Monday, January 20, 2003, Chandigarh, India

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Dense fog turns life topsy-turvy
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 19
Dense fog continued to disrupt life in Delhi, Sonepat, Noida, Ghaziabad and several NCR towns as air, rail and road traffic was thrown out of gear. People in the region have been weathering inclement conditions for more than a fortnight now.

The fog and the chilly winds punctuated by power crisis had them shivering and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, not yet!

There have also been reports of fatal accidents due to fog.

The Meteorological Department, which had earlier given a clearance for flight to take off at 10.30 am, reviewed its decision, as there was no improvement in weather conditions with visibility reduced to minimum. Railway traffic was also disrupted.

Vehicular traffic too remained affected with the drivers using headlights. The Met office sources said thick fog was the result of western disturbances and the situation was unlikely to improve in the next few days. Frequent load-shedding has hit Delhi hard as they remain in the dark during the best part of the day.

In Sonepat also, thick layer of fog, coupled with icy winds again played havoc with the rail and road traffic as people shivered with the mercury plummeting to the lowest of the season. According to a report, the Haryana Government ordered the change of timings of all the schools in the state till January 25 in the wake of a further fall in temperature. The schools will now open at 10.30 am and close at 4 pm.

Sonepat city had experienced the coldest night on January 18. Traffic on the G T Road and other state highways was worst hit by the thick fog. A series of road accidents were reported.

According to a report, two youths Surinder and Rajan sustained serious injuries when their motorcycle rammed a stationary truck on the G T Road near Aswarpur village about 13 km from here last night. One of the youths was sent to a trauma centre at Delhi for further treatment.

In another accident, at least two dozen auto vehicles were involved when the driver of a canter applied brakes all of a sudden on the G T Road near Qumashpur village, 13 km from here, last night.

In Ghaziabad and Noida, four persons were killed and six sustained injuries in the last 24 hours in separate road accidents. Two accidents occurred as trucks, loaded with iron rods, were parked on the road, which could not be seen due to dense fog. This resulted in the death of two persons as iron rods pierced their chests.

In an early morning accident near Chhijarsi village on the highway, a bus driver failed to see the truck parked on the road and rammed it. A postman going to work in Delhi died as an iron rod pierced his chest. Four others were injured. Three vehicles also collided with the bus and the stationary truck.

The seriously inured postman, Rajinder Singh (52), and the other injured were rushed by the Sector 58 police to a hospital in Noida where the former was declared brought dead. Rajinder Singh’s son, Kamal Singh of Ghaziabad, has lodged an FIR against the bus driver, Raj Munesh.

In another accident, a motorcyclist, Tejinder Maku of Delhi, was killed near the Sector 20 police station, Noida after his bike rammed a truck loaded with iron rods. The police have sent the bodies for autopsies.

(With inputs from Our Correspondents)


Congress rally guns for BJP
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 19
The Congress on Sunday hit out against the BJP-led NDA government for pursuing “myopic” policies that divided society on communal lines and which did precious little to improve the economic condition of the working class.

Leaders from the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) and the All India Congress Committee (AICC) came together for the ‘Halla Bol’ rally organised by the party in the Sultanpuri area of the Capital.

The party’s leaders who addressed the rally said the BJP was least interested in improving the economic condition of the people or protecting the interests of the working class.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in her speech that was read out on the occasion, lashed out at the BJP’s sectarian tendencies. The rhetoric about Hindutva, she said, had only divided society along communal lines.

Chiding the BJP for pursuing a communal agenda, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, in turn, said instead of indulging in cheap gimmicks like the BJP, the Congress had given Delhiites a government that responded.

The Chief Minister said she favoured regularisation of all unauthorised colonies by the year-end but it was the Centre’s disinterest that was coming in the way of its implementation.

The Congress government, she told the rallyists, had transformed Delhi into a city of flyovers and introduced the Delhi Metro. The BJP, she said, could not digest that fact and resorted to any means to steal the credit.

Ridiculing the Centre for failing to provide employment to youth, Mrs Dikshit said the Government of NCT of Delhi had made available loans worth Rs 5 lakh to entrepreneurs.

The rally was also addressed by AICC general secretary Ambika Soni. She flayed the BJP for trying to replicate the Gujarat experiment in other states where Assembly elections were due.

The BJP came for particular criticism also for its disinterest in solving the problems of slum dwellers and small scale industries. The Centre, said the speakers, had done nothing to protect their interests.

