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L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Farmers block rail traffic, hold rally
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 30
As part of statewide “Rasta roko- rail roko stir”, activists of various organisations of farmers blocked rail traffic on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar section, near Nurmahal level crossing, at Phillaur for more than two hours today. The farmers held a massive rally. Hundreds of commuters were stranded as trains were stopped en route by the railway authorities. However, no untoward incident was reported from the district.

While the police had made elaborate arrangements to prevent activists from stopping trains at the local railway station, hundreds of workers of the Kirti Kisan Union blocked traffic on the Ludhiana-Ferozepore road, near bus stand. The call for the stir had been given by eight farmers’ organisations — the Kul Hind Kirti Kisan Sabha, BKU (Ekta), the Kirti Kisan Union, the All-India Kirti Kisan Sabha, the Punjab Kisan Sabha, the Jamhoori Kisan Sabha, the Khetibari Kisan Vikas Front and the Kisan Sangharsh Committee.

According to Mr Hardev Singh Sandhu, President, KKU, the people were at the receiving end of the policies being framed by the centre and the state under pressure of the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank and other financial institutions. He also flayed the new agricultural system which has rendered agriculture a losing proposition.

The farmer leader blamed the government of not solving their problems. He said if their demands were not met, they would be constrained to opt for hard options, a decision on which would be taken at the next state-level meeting to be held shortly.

Traffic on the Ludhiana-Ambala railway line and the southern bypass remained blocked near Doraha from 12 am to 3 pm. Thousands of farmers blocked traffic in protest against the indifference of the Centre and the state government towards their demands.

The farmers were demanding increase in the MSP for paddy and other crops, free power and water, scrapping of all loans of marginal farmers and agricultural workers, abolition of Section 67 of the Cooperatives Act, reduction of interest rate to 3 per cent on the loans to farmers and agricultural workers, clearing arrears of sugarcane farmers and increase in the prices of sugarcane, withdrawal of all cases against farmers ‘falsely’ implicated in the agitation for abolition of Abiana.

Those who addressed the agitators included Mr Kuldip Singh, Mr Lakhwinder Singh Buani, Mr Azad Singh Khatra, Mr Jandeep Kaushal, Mr Darshan Singh Koohli, Mr Balwant Singh Ghudani, Mr Sadhu Singh Panjeta, Mr Raghvir Singh BeniPal, Mr Jagjit Singh Bair Kalan, Mr Baldev Singh Latala, Mr Mohinder Singh Seelon, Mr Kartar Singh Buani and Mr Nirmal Singh Bhattal.

The leaders condemned the alleged negative attitude of the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, who, they said, was resorting to piecemeal rollbacks only and not going in for a permanent and lasting solution. Their meeting with him on September 29 had also failed to end the impasse.

They said the Chief Minister had completely failed to redress their grievances and had belied the expectations of farmer leaders by following a dual policy. They said they were determined to intensify their agitation if the Centre and the state did not accept their genuine demands. They also said that the state government was trying to shun responsibility by passing the issue of their long-pending demands regarding procurement and MSP for paddy to the Central Government.

They said, “Since the government failed to resolve the deadlock in connection with the problems of the peasants in yesterday’s meeting, the agitation will be intensified in every possible manner in the near future.”

Meanwhile, the railway authorities stopped the Mala Express at the Bhattian railway station, a goods train at the Phillaur Railway station, and the Flying Mail at the Goraya railway station as precautionary measures.



Congress govt settling old scores, says Aliwal
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
“The vindictive policies of the Congress government in Punjab and repression let loose by the police on the common man are reminiscent of Emergency days.” These observations were made by a former MP and senior leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) Amrik Singh Aliwal, while addressing a workers’ meeting at the office of party councillor Rajinder Singh Bhatia here yesterday.

He said the ruling party was settling an old score with political opponents by implicating them in false cases in the name of so-called anti-corruption drive. “The government headed by Capt Amarinder Singh has done everything within its power to humiliate former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, his family members and close associates. The government has stooped so low that welfare schemes like old-age pension, shagun scheme and free power to farmers, as granted by the erstwhile SAD-BJP government, have been withdrawn.”

That the government functionaries were short-sighted and in a confused state of mind was proved from the fact that the government had taken several hasty decisions in the recent past, which had to be revoked or revised later in the face of mounting pressure by the people, Mr Aliwal remarked.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Bhatia claimed that there was tremendous enthusiasm among the party ranks for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. He said all sections of society were feeling frustrated over anti-people policies of the Congress government in the state.



