Tuesday, August 19, 2003, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


26 suspended teachers reinstated
Deepkamal Kaur

Ludhiana, August 18
At least 26 schoolteachers, including a principal, from government schools of the district, who were found absent from duty when the Vigilance Bureau conducted raids in May this year, were reinstated today following orders from the government.

Mr Bachitar Singh, District Education Officer (Secondary), said even though the inquiry against them was pending, the State Education Department had issued orders regarding their reinstatement last weekend. He said this was being done probably due to shortage of staff in schools. He, however, added that necessary action would be taken against them, if they were found guilty in the inquiry.

On May 2, teams of the Vigilance Bureau, headed by Mr Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu, the then SSP (Vigilance), had conducted simultaneous raids at nearly 88 government schools, especially those in rural areas and found as many as 70 employees absent. The worst scenario was that of Government Senior Secondary School, Khanpur, where all 19 employees were found absent and at Government Elementary Schools, Attari Kalan and Daadpur, which were found locked.

Some of the employees had not given any leave application, although they had been marked ‘on leave’ in the attendance register. The bureau had forwarded the list to the senior Vigilance Officers and to the State Education Department for necessary action. These employees, teachers as well as non-teaching staff, had been under suspension since then.

The list of the teachers who have been reinstated include: Mr Harnek Chand, Principal of Government Senior Secondary School, Humbran; Mr Jasveer Singh, Headmaster, Government Middle School, Mangat; Mr Ranjit Singh, a lecturer with Government Senior Secondary School, Khanpur; Mr Baljinder Singh, Ms Harjit Kaur, Ms Surinder Pal Kaur (all lecturers), Mr Balbir Singh, science teacher, Mr Gurvinder Singh, DPE, Mr Jagjit Singh, Punjabi teacher, Ms Gurmeet Kaur, Mr Ramesh, Mr Krishan Singh, Mr Sukhwant Singh (all social studies teachers), Ms Sandeep Kaur, mathematics teacher, Ms Ravinder Kaur, science teacher, Mr Rangu Singh, Hindi teacher, Ms Preet Kaur, PTI, Mr Ravinder Singh, drawing teacher, all from Government Senior Secondary School, Khanpur.

Those reinstated in Government Model Senior Secondary School include: Ms Santosh Sachdeva, science teacher, Mr Baljit Singh, vocational teacher, and Mr Santosh Kumar, vocational lecturer. Others who have been reinstated include: Mr Sarabjit Singh, social studies master, and Ms Vandana Bhandari, mathematics teacher, both from Government Senior Secondary School, Bhundri; Mr Sukhwinder Singh, lecturer in agriculture science from Government Senior Secondary School, Sidhwan Bet; Ms Jasveer Kaur, social studies teacher, and Ms Jasveer Kaur, science teacher, both from Government Senior Secondary School, Mangat.

However, many elementary teachers and non-teaching employees, including clerks, lab attendants and Class IV employees, are still under suspension. These include: Ms Lakhwinder Kaur and Veer, both elementary teachers, Government Primary School, Aliwal; Ms Kuljinder Kaur, Government Primary School, Bhoondri; Mr Seema Rani, elementary teacher, Mangat; and Ms Praveen Rani, Primary School, Khasi Khurd.

Besides, Mr Rajinder Singh, clerk, Ms Bachan Kaur, peon, Mr Jagjeet Singh, sweeper, Ms Kusum, senior lab attendant, Mr Anil Kumar, class IV employee, Government Senior Secondary School, PAU; Mr Avtar Singh, clerk, Chanan Devi High School, Salem Tabri; and Mr Balbir Singh, a Class IV employee, Government Senior Secondary School, Gobind Nagar, also continue to be under suspension.



Residents lay siege to police post
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 18
Tension engulfed Sunder Nagar and Kirpal Nagar areas at midnight last night when a mob of 300 persons picketed at the local police post in protest against the ‘torture’ of two persons in police custody.

The agitators were miffed at the alleged beating up of two youths picked up with five others for questioning in a burglary case in the colony on last Saturday night. The police released the youths after the dharna.

Two of the four alleged victims, Anil Kumar and Uday Kant, were admitted to the civil hospital here. The medical examination report of the injured mentions that the injuries were on account of police torture.

Tampers ran high in the area since last afternoon when Umakant, Anil Kumar, Satish, Kuldip Singh and Bitta and two unidentified persons were picked up by the police in connection with the burglary case.

