Friday, November 8, 2002, Chandigarh, India

N C R   S T O R I E S


No JNU, No Campus, Only Left Versus Right
Sanjog Gupta


AISA Candidate: Infantile disorders cannot be countered with mental dementia (huh???) We will not tolerate black laws in the country. For SFI, Bhagat Singh is only T-shirt material.

Left Unity (SFI/AISF): Is RSS recruiting for its suicide squads on the JNU campus? It is unfortunate A.B.Vajpayee is our PM. (To the ABVP candidate) I accuse you of being an ISI agent, now show me evidence to prove otherwise? Narasimha Rao knows 16 languages but not in one did he condemn the Babri Masjid episode.

ABVP: We are a separate entity from the BJP and will fight struggles against its policies.

Pravin Kumar (Independent): When one party is Ravana and the other Kumbhkarana, I decided to break away and play Vibhishana. Why is it that ABVP during Valentine’s Day becomes Akhil Bhartiya ‘Violent’ Parishad?

New Delhi, November 7
Neon lights and rising decibel pierce the silence of an otherwise serene night, 2,000 enthusiastic youngsters throng the venue and six individuals are expected to enthrall them, the fervour is contagious and the energy pulsating, passion runs high and adrenaline peaks – this is not the setting of a rock concert but the atmospherics at Jhelum Lawns, where the JNUSU presidential debate was held last night.

Scores of JNU students braved the nip in the air for almost eight hours, listening with rapt attention to six presidential candidates, who hope to corner the coveted mandate. Party cadres armed with drums, dholaks and tambourines shouted slogans and sang songs while the six contestants gave speeches and went through two rounds of questions.

The JNU presidential debate has long been considered a spectacle in an otherwise low-key campaign and this year’s was no different. In spite of the lukewarm response to the electoral process, the presidential debate saw students turning up in decent numbers. Traditionally, the speakers slug it out on ideological lines and they did not deviate from the beaten path this time. With intermittent references to leaders of the past – adequately pre-supposing the disenchantment with current political figures – the six candidates tried hard to make the students relate with their ideologies. So, the NDA government was reduced to a ‘Fascist’ regime, the Left parties a “Jurassic Park” of extinct thought, the Congress a pseudo-secular brainwash and the extreme Left, a form of terrorism.

The modus operandi of the candidates from the four main parties – ABVP, NSUI, AISF/SFI and AISA – was to run down each other by attacking the ideology that their parent parties subscribed to and taking digs at their failures. So, the Naxalite violence in Nepal and Bihar, the 1974 riots, the Emergency, Godhra, communism in Bengal and Kerala and the regression of the communist thought figured heavily in the speeches of the candidates.

That the party candidates had written off the two independent candidates was manifest in the first round of cross-questioning – where each presidential candidate is asked two questions by every other candidate – as no questions were hurled at the independents.

But eventually the crowd favourite did turn out to be an independent candidate, Pravin Kumar, who teased the crown with his candid talk, “I don’t want your applause, just your votes,” and a simple philosophy, “No left, No right, No center, only Campus”.

The presidential debate entails a 10 minute speech by a candidate followed by two rounds of questioning – one from rival candidates and the other from the audience. The security at JNU was supposedly “tight”, but any JNU student who could produce an I-card was allowed to take hordes of companions with him/her. The security seemed to have immense faith in the intrinsic character of the JNU students and expected everyone else to be possible miscreants. The affair continued till 3 a.m. but most of the crowd had started dispersing after midnight, with the words “globalisation”, “saffronisation” and “communalism” reverberating in their ears. These loaded words were dropped like nuggets of wisdom every minute while more immediate concerns like the “campus” and the “students” were mentioned in the passing.

Since Thursday was the penultimate day, the debate was a last-ditch effort to muster support. With polls slated for tomorrow and a low turn out expected, it remains to be seen exactly what the JNUSU election will throw up. The serious overtures apart, the presidential debate was an occasion for the students to come together and revel in some whole-hearted ‘fun.’



First outraged, now doomed to live in ignominy
Ravi S. Singh
Tribune News Service

Sohna (Gurgaon), November 7
Meenakshi Devi (name changed), who had come here from Uttar Pradesh to spend a few days with her elder sister, Meera Devi, hardly realised that she would be gangraped and robbed of her belongings.