Cong seeks dismissal of Union Government
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
Charging the NDA government at the Centre with failure to protect the country from foreign invasion, stem communal violence and to effectively tackle the problems of unemployment, the District Congress Committee (DCC), Urban, has asked the President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, to dismiss it in the larger interests of the nation.

Congress activists, led by the DCC president, Mr Jagmohan Sharma, staged a three-hour dharna in front of the Range Office of the Central Excise Department here today. They submitted a memorandum to the President of India through the local officers of the Union Government. Prominent party leaders, including Mr Lakhbir Singh Randhawa, general secretary, PPCC, Mr Avtar Singh Brar, Mr Prem Mittal, Senior Deputy Mayor, Mr Ashwani Sharma, Mr Parminder Mehta, secretaries, PPCC, and Ms Barjinder Kaur, former councillor, were present on the occasion.

The memorandum indicted the Union Government on several counts. It said the government had jeopardised the country’s defence by massive irregularities in the defence purchase as was exposed in Tehelka tapes last year. “The government has weakened the national security by making adjustments with the forces threatening the democratic and secular fibre of the country,” it said.

The Congress observed that the attack on Indian Parliament was a slap on the face of the Central Government. While, in the North-East, there was a potential threat to the integrity of the country from ultras, the government had been completely helpless in curbing cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Focusing on the communal policies of the government, the memorandum remarked that the NDA government had been a mute spectator to the macabre happenings in Gujarat and the shameless conduct of the BJP government in that state.

Taking strong exception to alleged attempts of saffronising education, it said the secular character of education was being subverted. Unnecessary and undue efforts were being made to rewrite the history of the country and curricula of the text books was being subjected to changes that suited the saffron brigade.

Attacking the economic policies of the government, the DCC alleged that the economic growth of the country had come down from 6.7 per cent to 4.3 per cent, unemployment scenario projected a dismal picture with employment generation down from 2.7 to just 1 per cent and the public sector was being systematically dismantled, which would further curtail employment opportunities. Similarly, in an ailing farm economy, the agricultural growth had dropped to a poor 2 per cent, prices of farm inputs, including fertilisers were skyrocketing, the public distribution system was in a shambles and stocks of food grain had shrunken due to heavy exports.

The memorandum further lambasted the government for denigrating the key institutions of parliamentary democracy. Vital information was being withheld from the Public Accounts Committee, the CBI was being politicised and an institution like the National Human Rights Commission was under attack for raising the issue of brutal communal carnage in Gujarat. It also observed that the independence of the foreign policy and the path of truth and non-violence were being undermined by the NDA government.



3 labourers drugged, looted
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 30
Three labourers were found drugged and looted on board the Madras Mail at the local railway station this morning. They had allegedly consumed some drug-laced biscuits offered by two unknown youths at Pathankot railway station.

The labourers were found in an unconscious state by another labourer, Mahiraaj, who was travelling in the same coach. In his statement given to the railway police here, he said he knew one of the three victims as Nazir Alam. The identity of the other two was not known to him.

The labourers have been admitted to the local Civil Hospital and are reported to be in unconscious state. Doctors said it may take several hours for them to regain consciousness.

According to Mahiraaj, the victims had boarded the train at Jammu. The two youths, who also appeared like labourers, joined them at Pathankot. They soon befriended them and shared some snacks, including biscuits, with the victims. Mahiraaj said he did not take the biscuits and instead went to sleep in another compartment.

He said when the train reached Ludhiana around 5 am, he tried in vain to wake the victims up. He took the labourers to be dead and raised the alarm. The railway staff and the police were summoned. The unconscious labourers were taken to the hospital. Mahiraaj said he tried to look for the two youths, who had claimed that they were going to New Delhi and then to Bihar, but in vain.




With Dasehra and Divali approaching, the city bazars are wearing a festive look with attractive offers of prizes and heavy discounts. The shoppers are being enticed by all kinds of advertising gimmicks. But the shopkeepers never seem to be satisfied. They hire men on a daily basis who stand on the road outside their respective shops and entice people to step in. If the man employed is a middle-aged one, he invariably would address a woman approaching the shop as “behan ji” telling her that there is a new arrival of suits and sarees. While a teenager uses the word ‘aunti ji’ to usher her into the shop. These usher-in men and boys, who are paid on a daily basis, have little time to take rest these days as there is a continuous flow of shoppers.

