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C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


College students left in the lurch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 2
With guest faculty in government colleges having been relieved of its duties, students of some of the courses are finding it difficult to get their problems solved.
Talking to TNS, a section of the students said while their classes were continuing, the guest faculty had been relieved of its duties. They said their classes would continue till March 15.

In some cases, departments were running only on the basis of guest faculty in the absence of regular lecturers. These included professional courses like BBA, BCA and MIT.

“Some of us have several difficulties and doubts concerning the syllabus which we need to discuss with teachers. There is no point coming to college if teachers are not there,” a student concerned said.

“The college authorities should have thought before fixing the dates of termination of classes and faculty duties,” another student added.

The authorities said the date for relieving the guest faculty was fixed by the DPI (Colleges) and not by the respective college authorities.

The Principal of one of the colleges while agreeing that the faculty had been relieved before the classes ended, said the college had written to the DPI, seeking an extension for the guest faculty. An Education Department functionary, said they had agreed to grant extension to guest faculty in at least one college.



Farewell party at Govt College-46
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 2
A farewell party for outgoing students of Government College, Sector 46, was given yesterday. Various cultural programmes were presented by students, which included solo and group songs, dances and skits. The college principal, Mr S.C. Nijhawan, was the chief guest.

A modelling contest was also held, in which Mona Sodhi was declared Miss Farewell, while Shagun was adjudged as Mr Farewell. Jaskanwal and Sunil were declared as Mr Personality and Mr Best Outfit, while Sarita and Compali were declared as Miss Charismatic and Miss Charming, respectively.

Prizes were also given on the occasion to students for excellence in academic and extra-curricular activities.

Result announced: Results of the Award for Excellence Test - 2002, conducted by the Arya Bhatta Educational Society in various cities of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, were announced today. A statement issued here today said that the results can be accessed at the society’s website at

Quiz on Shakespeare: Ambala: A quiz on Shakespeare was held at S.D. College, Ambala Cantt on Friday. Panjab University team comprising Pakinder Pal Singh and Apurva won the first prize. The team comprising Gurleen Ahluwalia and Baldeep Kaur of Punjabi University, Patiala won the second prize while the team of DAV College, Yamunanagar, comprising Vandana and Gurpreet won the third prize.



Biology teachers attend conference
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 2
The seventh annual conference of the Indian Association of Biology Teachers was held at the Government College for Girls, Sector 42, here today. Professor Emeritus, Dr G.P. Sharma, former head of the Department of Zoology, Panjab University, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Prof I.S. Dua from the Department of Botany, PU, spoke about the theory of evolution. Professor Sharma spoke on the history and advances made in zoology with particular reference to study and research work done in Panjab University.

Six teachers who had recently retired from various universities, were honoured on the occasion. Nine toppers from different universities in the region were also honoured. The society's annual journal, Biospectrum, was released on the occasion.



A new dimension to heritage
A.S. Prashar

Arshpreet Singh, class IV

Sonali, class III

Praveen Kumar, class V

Shivam, class III

Priya Goyal, class III

Manraj Bhinder 

The city of Patiala is famous for the rulers who have ruled it and the heritage which have given its citizen a culture, that is world famous. Continuing the royal tradition of giving something new to the society, Bhupindra Society at the dawn of April 3, 2001 gave the city of Patiala, a star in its galaxy that is shining as Bhupindra International Pubic School.

Bhupindra International Public School started with a mission of providing education with a blend of Information Technology in order to make the young generation computer savvy. Bhupindra International Public School popularly known BIPS in the region, boasts of being the first ISO 9001:2000 certified and Info. Tech. school of Punjab. The school, which was started in the year 2001, has never looked backed since the time of its inception. The school is an upcoming co educational institute dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and innovation. The school is functioning under the able guidance and control of Society that comprises academician, researchers, professionals drawn from public and private sector and different walks of life in order to give its students an experience of the veterans.

