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Elocution contest
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
As many as 120 students participated in an elocution contest organised at Rai School, Sector 48, here today. All were clad in the armour of oratorical skills, ready to take a plunge for positions of prominence.

The judges, Ms Dhaliwal, Ms Neena Attri, Ms Sangeeta Chopra, Ms Geeta Sherawat and Ms Anita Vasudeva were warmly welcomed by the tiny tots of the school who recited a poem titled “Welcome”.

Ms Dogra, the school in charge, spoke on the secrets of effective public speaking which lie in the ability to enunciate clearly, deliver with ample modulation, being confident and composed all the time. All the participants were given certificates and mementoes.

The results are as follows: English: Utkarsh, Vanica Bansal, Shaina, Anmol Manocha and Nitish Thakur; Hindi: Devanshi Sharma, Akshina Jindal, Manat, Spriya, Ruchina Bahuguna.

Cultural programme: The tiny tots of Evergreen Academy, Sector 34, presented a cultural programme to entertain their grandparents, here today. The grandparents participated in a number of games along with their grandchildren.

All 30 inmates of the old-age home in Sector 15 were given gifts by the children. A puppet show was especially organised for the inmates.



Seminar on process engg
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
The demand for process engineers in the IT sector is growing at an exponential rate in the country and the world market. The HandsOn Technology & Engineering Private Ltd (HT&E), which claims to be the only institute of design engineering in India, based at Gurgaon, is going to start a centre in the city shortly, said Mr Inderjit Labana, CEO, HT&E, here today.

Addressing a seminar on “Industrial trends and engineering employees — It’s impact and requirements,” he claimed students with engineering and science background could join the course and expect a high profile career in this line. He said the institute would initially conduct classes at Gurgaon and later in Chandigarh as well.



Stress-free school stresses on activity
Geetanjali Gayatri

Stepping Stones School, Sector 38, Chandigarh.
Stepping Stones School, Sector 38, Chandigarh. — Tribune photo Parvesh Chauhan 

BRIDGING the gap between imagination and reality, words and deeds, Stepping Stones School, Sector 38, has proved its faith in the dictum of doing rather than thinking.

Beginning with just 14 students in 1984 from a residence in Sector 9, the school, at present, has 1100 students on its rolls and is housed in a 1.3-acre plot in Sector 38, allotted by the UT Administration in 1998.

A new building of the school with modern classrooms and open grounds is coming up in Sector 37. Having over two acres of land to its credit, the new building would become functional from November this year.

Archita, ClassV 

With an activity-oriented curriculum for intellectual, emotional and social growth, the school takes great pride in the stress-free environment it provides to its students by way of regular creative learning classes, workshops on stress-management and sports.

The school has staff strength of 150 teachers, carefully chosen to do justice to the vast responsibility of imparting meaningful education. Advised to be friends to the students rather than strict disciplinarians, the teachers motivate and encourage the children to perform rather than scuttle their individuality in the name of discipline.

Keeping in view the ever-increasing demand of information technology (IT), the school provides extra classes in computers. Also, a fully equipped multimedia room has been set up to utilize IT to expose students to the complexities of their subject in a way that they can grasp better. Learning their lessons using capsules is very popular with the staff and students.

A co-educational school, Stepping Stones boasts of its own fully equipped gymnasium. With a library of over 5000 books to cater to all age groups, the schools is fighting a battle to inculcate a love for books among the students. To achieve this, while a separate class is held during school hours, a “Book Week” is also observed once a year.

Titled “Disha”, the annual school magazine, provides the students an opportunity to explore their creative talent. Besides highlighting the achievement of students in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, the magazine is a platform to express their thinking in the form of poems, small write-ups as well as paintings and cartoons.



A failure in academics is not a failure for life”

Ms. A.KumarA teacher for over 20 years in the best convent schools of the city, Ms. A.Kumar, Director-Principal of the school, was inspired to open her school following a suggestion by a doctor couple in need of a day boarding for their children. Referring to her school as "stress-free", she says they are not into making bookworms of students.

On what education means to her

Educating a child does not necessarily mean focussing on academics alone. It also means giving talent free-play and inculcating moral values among them. We hold a number of workshops and have set aside special periods for driving home the necessity of moral education.