Unidentified persons had stolen about 60 tolas of gold jewellery from the house of Gulshan Kumar, a resident of Kirpal Nagar. The youths were allegedly picked up for questioning on suspicion of their involvement in the case.

According to the protesters, the police beat them up mercilessly and chose Anil Kumar and Uday Kant for 'special treatment.'

Local congress leader Arun Katyal took up the matter with the police and got them released. However, when the relatives of the youths saw their condition, they were furious and began to gather in numbers. To make matter worse, the police also called the congress leader for questioning. the mob followed him to the police post. They were told that the youths and the congress leader had been summoned as the burglary victim suspecting their involvement in the case.

By now the residents had become restive at the police behaviour and laid a siege to the police post. they raised slogans against the cops and demanded suspension of the staff posted there.

The mob took the youths to the Civil Hospital for medical examination. The two remained hospitalised today as well.

Mr Pritam Singh, SP City-II, said the police would conduct a thorough investigation into the matter if the family submitted a formal complaint.



Allotment of plot cancelled after inquiry
Irregularities in auction surface
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 18
In a significant decision, the state government has cancelled the allotment of a commercial plot in Rajguru Nagar, which was allotted to a politically influential person of the city, allegedly at a throwaway price.

The orders were received by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust after the authorities submitted an inquiry report following a complaint.

The 500 sq. metre. plot situated at a prime commercial location in Rajguru Nagar area was sold to the owner of a chain of restaurants in the city at the rate of Rs 5,150 per sq metre after open auction on January 31 this year. The price was considered abysmally low compared to the current price of the real estate in the metro city. The control price of this site was fixed at Rs 5,000 and the highest bid was for Rs 5150 only.

Authoritative sources in the LIT said the allotment was cancelled, after the inquiry had established enough irregularities in the auction. The inquiry further stated that while other properties were auctioned at a much higher price, this property had gone for a song. The land would be auctioned once again.

The officials said it was due to pressure by senior officials of the IT that the plot was sold for this price, causing losses to the trust. Sources, however, said no responsibility had been fixed.

Mr Kultar Singh Jaggi, President of Property Dealers Association, Sanjay Gandhi Colony, had complained to the government about the irregularities. The complaint was taken up seriously and an inquiry ordered. Sources said it was common for the government to receive complaints after every auction but action was taken in few cases.

The former Chairperson of the trust had recommended the cancellation of the allotment. Sources said 12 properties other auctioned on the same day had gone for a high prices. A site in Model Town Extension whose control price was Rs 1360 per square yard, had gone for Rs 7,000 per square yard.

Similarly, another property at the control price of Rs 13,000 per feet was auctioned at Rs 14,000 per feet, which, according to the officials, was a “very good” price.

Mr Rajinder Singh Basant, owner of a chain of restaurants in the city, to whom the plot was allotted, when contacted, said he had decided to move the court against the decision. He said there were not many buyers in the city and he alone had bought the plot.

He said there were at least six bidders at the time of auction.



He pedals 15,000 km each year for peace
Shivani Bhakoo

Hari Narayan Sharma and Devraj on a peace mission while on their way to Pashupatinath Temple
Hari Narayan Sharma (left) and Devraj on a peace mission while on their way to Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. 

Ludhiana, August 18
Hari Narayan Sharma has been visiting various places to spread the message of love, peace and brotherhood on a bicycle. He has, at times, faced public wrath for his “stupidity”, while on other occasions he has been accorded warm welcome.

A resident of Sehnata village, district Boombi, Rajasthan, Hari Narayan Sharma runs his own tourist company. He owns three deluxe buses and acres of land besides leading a comfortable life. “People call me whimsical for undertaking such yatras but I do not mind. It is their way of thinking. I feel something should be done for others. My wife has always stood by me,” said Hari Narayan.

He has already undertaken half a dozen such journeys on bicycle. It takes months to complete one journey. He says: “This time I am going to Pashupatinath temple (Nepal). Another person from Maharashtra, Devraj, is accompanying me in this journey. It will take almost five months to complete the journey. A journey of over 15,000 km would be completed on bicycles. We will be cross Fulttan (Maharashtra), Ahmednagar, Malegaanv, Indore, Agra, Amarnath and Bodhgaya before reaching Nepal.