“The BJP-led NDA government,” said former Congress legislator and convenor of the rally Jai Kishan, “has been least concerned with the day-to-day difficulties and needs of the common man.”


Notice to Toll Bridge Co to pay stamp duty
Our Correspondent

Noida, January 19
As part of the special campaign launched by the district administration for registration of property, a notice has been served on Noida Toll Bridge Company, a subsidiary of Inter-Toll Plaza Company, South Africa, which constructed the Delhi-Noida-Delhi toll bridge across the Yamuna.

Assistant Commissioner, Stamps, Noida, Sewa Lal has issued a notice to the company to get the lease deed registered by paying Rs 32 crore as stamp fee forthwith. The company has been collecting toll from vehicles, using the bridge for going to Delhi from Noida and vice versa, since February 2001.

In the notice, the company has been warned that if the lease deed is not registered within the stipulated time, it will have to pay a fine ten times the normal amount and that an FIR could also be filed against it in case of further default.

It may be recalled that the bridge was formally inaugurated by the then UP Chief

Minister Rajnath Singh two years ago. At that time, the company had signed an agreement with South Africa-based Inter-Toll Plaza Co for collecting toll from vehicles using the bridge. This agreement had been signed for the Rs 400-crore project for the next three years. The state Tax and Stamp Duty Department has now issued a notice to the company for paying the stamp duty.

Assistant Commissioner Sewa Lal said that in the notice, it has been reiterated that under the Rs 400-crore agreement signed by it with Inter Toll Plaza Company of South Africa, it will be collecting toll on the completed project. As this property has been allotted by the Noida administration, the stamp duty on this property has been calculated at Rs 32 crore.

According to Mr Sewa Lal, the issue of stamp duty has been raised in the high-level meeting the officers of the company had with the UP Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary (Tax). Following this, the government has taken a stiff attitude on the issue. In case of further default, Mr Sewa Lal said, a fine ten times the original amount will be slapped on the party plus six months’ jail term.

Mr Pradeep Puri, the managing director of the Noida Toll Bridge Company, however, says that Noida Toll Plaza Company, like the UP State Government, is a partner in the project. He has only been given the duty to manage and operate the toll bridge. As no property has been transferred in the company’s name, the question of stamp duty payment does not arise.

However, the matter is under consideration at the highest level in the state government. Only the coming days, rather weeks, will tell which way the wind blows.


Candlelit autopsies in medical college
Prem Pal Singh

Meerut, January 19
Don’t be surprised if a doctor conducting a post-mortem in LLRM Medical College Hospital reports the cause of death as due to gunshot when it could be due to poisoning. Or if the time of death reported has you at your wits’ end. For that matter, even the sex of the victim could change overnight.

Overnight because the doctors here have been conducting autopsies at night with the help of candles for over a week as the electricity connection to the post-mortem house had been cut by the power vigilance department due to some irregularities and non-payment of bills worth over a lakh of rupees.

The work of a doctor during the post-mortem is a very clinical process. A doctor has to examine minutely the body to find the cause and the actual time of death. If it is a firing case, from which part of the body the cartridge entered and where it was finally deposited must be reported as they become important during the court proceedings. Doing such a sophisticated work in such poor visibility can turn justice on its head sometimes. The post-mortems are conducted at night on the special direction of the District Magistrate.

Last night, the post-mortem of a woman’s body was conducted in candlelight. On the previous night, a drug addict and an inmate of the District Jail, Babloo, died and the autopsy had to be performed again under the candle light.

According to medical rules, if a post-mortem is to be conducted during night, proper light must be there. For this, in a post-mortem room, there must be 16 tubelights and eight 100-watt bulbs. The doctors are fed up with the situation and have reportedly said no to any more autopsies at night.

Some of the doctors in the post-mortem panel held a meeting in P L Sharma Hospital and passed a resolution saying that they would not undertake any post-mortem work during the night till the administration restores power. When contacted, Dr Usha Sharma, Principal of LLRM Medical College, admitted to the ‘NCR Tribune’ that there had been no power in the post-mortem house for over a week. She said that she had talked to the senior health officials in Lucknow and hoped that the electricity would be restored soon.


