Saturday, March 8, 2003
M A I L  B O X

Control fear

THE write-up "Brooding never helps" (February 15) by D.C. Sharma rightly confirms that ‘fear’ is at the root of every evil in this world. No person is at his best or in full control of his powers if he is a victim of fear. To combat fear one should plan something big, something that will fire one’s imagination, capture one’s interest, and be so tremendously significant that there shall remain no room for fears or worries in one’s mind.

Avtar Narain Chopra,

Left is right, too

Apropos of Roopinder Singh’s article "Left is right, too" (February 8), left-handedness appears to be an aberration rather than the norm. Left-handedness is caused by a mild degree of brain aberration at birth. More boys than girls are left-handed. Left-handedness continued to be an enigma to science even though left-handers are gifted, original and intuitive. Perhaps they should leave the mundane jobs to the right-handed people and get on with indulging their imagination in creative tasks.

K.M. Vashisht,


Indian widows

This refers to Khushwant Singh’s write-up "Indian widows" (February 1). It was shocking to read about the plight of widows. One is forced to wonder what wrong they have done to deserve such a fate. The worst thing is that even parents refuse to stand by their widowed daughters and they are forced to take shelters in ashrams. In ashrams these women are exploited by so-called priests. The plight of widows is a disgrace for Indian society.

Sukhraj Sekhon,
SAS Nagar


The writer states that when Meera Nair tried to make a film on the plight of widows, she was hounded out of Varanasi, where she was shooting. Actually it was Deepa Mehta and not Meera Nair, who was making the aforementioned movie, called Water.

Surendra Miglani,