Crime capital

With dacoits and robbers striking at will, the city has again emerged as the crime capital of the region. There is a grave threat to the life and property of the residents and the police is just clueless about the culprits. The modus operandi of the culprits in all incidents suggest that only one gang was operating in the region. They have successfully struck in three police districts, Khanna, Ludhiana and Jagraon and the police of these three places is cutting a sorry figure daily.

Weather optimism

Though it is hot during the day time, there is a definite nip in the air in the mornings and evenings which are indeed pleasant. Humidity has come down to a tolerable level and gone are the days when it was rather mandatory to have a bath before going to the bed. As the weathermen are predicting a severe winter ahead, mainly because of the severe summer that has just gone by, the hosiery manufacturers and dealers of the city are looking forward to busy times ahead.

Surprised cinegoers

Viewers at different cinema halls were taken aback when a large number of police personnel barged into the halls a couple of days ago and frisked everyone. The reasons, somebody had given a tip off to the police that some members of a gang of robbers are active in the region for the last two weeks and were watching movie in one of the halls. The police said normally the criminals spend time in a cinema hall after committing a major robbery. So not taking any chances, the police searched all cinema halls. Luck was, however, not on its side as it proved to be a hoax call only. The raid, however, left the viewers exasperated. “Maja kirkara ho gaya” (they have spoiled the show) was what one of them said.

Farmers’ woes

There seems to be no end to the woes of farmers in the state. Acclaimed as the backbone of the state’s economy, the farmers face many hardships. If they have good crop, there is problem of procurement. If government is helpful then weather Gods play havoc with them. Last year there were drought-like conditions and this year the hail storm and strong winds played the villain and damaged the paddy crop. Then there is the problem of weeds and diseases. Everything seems to be working against the sons of the sand, who toil hard to fill the food bowls of the country.

Rearview mirrors

The police, civil administration and social agencies have been tired of telling the tractor-trailer drivers, cart-wheelers and rehrawalas to install reflectors on their vehicles. But very few have obliged them. However, these people try anything to decorate their vehicles or to show off. Recently sentinal saw a horse cart having rearview mirrors installed at the front side. When asked why had he not installed reflectors also, the man replied, “What was the need when I can see the vehicle and give way”.

Durga idols

As the Navratras are on, the idols of Durga are in great demand. The migrants from Rajasthan settled in different parts of the city, have prepared beautiful idols of Durga of different sizes and are selling them on the roadside. The icons are so resplendent that they attract the attention of passers-by. So many beautiful idols are being produced by the people who live in abject poverty themselves.

Fashion forecast

Fashion designers predict that in this winter, the sweaters will be baggy and oversized. No figure hugging sweaters or skivies. The colours in vogue would be apple green, and earthy colours. Trousers on the other hand would be slim fit. The fabric chosen would give good fall. Chunky jewellery as accessories will go. So get your winter wardrobe ready.

Cleaner city

Now that the summers are over and the fruit sellers, who had spread truckloads of musk melons, melons and mangoes on every busy street causing congestion have folded up their business. and left giving the city a cleaner look. Then the cart pushers selling ‘milk shakes’ , lemon soda and other cool drinks like ‘jaljeera’ were also present in large numbers. They too have left the pavements. So the city has acquired a cleaner look and has eased the traffic some bit to.

Importance of October 1

October 1 is observed as World Vegetarian Day, International Music Day, Blood Donation Day and a day dedicated to the elderly. All of us can help in saving lives of accident victims by donating blood. Those who have musical talent can spread joy through their music and non-vegetarians can turn vegetarians.

— Sentinel



Tubewell water not contaminated: MC
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 30
In the wake of outbreak of gastroenteritis in Giaspura and surrounding colonies on the outskirts of the city, the Municipal Corporation has claimed that water being supplied through a network of 340 tubewells and around 1500 km of distribution lines to the approved colonies was absolutely safe and fit for human consumption.

According to Mr Subhash Dua, Superintending Engineer (O and M) in the MC, a complaint centre each at all four zones and the 12 sub-zones situated in different parts of the city had been established to monitor the quality of water on a regular basis. Clear instructions were given to all Zonal Commissioners and senior officers of the O & M cell to attend to all complaints concerning contaminated water supply on top priority basis. In order to ensure compliance, the complaints lodged at the zonal and sub-zonal complaint centres and action taken on them was monitored at the level of the zonal commissioners’ every day.

