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Register murder case, PSHRC tells govt
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 2
The Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC) has issued directions to the government for the registration of a case under section 302 of the IPC against an accused in a murder case and further directs that the investigation of the case be entrusted to an officer of the rank of SP in the Investigation Cell of the Crime Branch of the police.

Finally disposing the complaint charging the local police with being hand in glove with the accused, who had allegedly killed a local businessman, Mr Vipin Jindal, Mr B.C. Rajput, a member of the commission, asked the government that action taken report under Section 18(5) of the Prevention of Human Rights Act, 1993 be sent to the PSHRC within one month.

According to the complaint, the deceased businessman Mr Vipin Jindal had a financial dispute with one Mr Narinder Kapoor, a resident of Tagore Nagar in the city. On August 29, 2000, the accused called Mr Jindal to his house for settlement of the dispute, where he allegedly administered some insecticide mixed with a soft drink to the victim.. Mr Jindal fell sick after reaching home and was rushed to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. As his condition deteriorated, he made a dying declaration before the doctor attending on him.

The complaint maintained that even though the victim had named Mr Narinder Kapoor as being responsible for his death due to poisoning, the accused manipulated things with the help of the local police and hospital staff and the matter was hushed up.

Following intervention by the police top brass, the ADGP (Crime) ordered the case to be reopened and a detailed inquiry was got conducted by a senior officer. The inquiry officer had, prima facie, held the accused person guilty of committing murder of the businessman by forcing some poisonous substance down his throat and held the view that a case under Section 302 IPC was made out. During chemical examination of the viscera of the deceased, the Chemical Examiner had reported the cause of death due to zinc phosphate.

Raising an accusing finger against the local police, the inquiry officer pointed out that ASI Mukesh Kumar, who conducted the proceedings under Section 174 Cr. P.C, made no attempt to investigate the matter and some other police officers, including Inspector Santokh Singh, Head Constable Sukhdev Singh had also allegedly connived with the accused in hushing up the crime like murder. The officer had recommended the suspension of the conniving police officers besides the registration of a case against the accused.

The case would come up next before the commission for review of the action taken report on January 2, 2004.


Discipline students at risk to your life
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 2
“Guru Govind dou khare, kake lagoon paon, balihari Guru apno, Govind diyo milaye,”said Kabir holding teacher in absolute reverence and placing him even above God. But a bone-chilling incident reported yesterday, wherein a student with the assistance of his father and two other accomplices threw acid on his teacher and caused him 35 per cent burns, shook the centuries old ‘Guru shishya parampara’ and caused panic in the teacher community.

The terrified wife of the affected teacher, Mr Tarlok Singh of Nankana Public School, who is still under shock, told Ludhiana Tribune with trembling voice that her husband’s body was burnt on the leftside and he had slept only for two hours in past 72 hours. She said,” The doctors say that he has suffered third degree burns and it will take time for him to recover. What was his fault? His fault was that he was trying to discipline the student, who was throwing pieces of chalks at a girl classmate. He slapped the boy as he often misbehaved. The boy’s action in connivance with his father to bodily harm my husband has badly jolted the sacred relationship between a teacher and the taught.”

Ms Kiranjit, a teacher of Nankana Sahib Public School, where Mr Tarlok Singh taught music, said, “We are frightened by this horrendous act of the student. Gurpreet was very weak in studies, not physically very strong and was always creating trouble. He attended the school at his whims and hence was given a transfer certificate. In the certificate all his negative points were mentioned. However, the student held Mr Tarlok Singh responsible for his ouster from the school. How can the parents assist their children in such barbaric activities? On one hand, the parents ask us even to resort to corporal punishment in order to discipline their children, and on the other hand they attack the teachers in such horrendous manner. We protested yesterday, but keeping in mind that the students had examination in December we resumed our teaching. But never have we felt so low spirited? We will hold a meeting with both management and parents and ask them whether we should discipline the students or not.”

