Monday, November 11, 2002, Chandigarh, India

C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Master plan — a launching pad for SAS Nagar
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, November 10
The township is finally set to step out of the shadows of its cousin city, Chandigarh, which has for over 30 years exemplified all development plans of SAS Nagar, in the next 20 years, this township will be as big as Chandigarh, catering to a projected population of more than 5 lakh and as many as 50 Sectors of its own with a recreational zone, a handicraft industry, multiplexes, golf courses and a couple of 500-bed hospitals.


  • A recreation zone spread over two sectors.
  • A 500-bed hospital on the Kharar-Banur road.
  • A small-scale and handicraft institutional zone near Ballomajra.
  • A golf course in an area of 200 acres along the Patiala ki Rao choe.
  • A centralised instead of linear market plan in Sector 79.
  • 200-foot long roadside commercial setup on the pattern of Janpath, New Delhi.

The Mohali master plan prepared by the Punjab Town and Country Planning Department comes up for finalisation on November 12 and if given the nod by the Chief Minister, the master plan will provide basic guidelines for the development of this township for the next 20 years.

The area under planning broadly runs between two seasonal rivulets, Patiala ki Rao and another choe on the southern side. A total area of 16,642 hectares, covering 77 villages, has been declared as the planning area under the master plan, which includes around 1400 acres of Industrial Estate on the south-east rim of the town. The remaining area of about 8000 acres, constituting 34 villages, has been earmarked as agricultural zone. Once developed, the town will touch the Kharar-Banur road.

In a withdrawal from the earlier “faulty” planning, the planners have kept the industrial area on the southern side due to the prevailing wind direction. In the existing town, industrial area has been carved out on the north-west fringe.

A buffer zone of institutional and sports facilities has been planned between the industrial area and the residential sectors.

On the pattern of Chandigarh, the town would have two city centres — one each of around 240 acres in Sector 62 and Sector 85. The two centres would be linked with Chandigarh and the Kharar-Banur road through a 200-foot wide road.

Another feature of the master plan is to provide a bypass for Punjab-bound traffic coming from Delhi.

A connectivity of the Zirakpur-Patiala road with the Chandigarh-Ludhiana road has been proposed. A transport area along the Chandigarh-Ludhiana road has also been planned.

The draft of this master plan was submitted to the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Mr Ragunath Sahai Puri, in April this year by the department.

The last meeting of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning Board to finalise the plan was scheduled to be held in July but was postponed.


Will PU put a ban on private candidates?
Sanjeev Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
Will Panjab University scrap private candidature system from the current academic session(2002-2003)? The matter is being hotly debated at various fora and the university has constituted a committee to go through the details before making a final recommendation.

At present the university allows only women candidates to appear in the examination as private candidates. The facility extends only to the field of social sciences and languages. The matter gains importance because the university regulatory body, the University Grants Commission, has also sought the universities to discontinue the practice.

The matter gained importance on the PU campus because Principal Harmit Kaur had moved a resolution seeking the discontinuation of the practice which came up for discussion at the Senate meeting. Due to difference of opinion the matter was referred to a special committee. The committee members include Prof R.J.Hans Gill, the Dean University Instructions, Prof R.D.Anand, Principal S.C.Marriya, Prof Charanjit Chawla, Prof Santosh Sharma, Principal Usha Gupta and Principal Harmit Kaur, besides others.

The UGC issued instructions as early as May 17,1996. The university as per directions of the UGC in July 1999 decided to debar private candidates from appearing in exams. However later in the same month the university withdrew its decision.

The university letter says “ it has all along been feeling concerned about the falling standards of higher education and trying to counter malpractices like tuitions in colleges. At present the university allows only girl candidates to appear in the examination as girl candidates”.