The MC Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sharma, convened a meeting with the Zonal Commissioner and the engineers of the O & M wing to review the mechanism of dealing with the complaints on Monday in which all the zonal commissioners confirmed that no complaint concerning contaminated water supply from any area in the city was pending.

Mr Dua said the MC had repeatedly asked the city residents, especially those residing in the unapproved areas to desist from consuming water drawn from hand pumps or other sources and make arrangements to get tap water from adjoining colonies. “It has been generally observed that in the areas where the water supply is taken from the hand pumps and the quality of the water is not known, the threat of contamination always exists.” Moreover, the MC has been, from time to time, distributing a large numbers of chlorine tablets in the slums and low lying areas with clear instructions to the people to consume only boiled and chlorinated water. If need be, potable water is made available to the residents through tankers as well.

While maintaining that the quality of the water was thoroughly checked by the MC, Mr Dua said that the civic body had installed electronics dossiers at all its tubewells for proper chlorination. Further, the testing kits were available at all the zones as well. These were provided to the Assistant Engineers for on the spot checking of the quantity of chlorine in the water supply. The field staff was collecting 16 water samples from different parts of the city every day and all these samples were instantaneously checked.

“The MC, as such, has adopted a dual checking system to check the water contamination. Firstly, the chlorinated water is supplied and the supply is further checked through the testing kits. Secondly, the complaint centres have been established at all the zones and sub-zones to minimise the chances of contamination of water.” Mr Dua added that the network of water supply was interconnected and on receipt of information of contaminated water supply, the supply to that particular area was immediately disconnected and then the supply was made through tankers, if so desired. 



Govt to spend Rs 400 cr on weaker sections
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 30
“The Punjab government will spend Rs 400 crore for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society as was being done by Maharashtra. The disbursement of funds under various schemes in this context will be hassle free so that a maximum number of people can benefit from it,” said Transport Minister Tej Parkash Singh while addressing delegates at the concluding function of the Bairagi Maha Mandal here yesterday.

He said many schemes had been initiated by the government to ensure the well being of the poor.

Recalling the sacrifice of Banda Singh Bahadur, he said he made the supreme sacrifice for the ‘qaum’. He also appreciated efforts of the organisers for hosting such an event where the entire community could get together and redress and highlight the issues facing them and the state jointly.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Mr Gurcharan Singh Galib, MP, Mr K K Bawa, Mr Malkiat Singh Dakha, MLA, Jagdev Singh Jassowal, Mr R.S. Jayantipur, Mr Rajinder Pal Bairagi, Prof Jiwan Dass Bawa, Mr Kuldip Bawa, Mr Tarlochan Singh, Mr Amandeep Bawa, Mr Rajeev Bawa, Mr Manjit Singh Bawa, Mr Hari Dass Bawa, Ms Shanti Devi, Ms Bharti Devi, Ms Kanchan Devi, Mr Mohan Bawa, Mr Nand Dass Bawa and Mr Kewal Bawa.



NGO to launch 5 welfare projects tomorrow
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 30
To mark the Gandhi Jayanti, a local NGO, Roshni, has announced launching of five community welfare projects in the city on October 2.
The first project will be setting up of 24-hour “Roshni” helpline for people in distress. This helpline would be managed by health workers trained in counselling skills. People experiencing tension, depression, conflicts, suicidal ideas and examination stress etc, would be helped by tele-counselling and follow up action as and when required. The phone number of distress helpline is 2408009.

Dr D.J. Singh, president, and Dr Ravinder Kala, general secretary of the organisation, said in a press release issued here today that the second “Roshni” helpline will be for solving problems of the elderly and would be available on phone number 2441432.

The third project shall consist of adopting Jassian village. This project would be run in collaboration with the Ludhiana police. Roshni volunteers will work on the issues of domestic violence, child protection, problems of elderly, drug de-addiction and handling of social tensions experienced by the villagers.

In this community development project, the focus would also be on re-educating school dropouts and guidance of the youth. Also awareness companions for crimes against women and children would be carved out.

Another project of Roshni will deal with spreading of awareness among school authorities and sensitising teachers regarding prevention of violence against children and other child protection issues.