Hari Narayan considers it to be the blessing of almighty, who gives him the power to undertake the journey every year. He started undertaking these yatras in 1994, when he went with his parents in a train but he then decided to do it on bicycle, that too barefoot. “I have to spend thousands of rupees on each yatra. I do not demand anything from anybody. By the grace of God, we have enough money to accomplish the mission,” he said.

The harbinger of peace has built a temple, “Sadbhavna”, on his bicycle. The cost of this temple is around Rs 11,000 and weighs more than 20 kg. “During the journey, we get an opportunity to interact with different kind of people. Some abuse us by saying ‘paagal hai’ (he’s a fool), while others greet us with open arms”, he says.

In the 2001, a bomb exploded near his camp and many people lost their lives during Amarnath Yatra. “In one of the incidents, I was saved by the almighty when a bullet whisked past me during a militant attacked on our group. I have witnessed many encounters and am not afraid of death. It is the best companion. It waits for you for long and takes you ultimately,” feels Hari Narayan.

These yatras have become a routine for Hari Narayan. He stays away from his family and home for more than five months every year.

He says: “I am fully content with what I have. I pray to God for the welfare of the mankind during my yatras.”



A maths wizard
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
Tell Pawan Gupta your age and before you have uttered your name, he has already written down the months, the hours and the seconds that you have lived. Pawan Gupta demonstrated his mathematical wizardry at the office of Ludhiana Tribune this afternoon.

He displayed his skills in division and multiplication of seven digit figures. He made calculations in no time and considering that Pawan Gupta is not even a matriculate makes his skills all the more amazing.

The speed at which he calculates is real quick. He challenges even Shakuntala Devi, who is renowned for solving complex mathematical problems, and claims that he can top her feat.

But Pawan does not want to use this skill in astrology, as he has no faith in it. He says: “I have read many books on palmistry, but every book of astrology teaches different ways and hence I have no faith.”

His story sounds farcical. He met with an accident in Khanna and went into coma. He remained unconscious for two months in Christian Medical Hospital, Ludhiana. When he regained consciousness, he realised that his memory had become sharper and more powerful.

The accident had taken place in 1985. Dr Nath from the USA had visited the CMC last year and was told about the unusual case of Pawan. He conducted a number of tests on him, including MRI, CAT scan.

He was puzzled as the reports showed that some of his brain cells were dead. How he has acquired the mathematical skills is still a mystery.

No one has an answer to this extraordinary phenomenon. He was very average before the accident.

He runs a small business and can maintain his own accounts. Local doctors also cannot figure out what changes had occurred in his brain while he was in coma. One of the doctors says: “It is definitely one of the rare cases.”

He was invited to the USA to display his skills, but paucity of funds came as a hindrance.

He says: “When I am asked to solve a mathematical problem, the correct number instantly flashes in my brain. In a hurry to jot down the correct answer, I may make an error but the number is clear in my mind.

“While I am driving, I see the registration numbers of vehicles on the road and my brain starts factorisation of the numbers. It can be dangerous as I can meet with another accident and lose my fantastic skill.”

His skill has not been recognised for the past 18 years and he hopes that somebody will throw a challenge at him and he will emerge as “Mr Right”.



Good Samaritan’s wife promised job
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 18
After listening to the grievances of the widow of a Khud Mohalla resident, who had sacrificed his life while saving many others in the devastating fire that had killed around 20 people, the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, assured her a job acknowledging the exemplary bravery of the deceased.

Ms Jasbir Kaur, widow of Kartar Singh, a real hero in Khud Mohalla incident, said after she met the CM at the residence of Surinder Dawer, MLA, today morning.

The CM listened to her and asked her about her educational qualifications. She further said the CM directed the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Anurag Verma, to offer her a job after she finishes her computer course.

Meanwhile, the residents of the area have demanded a bravery award for Kartar Singh who had rescued many persons trapped in the fire, caring little about his life. The residents claimed that he was a real hero who deserved to the award. Recalling the fire incident, the residents said he had received severe burn injuries during the fire when he had rescued many persons trapped inside. After receiving the injuries he had reached the hospital pillion riding a scooter. 



CM reaches out to people
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 18
The Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, was in the city today to apparently seek opinion of workers at the grassroots level, leaders and other representatives. The Chief Minister made it clear that Congress party workers, leaders and other elected representatives will not be ignored, as they were acting as a bridge between the people and the administration.

He interacted with a number of people regarding their problems. He also conveyed to officials that Congress workers should not feel ignored or alienated.