The incident took place in Behrawati Village, about 15 km from here. The police have not been able to arrest the four accused, even though their names are in the FIR. The family continues to live in shame and is still awaiting justice eight days after the incident.

The gory incident relating to the atrocities on women is not an isolated case in Sohna tehsil, falling in the backyards of Gurgaon city. Crime against women appears to be on the rise in this tehsil.

The Behrawati incident occurred at a farm land in the village. The four culprits are natives of the same village. They hail from the dominant Rajput community. So, the police are understood to be under pressure to go slow in the case.

Meera Devi (55) and her husband work as labourers on the farm of a resident of the village. They had set up a hutment on the farm. Incidentally, her husband is blind. Both of them are migratory labourers from UP.

As the family was sleeping, late at night, four hoodlums, allegedly armed with lathis and a countrymade weapon, barged in the farm land. They were allegedly inebriated.

After trespassing, they first molested Meera Devi in front of her relatives. When they were opposed, they cast their eyes on her sister, a few years younger to her. They allegedly took turns to rape her. They also beat up the male family members when challenged. After committing the crime, they took away the belongings, including some jewellery.

In another molestation case a few days before the Behrawati episode, a youth of Lohsanghani village, about 15 km from here, tried to molest a Dalit girl from the same village while she was going to answer the nature’s call in the morning.

The accused tried to do so at knife-point. Had it not been for the timely intervention from another women passing by, he would have had his way. The youth fled from the scene. When the girl’s mother went to the house of the accused to complain, he attacked her with a knife. Another woman who had intervened was injured. The incident has also been reported to the police.

It seems that these incidents have become quite common, leaving egg on the face of statutory institutions like the National Commission for Women, National Commission for Minorities, National Human Rights Commission and many other such institutions.



‘Doctoring’ of MCI rules piques senior PGIMS faculty
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, November 7
The senior faculty of the Pt. B.D. Sharma Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) is perturbed over the frequent twisting of the Medical Council of India rules on one pretext or the other to suit certain exigencies.

The College Council of the PGIMS is scheduled to discuss on Friday a proposal that the lecturers in super-speciality departments should be promoted as readers after a two-year tenure, even though the Haryana Medical Education Service Rules stipulate a five-year tenure.

The senior faculty members argue that the MCI has laid down the bare minimum essential qualifications and experience.

The entire faculty and the Teachers Association have been demanding a three-tier system as recommended by the MCI but it has not been adopted till date.

The MCI also recommends a minimum number of publications before a person can be appointed to the post of professor but the government is not adhering to that.

The MCI says that non-medical teachers will not be made HoDS and those with unrecognised degrees will not be appointed in teaching institutions. However, these rules seem to get the go-by.

So much so that the Director, PGIMS, recommended to the government an ad hoc promotion of a Lecturer to the post of Professor which was rejected by the government. He then recommended the candidate’s application to the Haryana Public Service Commission, which again was rejected because the person lacked the requisite experience. Despite this, the Director has again recommended to the government that it should consider appointing the lecturer to the post of Professor.

As per the Haryana Medical Education Service Rules as well as the MCI regulations, the said lecturer is not eligible for the post of professor. The rules stipulate a minimum of four years experience as Reader and the said lecturer has not yet been promoted as Reader. He is still a lecturer.

It is being alleged that as this attempt did not succeed, the matter has been brought before the College Council for securing its approval.

The College Council is in no way concerned with such matters, it is pointed out. If the administration intends to implement the MCI recommendations, it should do so in toto, senior faculty members claimed.

The Haryana Governor had, on May 31, 1999, constituted a committee of experts, with a representative of the Financial Commissioner, for suggesting amendments in the Haryana Medical Education Service Rules in tandem with the MCI regulations.

The committee submitted its report in August 1999 with the amended draft of rules incorporating the MCI recommendations. The committee recommendations are gathering dust and the rules are being twisted piecemeal wherever they suit the favourites of the administration.

Several senior faculty members, on condition of anonymity, told the ‘NCR Tribune’ that whatever changes were to be made in the rules, they should be done in one go rather than on piecemeal basis.