Mr Brijinder Singh, General Manager, Corporate Marketing of Sigma Newlife Heart Institute, says,”That the father assisted in throwing acid on the teacher for revenge speaks how the values of present day society have been torn to shreds. The teachers are treated in this manner, is very painful and leaves one shocked.

“Guru shishya prampara was the tradition followed in India for centuries. Eklavya gave his thumb in ‘guru dakshina;. We celebrate ‘Guru Poornima’. In the same land, a student acts like a criminal and throws acid on his teacher is simply abhorrent. Gurpreet and his father should be severely punished so that no other student dare to do such a heinous deed”. said Ms Monu, a school teacher.


Children of lesser God need more attention
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, December 2
"The physically handicapped persons tied to wheelchairs are doomed to stay within four walls. Such people should be identified and helped by the government and society. We want to come out of our disability to lead normal lives. Is it asking for too much?" asks 33-year-old Baljit Singh. He is tied to his wheelchair for a decade ever since he suffered a paralytic stroke.

Tomorrow the world celebrates World Disability Day. Many people with physical disabilities fight all odds and come out winners. Like Baljit who is studying for post graduation in computer application in GGN Khala College. He was an ASI in the police 10 years ago.

In an interview with Ludhiana Tribune, he said for the past 10 years, life has been a continuous battle with a lot of physical and mental struggle. He said,"Ten years ago, I felt a numbness in my arms that travelled to my whole body. Next I knew I was totally paralysed and stayed in intensive care units of two hospitals in Ludhiana. I was totally dependent on my parents. The only thing alive was my brain.With a lot of physiotherapy and oil massages some life came to my arms after four years, but my legs still do not obey my commands."

Baljit Singh says that it is sad that there is no provision of angioplasty of spine in Ludhiana. He had to go to Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, and the doctors found out that his verteberae C5 and C6 were damaged. He received Rs 25,000 from the PM’s fund for his treatment.

Meanwhile, he lost his power of speech and another operation was carried out.

After all the sufferings, Baljit felt low but the police personnel boosted his morale. Mr Dinkar Gupta, DIG, Jalandhar range, provided him with a motorised wheelchair and asked him to do some computer course so that he could be given a desk job in the police.

Then the search for college started . All local colleges have computer laboratories on the first floor. Mr Manjeet Chabbra, co-orodinator of GGNIV promised help to Baljit. For the sake of Baljit, the computer laboratory of sister institution was used which is on ground floor. Baljit has been provided with an instructor and a computer courtesy GGN college.

But Baljit has his own problems.The daily chores are also not under his control.The day he is able to discipline his body to follow routine, he attends college. He cannot get up from his chair and at times gets caught in traffic jams. “But people are helpful,” he says.

Baljit cares for environment. In spite of being not economically well off , he buys plants and sows them. His young nephew assists him.He has learnt meditation from Anand Murti GuruMa Gurpreeti Hari that helps him fight depression. He has donated all his organs to be used by the needy after his death. He says," Where are toilets for people like me at important places like bus stops, railway stations and shopping malls? Why don’t trains have wider doors to accommodate a wheelchair?

Puja is a polio-afflicted young woman who has also fought against the odds. She has been M.Sc degree in child development from PAU and is at present the coordinator of Aashirwad, a school for children suffering from cerebral palsy. She says, "I studied in a school with normal children and my class mates and teachers helped me a lot. My family supported me and gave me the best possible medical treatment. What the physically challenged need is little bit of understanding from people and not pity. Sympathy or pity will not empower them. The only initial hesitation is of accepting the people. Once they are accepted, they do well."

Mr Manjeet Chabbra, parent of a physically and mentally challenged girl, says," The tragedy is that the doctors keep the parents in the dark. For 10 years, we had to take our daughter to Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi for treatment. We need institutions for children with special needs. One teacher specially trained is required for four children with special need? Do the parents know of the provisions made by the government like concessions in Railways or the appointment of a trustee after the death of parents ? We need to educate the people and the best way is through television. Why don’t the channels air special programmes on the needs of physically and mentally challenged persons, where to educate and what concessions are available. It is never too late. Let us understand the needs of these people and chip in to bring sunshine into their lives."