Rohtak ‘mohallas’ get piped water after 30-year wait
Jatinder Sharma

Rohtak, January 19
Residents of Pradhana Mohalla, Kayasthan Mohalla and Julahawala Mohalla, situated at a high altitude in this ancient town, are jubilant on the receipt of piped water supply after a wait of nearly 30 years.

This has been made possible after the district administration commissioned a boosting station on January 16 with a storage capacity of 60,000 gallons at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. Earlier, the capacity of the boosting station was only 40,000 gallons but it was increased at the behest of Deputy Commissioner Ashok Yadav.

Overjoyed residents of Kayasthan Mohalla like Bal Swaroop, Mohinder Singh and Risal Singh Sharma told the ‘NCR Tribune’ that it was in 1972 that they had last got drinking water in their taps. The residents had to fetch water from far-off places in buckets to meet the drinking water and other needs of their families. Similar had been the situation in Pradhana Mohalla and Julahawala chowk.

Mr Shanti Parsad Jain, a resident of Jain Gali, Babra Mohalla, said that the residents of his mohalla and that of Gujjran had also been benefited following the commissioning of the new booster. Mr Jain (65) recalled that in his childhood and youth, he had to fetch water from as far as a furlong. It was only for a period of 10 to 12 years, between 1960 and 1972, that the residents of these mohallas had got piped water supply. But with the increase in population and growth of the town, the localities situated at high altitudes stopped getting piped water.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Ashok Yadav, told the ‘NCR Tribune’ that before the next summer, efforts would be made to provide piped water to each and every household in the town. The houses situated at the tail-end of the water supply pipeline would also get piped water, he assured.

He revealed that a new reservoir, with a storage capacity of 3 crore gallons, was being constructed on the Jhajjar Road at a cost of Rs 23 crore. When completed, the water needs of not only the town but also its neighbourhood would be solved, he claimed.

Mr Yadav said that efforts were being made to provide at least 135 gallons of water per head per day before the onset of summer. At present, he said, the administration was supplying 110 gallons every day to each resident.


‘Late’ gangster held after encounter in Nangloi
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 19
A notorious dacoit and leader of the Nitya-Satya gang, Nitya Sunar who was presumed dead by the Patna police during an encounter in a train with the Delhi Police inspector Abhey Kumar, was finally caught by the West district police. He was living under a fictitious name in Delhi.

His two accomplices, including his youngest brother, were also caught after a brief encounter in Nangloi. The gang was involved in more than 12 cases of dacoity and robberies.

The accused Nitya Sunar, in his early forties, his brother Nand Kishore and Uday, were nabbed.

In March 3, 1997, a group of 12 armed dacoits from Nitya’s gang entered the train between Mughal Sarai and Dildar Nagar and started robbing the passengers in the AC compartment. Abhey Kumar who was posted in Civil Lines area in Delhi and was going to Calcutta to investigate a kidnapping case, resisted their attempt by firing from his service revolver. The dacoits retaliated.

During the ensuing encounter, two dacoits were killed and Abhey also was badly injured and later succumbed to his injuries. DCP (West), Deependra Pathak said that during identification, the Patna police mistook Nitya’s brother Vidya, killed in the encounter for Nitya. They presumed that Nitya was dead.


CM suspends official for corruption
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, January 19
The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, yesterday suspended Mr Illiyas Haider of the Soil Conservation Department on charges of corruption. Mr Chautala gave orders for his suspension during a meeting of the District Grievances and Redressal Committee. Mr Chautala reacted thus following a complaint to him during the meeting. The complaint was regarding irregularities in giving money to a person in connection with the digging of his pond.

The Chief Minister also directed officials of the cooperative bank to ensure that only genuine applicants procured loans. A complainant had petitioned to the Chief Minister that other persons of Sigar village had procured loans against his name.

Mr Chautala, who had a hectic schedule, earlier inaugurated a health camp at Ferozepur Jhirka in Mewat, about 90 km from here. Speaking at a public function in connection with the health camp, he announced that all vacant posts of the Health Department would be filled soon.

Later, he inaugurated a group housing society of the Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation (HSIDC).

Talking to mediapersons at Ferozepur Jhirka, he said the SYL canal project was now definitely a reality after the Supreme Court upheld the case in favour of Haryana. He alleged that the project could not be completed on account of the apathy of the earlier governments in the state.