On the need for co-curricular activities

Academic degrees do count but a failure in academics is certainly not synonymous with failure in life. We try to give exposure and opportunity to all students. If their talent is tapped and their area of interest explored, they, too, can do very well.

On what makes her school different from the rest

We don't load our children with homework. We believe that 95 per cent of learning is completed if a child is attentive in class. The rest of the learning comes through revision. Besides, our teachers try to finish in class whatever little homework is given to the students.

On the tuition menace and what the school is doing to curb it

The parents refuse to understand that the child can do better without tuitions rather than with them. The Board examinations make them jittery and that is when they refuse to trust the teacher alone. We hold extra classes for students of higher classes to keep them away from tuitions.



Poems by students
Thank you Ma’am

Divyanshi, Class V A
Divyanshi, Class V A

Karishma, Class V

Nidhi Jindal , Class V 

Parnav Teji, Class I B

Dear Ma’am, Thank you for scolding me,

When I was wrong

Thank you for praising me

When I did my best,

I can’t thank you in words,

All I can do is keep you in my heart.

Naina, Class VI

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is here

With scrappy and Shaggy

And has brought new adventures

Finding new treasures.

He’s a coward,

Afraid even of his shadow.

He’s there to solve mysteries

yet is afraid of spirits,

He’s a friend of the children

And takes them to the land of wonder.

Sahil Bhola, Class V

A book is a friend

A good book

Is a good friend

It will talk to you

When you want to talk to it,

It will keep still

When you want it to keep still

There are not many friends

Who can do that

A library is a collection of friends.

Pallavi Ahuja.



Making Learning of Science Interesting

IN the present times, the aim of education is the all-round development of personality of the individual. But, there are a lot many hurdles is our path of achievement.

It is because we only emphasize on developing the intellectual abilities of the child while teaching there by achieving the objectives related to cognitive domain.

To achieve our aim completely, we should try to work out thing in such a way that we can make practical use of the knowledge. This is more important in the field of science as this is an area, which is gaining more importance day by day. To encourage children to put forward their contribution to science, it is important to channelize their energy towards it with great zeal and enthusiasm.

For this, the children should be encouraged from their childhood to raise questions regarding the day-today phenomena and processes they observe. It should be seen that the children don't accept the facts, concepts till they understand start explaining basic phenomena from the very beginning. Their reasoning ability should be awakened.

They should be encouraged to read science literature. Series of books like Science Encyclopedia, Children Knowledge Bank, Tell me why are widely available for reference. The students should be asked questions and should be suggested to find the answers from the books themselves. This way they will develop a habit of reading books. They should be motivated to consult internet. Reinforcement for their work should be given them by presenting them gifts or prizes.

Science clubs should be organized under the guidance of science teacher. The science club should organize various activities and competitions to develop children's interest. For example, the members of science club can work to make and, maintain a science museum, aquarium, vivarium, etc. They should organize trips and excursions to places of scientific interest.

Developing children's interest in Science is formidable task but not an impossible one. It involves a lot of hard work, planning and optimum use of the resources available. Utmost care should be taken to plan the curriculum so tat it compliments the measures adopted by the children realize everything around us is not a mystery or creation of nature. It is Science.

* Dr. (Mrs) Madhu Chitkara, ex-senior lecturer, Dev Samaj College of Education, Sector 36-B.



Daily News Quiz
How well do you read The Tribune?

Answers to the following questions are hidden in the last one weeks’

Tribune. Happy Hunting!!!!

1. Which millitant-turned-politician was killed in Srinagar last week?

2. Which party won the PU students’ elections?

3. Which state government was rapped by the SC in the Bast Bakery case?

4. Which Israeli Prime inister visited India last week?

The first ten correct entries received will be published in this space next week along with the names of their schools.

Your entries should reach us by email at

[email protected] by September 19, 2003

Answers to last week quiz: Jugraj Singh, Katarina Kaif, HP University, Best Minds of the Nation, YV Reddy.

Correct entries: Jasleen Saini, Devesh Mavi, Rajinder Thakur, Antriksh Saini.