The PGIMS administration, however, denied that attempts were being made to bypass the rules. It claimed that all the appointments were being made strictly according to the MCI specifications.



Tanker leak causes scare
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, November 7
A large number of men, women and children were affected by a leak from a tanker on the old DC road here last evening. Two persons, including a woman, were hospitalised.

There was panic in the area following the leak and people started running helter-skelter for refuge. Later, the DC rushed to the site and ordered that a portion of the road be blocked on both sides. Policemen also converged at the site and did not allow any vehicle to pass through the affected portion of the road. The jay walkers were also asked to take a bypass. The municipal staff were deployed for sprinkling water at the affected site.

It is stated that the tanker loaded with a `poisonous’ product was passing near the Batra nursing home when the leak spread on the road. The tanker driver did not take steps to check the leak and continued to ply the vehicle. After some time, the poisonous product had spread out in a large tract and started affecting the passers-by.

The passengers of a Haryana Roadways bus also disembarked as some of them felt an itching in their eyes. Two persons, including a woman, were immediately hospitalised as they fell unconscious on the road. They were identified as Karam Vir and Ms Krishna.

Father strangles 7-yr-old daughter

Panipat: In a brutal incident, a resident of the Rajasthan Colony in Samalkha town, about 22 km from here, strangled his seven-year-old daughter on Wednesday night.

According to sources, Raj Kumar, a Class IV employee in the Northern Railways and posted in Delhi, had a quarrel with his wife last evening. As the couple exchanged hot words, the wife left for her parents’ house in Buana (New Delhi).

At night, the girl reportedly started asking for her mother and pleaded with his father to leave her at the house of her mother’s parents. However, the girl’s pleas annoyed the father and when she did not stop crying, the father strangled her with an electric wire.

And to cover up the ghastly act, the man tried to bury the body at the cremation ground. This was noticed by the neighbours who in turn informed the police. Even as the police recovered the body and had a postmortem examination done, the accused has absconded.

A case under Section 302 of the IPC has been registered. The police are investigating the case. No arrest has been made.



Sarna welcomes nod to Sikh jathas
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 7
Sardar Paramjit Singh Sarna, President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, has welcomed the decision of the Central Government to allow Sikh pilgrims to visit the historical gurdwaras in Pakistan on the occasion of Gurpurab.

The Centre had earlier decided to discontinue the jathas owing to the border tension. Mr Sarna had been working hard to secure permission from the Centre for the restoration of the visits to Gurdwara Nanakana Sahib, Gurdwara Panja Sahib and other gurdwaras in Pakistan.

These historically important gurdwaras were left in Pakistan at the time of partition. Since then the Sikh community had been craving for unhindered access to these gurdwaras. Under the Liaquat Ali-Nehru pact, jathas were allowed to visit Pakistan on four occasions in a year. The Pakistan government had agreed in 1999 to remove various restrictions on the jathas. The restrictions on the number of visits per year and the number of persons comprising a jatha were removed. However, no jatha could visit Pakistan this calendar year.

Mr Sarna made concerted efforts to restart the jathas and met Mr L K Advani, Deputy Prime Minister, and Mr Yashwant Sinha, Union Minister for External Affairs, in this connection. Mr Sarna also sought the intervention of the Prime Minister.

The Indian Government has now conceded the demand of the Sikh Sangat and the jatha will cross the border of Pakistan on November 16, 2002.

All devotees who desire to visit Pakistan may contact offices of Shiromani Akali Dal, Delhi, and the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee along with their passports for the completion of formalities, a release said.



Sadhu burnt to death
Our Correspondent

Rewari, November 7
Nonagenarian Sadhu Lakkar Nath, whose cottage was set on fire by some reckless youths in Garhi village under the Kosli police station of this district on November 2, succumbed to burns in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Tuesday evening. His body was consigned to flames today at Garhi where his funeral was attended by a large number of villagers.

Meanwhile, the Kosli police have registered a case of murder and mischief under Sections 302, 436 and 34 of the IPC against three village youths - Mahendra Singh Yadav, Ajit Singh and Billoo. Mahendra Yadav has been arrested while his two other accomplices are at large. The youths had an altercation with the sadhu over a trifle. They again visited the cottage late in the evening in an inebriated state and set it on fire after bolting the doors from outside.