Swift completion of projects stressed
Our Correspondent

Bhiwani, January 19
The Administrative Secretary of Bhiwani district and Commissioner, Food and Supply Department, Haryana, Mr H. C. Disodia, directed the district officials to ensure time-bound completion of the ongoing development projects announced in the Sarkar Aap Ke Dwar programmes.

Mr Disodia, while reviewing the progress of development works during his two-day visit, said here yesterday that all officers concerned should maintain transparency and put in sincere efforts for early completion of various works. Drawing the attention of Public Works Department officials, he said the government was stressing upon the construction and repair of roads. No road should be left without repair in the district.

He directed them to complete strengthening and widening work on the Bhiwani-Mundhal road and repair of the Bhiwani-Hansi road immediately.

He also directed the Agriculture Marketing Board officials to intensify repair and construction work of roads of the district, as announced in the Sarkar Aap Ke Dwar programme by the Chief Minister. He said every possible facility should be provided to the farmers in mandis. He gave directions for making elaborate arrangements to store the wheat crop in mandis.

He asked the Irrigation Department authorities to ensure supply of water till the tail-end. He said the administration should caution the general public about the classification of crops in their respective areas. He said the sowing of wheat crop had been done on 23 lakh hectares in the state.

The government had reduced this target to 15 lakh hectares for the next rabi season. He said the government was stressing on the classification of crops. Cultivation of pulses, vegetables and other cash crops would be done on the remaining eight lakh hectare land in the ensuing season. He asked the officers to inspire farmers to sow these crops.

Mr Disodia also directed the police to intensify night patrolling to contain burglary and other crimes. The Superintendent of Police was asked to tighten grip on the illegal plying of maxi-cabs, jeeps and other vehicles.


Rabi crops face bleak future as winter rains play truant
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 19
Rabi crops in this district may be a big failure this year if there is no timely rain. The district has received little rain since the beginning of the current winter season. Even the monsoon rains were insufficient and the kharif crops were badly hit.

According to a report, the long dry spell has harmed the land. The farmers now fear that if there are no rains by the end of the current month, the rabi crops will be affected badly.

The Department of Agriculture is also perturbed over the non-arrival of winter rains. The department has also failed to release the figures about the sowings of wheat and other rabi crops as well as the targets fixed by it.

A visit to various parts of the district by this correspondent revealed that the farmers are highly upset and dejected over the non-arrival of rains. At many places, they have decided to organise yajnas after January 26, to please the rain gods.

According to the farmers, their cattle will remain without fodder due to the scanty rains. According to them, the fodder crops along with vegetable crops have been damaged to some extent due to the cold and foggy weather conditions.

Some farmers said if there were no rains within a next few days, it would be presumed that the rabi crops would be a failure.

Farmers in the Khadar tract were literally in tears when this correspondent sought their comments on the success of the rabi crops. They said luck was not in favour of the farmers of the district this time also. In the past too, there had been years when there were no rains and they had to sell most of their household items.

The crops depend mainly on the canal water supply, which has been inadequate and erratic particularly in the villages falling under the Gohana Water Service Division in this district. Repeated complaints made to the authorities concerned in this regard have fallen on deaf ears.

The farmers have been facing an acute shortage of canal water meant for irrigation purposes in the past few months. They alleged that the theft of irrigation water by influential farmers, backed by certain political bosses of the ruling party, was the main reason for the shortage. Many farmers also alleged that some officials of the Gohana Water Service Division had joined hands with the influential farmers and were instrumental in hushing up the cases of water theft.

Expressing their grave concern over the inadequate and erratic supply of canal water, the farmers of tail-end villages blamed the authorities of the Gohana Water Service Division for not cleaning the canal network despite clear instructions by the state government. They alleged that the desilting operations carried out by the officials were merely eyewash.

The farmers whose fields are situated at the tail-end have demanded a probe into their complaints about the canal water not reaching the fields and have demanded immediate suspension of the officials found responsible for it.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Congress, the Haryana Vikas Party and the Bharatiya Kisan Union have also voiced their concern over the non-reaching of canal water in the tail-end villages during the rotation period and demanded stern action against the officials.


Residents worried over lack of civic amenities
R.D. Sapra

Sonepat, January 19
Long and seemingly endless traffic snarls, hawkers spilling over to the streets, huge potholes on roads and apathy of the safai workers, leaving piles of garbage, is a sad commentary on the civic life in Sonepat.