Sewage makes life hell for residents
Poonam Batth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 2
Residents of Sector 39, Urban Estate, are forced to live in miserable conditions due to overflowing sewage in the locality.

The residents allege that the sewage has been overflowing from a manhole located on the Chandigarh road for the past nearly three months.

Mr Prem Jit Singh, a resident of the sector, says, “Life has become hell due to stagnant water in the vacant plot adjacent to ever house. We no longer get fresh air, nor do we sit in the open”. Nearly 2 feet water has been lying accumulated in the plots No 1104 and 1105 but the complaints of the residents in this regard have fallen on deaf ears, he adds.

The dirty water not only pollutes the air but can lead to many respiratory and skin problems, says Dr Jeet Singh, who also resides in the area and feels concerned about the little children who play in the park and the elderly who sit there in the day. It has become an ideal place for mosquito breeding and with the danger of dengue lurking around, it is indeed a nightmare to live in such unhealthy surroundings, he adds.

Upset over the indifference of the authorities, another resident pointed out that it was strange that the leakage had not been plugged even though the manhole was located on the Chandigarh road, leading to the city via Samrala Chowk. He lamented that no thought had been given to finding a permanent solution to the problem.

Ms Avdeesh, while talking about the condition of the park observed, the lesser said the better. The park, with its undulating surface, also presents a picture of neglect with weeds and shrubs overtaking the growth of ornamental plants.

An official of the local Municipal Corporation, on the condition of anonymity, said the reason behind the accumulation of sewage was that the disposal motors were not being switched on regularly to flush out excess water.

Mr Subhash Dua, Superintending Engineer (O and M), said he was not aware of the problem, nor had he received any complaint in this regard.

He, however, promised sewerage had been overflowing for the past three months and if this was proved true by way to take strict action against the officials concerned for negligence if the complaint was found true.


Ludhiana Calling

WITH the arrest of former Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal President Parkash Singh Badal and his son and Rajya Sabha Member Sukhbir Badal, a series of theatrics was started by workers and leaders of the SAD. Aware of the security arrangements made by the government to prevent the flow of people to Ropar, various workers and leaders adopted varied methods. While those with flowing beards tied them, others did the opposite to camouflage their appearances. Some were caught and some managed to sneak to Ropar. No wonder there were so many familiar faces appearing quite unfamiliar.

Ludhianvi vanity

Ludhianvi vanity is unparalleled. People flaunt more than their worth. No wonder that most of the luxury cars that zoom past you every minute are hypotheticated to one financial institution or the other. Luxury in Ludhiana comes on credit. Ludhiana boasts of the maximum number of Mercedez Benz cars in the region. And many of these cars are impounded as the owners fail to meet their commitments with the bankers and financiers. Some who cannot manage the millions console themselves in their own way. They use the insignia of elite cars on their small ones. There is no dearth of small cars marked with big insignia like that of Mercedes Benz (see picture), BMW, Pajero and others.

Diamond studded tie

Ludhiana is the place to expect everything out of the ordinary, from the traffic in the city to the designer jewellery, it all happens here. Now for all those who are expecting to hear ‘what next?’, the city will have the honour to have on display the world’s most expensive tie, that is valued at Rs 1 crore. Produced by Ishi, the creator of exquisite diamond jewellery, the organisers have invited one and all to the Ebony store to see, experience, touch, feel and of curse own the tie, if you can afford it.

Marriage, marriage

It has been marriage season and according to some rough estimates, Ludhiana has witnessed some 10,000-odd weddings during the past week. A couple that said that in a bid to cover most weddings, they finally landed home without eating anything anywhere. When they realised that they were hungry, they had already visited the last wedding on the list. The poor lady had to come back home and cook dinner.