“The practice has caused an abnormal rise in teaching shops for women. A large number of such commercial institutes have flourished all over the state (Punjab) to exploit women. These institution conceal the fact that their institutions are not affiliated to any university. They have neither the requisite staff nor equipment to provide any education worth the name. In an era of unprecedented advancement in science, technology and knowledge such a large-scale exploitation in the name of education should be stopped”, the note says.

The note points that the practice had adversely affected the interests of affiliated women colleges at the time when they lacked adequate financial support from the university and the government.

There is, however, a school of thought totally opposed to a ban on private candidature for women. It is argued that only girl students were allowed to appear as private candidates which was in their social interest as in a large number of cases girls were barred from entering the colleges. In case the argument is only to bar students because it hampers financial interests of certain colleges (largely private), then the move needs a re-thought, a fellow said.

A fellow points out that “ the practice helps in enhancing the matrimonial prospects of a girl and helps girls who cannot afford already high fees levied in colleges as regular students”. It is also pointed out that private coaching centres were largely located in towns like Ludhiana (more precisely) where coaching is given to private as well as regular students. The university also needs to deliberate on candidates who got their degrees from outside states.

The government also needs to give an ear to private colleges in particular who are already facing the brunt of the financial crunch and the tight hand of the government in giving grants which is only further tightened.


Tenants need not panic, say landlords
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
Giving a new twist to the ongoing debate over the recent amendment in the rent Act, the Chandigarh Building Owners Association, Sector 17, said there was no need to panic. The tenants have nothing to worry as rents will actually come down as more accommodation will be available. The step will actually benefit the tenants in the long run.


  • Don't worry the rents will actually come down as more accommodation will be available.
  • So far the law was lopsided and in favour of the tenants and landlords were no more like beggars, who were getting pittance as rent.
  • Increase in rents should be linked to the rise in price index.
  • We will move the National Human Rights Commission if the notification is withdrawn under pressure from politicians.
  • The local government in each city should come out with a chart on market rates every three to five years and the rents must be based on that.

At present a fake scarcity has been created by those who are paying very low rents. Very few properties are available for rent thus rates have been jacked up artificially. Actually there should be a time period limit also and not just the Rs 1,500 clause, the Association members said. Several properties have been on rent for even less than this amount for more than three decades.

While highlighting the cases of shops which have been let out for a sum of Rs 1,500 for the past three decades, the association maintained that ‘‘no landlord wants to get his property vacated, he just wants the rent to come in regularly and in line with the existing market rates. And why is the tenant shying away from paying the due to the landlord ?’’

‘‘For a landlord the property is an investment which needs to be let out to earn the returns’’, said members of the association who own some of the costliest real estate in the region. ‘‘Today the landlords are facing the music at the hands of tenants. Similar Act has been enforced in neighbouirng S.A.S. Nagar and nothing has happened there’’, they maintained.

When the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949, was formulated the need was to safeguard the interest of the people who had come from across the border and to save them from exploitation at the hands of landlords. Today there is no need for such Acts, said the association while welcoming the move of the Chandigarh Administration to do away with the provisions of the Act for properties which are rented out at a sum of Rs 1,500 per month. These cases will be dealt strictly on the basis of the terms of the contract.

They added that in certain cases the investors were keeping their premises vacant fearing that they would not be able to get their properties vacated. The need is to link rents with the price index or with the present market value.

Wherever Chandigarh stands today it is due to the fact that investors who had come initially to the city built the showrooms by taking a risk as several other townships were also planned but could not develop as Chandigarh did.

‘‘Any political party supporting the tenants on this issue is stopping the growth of economy’’, the association said while adding that if the notification was withdrawn under pressure from any political group, it will move the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) for justice.


BSNL mobile phone services from today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
The dream of thousands of cellular subscribers in the city to avail themselves of free incoming calls is finally becoming a reality, as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to launch its much talked about free incoming cellular services from November 11 in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula simultaneously.

What you need with an application form for a BSNL mobile connection:

* A self-attested passport size photograph.

* A copy of electricity, water bill/ ration card/ passport/telephone bill/voter ID or driving licence as a proof of residence.