According to a report, office and school goers have to spend several hours daily inside crowded public vehicles caught up in traffic jams. Be it the Gita Bhawan Chowk or the major road junctions around the general bus stand and the railway crossing near the Hindu College, vehicles move at the proverbial snail pace, turning a short drive into a journey without end. The Traffic Police and the people have their own versions of the ridiculous traffic story in this city.

The Traffic Police point out that the basic problem relates to the inadequate road space as the number of vehicles on the road has increased manifolds.

The Traffic Police also point out the tendency among motorists as well as pedestrians to violate all traffic rules and norms at the slightest provocation.

However, most people think that it is the total lack of traffic administration and the nexus between the police and the private transporters, which have thrown the traffic system into complete disarray.

Many people alleged that the traffic policemen openly take bribe from offending truck drivers. In more recent times, traffic constables have been seen taking similar tokens from truck drivers, who are among the worst violators of traffic rules and regulations. They alleged that truck drivers stop at any place, including major road crossings, to unload their goods even if the vehicle is overloaded.

Meanwhile, the civic amenities in this city are far from satisfactory, going by the never-ending drinking water crisis. The complaints against poor streetlights continue to pour in as before, while cleanliness appears to be a dirty word.

The winter rain during the last month have led to further deterioration in road conditions, which were already in bad shape for the last few years.

Regular complaints of water-logging have caused much inconvenience to the residents of the city.

However, some officials of the Sonepat Municipal Council, the PWD (B& R), the HUDA and some other official agencies present a different picture. Others advance the usual excuse of paucity of funds and their inability to do much in this regard.

Moreover, frequent and prolonged power cuts from Panipat and Bhakra systems have made the people’s life miserable.

The regular power cuts for hours together have caused strong resentment among the residents.

The situation in the villages of the district is still worse. Here, power supply is unavailable for most of the time. Even as the people in general are angry at the present power situation, the students in particular have been having a frustrating time as the annual examinations are round the corner. The leaders of the various student organisations have threatened to resort to agitation if the power supply is not regularised with immediate effect.

The power supply in a number of villages in Gohana and Ganaur sub-divisions have worsened. There has been no power supply in the last few days after the transformers here burnt down.

The irate villagers are contemplating the gherao of officials of the UHBVN if there was no improvement in the power situation. Meanwhile, cases of power theft have increased in the areas of Murthal, Rai, Ganaur sub-divisions and the industrial areas of Sonepat mainly due to the failure of the authorities to check the unscrupulous consumers.

It is alleged that some officials of the UHBVN are also involved in this racket and regularly get ‘nazranas’ from these consumers in a bid to overlook the power pilferage.


Prolonged power cuts unnerve residents
Our Correspondent

Bhiwani, January 19
Undeclared and unscheduled power cuts add to the woes of the residents of the district reeling under severe cold. People are exasperated by the power cuts, which prolong for hours. They are now planning to launch an agitation.

The employees of the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam have been rendered helpless as most of the transformers trip due to fog. Tripping increases with the moisture in the atmosphere. Electricians have to remove carbon while rectifying transformers.

On the other hand, residents complain that undeclared power cuts have thrown life out of gear. Children are the worst sufferers. The students are finding time hard to prepare for the examination. The CBSE has already announced the examination dates.

Jai Kishan, a schoolteacher, said: “My son is preparing for his matriculation examinations. Unlimited power cuts have disappointed him.” He said that the DHBVN should put its best efforts to provide regular power supply at least for the next three months so that students could appear in the examinations well prepared.

Dr Roshan Lal said: “When the children could not roam outside in this foggy season, it is a better time for them to study at home. But frequent and prolonged power cuts have brought in a state of dejection to them.”

“I managed to buy an invertor, even though my pocket wouldn’t allow it, just to let my children study. But invertors too need recharging time, which is not possible with prolonged power cuts,” said Mr Rakesh Singhal, an accounts officer with the local Bhiwani Textile Mills.

Rural areas get power supply only for 4 to 5 hours every day. Villagers have resorted to several types of agitation like road blockade to mount pressure on the administration for regular supply in vain. Several villages are facing low voltage, besides the disrupted power supply. Residents of Isharwal, Devsar, Dewawas, Talwani, Kalali, Rodha, Haluwas, Umarwas, Jitpura, Sanjarwas, Jawa, Balali, Badhwana and several other villages have complained that since domestic appliances are operated with electricity, the housewives are finding it hard to manage the day-to-day chores.