Since its inception, the school has been continuously upgraded every year. In the session 2003-04, the school will have classes from Pre-Nursery to VI. Away from the boring routine of academic stress, BIPS aims at social, emotional, aesthetic and physical development of the children. The school is dedicated to the overall development of students who are a part of BIPS family, for which the maximum strength of a class is fixed at 20 in order to provide individual attention to every child. Every classroom is equipped with a computer, loaded with latest education software. The school makes learning a fun filled experience for the students as lectures are delivered with the help of multimedia aids depicting the objects live to the students, which make the subject matter lucid to the kids.

Besides the regular teaching on the syllabus/bookish knowledge, the school aims at developing the children’s overall personality and mind. For that, various activities like brain games, puzzles, talent grooming, development of hobbies, weak students identification are stressed upon.

The school holds the philosophy that every child is a unique human being and he possesses a talent equivalent to any sports-star, academician, bureaucrat, businessman, executive etc.. But he should only be given a chance to actualise his potential to the fullest. The school provides a conducive environment for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of the students. Children are given ample opportunities to exhibit their talent and actualise their capabilities to the most.

The school holds the view that the growth of a child is directly proportional to the atmosphere and amenities being provided to him. In order to provide the children with a lively atmosphere, every classroom is tastefully decorated with art and crafts work done by tiny tots. Small children are given toys to play with and older children are encouraged to participate in the sports/games in order to develop a sense of team spirit and sportsmanship in them. The school has given ample time out of its schedule for games and sports, so that the children should remain physically fit. Yoga is also taught as a part of its routine sports activities.

Here, every festival is celebrated with joy explaining the tiny tots the importance of the festival. Besides this on every working Saturday competitions for all age groups are held and the students are encouraged to participate in activities like, sketching, dance, music, debates, painting etc.

The strength of the school lies in the staff it is possesses. The school boasts of possessing a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicate staff. The teachers lovingly guide the students and aim at providing security and warmth. “No Corporal punishment” is the motto followed by the staff. Looking at the high expectations of the parents & development needs of its students, the school has taken the initiative to give best available facilities and amenities in the industry.



For us each child is unique 

Ms Rupali Philip, Principal of the school believes in amalgamation of the ambience, curriculum and the co- curricular activities in such a way that as a whole it should nurture every child in physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and social aspect.

On the role of education: Education is the making and shaping of the child's personality in an way that he makes an indelible impression in the society, boldly facing everyday challenges and serving the country and the people with dedication.

On Individual attention to the students: Every child entrusted to us is unique human being with its own hopes, desires, aspirations and talents and thus needs to be given a chance to actualise his potential to the fullest. For the same an ideal teacher - student ratio of 1 : 20 is maintained for each class. A weak students identification and rectification record is maintained for each class to ascertain the shortcomings of the children. A two way communication process, in terms of taking regular feedback from parents about their child's progress all aspects pertaining to school is followed. Friendly in approach, I personally share the problems of my students.

On co- curricular activities: Stress free education contributing to the overall personality development requires an ideal mix of academics and non academics. Keeping that in view the curriculum is designed. Every students is trained in the sphere of his interest and talent in the form of hobby classes conducted throughout the year. Every working Saturday competitions for all age groups are held in participation for all children is mandatory.

On future plan of the school: Recognising the high expectations of parents and development needs of the students, the school has taken an initiative to give best available facilities and amenities to its students. Fulfilling its promises BIPS has acquired land where a new spacious and well planned school building spreading over three acres of land. Co-curricular activities like horse riding, swimming and various outdoor and indoor games are also to be introduced. A well furnished hostel for resident students would also be provided.



Poems by students

Our Principal

Our Principal -our best friend

She always set up a new trend

Our guide and our inspiration

Always giving us motivation

Shares with us a nice bond

She is so helpful and strong

Like an everlasting song

May she live long

Shivani Goel, class IV

My School

Not just a building

But a sweet home

Where not only we learn

But play and sing songs

Where teachers are there

Who like our parents

Work hard on us

With their love and care

And their expert guidance

We bloom like flowers

And spread our fragrance

In the whole world

To make it worth living

A world full of happiness

Comfort and peace giving

Our school imparts us not only

The bookish knowledge

The latest technology through computers

But also honesty, character and courage

So that we can walk in

The worlds with our head high

With a lot of confidence and

Aspirations to touch the sky.