Direct cable

Cable operators can no longer hold the city television viewers to ransom with the launch of the Direct to Home by Zee Network. Now, city subscribers willing to pay the initial cost of the equipment will no longer have to bear the whimsical behaviour of the cable operators, some of whom do not even bother to inform the subscribers before disconnecting their cables for minor reasons. A city resident, when ‘blackmailed’ by a Civil Lines-based cable operator, had to approach the consumer court for relief.

Fake journalists

Local scribe was in for a shock when she called up the organisers of a press conference for a press release as she was busy with another assignment. To her shock and dismay, the organisers said that a reporter with the same name and representing The Tribune was present at the press conference and had taken the press note as well as the ‘gift’. Unable to digest the fact that someone else had accepted a gift in the name of a reporter with unimpeachable reputation, all the poor scribe could do was fret and fume.

Fans on

Even with the temperatures at 23°C and people wearing woollens, the customers get a cold blast of air as they step into shops selling jackets and sweaters. The shops are so stuffed with woollens that the shopkeepers say that they cannot work in the heated atmosphere without the fans on. In certain shops , the blast of air-conditioners hits you. This is a common feature selling the winter material in Calibre Plaza. The only troubled persons are customers who have to face cold winds and come chilled out from shops.

— Sentinel


Chief Khalsa Diwan members reinstated
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 2
As many as 284 members of the Chief Khalsa Diwan, who were expelled last month by the executive committee, were today reinstated at the general body meeting of the diwan held at Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, here.

Addressing mediapersons, Mr Dharmbir Singh Jolly, who has been elected interim president for one month, before the elections are held on January 4, said that the ruling group led by Mr Bhag Singh Ankhi and Mr Harminder Singh, had terminated 284 members of the body on November 10, just 12 days before the elections to elect the new office-bearers was to be held on November 23. But since the same was done in violation of the laid down procedure, more so when elections had been declared on June 30 and the electoral rolls prepared and distributed among the contesting candidates, the general house today allowed them to continue as regular members. The general house has a total of 517 members and the expulsion of 284 members would have had an adverse effect on the outcome of the elections, he said.

Meanwhile, the general house elected few other interim office-bearers, including Mr Inderpal Singh Grover as the honorary secretary, Mr Dhanraj Singh as the resident president and Mr Manjit Singh Tarn Tarni as the joint honorary secretary, according to Mr Jolly. These office-bearers will run the affairs of the diwan till the elections were held again on January 4.

The agenda for today’s meeting was to confirm the termination of 284 members and to authorise the present team of office-bearers to continue till the elections. The term of the present office-bearers expired today and the interim team took charge.


DTH telecast begins in city
Naveen S. Garewal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 2
City homes have started receiving transmissions directly from the satellites onto TV sets without one messy cables and wires. Direct-to-home (DTH) telecast guarantees DVD-quality stereophonic sound and has been available in the city for the past few days, even though not many people are aware of it.

Launched by the Zee Television Network, the DTH system is being setup in many homes by the sub-agents of the Noida-based company. The DTH system has the advantage of beaming signal to any location, the company claims.

In order to get the DTH service, an investment of Rs 6,000 is required for a satellite receiver and a 2-feet dish antenna with a gadget called LNB. Currently, the Zee Television Network is offering two packages with different number of channels. However, it is not offering Star and Sony channels through DTH service

Mr Rajesh Mehra, who is a dealer of DISHTV, the company under which Zee is providing the DTH service, said there were two packages available for under Rs 150 per month. One package, which provides 48 channels, costs Rs 100 and the other that provides five additional movie channels costs Rs 50 more.


Sky is the limit for her
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, December 2
Cadet Under Officer Jasdeep Kaur Sandhu has done her parents and her institution proud by being the only girl cadet who attended a parajumping course held in Agra in November.

Her only sincere wish is to fly as high as possible. She has been given ‘wings’ by the Air Officer Commandant after the completion of the 20-day strenuous training at Agra. She is literally obsessed with the idea of becoming a pilot. At this young age, she has a number of firsts to her credit.

