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Sunday, December 22, 2002
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Hollywood hues

Brosnan: Living it up
Brosnan: Living it up

LIFE sure has changed for current James Bond star Pierce Brosnan. Though these days he is flashing his licence to kiss, kill and crack dreadful jokes in his latest outing Die Another Day, he seems to have got some handsome rewards for doing four 007 films. How else would one explain Pierce Brosnan’s money-spending binges and a lifestyle that rivals that of the richest of the rich of the dream city? Recently, in London for a minor back surgery, Brosnan utilised his recuperating time, gift hunting for his parents’ 55th anniversary. The reported gift? A $ 21 million country house near London with the amenities of Buckingham Palace. Now that’s style, 007 style!

Lady with a past

Midler: All for daughter’s sake
Midler: All for daughter’s sake.

Sassy Hollywood singer-actress, the divine Betty Midler, who has served up a fare of may-hem and mirth in a string of hit movies Like Down and Out In Beverly Hills and Get Shorty is a very strict mom to her 14-year-old daughter, Sophie.

She makes it a point not to talk about her raunchy singing past in Sophie’s presence. But now, after four Golden Globes, four Grammy’s, two Emmy’s and a Tony she is one of the leading lights of tinsel town and her past is a common topic of discussion. Starting her career singing her New York’s sleazy nightclubs she rose to fame as a ‘flesh’ star who could drink any guy under the table. But, after the release of her first big hit, The Rose in 1982, Midler settled down to a life of sobriety and married a stock-broker. She began hitting big time with films like Ruthless People, Outrageous Fortune and For the Boys which won her the Golden Globe.

Which is why she is so distressed when magazines rake up her earlier life of drugs, drinks and men. "I’m more upset for my daughter because I want to give her the best upbringing anyone can.


Catching them young

The chanteuse is ready to abdicate. But not before she has made a final film about life on the tennis circuit. Barbra Striesand says it will "take the world by storm". That she will be the lead star of the movie is a bygone conclusion. The big surprise is that she is planning to offer the lead role to ex-boyfriend Andre Agassi in a Summer of 42 kind of a movie. After a series of failed romances with Hollywood hunks like Ryan O’Neal, Elliot Gould, Jon Peters, Don Johnson and Andre Agassi, Barbra a says she’s had enough and wants to just concentrate on her films and music. Her last big romance was with Agassi a decade ago. At 21, he was shockingly 30 years her junior. But Barbra has always had a fascination for younger men. Both Don Johnson and James Newtown Howard were nine years younger to her and Liam Neeson was 38 when he flipped for the then 50-year-old Barbra. Explains a close friend, "She’s attracted to younger men because they seem to be her idea of men." That is why despite the age difference, Barbra can still cast a spell over younger men. But now those emotions will only be reserved for the silver screen.

Mother of all crystal gazers

Despite being the mother of one of the most well-known starts of the world, Jacqueline Stallone is no less a celebrity. Sylvester’s mom has for years been competing fiercely with Linda Goodman in a race to become the mother of all crystal gazers. She counts among her clients the rich and the famous from whom she is known to charge six-figure sums. It is not nothing that she has found a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s most accurate astrologer. She now claims that the late Lady Diana sought her predictions to guide her through her crumbling marriage to Prince Charles. "I met her when I was asked to do the horoscope of the entire royal family of England," says Jacqueline. Jacqueline even claims to have advised Diana not leave Prince Charles as she would then not only lose the custody of her children but could meet a violent end. She has now predicted that Diana’s eldest son, William, who is the next in line of succession will not become the King of England. "That is what his stars say. No one can do anything about that," says the crystal gazer who seems to have completely failed to see the rapidly falling career graph of her son!

The power nose

Noses have long been the doing and undoing of many an actress. There have been numerous attempts at perfection and nose jobs have made cosmetic surgeons as rich as the glittering stars themselves. So what’s hot now? Gone is the ‘60s Bardot turned-up look. It is now the era of the power nose. The large nose has always been equated with intelligence and sensuousness. Even two centuries ago, writer Blaise Pascal had written. "Had Cleopatra’s nose been shorter, the whole face of the world would have changed." In showbiz, the desire to be taken seriously has ushered in the era of the power nose. And it is not surprising that some of the top names in Hollywood have gone in for clever surgery. Madonna, Cher, Kylie Minogue and Brigette Neilsen are some shining examples who have reportedly re-moulded their noses in accordance with the current fashions. And many more are nosing around for good cosmetic surgeons.

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