The release said one of the most important areas which needs attention was the neglect of the psychological problems experienced by the prisoners in jails and their families. The NGO, with active participation and with the help of the prison authorities in Punjab, intends to takeup important problems concerning jail inmates. Mr A.P. Bhatnagar, IG (prisons), Punjab, has assured all help and support for this venture.



Vegetarianism getting popular
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, September 30
“Do not make your stomach the graveyard of dead animals,” advises Ms Menaka Gandhi, former Union Minister and Chairperson of the People for Animals. She preaches vegetarianism for better health. People are turning to vegetarian diet not only in India but also in the West.

“Vegetarianism is a means by which we can withdraw our support to rearing animals for food, hence stepping towards a cruelty-free world. Our reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet is that it can feed more people than meat-based diet. Moreover, human beings are not meant to be carnivorous as their canine teeth are not designed to eat flesh. So we have given up eating meat and switched over to vegetarian food. It offers a lot of variety. Moreover, we have no mental trepidation over killing a live thing to satisfy our taste buds,” say some prominent people of the city.

The world started observing World Vegetarian Day in 1977. It is observed on October 1. The day aims at bringing together vegetarians from all over the world for a common cause and creating awareness about ethical, environmental, health and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. More and more people are now switching over to vegetarianism. Every year, about one million people become vegetarians in the USA and millions in Europe and Australia. There is a need to promote this trend.

Some facts:

  • In the USA alone 87 per cent of the land is used to raise animals for food .
  • About 20,000 lbs of potatoes can be grown on one acre of land, but only 165 lbs of meat can be produced in same area.
  • A typical pig farm in the USA generates raw waste equivalent to that generated by about 12,000 people.
  • Similarly 2,500 gallons of water is needed to produce a pound of meat, but to produce a pound of wheat only 25 gallons of water is needed.



Music strengthens bonds of friendship
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
Music is food of love and so said Shakespeare. But sadly enough, the city lacks schools which teach classical, vocal and instrumental music. One misses this fact as we celebrate International Music Day on October 1.

The 1st International Music Day was organised by the International Music Council on October 1, 1975, in accordance with the resolution taken at the 15th General Assembly meeting of the UNO at Lausanne in 1973. The aim of this day is to encourage promotion of musical art among all sections of society; application of UNESCO ideals of peace and friendship between people, of the evolution of their cultures, of the exchange of experience and of the mutual appreciation of their aesthetic values.

The International Music Council also proposed that cities should arrange music events, invite leading composers and interpreters to give lectures and to speak on the importance of music, of its place in modern life, of the ideals of UNESCO and of the activities of the IMC, to organise meetings of artistes, and musical quizzes and organise exhibitions of musical instruments, records, posters, paintings, sculptures, caricatures, or photographs on musical themes.

SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Classical Music Art & Culture Amongst Youth) brings in renowned artistes from India and abroad to make the students aware of their rich heritage.

“But seeing the importance of music, we hope that this day will henceforth become an annual event for the propagation of greater knowledge of our art and for the strengthening of the bonds of friendship between peoples through music,” feel music lovers of the city.



MLA gives 2 lakh to church
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
“The Punjab Government is committed to maintain harmony among people belonging to different castes, creed and religions”, said Mr Surinder Dawar, MLA, while addressing a prayer meeting at Kalvery Church in Issa Nagri, here today. The area councillor, Mr Sanjeev Talwar, was also present.

Mr Dawar said the Christians had always stood by its cherished ideals of truth, humanity and peace, which were the essential ingredients for all-round development.

He asserted that a strong foundation of communal amity could pave the way for speedy development. Mr Dawar handed over a cheque for Rs 2 lakh on behalf of the government to the church managing committee. The grant was announced by Mr Harbans Lal, a former Forest Minister, for the church building.

Mr Talwar gave details of various development projects. He said two submersible pumps had been installed to augment the water supply and work was about to be taken in hand for the extension of water supply network and providing streetlights.

Among others present at the function were Mr Rakesh Parashar, Mr Ashok Bagga, Mr Ram Lal, Mr Emron Gill, Mr Ramesh Kumar, Master Samual, Mr Robert Masih, Mr Rajinder Kumar David, Mr Ajgar Masih, Lahal, Eric and Janak.



MC pensioners’ meeting
Our Correspondent

Samrala, September 30
A meeting of the pensioners of the municipal council was held here today on the premises of Government Senior Secondary School, Samrala. It was chaired by Mr Prem Sagar Sharma, Punjab president of Mahan Sangh.