Later, villagers flocked to the burning cottage and extricated the sadhu who had already sustained severe burns. He was rushed to the local civil hospital where, in view of his extremely precarious condition, the doctors referred him to Safdarjung Hospital. His condition deteriorated and he expired on Tuesday evening. After the post-mortem examination, the body was brought back and cremated at Garhi village today.



Jeweller abducted by cops
Parmindar Singh

Noida, November 7
Three policemen, including the driver of a highway patrol police Gypsy, kidnapped a jeweller in Bulandshahr on October 11. An SOG sub-inspector along with some policemen had taken jeweller Suresh Chand Varma in a Maruti car and locked him up in a police station at Debai. The businessman was carrying with him 807 gm gold and 1800 gm silver. The family of the goldsmith had, in the meantime, lodged a report in the Kotwali police station, suspecting an abduction. The news was also flashed on wireless in the whole district.

Somehow the jeweller escaped from the police room and reached Kotwali police station and narrated his story. Under pressure from the Vayapar Mandal, the SOG inspector had ultimately surrendered the gold and silver jewellery to the Kotwali police.

It may be recalled that about two months ago, an SI had allegedly beaten up the driver of the Chief Minister’s father and dragged him to the police station. 



Paddy arrival yet to pick up
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, November 7
Paddy arrivals in the district have been lower this season compared to the total quantity brought in the mandis for procurement last year. Though the arrivals may continue till the end of this month, the total quantity is likely to be much less than that of past year, mainly due to drought this year. According to official figures, so far the arrival of paddy in the six prominent mandis here has reached about 48,139 tonnes, while only 9,859 tonnes has been procured by the government agencies like the FCI, Haryana Warehousing Corporation, Haryana Agro, Confed and Hafed.

The total arrival last year up to this time had been 69,071 tonnes which was about 21,000 tonnes higher. But the district authorities have claimed that various government agencies had procured 9,517 tonnes last year, which has been about 42 tonnes lower.

Of the total procurement, Hafed has bought 2,257 tonnes; Food and Supply 1899 tonnes; the FCI 2,407 tonnes; and Haryana Agro 1892 tonnes.

It is learnt that the product of paddy has been affected severely in the district due to less rainfall. As per mandi sources, the arrival in the six mandis here had been mainly supplemented by the farmers of neighbouring districts of Uttar Pradesh, who get a ‘fair deal’ here.

They claim that if there had been a good rainfall, the situation would have been different and the government could have faced difficulties in procuring the crop, as it was witnessed in past years.

Agro experts also feel that the production of sugarcane may also be a victim of drought in the region.



Gurukul chief promises all facilities to pupils 
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, November 7
Mrs Krishna Malik, newly elected president of the Managing Committee of the Gurukul Mahasabha was given a rousing welcome when she arrived to take charge of Kanya Gurukul at Khanpur Kalan village about 30 km from here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, she asserted that she would work under the guidance of the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, for the development of Gurukul institutions as well as for the improvement of educational standard in them. She promised to provide all modern facilities to the students in them.

She called upon the members of Gurukul institutions to sink their differences and come forward to develop Gurukul institutions as they had brought glory in this part of the country.

She announced that there would be no shortage of funds for the development and academic activities. Mr M S Malik, Director-General of Police, Haryana, said that such institutions need to be developed with the cooperation of the people and the people of all sections of society should cooperate with the management to improve the standard of education in Gurukul institutions.

He announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh to develop Gurukul institutions at Khanpur Kalan and Bhainswal villages.

Mr Malik said that the district administration would take steps to ensure regular supply of power and drinking water to Gurukul institutions on a priority basis. He promised that the police administration would provide security to the girl students studying in them.

Mr Jai Singh, a contractor, and Mr Prabhu Ram Malik also donated Rs 1 lakh and Rs 51,000 respectively to the Gurukul Mahasabha for the development of the educational institutions affiliated to it.