Hi Kids! check out your vocabulary with this


Across: 1 Gal, don't fall behind (3) - 4 Ms. hit the escape button when in trouble (5) - 8 Plain cub grows up to be the handsome tiger (8) - 9 Loge is the place that we booked for this show (4) - 10 Miff the bank and get a loan (3) - 11 Lees found in the sea (4) - 13 Eel that has a direction (3) - 15 Sit close to it (3) - 17 Sliest island in the ocean (6) - 18 Forces decorate the wall (6) - 19 Act to catch a mouse (3) - 20 What the Indian police writes as @ (3) - 21 Rest the erstwhile ruler of Ruritania (4) - 23 NAM stood as a man against great power rivalry (3) - 25 Idea came to the assistant (4) - 27 Use sonar to detect arsenic poison (8) - 28 Sec in the bottle is moderately dry (5) - 29 Gross National Product (3).

Down: 1 Gul, the rose has to be carted around (3) - 2 Amenable as a proficient deck department sailor (4,6) - 3 Glee marks his face (4) - 4 Rocs sis cuts the cloth (7) - 5 Madam, I am Adam (3) - 6 Inflect ion by applying a force field (10) - 7 Thesis one: be honest (9) - 8 Aspects of writing notes after the essay (9) - 12 Silence the police by taking formal permission (7) - 14 Estimated time of arrival of some form of transport (3) - 16 To annoy (3) - 22 Snag in producing good music (4) - 24 Light created by a sustained and controlled electrical spark (3) - 26 Pud, the British pudding is very tasty (3).

Solution to last week’s crossword:
1 Ape, 4 Sisal, 8 Thank-you, 9 Hang, 10 Nub, 11 Aria, 13 Sag, 15 Eat, 17 Sprig, 18 Demos, 19 Deb, 21 Sol, 22 Levi, 24 Lea, 26 Easy, 28 Antlered, 29 Posse, 30 Rye.

Down: 1 Aha, 2 Panatellas, 3 Engr, 4 Synapse, 5 IOU, 6 Subsidiary, 7 Long, 8 Thee, 12 Isolate, 14 Age, 16 Ado, 20 Boyd, 21 Stop, 23 Veer, 25 Ens, 27 See. 

— © Dr. M . Rajivlochan



Show goes on with Harvinder, Manu
Tribune News Service

Disciples of bharatnatyam guru Saroja Vaidyanathan use pure dance to pay tributes to the cosmic dancer, Lord Shiva (top), while famous musician of Punjab gharana, Manu Seen, strikes a melodious chord on his sitar (bottom).
Disciples of bharatnatyam guru Saroja Vaidyanathan use pure dance to pay tributes to the cosmic dancer, Lord Shiva (top), while famous musician of Punjab gharana, Manu Seen, strikes a melodious chord on his sitar (bottom). — Tribune photos by Parvesh Chauhan.

Chandigarh, September 14
Pracheen Kala Kendra did not have to labour much to keep the affair of melody going at its new complex in Sector 71, Mohali. With the two main artistes scheduled to perform today backtracking, all the authorities had to do is reschedule the events a little, to honour the commitment to the audience.

The show was thrown open with the delightfully synchronous jugalbandhi between three artistes — Harvinder Sharma and Manu Seen on sitar and Avirbhav Verma on tabla. The spell woven by the musicians was magical in every aspect of the word and naturally so, going by their tutelage. While Harvinder Sharma has imbibed the nuances of the Imdadkhani gharana of Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan, Manu Seen lives up to the dignity of the Punjab gharana, represented by his father and guru Lachman Singh Seen. On the tabla was a rather young performer, Avirbhav Verma, who spilled magic with fingers.

The fusion began with the customary aalaap, jod aalaap, jhala and vilambit gat in raga Yaman. Manu Seen rendered the sitar perfectly, often reflecting the style of Shahid Pervez from whom the artiste has imbibed techniques of the Etawaha gharana. Matching the perfection of Manu Seen was Harvinder Sharma, whose almost spontaneous creations enriched the presentation. Picking up the rhythm almost naturally, Avirbhav thrilled the audience with his vibrancy. The jugalbandhi concluded amidst thunderous applause, which intensified as notes of raaga Khamaj filled the air.

The evening was well-packed with music ruling the roost in the first half and dance taking on in the second. In presence were three disciples of Saroja Vaidyanathan, who trains young blood at Ganesha Natyalaya in Delhi. Anuradha Venkataraman, Prema Sridharan and Deepika Gupta got together on the space of performance, measuring it with their rhythmic steps. Starting with “pushpanjali” — an invocatory item, the dancers went on to portray the power of Lord Shiva in “Shiva Stuti”. 


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