Mr Prem Sagar said a delegation of the pensioners had met Chaudhri Jagjit Singh, Minister of Local Bodies, Punjab, through the local MLA, Mr Amrik Singh Dhillon, in connection with their demands. The minister had assured them that their genuine demands would be accepted, but even after one month nothing had been done, he said.

Mr Prem Sagar appealed to the state government to announce and to fix date for accepting their genuine demands.

The following were elected office bearers on the occasion: president — Mr Kartar Singh Gogia; general secretary — Mr Mukhtiar Singh; cashier — Mr Som Nath ; senior vice-president — Mr Piare Lal Bhardwaj; vice-president — Mr Nathu Ram; adviser — Mr Bal Krishan; and chief patron — Mr Prem Sagar Sharma.



Man booked for abducting girl
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
A Bihari migrant, Karam Singh, was booked under Sections 363 and 366 of the IPC at the Jodhewal police station yesterday on charges of abducting a girl of Sekhewal village. The father of the girl stated that the accused kidnapped his daughter on September 2.

Assault cases: On the statement of Mr Davinder Kumar, the police on Monday registered a case under Sections 323, 341 and 506 of the IPC against Harish Passi, a resident of Thapran Mohalla. The complainant alleged that the accused assaulted him on Monday.

In another case, the police has registered a case under Sections 323, 341, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Mandhir Singh, a resident of Gaddowal village, against a person who was driving a Maruti car (PB-10-AZ- 5941). The complainant stated that the accused beat him up on Sunday.

Case registered: The police on Monday registered a case under Sections 379 and 411 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Jaspal Singh, a resident of Khud Mohalla, against Kulwinder Singh. The accused was arrested on Monday and a mobile phone belonging to the complainant was recovered from his possession.

House burgled: The police on Monday registered a case under Sections 457 and 380 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Mohinder Singh, a resident of Basti Jodhewal, against unknown person(s) who broke into his house on Sunday and decamped with cash and silver ornaments.

Injured: The police on Monday registered a case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Harman Arora, a resident of Field Ganj, against Jaswinder Singh. The complainant stated that the accused, who was driving a truck, hit his car near the Kasabad chowk as a result of which he was injured. The truck driver was arrested and released on bail.

Liquor seized: The police has arrested Harpreet Singh, a resident of Fateh Ganj, and seized eight bottles of illicit liquor from his possession. He was booked under the Excise Act.

In another case, the police arrested Sandeep Singh, a resident of New Dashmesh Colony, and seized eight bottles of illicit liquor from his possession.

Knife seized: The police on Monday arrested Darshan Singh, a resident of Sarabha village, and seized a knife from his possession. He was booked under the Arms act.

Booked: The police on the statement of Mr Kulbir Singh registered a case on Monday under the Scheduled Caste Act and Sections 323 and 506 of the IPC against Arjan Dass, who lives in the College road area in Civil Lines. The complainant stated that the accused used derogatory language against him.



Industry conducts mock drill
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 30
Though it was a mock drill, management of the local unit of Shryans Industries Limited sounded the district administration and police administration so as to evaluate the safety and preparedness of those concerned with dealing the emergency of an accidental leakage of chlorine gas.

Responding to an emergency call by mill, almost all sections of society rushed to the mill where employees of the mill were busy handling the ‘dummy victims’ of the ‘accident’. Alertness of the authorities including the police, hospitals, civil administration and social organisation proved to be commendable. Only hindrance to the rescue operations was the vehicular traffic. The police had tough time clearing traffic on roads for the easy passage of ambulances and other vehicles carrying victims.

Mr Rajesh Batta, SHO (city), Mr Joginder Singh naib tehsildar, Mr Suraj Parkash executive officer, Mr Rajneesh Sharma, president, Municipal Council, reached the spot to help fight the emergency. Besides, members of the local Rotary Club and the Lions Club, workers and members of many other social organisations rushed to the mill on hearing the emergency siren.



Showroom inaugurated
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 30
A new showroom of Monte Carlo, a knitwear brand of Oswal Woollen Mills Limited, was inaugurated by Ms Abhilash Oswal, wife of Mr Jawahar Oswal, on the National Highway No 1 here today. It displays a range of garments for “juniors”.

The winter range comprises designs in intarsia, jacquard and stripper in pastel shades and made in round neck, V-neck, T-neck and zippers styles for men, women and juniors.


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