Mr S N Roy, Deputy Commissioner, Mr Hoshiar Singh Malik, Mr Baljit Singh Malik, Dada of Gathwal Khap, Mr Ranbir Singh Malik and a large number of prominent citizens were among those who attended this function.



1984 RIOTS
‘Why no House condolence?’
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 7
To pay homage to the victims of the 1984 riots on their 18th Remembrance Day, the Sikh Forum held a public meeting here last evening. Speaking on the occasion, Dr A. S. Narang said that the forum would hold public meetings each year to remind the government of the brutal attack on Sikhs and would rest only when they receive justice.

Justice Rajinder Sachar pointed out that apologies had been made over atrocities committed on people the world over. For instance, the United States and Japan had apologised for their acts during the World War II. At the same time, it was disgraceful that the government and Parliament were yet to pass a condolence resolution on 1984 atrocities, he said. He called the 1984 carnage as the murder of human soul.

The meeting, which was presided over by Justice J. S. Narula, resolved and appealed to the members of Parliament to pass a condolence resolution in the memory of the 5,000 Sikhs who were brutally killed in the carnage. They also appealed to the central government to appoint special courts to try those charged with the killings of these people. Trial of the 72 police personnel who were identified by the Kusum Lata Committee for dereliction of duty during the riots through special courts was also demanded.

Sikhs told to unite

A meeting of the Shiromani Gurdwara Sewadar Committee was held on Wednesday at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Tilak Nagar. The president of the panel, Mr Raja Singh Sethi, appealed to all Akali groups to unite under the banner of Akal Takht to strengthen their power.

He further said that educated Sikh youth must come, preach and expand the religion. “Sikhism is the religion of humanity. It believes not only in theory but also in practical work.” He asked the Sikh youth to follow the Rehat Maryada (Sikh code of conduct).

Mr Pritam Singh Walia said that all gurdwaras of India should be brought under the All India Gurdwara Act and minimum wages of workers (sewadars) must be Rs 3,000. Avtar Singh Arora, Amrik Singh Parwana, Tehal Singh Taneja, Pritam Singh Walia, and Satnam Singh Uppal attended the meeting and urged the authorities to give importance to Punjabi language throughout the country.



Sonepat Bar Assn to continue strike
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, November 7
The district Bar Association has decided to extend their strike indefinitely in protest against the alleged failure of the police to arrest the culprits involved in threatening some lawyers and trying to extort money from them.

According to a report, the association expressed concern over the ‘inaction’ of the police in tracing the culprits and announced its decision to go ahead with the strike.

Five lawyers, it may be recalled, had received the threatening call on phone in the evening of October 23, seeking a ransom of Rs 5 lakh.

Thereupon, the lawyers called on the superintendent of police and apprised him of the threatening call.

The SP promised them that the culprits would be arrested within a week.

Thereafter, the members of the Bar Association went on a two-day strike on October 28 and since then they have not resumed the work, resulting in the disruption of the court work.

Sources have revealed that a dreaded criminal Anil Bhagtey had threatened the lawyers on phone seeking Rs 5 lakh. But later, the alleged culprit denied the allegations and told the lawyers and mediapersons on phone that he had not given any threats or sought any ransom from the lawyers.

Five hurt in clashes: Five persons including a woman were injured in clashes which took place at Tharu Uldepur, Bagru, Mohana and Bahalgarh villages on Wednesday.

According to a report, the injured persons were immediately hospitalised. They were stated to be out of danger. The police are still investigating the cases. However, no arrest has been made so far in this connection.



Seven counters opened to accept telephone bills
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, November 7
Seven new cash collection counters have been commissioned by the General Manager (Telecom), Mr G. K. Upadhya, at the Raj Nagar Telephone Exchange. The department will soon press into service a mobile cash collection van also, he said.

Subscribers here had been facing a lot of problems in paying their telephone bills for a long time. People had to stand in the open for a long time during summer and winter months to pay their bills. All the new seven counters have been set up in a hall in the newly constructed building adjacent to the telephone exchange. While cash can be deposited at five counters, cheques will be accepted at the other two.

Besides, an Internet payment facility in the NCR areas was inaugurated in Delhi today where consumers can make payment through their credit cards also.