* BSNL fixed line subscribers could attach a copy of last paid phone bill to get connection early.

* Payment through cash/demand draft/pay order only.

* Contact 94170- 24365 for any complaint.

* Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 as security to get local call, STD and ISD facility respectively, besides Rs 200 as activation charges.

Addressing a media conference here today, Mr R.C. Vaish, Principal General Manager Telecom, announced the launch of the service. He said, “After successfully launching its cellular services in Ludhiana and Sangrur in the region, the BSNL has decided to start its services here from tomorrow. It would enable its subscribers to avail themselves of countrywide coverage of our network at an affordable price. We will offer free voice mail service and special packages to the corporate customers.’’

The BSNL had set up counters to accept application forms at its offices in Sector 17, 34 and 37 and Manimajra in Chandigarh and in Phase IV of S.A.S. Nagar and Sector 5 at its Panchkula office. All arrangements had been made at the Manimajra exchange to run the system efficiently. The customers could submit their application forms at these centres from 10 am to 2 pm on any working day. They would be issued tokens and connections would be released within 24-72 hours, he said.

Mr Vaish claimed that the post-paid scheme would offer free incoming calls from BSNL land line and mobile network under Rs 325 monthly rental, but Rs 1.20 per minute would be charged for receiving calls from other networks. The out going calls would be charged Rs 2 per minute during 8 am to 10 pm peak hours and Rs 1.60 per minute during off peak hours. The BSNL has also introduced 15 second pulse to benefit customers.

Under Rs 225 monthly rental, he said, customers would have to pay Rs 2.40/minute for outgoing and Rs 1.20/minute for incoming calls, besides Rs 200 as activation charges and there would be no roaming and CLI charges. He further disclosed that BSNL’s initial capacity in Chandigarh would be to provide 10,000 connections and 5,000 each in Panchkula and Mohali.The capacity would be enhanced by the end of the year, he added.

Mr Vaish said corporate customers would be offered a special package. They could get connections without depositing any security fee amount. In case, they purchased more than five connections, they could avail themselves of a special package of free incoming and outgoing calls. However, they would have to pay just Rs 150 per connection monthly under that scheme. Similarly, they could also avail themselves of a special credit facility from the BSNL, he added.



The Punjab Governor, Lieut Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), is known for his acts of kindness and then following up with personal visits to ascertain the progress. Last week the Governor inaugurated the Cheshire home — a place where people with disabilities can stay. The General had promised to open the Cheshire home about three months ago. When he went to inaugurate the home, the General checked things like the working of the gas stove and personally oversaw the operations. The General was satisfied with the kitchen.

In the past the Governor has been following up on things at his own level. Notably, the functioning of the Government press, the estate office and other offices where public needs to come in daily for their work has improved due to his interest.

Shopping trend

Sales gimmicks have marked pre-Diwali and post-Diwali shopping in Chandigarh. Probably, the shopkeepers have started off a new trend which will change the way people have traditionally shopped. While trying to copy the pattern of the famous Dubai Festival, shopkeepers have pooled in their resources and have put up fabulous prizes to be won. This includes cars, scooters, washing machines, music systems, airconditioners and other such consumer items. The two main markets in Sector 22-D and Sector 17 had this “car jeeto offer”. And not just one car was on offer but three cars in each of the markets. Very soon the shopkeepers on the Chandigarh —Shimla highway popularly known as NAC Manimajra followed suit with their own “car jeeto ” offer.

All that the shoppers had to do was to make purchases for a specified amount to be eligible for the lucky draw. In Sector 17 this amount varied from Rs 250 to Rs 1000 depending upon the nature of the purchase and the goods bought. In Sector 22 the same system was used. Actually the Sector 22 shopkeepers had pioneered this car jeeto offer. Now the traders want their own little festival to be declared the official Chandigarh Shopping Festival. With such prizes for shoppers no one would mind. One just hopes that the Chandigarh Administration follows suit and keeps up with the times to provide the right kind of governmental support.