Ghaziabad cops solve blind murders
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, January 19
The Dholana and Indirapuram police have arrested two persons for two murders, one in each area. Since they were blind murders, it was a rather difficult job for the police to solve them.

SP (City) Rajesh Kumar Pandya said today that on October 8, 2002, a murderous attack was made on two persons near Kanwani culvert in which Pintu Tyagi had died on the spot. His brother-in-law Vinode was seriously injured.

Mr Dharmendra Chauhan, Station Officer, Indirapuram police station, learning that one person involved in Pintu Tyagi’s murder was hanging around Kanwani culvert, promptly arrested him. He has been identified as Babu, son of Ram Sevak of Ghazipur. Babu has confessed that he had murdered Pintu along with his companion. A gold chain robbed from Pintu Tyagi has also been recovered, Mr Chauhan said.

Mr R. K. Sharma, Station Officer, Dholana police station, also solved a blind murder. Mr Sharma said on January 12 this year, a farmer, Raj Kumar, had been murdered. His body was thrown in the fields. A case against an unidentified person had been registered in this regard. A criminal, Ashok Kumar, son of Gokul of Bajhore Khurd, was arrested last night. Mr Sharma said this murder had been done due to some money dispute and only one person was involved in it.

On December 31, 2002, Ashok Kumar had borrowed some money from Raj Kumar. When Raj Kumar asked for the money to be returned, Ashok Kumar paid him the amount. Later, he offered some drinks to Raj Kumar. Then Ashok Kumar took the money from the tipsy Raj Kumar’s pocket. They had a quarrel. Ashok then murdered Raj Kumar, Mr Sharma said.


Mayoral team off to three nations
Syed Ali Ahmed
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 19
A five-member team led by the City Mayor, Mrs Jaishree Panwar, has gone on a foreign tour to attend a workshop, “International Workshop on Rural and Urban Development Management”, being organised in three countries – Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. The team consists of Mayor, Leader of the House, Ram Babu Sharma, Additional Commissioner, MCD, Vishnu Sharma, Opposition leaders, Subhash Arya and Vijender Gupta, both BJP councillors.

The Municipal Commissioner, Mr Rakesh Mehta, and his Secretary, Mr G.S. Matharoo, had also planned to go but dropped the idea at the eleventh hour as the day-to-day work of the civic body would have suffered.

The workshop has started from January 18. It had to start from December 15 but was postponed as a few participants who were going from Kerala could not complete their legal formalities and were not given permission by the Ministry of External Affairs. A total of 50 participants have gone to attend the workshop from all over the country. The workshop is being organised by the Netherlands to discuss the rural and urban development in different countries. The delegation of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will exchange rural and urban development management. Increasing population of the Capital has forced the corporation to adopt foreign architecture to provide accommodations to the citizens of Delhi.

All the participants from India were sponsored by HUDCO and IHC. Each delegate has been given US $400 for expenses.


No shop closes here even on weekly holiday
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 19
Norms related to the shop Act are being flouted by most of the traders and shopkeepers here. A large numbers of showrooms, shops and other trading establishments can be seen open on any holiday, especially Sundays, here.

The authorities concerned here appear to be hardly concerned about such violations. While several residents wonder at the trend, it is alleged that many of the shopkeepers and showroom owners had an understanding with the Labour Department and other officials and bribes were being paid on regular basis.

This enables them to keep their shops open even on Sundays. It may be recalled that the shop Act does not permit any retailer or wholesaler to keep his establishment open on the weekly holiday.

Only shops dealing with drugs (medicines), restaurants and hotels have been given the permission to remain open on these days.

A shopkeeper in the NIT area on condition of anonymity admitted that business on Sundays was quite lucrative in some parts as there were thousands of persons who, due to the nature of their employment or work, did not find time to go for shopping on the working days (Monday to Saturday). Such families go to the market on Sundays. He said there were hundreds of shopkeepers in the NIT area who religiously opened their shops on Sunday. A resident of Sector 8 said a majority of the shops in the markets of Sectors 7 to 10 remained open on all days of the week. There was hardly anyone who knew that there was any Act to stop trading on a holiday. The violators include owners of showrooms of leading brands and companies.


