern blend of spicy and woody harmony.

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