Supriya Bansal, Class V



Brain teasers

What are we?

1. I buzz around the garden for hours and hours, gathering nectar from sweet smelling flowers.

2. My front legs are short, my back legs are strong. I hop around the garden.

3. I hoot as I swoop when I am flying at night. If mice see me coming, they run off in fright.

4. I slide and I slither so close to the ground. Except for a soft hiss, I don't make a sound.

5. I have a long tail and such soft silky fur. If you pat me gently you might hear me purr.

Answers : 1. Honeybee 2. Rabbit 3. Owl 4. snake 5. Cat 

Secrets that subjects teach

Mathematics :

Add your friends

Subtract your enemies

Multiply your joys

Divide your sorrows


With God as the centre

With love as the radius

Draw a circle of life

— Dinesh, class V


1. The city which is dangerous - Electricity

2. the house having power - Power house

3. A fly with butter - Butterfly

4. a bank without money - Riverbank

5. The tree we can eat - Pastry

— Karamveer Singh, class II



Get set for success in exams

Board exams are at the door-step-feeling nervous and jittery? Relax-exams are not difficult if you know how. Have the right attitude, the right thinking. Follow the right technique and success will be yours.

The right attitude and thinking: 4 Be confident of yourself: You have been working hard and mock exams/pre-boards have helped you to rehearse. Now leaven your learning with confidence, the essential ingredient to achieve yourself. Lack of confidence can reduce one to a nervous work and result in poor performance. Build up your confidence. Have faith in your God and in yourself. Remembers you can if you think you can.

Think positive: Brush aside all your negative thoughts and let the negativity of others not travel down to you. Examiners are not mean people, at least, they are not mean with marks. They want you to score well. Your teachers must have told you that examiners are given a very carefully-worded marking scheme which is student-friendly. This marking scheme makes the examiner search your answer with responses which will earn marks. On finding one be awards marks for it and proceeds to look for the next award winning point.

Maximize your pressure: If pressure and stress build up, unwind yourself. Talk to your parents, your teachers or your well wishers. Share what is worrying you and they will surely help you. If some topics or chapters still baffle you, discuss them with your supporters discussion abets clarity.

Do not be harsh with yourself: Have good healthy diet and enough sleep. Break up your long continuous sittings at the study table when you feel tired or when nothing sinks in. Come out for a change. Open the refrigerator and prepare a refreshing drink for yourself. Much something. Go to the terrace and have a walk in the fresh air. Listen to your favourite music or switch on the TV to know the latest scores. Do not feel guilty about it. Far from being a waste of time, this change has rejuvenated you physically, mentally and emotionally. Get back to your studies and see the difference.

The right technique: Some very simple techniques during the examination days also help you to pave your way to success.

One day before the examination.

* Check out the location of the examination centre, the bus routes if applicable and the timing.

* Organize all your requisites-pens, pencils rulers, admit cards and some money for unforeseen circumstances. keep aside in your drawer a photocopy of your admit card.

* What up your studies. Do not burn the midnight oil and go to bed early so that you get up fresh and reach the exam centre well in time.

During the examination: 4 Be calm and composed and think of your higher power who will help you to take control the situations instead of the situation taking control of you.

* Fill on the details on the title page of the answer book with utmost care.

* Do not panic if you feel totally blank. The very sight of questions will prompt a recall.

* Students around you may have started writing. Just ignore the fools for taking short cuts through instructions.

* Read the instructions on the question paper very carefully. Find out

i) Which questions are compulsory.

ii) How many questions to answer in all.

iii) How many from each section.

* Read each question and understand if properly especially the verbs like analyze, justify, illustrate, prove etc. Plan out your answer on the basis of these verbs.

* Relate your answer to the marks allotted and give details accordingly.

* Maths and Science questions demand precise go through your answer till the invigilator asks for your answerbook.

* During the examination if you are indisposed or in discomfort do not hesitate to inform your invigilator, he will help you.

After the examination: If you have a paper the very next day, avoid post mortems least they should upset you.