Gifts for sale

It may look strange but it is true. Some of the officials of the Punjab government, Chandigarh Administration and the Haryana government residing in the city, got so many Diwali gifts this year that they were unable to find ways to dispose them in a proper way.

Even after sharing a part of these gifts with their servants, some officials were left with so many gifts that they had to devise new ways. Some of these officials, reportedly asked their servants to dispose these gifts in the market at a discounted rate. The gift packs included dry fruit packets, sweet boxes, premium packs of whisky and sweaters of famous brands.

Elderly check

People have often complained of widespread red-tapism and corruption in government institutions, especially which deal in subsidy on loans. The officials at the regional office of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) here, who facilitate rural youth to get loans and subsidy, often find it difficult to ask them even to pay for a cup of tea.

It is not any Gandhian morality or fear of vigilance bureau, but the eyes of some old aged lower rank staff, who would not allow them to deviate from the “right” path. Says an official,‘‘These old men would simply boycott us once they get to know about a wrong deal and would openly disobey us in office.’’

And in some years, he claims, they have also become like them unconsciously and would check juniors from doing anything wrong.

Fit to host

With the PGI’s dental department being the host for the Fifth Congress of Asian Academy of Preventive Dentistry, elaborate preparations are being made for the convenience of the delegates, especially the foreigners.

Being skeptical about the facilities available in the city, the venue for holding the congress from November 14 to 16 received final approval only after a three-member foreign team visited Chandigarh. The preparation includes replacing the Indian style bathrooms in the Bhargava Stadium with western style as 150 foreign delegates are expected to be here for the congress.

The doctors say that they had a tough time convincing people that India was no longer a country where people live on trees. “We had to tell them we might be living on trees but we now use lifts to reach our house,” said one of the doctors in a lighter vein.

Evening OPD

There is complete uncertainty at the PGI over the date for starting of evening OPD, as the Union Health Minister, Mr Shatrughan Sinha, took the authorities by surprise by announcing December 1as the deadline.

With practically no preparations made so far the PGI Staff Council will be meeting on November 11, to discuss the issue. Right from day one, ever since the minister came up with the idea of evening OPD, the faculty and staff at PGI has been expressing their apprehension over the move, which they feel will adversely affect research work. They say that the PGI could not be equated with the AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital for this very reason.

Dr G.S. Gill

Dr G.S. Gill, a reader at the Centre of Advanced Study in Geology, Panjab University, has been nominated as a member of the National Working Group of the UNESCO sponsored International Geological Correlation Programme — Project IGPC 464. The project will focus on “continental shelves of geometry and palaeogeography of shelves, of palaeoclimate and sea surface palaeotemperatures, in particular in tropical climates.”

The activities of the project include: Application of fibre-optic cable route surveys, seismic methods and sequence stratigraphic methods to identify palaeomorphology of continental shelves.

Dr G.S. Gill has done his masters and doctorate degrees for PU and is teaching for the past 21 years. He has worked on glacial lake sediments at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg (Canada) as a visiting researcher.


The Indian Council of Social Science Research, Ministry of Human Resource Development, has offered the prestigious national fellowship to Prof Jitendra Mohan, Department of Psychology in Panjab University, in recognition of his contribution to the field of social science.

Professor Mohan, who recently was awarded the life contribution award by the Indian Association of Sports Medicine, is known for his pioneering work in the field of sports psychology and applied psychology. During the tenure of the fellowship, Professor Mohan will work on psycho-social factors in coronary artery disease: new horizons in prevention and intervention.

Professor Mohan is the first professor of the university to receive this award of the UGC.

Novel on Banda Bahadar

Inspired by the valour and personality of Banda Singh Bahadar, a Punjab bureaucrat, Mr K.K. Bhatnagar (Principal Secretary, Education), has written a novel, both in Hindi and Punjabi, on this Sikh fighter in the backdrop of history.