Workers intensify stir for payment of bonus
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 19
The employees of Haryana Sheet Glass Company at Sewli village have intensified their agitation against the non-payment of bonus by the management. According to a report, the agitating employees have also launched an indefinite dharna, which entered the third day today. The leaders of the employees announced that the dharna would continue until the acceptance of their demands. They blamed the management for not paying their salary and the bonus for the last two years. The leaders also criticised the indifferent attitude of the Labour Department authorities and demanded immediate suspension of the officials who were found taking the side of the company management.

Fodder burnt

A large quantity of fodder was burnt in a fire that broke out in a house at Lalehri village, about 15 km from here, last night. According to a report, the fire was brought under control by the fire brigade summoned from Sonepat. The cause of the fire is not immediately known.

Dentists’ forum

The following persons were elected as the new office-bearers of the District Dentist Doctors Forum yesterday: Dr L. C. Jindal - patron; Dr N. C. Bhatnagar - president; Dr Ruchi Mittal - vice-president; Dr Subhash Gehlawat - general Secretary; and Dr Rajesh Kumar - Treasurer.


Sheila launches ‘clean and green’ drive
Our correspondent

New Delhi, January 19
A ‘keep the city clean and green’ drive and solid waste management combined with eco-care programmes aimed at benefiting about 600 families were launched today at Vasant Kunj under the Bhagidari scheme of the Government of NCT of Delhi with support from the local Residents’ Welfare Association and Coca-Cola India. Inaugurating the programmes, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that the ‘clean and green city’ programme has been getting encouraging response from both RWAs and corporates. It is a good indication, she said.

CNG training

A six-day training programme, sponsored by the US Government, on safety issues, surrounding maintenance and inspection of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, filling stations, and onboard storage cylinders will be held in the Capital from January 20 to January 25.

Factory gutted

Plastic goods and other property worth lakhs were gutted in a fire that broke out at a plastic factory in Udyog Vihar. The factory was closed when the incident occurred. The DFS rushed 28 fire engines, which took three hours to control the blaze.


Rohtak: The Haryana Vikas Party (HVP) has charged the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, with misappropriating nearly Rs 2 crore of funds collected from the people. In a statement here today, Mr Ram Chander Jangra, general secretary of the HVP, said the amount was collected by the chief minister through Block Development and Panchayat Officers to assist Mr Mahender Singh Chaudhary, the former Prime Minister of Fiji.

Vacant posts

Bhiwani: Work in the local municipal council has been held up due to an acute shortage of staff and financial crunch. The post of head clerk, tax superintendent, building inspector, sanitary inspector, land officer, assistant accountant besides executive officer are lying vacant for the last one month.


Navy cook killed in mishap
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 19
Nathi Singh (45), a cook in the Navy, died last night in a road accident that took place at the flyover opposite ISBT, Kashmere Gate. An unknown vehicle hit him from behind and he fell on the divider of the flyover. He died on the spot. A case of causing death due to rash and negligent driving has been registered in the Kashmere Gate police station.

In another case, two youths — Aslam and Mohammad Yasin — died and their associate Yasin sustained serious injuries when their scooter hit a tractor-trailer from behind on Ring Road near Wazirabad. They were riding on a two-wheeler and hit the trailer as they could not see it because of fog. They were taken to Babu Jagjeevan Ram Hospital where doctors on duty declared Aslam and Mohammad Yasin brought dead, the police said.

Currency racket

With the arrest of four persons, the North-East district police today claimed to have unearthed a racket of fake currency notes. The suspects were identified as Babbu Alvi Gulshan, Kamal Deep Narula and Pankaj. Fake notes amounting to Rs 13,700 and equipment used to print them have been seized.

The police received an information that the suspects were involved in the racket and would deliver a consignment to their contact on GT Road in the Seelampur area. A trap was laid near Dwarka Mandir where the police team arrested Gulshan and recovered fake notes worth Rs 1,000. His interrogation led to the arrest of his associates. During interrogation, he disclosed that fake notes were printed in his house with the help of a high-tech printer. They used to make bundles of fake currency notes with the help of punching machine and put a stamped slip of a nationalised bank to make it look original, the police said.


A fast track to the heart of your valentine
Tribune News Service

With an eye on Valentines, Fastrack, the fashion brand from Titan, has launched a new collection for exuberant young men and women who have an eye for detail and a feel for fashion. The men’s range includes chunky watches in interesting shapes in steel, with leather in the latest material and colours. It is a perfect complement to the latest casual wear.

