Saturday, May 10, 2003
M A I L  B O X

Irritation, anger, rage

THROUGH "Irritation, anger, rage" (April 19) Khushwant Singh has attempted to analyse the emotion of anger and suggested some ways and means to control it. In fact, where there is anger, there is absence of wisdom, and where there is wisdom, there is no anger. An angry person does more harm to himself than to others. In the height of anger a person forgets himself and is unable to distinguish between right and wrong. In anger one loses not only one’s wisdom but also the fruits of his labour, worship and meditation and study of scriptures, if any.

The following simple methods may be helpful in subduing anger: to maintain silence when the force of anger is felt, to leave the place of occurrence and go elsewhere, to drink cold water, to turn to God and engage oneself in prayer, to develop habit of patience, contentment and toleration.



Tribute to Gargi

Aruti Nayar’s article, ‘Playwright who created drama in real life’ (Windows) April 26 is a commendable piece worth reading and rereading.

I had heard about Balwant Gargi but have not been lucky enough to have met him. The demise of this giant of literary circles has created a gap in the world of art.

K.L. NOATAY, Shimla

Stud farms

This refers, to Gitanjali Sharma’s article, "Do stud farms make horse sense?"

Horse breeding not only for racing but, specialised breeding for other equestrian discipline has a lot of scope in the days to come. If the Punjab Government can think of opening casinos then what is wrong with having race courses or reviving race courses that already existed in Punjab prior to Partition. Alongside stud farms, the government should also establish race courses and equestrian schools with veterinary colleges. This will provide employment to many as also recreation for both young and old. In addition it would generate considerable revenue for the state. States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Delhi are already benefiting from this industry.

SARPY, Chandigarh