This is not his first work of literature. In the literary circles, he is better known as Kuldeep Bhatnagar “Kavideep’’, who has to his credit a book of poems, “Utsav’’ (48 poems, songs and ghazals) published in 2000. He has also written a small booklet, “Shiv Ram Milan’’ in chhand and chaupai and has also released two audio cassettes of devotional music, one named Shiv Ram Rasdhara in 1994 and the other named, Shiv Ki Holi, in 1996. “Kavideep’’ penned the songs in both cassettes.

His latest contribution on Banda Singh Bahadar is the outcome of his six months travels all along the route that once Banda Bahadar took from Panipat to Rajouri, parts of Himachal Pradesh and to Gurdaspur, all places with which Banda’s life was associated. And, of course, Mr Bhatnagar read dozens of books on the subject.

Incidentally, Banda Singh Bahadar, a bairagi, was converted to Sikhism by Guru Gobind Singh himself. Having been thus initiated, Banda Bahadar took charge of Sikh fighters at a crucial, turning point in history. He raised a strong force and defeated the then Mughal Governor of Sirhind, Wazir Khan, and established the first Sikh Kingdom in 1710, after the battle of Sirhind. The empire lasted in patches till 1716, till Banda was defeated by a superior Mughal force in Gurdaspur.

No credibility

About 300 Panchayat secretaries of Punjab are on a war path for the past many months. They have put up their tents in Sector 17 in front of the office of the Panchayat and Rural Development department. When some of their members sat on a hunger strike about a month ago, Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab, had promised to reinstate them. He had especially sent his political secretary, Rana Gurmit Singh, and state president of the Congress, Mr Hanspal to assure them, but even after a month, these youth have failed to get back their jobs. Strangely, they say, now no newspaper is ready to cover their agitation, as the newspapers have already reported that their demands had been met by the state CM.

— Sentinel



One dream to another, Raj Babbar moves on
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
A familiar charm still fills his face, so does the inimitable humility which makes the man in Raj Babbar more important than the star. For years together, this actor-turned-politician has lived up for certain ideals — an attitude that clearly distinguishes him form a host of politicians to whose genre he now belongs. Even today, as the Rajya Sabha MP from Agra in UP, which is the best political hot bed these days, Raj Babbar spoke more of his political commitment and less of his role in the power game. In the end, however, he spoke only about the new harbinger of his dreams — his daughter and now a star in the making Juhi Babbar, who was accompanying his father to a private reception in the Rock Garden tonight.

Flanked by wife Nadira and daughter Juhi, Raj Babbar made a pretty picture of a happy Indian family. As we got a chance to peep into the family portrait, we got talking to the man himself, and also to his better half Nadira, who is happily living on for her first love — her theatre company Ek Jut. In an exclusive interview with The Tribune today, Raj Babbar talked of Juhi as the anchor of his life and its activities.

No wonder he chose his daughter to play a role which he had wanted Smita Patil to play. Juhi will shortly feature in 'Kaash aap hamare hote," a film which Raj Babbar had conceived along with his wife Smita years ago in 1983. His eyes sure well up as he reminisces, "This is not just a film for me. It is my and Smita's baby. We had lived the theme together, nurtured it together and had wanted to see it home together. However, that was not to be and here we are. The roles stand reversed. The kids have taken over. Now Juhi will play Smita's role in the film and Sonu Nigam will play the role I had carved for myself."

Juhi is naturally excited and also nervous, as she has an outstanding task to achieve. "I will do my best and with the direction coming from Ravinder Pipat, I am sure I will give my best," said the actress. In fact, she has great grounding in theatre as she has worked in Nadira Babbar productions like Begum Jaan and Yehudi ki ladki.