Soon after his arrival here, the Chief Minister went to the residence of the city Mayor, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, at Rose Garden. There he interacted with several people, including some councillors. Mr Gill said the Chief Minister was keen on getting feedback on the functioning of the local administration from the common people.

The Chief Minister then went to the residence of the Ludhiana East MLA, Mr Surinder Dawer, at Rani Jhansi Road. There he reportedly assured the legislators and other people that the government was committed to solving their problems. People raised various issues with the Chief Minister, for which he assured immediate and prompt action.

He also visited the residence of Mr Harmohinder Singh, president the District Congress Committee, Ludhiana (rural), at Pakhowal Road. A number of people, mostly from the rural areas, had gathered at his residence who brought various problems to the notice of the Chief Minister. Subsequently, the Chief Minister went to the Punjabi Bhavan, where he addressed a function organised by the Forest Department in connection with vanamahotsava celebrations.

Reacting to the visit, the local Congress leaders said the Chief Minister had been planning to visit the city for some time to have a firsthand account of the problems being faced by the people.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by his political secretary Rana Gurmeet Sodhi.

The Chief Minister’s visit to the city and direct interaction with common people assumes significance in view of the forthcoming general election scheduled for next year. The Chief Minister is learnt to have embarked upon a mass contact programme across the state where he would have direct interaction with people.

Barring the Minister of State for Stationery and Printing, Mr Rakesh Pandey, and the local MP, Mr Gurcharan Singh Galib, all local ministers and legislators, including Mr Harnam Dass Johar, Mr Tej Prakash, Mr Milkiat Singh Birmi, Mr Surinder Dawer, Mr Milkiat Singh Dakha and others were present at the function.



Rs 262-cr plan to make city greener
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 18
The Punjab government has chalked out a comprehensive programme of a forestation, soil and water conservation with the assistance of Japan costing Rs 262 crore with the active evolvement of public, which would help in checking soil erosion improve groundwater recharge and environment.

This was announced by Capt. Amarinder Singh Chief Minister Punjab, while addressing a gathering at the 54th state-level Vana mahostava at Guru Nanak Bhavan here today.

The CM said the government has planned to set up forest development agencies in every district of the state, which would mobilise maximum public involvement in the forestation and during the current financial year, new forestation projects would be undertaken in 10300 hectare.

He said a substantial share out of the return from the forestry would be given to the farmers, the owner of the land along the roads, where the plants were grown. He said the agencies would also help the people in executing the developmental projects like repair school buildings, ponds and wells etc in the villages falling under Shivalik hills. A scheme of micro employment would also be undertaken in these villages to impart training of different employment ventures with a view to provide employment to the youth in private sector, he added.

Capt Amarinder Singh exhorted the NGOs to educate the people regarding sapling plantation and improvement of the environment and launched a campaign to make the programme regarding greening of cities, towns and villages a grand success. He said directions have been issued to municipal corporations and municipal committees to set aside 1 per cent of their budget for planting saplings on all available vacant lands.

They have also been asked to co-ordinate with the forest department and to plan projects to attain continuity for sapling planting programme. The Chief Minister informed that during the current financial year, 1.25 crore new plants would be planted in all parts of the state and the vacant lands of the institutions and the saplings of plants would be given free of cost for making plantation on military, Air Force land and the land with educational institutions and schemes for planting in urban areas have been started.

The Chief Minister, while expressing his serious concern over the creation of ecological imbalance in the environment, said that the indiscriminate use of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture sector and fast deforestation was posing a major threat for the human health. He said with decrease in the accumulation snow on the mountains, the water level in the rivers was also going down day by day, which would further add to the problems of the coming generation.

He said trees of Neem, Sheesham, desi mango, bohr, peepal, jamun etc. were most beneficial in improving the environment and checking pollution. He appealed to the NGOs and official of the Forest Department to grow more and more these trees.

Later, the CM interacted with a group of six foreign students from Lumpopo Province, who are studying at the Punjab College of Technical Education, Baddowal. Wishing them a comfortable stay in Punjab, he said the government would make efforts to enhance the number of foreign students in Punjab.

Mr Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Forest Minister, said the area under tree cover was very small . He said a as per our National Forest Policy, to attain environmental balance of a region 33 per cent of its geographical area should be under forest cover, whereas in Punjab we have only 6 per cent area under forest. Mr Bajwa said now when government was making its efforts to diversify agriculture, farmers were being requested to plant trees on their land along with crops, to control air pollution, and checking. The decline in water-table.