The new seven counters opened are all online counters where the public will be spared the hot sun and biting cold. The cash collection van, GMT said, would be pressed into service in far-off areas under Shahdara exchange where people would be able to deposit their cheques on pre-announced dates.

The General Manager said that at present there were 25 online counters in Ghaziabad district, 16 out of which were for cash payments and nine for payment through cheques.

Cash counters are also available in all post offices and GTOs and branches of Syndicate Bank in Ghaziabad and Modinagar. Besides, bill payment facility will shortly be provided at the branches of UTI and IDBI banks. All these steps, Mr Upadhya claimed, would mitigate the problems in paying bills on time by consumers.



JK group celebrates founder’s day
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 7
The JK organisation today celebrated its founder’s day – the 118th birth anniversary of late Lala Kamlapath Singhania, the visionary leader who founded the JK group of industries. Celebrated with aplomb at the Air Force Auditorium, Delhi Cantonment, the evening started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Ms Dikshit felicitated the employees of the JK group who had worked for over 25 years. She also announced the winner of the People Management Award, which was jointly awarded to the Kankroli tyre plant of JK Tyres and Lakshmi cement plant of JK Corp.

Expressing his happiness on the occasion, Mr Hari Shankar Singhania, president, JK organisation, said: “Over 100 years after Lala Kamlapath Singhania set the foundation of this group, it gives a lot of satisfaction to see that we are firmly on track with the vision he had envisaged. We at JK are looking forward to playing a significant role in building a strong, vibrant and economically powerful India.”

The venue also featured an exhibition showcasing the evolution of the JK group over the last 118 eventful years. The audience was treated to a colourful evening that included some beautiful performances by the children of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kankroli and Lakshmipat Singhania School, Sirohi - both based at Rajasthan.



Rs 72 lakh for road at Hodal mandi
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, November 7
The Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board has sanctioned an amount of Rs 72 lakh for construction of a concrete road at New Anaj Mandi at Hodal in the district.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, Rs 132 lakh have been sanctioned for constructing similar roads in Ballabgarh Anaj Mandi and a rest house. Claiming that Rs 1.60 crore had already been spent on repairs of roads in the district this season, he said Rs 43 lakh were proposed to be spent to improve the infrastructure at Mohna Mandi.

Legal Service Day

The Legal Service Day will be observed on November 9 here. According to District and Sessions Judge Nirmal Yadav, a camp would be organised at Bachat Bhawan in Sector 12 here on that day. She said the participants would be made aware of the legal structure and the common issues concerning the topic.

She said a special Lok Adalat would also be held at the Court Complex on the same day at 11 am to dispose of summary challans. A similar camp will also be held at Hommerton Public School in Sector 21-A on Saturday.

Mobike robbed at gunpoint

Rohtak: Two armed miscreants robbed a youth of Rs 12,000 and a motorcycle at gunpoint near Madina village on Wednesday evening.

According to police sources, Mr Silak Ram, munshi at Dhankhar brick kiln in Madina village, was going to Nidana village from Madina on his motorcycle. He was intercepted by a miscreant near a drain at around 6.15 pm. Meanwhile, an accomplice of the miscreant appeared from behind the trees and snatched the cash at gunpoint. The robbers also hit the munshi with the butt of the pistol when the latter resisted. They escaped on his motorcycle.

The police have registered a case under Sections 394 and 397 of the IPC and Sections 25, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act.

Freedom fighter dead

Lala Ganpat Rai Maggu, a freedom fighter, died here last evening. He was 100. He is survived by five sons and a daughter. A large number of people attended his funeral procession this afternoon. Mr Tilak Raj Maggu, vice-president, District Congress Committee (urban), and a son of the deceased, said his father had been suffering from prolonged illness.

HP MLA’s car hits cyclist

Sonepat: A car carrying a Congress MLA of Himachal Pradesh, Thakur Kaul Singh, hit a cyclist, Randhir of Raipur village, on the G T Road near Bahalgarh village, about 10 km from here, on Wednesday. The MLA immediately picked up the injured cyclist and admitted him to the civil hospital at Sonepat for treatment.



