Saturday, August 30, 2003

There is no professional theatre in India; only good or bad amateur theatre
Mohan Maharishi

WHY are we not able to see quality theatre more often? Why are plays of consequence not being written in Indian languages? Why are trained actors, directors and technicians making a beeline to the ghettos of Mumbai?

I feel it’s the right time to ask these questions.

The answers could be many and may not interest most people. Still, it is true that all of us would like to live in a society where culture in general and theatre in particular plays a significant role in negotiating social tensions while defining our relationship with the whole psycho-spiritual environment we live in.

Enlightening and entertaining people is the long-established function of all forms of art, especially theatre.

Mahendra Mewati in Mohan Maharishi’s Raja Ki Rasoi

Nail down the disorder
Parvesh Handa
ANY people are allergic to nail products. Nail polish, hardeners, conditioners, top and base coats, as well as other nail chemicals, often contains allergies. Nail products often cause eyelid irritations when you rub or touch, thin, delicate eyelids with pointed nails.