Mr H. D. Johar Higher Education Minister Punjab, proposed a vote of thank. He demanded sufficient funds for the proper management for Buddha Nallah and to set up public toilets in large number in each part of the city.

Mr A. S Dogra, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Punjab spoke about various development schemes started on government and private lands. He said there was a programme to plant 10300 saplings and to carry out soil and water conservation scheme during this financial year.

Apart from it, projects for maintenance of culverts, renovation of wells and village ponds, maintenance and repairs of school buildings and village common buildings have also been started. Under the Joint Forest Management (JFM), plan the forest protection committees had also been constituted to achieve this end. He said an arrangement for free supply of plants had been made on the occasion of celebration of state-level vanamahotsava.

Among others present on the occasion were Mr Tej Parkash Singh, Transport Minister, Mr Malkiat Singh Birmi, State Minister, Mr Anurag Verma DC, Mr Narinder Pal Singh, SSP, Mr S. K. Sharma MC Commissioner, Mr Ashok Singh Garcha, chairman, Improve ment Trust, Mr Malkiat Singh Dakha, Mr. Surinder Dawar, Mr Amrik Singh Dhillon (all MLAs), Mr Nahar Singh, Mayor, Mr. Harmohinder president of the DCC, Mr Jagmohan Sharma president of the DCC (U), Mr Sushila Gupta, Deputy Mayor, Bibi Harbans Kaur, Mr Ramesh Joshi, Mr Mewa Singh Chohan and Mr Mohinder Singh Kalyan, ex- MP.

Meanwhile, Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister, Punjab, has announced that the pattern of Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, of providing drinking water to 100 per cent urban population would be introduced in other cities also.

Referring to the quality of roads in the city, the Chief Minister claimed that road network in the city has been ranked amongst the top 10 cities of India in a survey conducted by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). He said the city has also attained distinction of launching an integrated programme for slum development for all 210 slums in the city. 



Plant more trees, citizens urged
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
The Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Mr S.K. Sharma, has exhorted the city population to plant more trees in residential colonies, commercial and industrial organisations and educational institutions to increase the green cover in the industrial hub.

Addressing a cultural function, organised by the Citizens Club at Punjabi Bhawan here yesterday, he said under the ongoing plantation drive in the city, the corporation would provide saplings free of cost to individuals and institutions.

Prominent amateur artists including Randhir Kanwal, D.K. Sachdeva, Kanwal, Seema, Neelam Khosla, Ashima, Cheenu, Kulwant Singh and Tarlochan Singh regaled the audience.

The guest of honour, Mr Ashok Singh Garcha, Chairman, Ludhiana Improvement Trust, said the organisations working to promote and preserve the rich heritage and culture of Punjab were doing a great service.

Mr N.S. Nanda, president of the club, announced that the club would plant 1000 saplings in different parts of the city next week to mark vanmahotsava. Mr Vinod Thapar and other office-bearers of the club attended the function.

Ms Malkiat Kaur, councillor, Ward No 56, planted a sapling at Cheema Chowk to mark the plantation drive in the area. She said as many as 10,000 saplings would be planted in different localities of the ward. This would go a long way in combating the menace of pollution. She said area residents would be given saplings and tree guards under the plantation scheme.



Where vacant land is a rare sight
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 18
Vacant land being a rare sight in this town. Trade and industrial establishments as well as educational institutions are making free use of every conceivable vacant place adjoining their premises for parking vehicles. Going one step further, many such offenders have even erected makeshift structures on roads which are being used as parking sheds, evoking no penal action from the civic administration.

In most of the city areas, particularly around the commercial centres and industrial belts, both sides of the roads, service lanes and other public places are being used by business houses with impunity for parking or other commercial purposes which has further compounded the problem of traffic movement.

While many of the industrial units around Dholewal, Sherpur, Focal Point, Industrial Area: A and B, Industrial Estate and Sunder Nagar have encroached upon space lying in front of their units for parking purposes, a large number of educational institutions are also indulging in the similar practice. As a result, congestion and prolonged traffic jams on the roads where these institutions are located is an every day affair, particularly in the morning and afternoon.

The Safai Labour Union of the Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana had recently lodged a complaint with the corporation that a hosiery unit in Sardar Nagar had encroached upon one side of the road by putting up a cycle stand and further digging a bore on a part of the road for installation of a tubewell, which was an unlawful act under the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act.

