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Monday, August 11, 2003

Rogue files get Exposed!
Raman Mohan

Dead, forgotten and useless files are the worst enemy of any computer. These files get accumulated over time through surfing the Net or otherwise. This can slow down the system. We now have a freeware product to solve this problem, besides doing much more. The other freeware featured is an image resizer. Normally when we scan pictures the size of the image can run into several hundred KBs. These are too big to be sent by e-mail as they take a lot of time. PicSizer solves this problem by resizing images that can then be e-mailed in a jiffy.


This freeware collects and presents images, photos, sound clips, movie clips, and many other interesting items found across a computer system. It provides you with the ability to collect or delete these if you choose. You can collect images, then run a slideshow to review them while you do something else. You can collect sound clips, and evaluate their usefulness to other projects. If you are looking for tiny files, you may use the Preferences tab to have Exposed! identify the ones on your system. Many or most of these are also called "Web Bugs" or "Web Beacons" because they are used as tracking devices by the folks behind some commercial Websites. If you want to save disk space fast, have the program seek out the largest files, so you can erase hundreds of megabytes in seconds.

If you are a parent, you have to be fully prepared for the worst the Internet can offer. You can sort out sexually offending material (by the name of the file), and can extend the sort capability by adding your own special keywords. It can help you find what your teenaged son or daughter have been doing. While you work or sleep, you can tell Exposed! to pick out files that are time-stamped during certain hours of the day. The program also solves the problem that occurs when people use a computer year after year. They acquire thousands or tens of thousands of files over time. These files consume megabytes, even gigabytes of disk storage. Most of these files are forgotten. But, these files slow down the computer system. So have Exposed! Remove these files for you. It is available at: www.reddragonsoftware.com/downloads/ExposedSetup.exe


This program is a batch utility that resizes images for use on the Web and in e-mail. It was designed keeping the owners of digital cameras in mind, but it can also be useful for other people who work with images on a daily basis. Itís the perfect tool for quick generation of screen-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes. PicSizer saves in JPEG format at any size between 64 and 1024 pixels, and reads files in .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tga, and .tif RGB formats. Using it is easy and fast. Click on the "Source Folder" button to select the folder containing the images that need to be resized. Click on the "Destination Folder" button to select the folder where PicSizer will put the resized images. Under "Formats to Process" check the formats that you would like PicSizer to process. Set the quality of the JPEG compression (measured as a percentage) that will be applied to the resized images. Click on the "Process Images" button and let PicSizer do the rest. Download from www.axiomx.com/downloads/PicSizer.zip