Saturday, July 5, 2003

Are corporates women-friendly?

While private companies assert that there is no gender discrimination at the workplace, statistics and studies show that this claim is far removed from reality. The workforce is male-dominated and the companies are still far from being equal-opportunity employers, says Gitanjali Sharma.

RE the corporates friendly towards its women employees? Friendly? But why? There is no gender discrimination to speak of!
Are corporates women-friendly?

"Corporates are trying to find excuses to keep women out"
Renu Rangela
HE multi-million dollar deal for which Infosys was forced to resolve the Phanesh Murthy case has had a strangely reverse effect on corporate houses in India. Far from addressing the problem of sexual harassment of their women employees, they are actually trying to find excuses to keep women out of their companies altogether.

Banish blemishes
Parvesh Handa
XCESSIVE exposure to sun during the summer is very harmful for the skin and causes sunburn and discolouration of the skin and even skin cancer. The sun’s burning rays are most intense between 12 noon and 3 pm.

Swapnil ke sang
Dharam Pal
popular singer, Swapnil has been singing devotional, pop, semi-classical, natya sangeet, folk and remixes for music companies like Sagarika Music, Tips, T. Series, Venus, Magnasound, Times Music and Wings Music to name a few. His first pop album in Hindi Sang Sang Ho Tum should help him gain a wider appeal.



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