The women’s collection, on the other hand, includes watches in exotic colours inspired by the latest in cocktails–blue curacao, purple temptress. This collection of over 15 styles, is a valentine gift for the young, restless, passionate and trendy.

User-friendly device

The CD-R media has replaced all other means of storage to become the most reliable and user- friendly device. Unlike other CDs, the Alpha Media CD-R is re-writable and hence long lasting, cost effective as well as consumer friendly.

High quality fabric

Geneve, the variety driven brand of semi-formal cotton shirts and trousers, is planning a foray into northern markets. The palette of colours has 20 new shades to choose from and each colour has 3 shades to add to the hues of the range. Its other strength being its high quality fabric base, which includes twin ply twills, which is bio polished for micro softness and has undergone elastomeric treatment for achieving the bounce in texture.

Namkeen varieties

Chintamani Namkeen has launched new varieties of bhujia bikaneri, bhujia aloo, dal moong, navratan, khatta meeta, tasty, nut mix, corn flakes mixture, bambaiya bhel puri, ratlami sev, bhavnagri, raita bundi among others.

Notable among these attractions is bambaiya bhelpuri, which comes with chatni pouch inside.

Versace sport

From the vast range of Versace creation, Pall Mall brings Versace Sport to the Indian clientele. The globetrotting merchandise, Versace Sport is primarily a stylish casual wear, an offshoot label from iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace. The winter collection comprises trousers, T-shirts, sweaters and jackets.

Window coverings

Vista Levolor range of window coverings has revolutionised the décor of interiors in a short span of time and has become a pioneer in interior fashion. The latest introduction by Vista is the innovative window covering. Naturon range of woven wood and woven bamboo window covering is customised to size your window, giving them a soft and natural touch.


Code Inc has launched a brand new concept of medically hygienic and disposable panties in the city under the brand name I’am. An answer to a woman’s uncompromising need for personal hygiene and desire for convenience, I’am has indisputably filled the gap that existed in women’s innerwear.

Paradox shirts

Universal Impex has launched a new collection of paradox shirts in formal and casual range. These shirts have been designed and finished on Japanese machines to give a perfect and sophisticated look. What set these shirts apart from the others is it’s neat cuts, double fused collar with imported interlining to give an elegant look. Its long sleeve plackets, broader and softer cuffs, gives the user the utmost comfort to their hands and its deep chest pocket, with fused tops, benefits the user to hold the articles firmly.

Music lovers

Compuage Infocom Ltd has introduced nomad jukebox3, the hottest MP3 player from Creative. Nomad Juke3 is just made for music lovers as it offers crystal clear audio and can store upto 8,000 songs with its unbelievable 20 GB capacity. A unique second batter bay can give virtually 22 hours of non-stop playback. Moreover, features like audiophile quality of 98dB SNR, 10 times faster transfer rate with SB1394 as compared to USB, Quick Scroller navigation, EAX technology featuring smart volume management, makes its stand apart from all and sundry.

Just for men

Loris Azzaro, a master perfume maker, presents another revisited classic, pure lavender, a fragrance just for men. An exquisite masterpiece created from the finest of lavenders, pure lavender by Azzaro is a spicy, luminous and bold perfume, as inviting as the skin of a sun drenched man. The recipe of pure lavender are two folds– the absolute, secret and mysterious and the essence, which gives it its exuberant and refreshing feel.

Internet camera

The Internet camera launched by D-Link is an all in one system, with built in CPU requiring no additional hardware or software. With an easy to use web configuration, the Internet camera can be attached through Ethernet connection and power source to start monitoring images.

Chemical-free jaggery

Dhampur Sugar mills has introduced branded chemical free, pure and natural jaggery or gur to the market. Made from fully mature and select varieties of sugarcane, Dhampure gur is packed through automatic machines at the site of manufacturing without any manual handling.

Gen-x shoe

Nike has launched its next generation shoe – Nbike Shox. Backed by 17 years of research, Nike Shox delivers a combination of unmatched responsiveness and impact protection.

Home theatre

The audio major has launched Bose 3.2.1 digital, which is a DVD based home entertainment system. A revolutionary advancement in home entertainment, it is designed to provide performance and simplicity unmatched by conventional components.

Data management

Casio has launched the slim and stylish PV-S1600 pocket viewer with 16 MB memory. This perfect data management tool enables the user to carry a wealth of data and is ideal for the busy executives on the move.

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