* Learn from your experiences in the previous paper and avoid put falls in the others to follow.

Best of luck!

Promila Verma, Former Principal, Tribune Model School, Chandigarh



Daily News Quiz

How well do you read The Tribune? Answers to the following questions are hidden in the last one weeks’ Tribune.

Happy Hunting!!!!

1.Which political party won elections in Himachal Pradesh?

2.Who presented the Country’s budget in parliament on February 28,2003?

3.What is the full form of NAM?

4.Where is Cricket world Cup 2003 being held?

5.Which missiles of Iraq have been asked to be destroyed by the United Nations?

The first ten correct entries received will be published in this space next week. Your entries should reach us by email at by March 7, 2003.



Hi Kids. Check out your vocabulary
Tricky Crossword

Down: 1 A berry (5) 2 The quality of being round and full (10) 3 Something to commute in (3) 4 A miscellaneous collection of musical selections (4) 5 An archaic word for hospital (6) 6 Putting a pin to an inflated balloon (10) 7 Resembling a wing (4) 8 An Indian potentate (4) 10 A boat sails along a river and a plane in the sky (3) 12 A thing that shoots (3) 16 Another word for wig (6) 19 The name of an old electronics company (3) 21 They help in the exam (5) 22 A computer firm (4) 23 A machine to replace the teller (3) 24 Simple, boring (4) 25 The god of love, also a word from psychology (4) 28 An archaic form of two (3)

Across: 1 The coconut palm as also a river in Nicaragua (4) 5 Where people go for their health (3) 8 Of the village (5) 9 Paste of a fruit (4) 11 Original resident (10) 13 Makes a modern plane fly (3) 14 A loud cry (6) 15 To touch (4) 17 Abbreviation of native (3) 18 Along with neither (3) 20 Of the moon (4) 23 To proffer, propose, suggest (6) 26 A legendary bird that flew away with Sinbad (3) 27 Pertaining to three parties (10) 29 A friend and companion (4) 30 One who owns (5) 31 A greeting, but also something that is passed over (3) 32 It is limp (4)



“Quotable quotes”

Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite,‘fool’ said my ‘Muse’ to me,‘look in thy heart and write.’

Sir Philip Sydney

He who never made a mistake never made a discovery.

Samuel Smiles

I eat merely to put food out of my mind.

Norman F Simpson



Play on drug abuse marks Plaza carnival
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 2
The Plaza carnival in Sector 17 started on a serious note this time - a message for the youngsters to refrain themselves from drug abuse. A group of young boys enacted a street play “Nasha Sirf Tabahi” with characters symbolising various drugs and how in a subtle way they work into the body of their victims causing them pain and misery in the long run.

Written and directed by Parvesh Kumar Saini, the play revolves around a college scene showing the youth getting caught in the web of addiction. Through this 25 minutes script the group did not just highlight the ill-effects of drugs but also put forward suggestions on various rehabilitation schemes.

Folk troupes from different parts of the country presented colourful dance items during the latter half of the show. Organised by the North Zone Cultural Centre, Kalbelia folk dance from Rajasthan; Barsana ki Holi and Barkha dance from Uttar Pradesh; Jindua, Bhangra and Giddha from Punjab; Ghoomer from Haryana and Sirmauri from Himachal Pradesh were presented.

Keeping up the tradition of the Plaza carnival, students from Government College of Art under the guidance of Prof Ravinder Sharma did sketching, portrait-making and tatoos painting at the artist corner. The show was sponsored by The Tribune and the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.



Colourful show by Garhwali artistes
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 2
The Uttaranchal Geet and Natya Manch organised a programme of folk songs and colourful dance items at the Bal Bhavan, Sector 23, here this evening.
A number of folk singers from Uttaranchal, including Kalpana Chauhan, Manhor Bhai, Meera Maithani and others, entertained the audience. Meera Maithani, a famous singer attached with All India Radio, Lucknow, presented Garhwali songs.

The thread of melody was interspersed with folk dances from Uttaranchal as the dance group of Berinder Sajwan in colourful attires depicted the lifestyle and festivities of Garhwali people.


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