Sometimes back, the corporation had chalked out a plan to carry out a survey of the industrial units and other institutions, who were making unlawful use of public places, including roads and streets, so that penal action could be initiated against them.

However, like many other plans, which entail unpleasant work, never saw the light of the day while those making (mis)use of the roads and public places continue to do so at the cost of a majority of the city population.



Nagas original natives of India, claims Dr Viyogi
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
Modern historians are distorting history and writing it according to brahminical thoughts. No one has bothered to pay any attention to the history of the native people,” says Dr Naval Viyogi.

Dr Viyogi is a DLitt in history and culture from Round Table University, Arizona, USA. Dr Viyogi has come out with a thesis that the history taught in schools, colleges and universities was invented by colonial historians who deliberately eroded the glorious history of the native people of India, who were Nagas.

Presently, Dr Viyogi is working on the ancient history of India and busy with a research project of 10 volumes titled-”The History of the indigenous people of India.” He has completed the first two volumes titled “ The founders of Indus Valley cultural and their History” and the second book ‘Ancient rulers of India, their origin and history.”

Dr Viyogi said he was originally a novelist and a short story writer. Mr Viyogi has written 10 novels and about 120 short stories and articles. He says, “Though one of my short story was made into film titled ‘Waris’, yet I was not happy with the literary work that I was doing. The poverty of my country bothered me endlessly. I wanted to know the root cause of India’s poverty. So I decided to go deep into history of ancient India to find out the causes.”

Dr Viyogi is not satisfied with the work done by historians. He says, “Although Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is exploring ancient cities and have explored Indus Valley Civilisation, still we need to explore the minds of the people to know their ancient tradition so that historians can write history in right direction.”

He said the native people, the Nagas, were great producer of varied products like pottery, weaving, tools, ornaments. Each individual was an adept artisan. The Aryans who came later were non-productive. He said the distorted history was a product of the Aryans who were the invaders and ‘barbarians in general’.

The Nagas, Dr Viyogi said, the natives of country, had highly developed social, religious, economic and political systems. Thus the Nagas were warriors and ideal citizens. Thus they founded Indus Valley Civilisation, one of the oldest civilisation.

He said during the Aryan invasion, the native Nagas were pushed towards the North East. Their glorious rule of 2,500 years ended. Dr Viyogi said after Aryans the Indians became non-productive. The people developed an attitude of no respect for work and no dignity of labour. Since then this ideology has been followed which was responsible for the poverty. The invaders that came later just exploited us.

Dr Viyogi said the history of 85 per cent natives should be written by the historians as the historians have neglected the history of these people. Dr Viyogi feels that if the existing course of invader’s history is replaced by this new research work, it can prove to be an ideal history for developing young brains of students in schools and colleges to the right path of creating a sense of nationality, humanity, fraternity, liberty, patriotism and rationality.



Seminar on Punjabi literature
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
The two-day seminar on ‘Scene on contemporary Punjabi literature’ held at Punjabi Bhavan concluded yesterday. It was organised by the Punjabi Sahitya Akademy.
On the concluding day, Dr Tejwant Singh Gill presided over the seminar.

Dr Satish Kumar Verma while reading a research paper on contemporary Punjabi plays, stressed that there was need to create more Punjabi theatres. He said: “Punjabi literature lacks good stories and plays fail to portray historical characters.”

Ms Jagdish Kaur spoke on types of prose and said these days the trend was more towards writing autobiographies and biographies, which reflects that the writers are passing through a process of introspection.

Mr Amarjit Grewal, Mr Baldev Dhaliwal and Mr Sumel Singh Sidhu also spoke. The convener was Dr Surjit from Panjab University Regional Centre, Mukatsar.



Two die in hit-and-run cases
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
The Sadar police yesterday registered a hit-and-run case under Sections 279, 304-A and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Raje Singh, who lives near the Nankana Public School on the Gill road, against driver of the vehicle who hit complainant’s son Raju on the road and fled on Sunday afternoon. Raju died on the spot.

The Shimla Puri police has also registered a case under Sections 279, 304-A and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Davinder Singh, a resident of Brahm Majra, against driver who hit his brother on the road and sped away with the vehicle leaving behind. His brother died on the spot. No arrest has been made so far.