Finance cos must give notice before 
impounding vehicles
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 7
The Delhi Police today asked the Assistant Commissioners of Police and Station House Officers to inform all finance companies located under their jurisdiction to follow the guidelines of the Delhi High Court before taking possession of any vehicle, which a person may have purchased on hire purchase basis through a finance company.

The guidelines are that the finance companies must inform hirers about the details of instalments due and payable by a written communication. Even before possession, another written notice must be sent to the hirers and only thereafter the vehicles could be repossessed. Finance companies are restrained from stopping the running vehicles on the roads and forcibly pulling out the driver and taking possession of the same against all provisions of the law, the police said.

‘Puraskar’ for cops: The Commissioner of Delhi Police has awarded Asadharan Karya Puraskar and a cash reward of Rs 5,000 to head constable Prakash Veer and Rs 3,000 to security guard Surjeet Singh, who showed exemplary bravery and courage by challenging the dacoits in Anand Vihar in which former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan was injured. The dacoits attacked the house of Shanti Bhushan’s relatives where he stayed during the night, the police said.

More water for Chhat Puja: The Haryana Government has decided to release additional water to the NCT of Delhi for the Chhat Puja as the water level in the Yamuna is less than that required for the puja. The Haryana Government took the decision after Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit called her Haryana counterpart Om Prakash Chautala on today.

On the quantity of water, the sources said Haryana had assured that it would release as much water as would be needed to meet the requirement. (Water level in the Yamuna is very low at all the banks.) Chhat Puja, in which the Sun God is worshipped, falls on November 10 and 11 this year.

Dies in cylinder blast: Zahid (23) died of cylinder blast in a JJ cluster in Wazirpur this afternoon. He was welding in his shop when the cylinder exploded. He was taken to a trauma centre where he was declared brought dead. When the incident occurred, Zahid was alone in the shop. Preliminary inquiries disclosed that the cylinder exploded due to overheating.



Police rescue child from abductors
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 7
The East district police today claimed to have rescued a three-year-old boy who was kidnapped on October 19 from Kalyanpuri for extorting Rs 10 lakh from his businessman father and arrested three persons. The accused - Irshad Hussain, Nawab alias Raju and Aaley Nabi alias Rahees, all residents of Muradabad - were nabbed from Kunderki bus stand in Muradabad and the child was rescued safely from their clutches.

Rahees, the domestic help of the proprietor of Ravi brand of brass items in Kalyanpuri, also disappeared from the house on the day the latter’s son, Taj Mohammad alias Raja, was kidnapped. The child’s grandfather, Haji Puttan, suspected Rahees’ hand in the incident and registered a complaint to the police against him.

The child’s family received the first extortion call on October 26, both on the landline phone and on a mobile phone from the kidnappers. The call was traced to a tea stall near Jaipur bus stand and by the time the police team reached the spot, the kidnappers had left the place.

The kidnappers made a second call, this time from Kala Pathar in Ghaziabad and again slipped from the police trap. They then reportedly shifted their base to Muradabad. The police team reached Muradabad along with the child’s grandfather, who identified the accused when they were standing in a bus stand. The accused were immediately nabbed.

Robbers stab three: Four unidentified persons stabbed two sons and a daughter of a businesswoman in Shalimar Bagh in North-West district early Wednesday morning. The suspects barged into the house with the motive to rob the woman. While they were ransacking the house, the businesswoman, Kanta, her sons, Rajender and Ravi, and daughter Veena got up. They had a scuffle with the suspects. The suspects stabbed Kanta’s sons and daughter. They were admitted to Aggarsain Hospital from where Rajender and Veena were discharged. Ravi is still in the hospital, the police said.

Heroin seized: With the arrest of eight persons in separate cases, the Narcotics Branch of the Delhi Police today claimed to have recovered heroin worth Rs 2.5 crore and 5 kg of hashish. In the first case, the police arrested Laloo Gupta alias Raju from Trilokpuri and seized 500 gm of heroin from his possession. In the second case, sleuths of the Narcotics Branch arrested two suspects from Kalyanpuri - Jamrulla and his son Laeek. The police seized 400 gm and 100 gm of heroin from Laeek and Jamrulla respectively. They received the supply from Shahjahanpur in UP. The supplier has also been identified and a team of the police will be sent there to arrest him. 


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