And how about Raj Babbar's son Arya Babbar? Does he figure anywhere in his father's projects? Answers Raj Babbar, trying to get away from the crowd that pulls and claws at him unfailingly, "He is very much a part of my belonging. He is currently working with Ramuja Rao in the South. he is doing two films titled "Thoda tum badlo thoda hum". He is doing another film titled "Mudda" with the writer of Satya Saurabh Shukla."

With the reign now handed over to the kids, both Nadira and Raj wore a peaceful look, trying to nod in warmth to the gathering that looked at them throughout their time of presence at the reception party of a senior bureaucrat's son.


Former DC injured
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
Former Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh, Mr Raghbir Singh, received a bullet injury on his foot when his licenced revolver went off accidentally at his Sector 4 Mansa Devi residence today.

It is learnt that Mr Ranbir Singh was getting ready to leave for a social function when the incident took place. The police says he was taking out something from his cupboard when the revolver fell off with a few clothes and was thus triggered off.

He was hit by the bullet on his foot and began bleeding profusely. He was immediately rushed to the General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh. His condition is now stated to be out of danger.

Raghbir Singh was the Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh in early 80s.


Memorable college reunion
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
It was a reunion with a difference. Several senior bureaucrats, doctors, businessmen, farmers, industrialists, defence officers and management experts drawn from all over Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh — all alumni of prestigious La Martiniere College, Lucknow — converged on the PCA Stadium at SAS Nagar, near here, last evening for a memorable get- together.

Some of the alumni were surprised to find their history teacher, Mr Oscar Henderson, who had later migrated to Australia, amongst them. Also in attendance were not only students of the early 60s but also as recent as the 1995 batch.

While Brig D.S. Grewal came all the way from Nabha to meet his old school mates, Colonel Rana joined from Himachal. Ms R. Mattoo, who belongs to the 1965 batch, was perhaps one of the oldest women student present at the reunion.

There was music, besides dance, as the famous Rodrigues brothers with their orchestra played some of the popular numbers, including those of Punjabi pop. Then, there were surprise prizes.

Dr R.K. Pachauri, Chairman, TRAI, who had specially come to attend the alumni meet, however, had to rush back to the union Capital for an urgent meeting. His brother, Mr S.K. Pachauri, a senior IAS officer, however, attended the meet.

The meet was the brainchild of six alumni from this region — Mr Sudhir Mittal, Chairman, PSEB; Mr Mickey Gill, Mr George Shear (academician), Col S.J. Singh, Mr Gautam Bhardwaj, Dr Vijay Mohan Kohli and Mr Ravi Virk — who not only made the event memorable but also organised golf for their old schoolmates this morning.

“We got more than expected old schoolmates from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh for the reunion and now we have decided to make it a regular feature,” says Mr Ravi Virk, chief organiser of the meet.


Arjun Singh consults city doctor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 10
Mr Arjun Singh, a senior Congress leader and a former Governor of Punjab, was here for two days for orthopaedic treatment.

Mr Arjun Singh arrived here on November 8 by the morning flight of the Indian Airlines to consult Dr O.N. Nagi of the Department of Orthopaedics of the PGI about some chronic problems, including his swollen and painful feet.

He also underwent a series of tests. He left yesterday for New Delhi by the Shatabdi Express.

During his tenure as Governor of Punjab, Dr Nagi was his Consultant Orthopaedician.

Though the visit was treated “private and only for a health check-up”, Mr Arjun Singh, a seasoned politician, did meet some of his old acquaintances, including some political activists and a couple of journalists, including the Editor of ‘Ajit’, Mr Barjinder Singh Hamdard, and its Punjab Correspondent, Mr Harkanwaljit Singh, for an assessment of political situation in the state.


12 join INLD
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, November 10
As many as 12 prominent persons of the township today joined the Indian National Lok Dal . They include five lawyers, including former President of District Bar, Mr Sunil Kashyap and Mr Deepak Kapoor. Former bureaucrat and General Secretary of Panchkula Industrial Association, Mr S.S. Goel , Mr Kuldipak Lal, Mr C.L. Malhotra, Mr Shiv Kumar Bagra, Mr Balwant Singh, Mr Inder Sain Aggarwal and Mr K.K. Sharma also joined the party.