8-year-old injured: The Salem Tabri police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Amarjit Singh, a resident of Gehlewal village falling under the Jodhewal police station, against a driver who hit a child of about eight years on the night of August 16 and sped away from the scene leaving the child injured on the road. No arrest has been made so far.

One booked: The Division No 2 police registered a case under Sections 295, 127 and 506 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Majayad Tariq, a resident of Habib Ganj, against a person who allegedly pelted stones at the mosque on Sunday afternoon. No arrest has been made so far.

Cases of assault: The Jodhewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 323, 341, 509, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Imran, alias Goldy, a resident of Janak Puri, against Mohammad Salaudin, Mohammad Salim and Sajid, residents of Ghulabi Bagh. The complainant had alleged that the accused intercepted him on the road, abused him, beat him up and also threatened him on the evening of August 16. No arrest has been made so far.

The Sarabha Nagar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 324, 323, 341 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Ms Geeta, a resident of Mohalla Maharaj Nagar near the Circuit House, against Krishna, her husband Amar Nath, residents of the same locality. The woman had alleged that the accused stopped her on the road, beat her up and also threatened her on the night of August 16. No arrest has been made so far.

The Focal Point police registered a case under Sections 341, 323, 294, 506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Deen Nandan, a Bihari migrant now living Shimla Puri, against Lal Babu and Raju, residents of Giaspura. The complainant had alleged that the accused intercepted him on the road, beat him up and also abused and threatened him. No arrest has been made so far.

Fraud alleged: The Focal Point police yesterday registered a case under Sections 406 and 420 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Jagdish, owner of Eastman Industry, Phase-II, Focal Point, against Akhlem Sharma and Parveen Gupta, partners of another industrial unit in the same locality. The complainant had alleged that he had given Rs 10 lakh to the accused and recovered a cheque from them for repayment. But the cheque given by the accused was not honoured by the bank concerned on presentation. The accused had committed a fraud on him, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

Scooter recovered: The Shimla Puri police yesterday arrested Anil Kumar alias Mintu, a resident of Gurmel Nagar on the Lohara road and booked him under Sections 379 and 411 of the IPC. The police said today that the accused was nabbed at Gill chowk on Sunday evening while he was driving a stolen scooter (PB-10AA-9321).

Gamblers held: The Division No 3 police yesterday registered three cases under the Gambling Act against a number of gamblers who were caught gambling at various places on Sunday.

In the first case, Mangal Singh, a resident of Swatantar Nagar in Basti Jodhewal, and Surinder Kumar, a resident of Bal Singh Nagar, were arrested and Rs 300 and a deck of playing cards were recovered from their possession.

In the second case, Balwinder Singh, a resident of Rahon road, and Prem Kumar, a resident of Balmik Mohalla, were arrested and Rs 150 and a deck of playing cards were recovered from their possession.

Varinder Kumar, a resident of Mangal Deep Colony, Suresh Kumar, a resident of Kailash nagar in Basti Jodhewal, were arrested and Rs 200 and a deck of playing cards were recovered from their possession on Sunday.

Liquor seized: The Division No 6 police yesterday arrested Harcharan Singh, a resident of Sitapur Tanda falling under the Ram Nagar police station in Nainital and seized 12 bottles of country-made liquor from his possession. The accused was booked under the Excise Act, the police said here today.

Kidnap bid foiled:
Two youths of Kaunke Khosa village, who tried to kidnap Veerpal Kaur, a resident of Bilaspur and studying in class VII in Government High School, Sham Singh Atari, Kaunke Kalan, have been booked under Sections 354, 506 and 34 IPC. After the school hours, the girl was returning home along with her friends. Bhalwan Singh and Satnam Singh, residents of the same village, caught hold of Veerpal Kaur and acted indecently and tried to kidnap her. But her maternal mother came to her rescue and the accused fled.



Electronics dealer duped
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 18
A dealer in refrigerators and electronic goods at Bhadaur House was duped of a mobile phone by a man who identified himself as an agent of an insurance company near Ghanta Ghar here on Monday. According to information, a clean-shaven man in his mid-50s came to the shop around 12.45 pm and selected a refrigerator and a mobile phone.

He asked the shop owner to send the fridge on a rickshaw to his residence in Tagore Nagar, promising to pay the money on delivery. He also took the mobile phone with him. But the rickshaw-puller failed to locate the address and enquiries made with the insurance office revealed that the man was not employed with the company.


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