Body found from Sukhna Lake
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, November 10
The police today found the body of an unidentified man in his early thirties from Sukhna Lake. The wrist watch on the victim had stopped on November 7, leading to suspicion that the death took place on the same day. The police suspects it to be a case of suicide.

The body was found floating in the lake at around 5 pm today.


Jail inmate dies in PGI
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, November 10
An inmate of Kapurthala jail, Darshan Singh, who was lodged in Burail Jail here, for treatment of brain tumor, died at the PGI today. He was found guilty by a court in a case of cheque bounce and was undergoing a two-year term.


Man missing
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, November 10
A resident of H.No. 176, Type-I, PGI Campus, Mr Manoj Pant has reported to the police that his uncle Mr Luxmi Pant (37) has been missing since November 5, 2002. He was wearing white shirt, dark green trousers and red shoes when last seen.

Mr Manoj said his uncle left home at about 6.30 p.m. on November 5 to fetch vegetables from nearby Khuda Lahora village but went missing.


Fake currency seized, 1 held
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, November 10
The local police today arrested one person, Raj Kumar, from Sector 15 and seized fake currency worth Rs 7,000 from him. Two of his accomplices — Ashok Kumar and Harman, however, had left the house minutes before the police reached there. Police sources inform that two Punjab Police cops, ASI Banta Singh and Head Constable Malkiat approached the Sector 19 police this afternoon, informing that the two accused were operating a fake currency racket from Sector 15.

The police immediately geared up and swooped down at H No. 2217, Sector 15, around 2.30 p.m. Raj Kumar, a resident of Rattiya, was arrested from there and fake currency of Rs 100 denomination notes was seized. A .315 bore country made pistol, three cartridges, a scanner and colour cartridge were also recovered. The trio had reportedly come to the city only a few days ago. Police officials say they have now launched a manhunt for Ashok Kumar and Harman.


Breach of trust case against 2
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, November 10
The police has registered a case of criminal breach of trust under Section 406 of the IPC against two employees of a paid parking lot at the PGI because a car (CH01H 1196) was stolen from the parking lot on the night intervening November 8 and 9. The accused are Parvesh Kumar of Naya Gaon and Pushap Kewal of Sector 40. The complainant in the case is Mr Narinder Kher, a resident of Sector 19.

Five cases registered: Meanwhile, the police has also registered five other cases including four of vehicles thefts.

Hero Honda motor cycle (CH03F 2420) of Mr Amitesh Malik, a resident of Sector 22, was allegedly stolen from the Lake Club parking lot here yesterday. On the night intervening November 8 and 9 two vehicles were stolen — Tata Sumo jeep (CH01S 5847) of Mr Gursewak Singh was stolen from his Mani Majra residence and a scooter (CH03F 9796) of Mr Rajinder Dogra, a resident of Sector 40 was stolen from his residence. The stereo from the car of Mr Mukand Gupta, a resident of Sector 22, was stolen on the night intervening November 8 and 9. The car was parked at his residence at the time of the alleged theft. Mr Monik Gupta of Sector 48 also reported that Bajaj Pulsar motor cycle (CH03J 0984) was stolen from a market in Sector 19 on November 5.

Two students hurt: Two students of Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42, were injured in a road accident here yesterday evening. As per information available, Amit Jindal and Amit Somani, were riding a scooter, which was hit by a car on the dividing road of Sectors 40 and 41 at around 9.10 p.m. The car driver Amar Singh, a resident of Palsora village has been arrested. He was later released on bail.


Six arrested: The police has arrested six persons from different parts of the district on charges of drinking at a public place. These accused — Bhupinder, Sukhchain, Karan Singh, Bhim Ram, Suresh and Narain Das have been booked under the Excise Act.

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