Jasdeep accomplished her schooling at GGN Public School, Ludhiana, and is at present a BA I student of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha. During the course of her achievements, she attended a trekking camp organised by the All-India Girls Trekking Expedition at Joginder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh, in May, 2002. She has attended a total of three combined annual training camps (CATC) at Jalandhar in June, 2002, at Phillaur in September, 2002, and at Doraha in September, 2003, as camp senior. At Doraha, she attended the CATC combined with PVSC (pre-Vayu Sainik Camp). Jasdeep also represented the Punjab Director in Gliding Championship at Bangalore (Karnataka) in VSC, 2002. She has also accomplished solo glider flying by performing 94 launchers and is now going for GPL (Glider Pilot Licence) after which she will be authorised for the post of Civilian Gliding Instructor (CGI). At present she is a parasailing instructor. At the NIC camp, which was organised at Doraha in June, 2003, she was one of the two air wing instructors. Jasdeep was second best in the Best Cadet Competition Group held at Group Headquarters at Ludhiana in August, 2003.

The most significant achievement of Jasdeep , as she feels, has been her participation in the parajumping course which was organised at Agra from November 1 to 20 in which she was the only girl cadet from Punjab. A physical fitness test was conducted at Chandigarh (Group Headquarters, Punjab Directorate) in October, 2003, in which cadets from Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab participated. Two boys, Ajaypal from Batala and Satnam Singh of Patiala, were the ones to be selected from one state along with the only girl cadet Jasdeep Sandhu.

The parajumping course was organised by I VPair sqn Agra at Para Training School (PTS) at Air Force Station, Agra, in which a total of 40 cadets from India participated.

Jasdeep recalling her experiences during the tough course said,” Initially, a physical fitness was conducted at Agra followed by a 12-day ground training in which we had to run 1 km in 4 minutes, do 32 sit-ups, 34 push-ups and 36 pull-ups. We were taught various types of landing techniques, exit techniques, how to pack and unpack the parachute. After that we had a test in which we were supposed to jump from 30 feet high platform. A total of 5 para jumps had to be performed by us from a 1250 feet height.” Ten Army officers from Tajikistan Army also participated in this training course.

Jasdeep is now looking ahead to join Air Force and fulfil her dream of becoming a pilot . She has already cleared the Pilot Application Battery Test (PABT) and was the only girl to be selected from Ludhiana. For Jasdeep, with all her aspirations, only sky is the limit.


Priyanka wins a car
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 2
Priyanka of Rampura Phul has won the first prize in the second draw of the Lashkara Utsav. The first prize is a car and winner’s coupon number is 008602. Renowned Punjabi singer Kuldeep Manak was the chief guest and drew the lucky coupons of the draw.

Lashkara Utsav is a marathon event spread through the festival season starting with Divali and ending on Lohri. Lashkara TV has conceived the utsav to add zing to slow moving market activities in the region. The utsav celebration include fun activities like Road Shows, Music Shows and Star Nites etc.

The 20, winners of the second prizes are : Nikhil (003032), Mr Darshan Singh Juneja (0024350), Deepak Grover (002122), Sumit Chowdery (007206), Rosy Garments (021245), Vijay Lakhasmi Thapar (024362), Harinder Kaur (001684), Ajay Jain (003554), Jang Singh (004468), Parvesh Gulati (004799), Swaran Lata (020797), Tejinder Singh (021246), Tejinder Kaur (003676), Gopal Krishan (006978), Dinesh Kumar (007211), Mr Massa Singh (003164), Sahil (003063), Karna (009882), Saranjit Kaur (003146), Bharat (002125).


Man crushed to death
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 2
On a complaint of Mr. Suraj Parkash of Haibowal, the Sahnewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC against the driver of an unidentified vehicle. The complainant had stated that his relative, Gulshan Kumar, was crushed on the G.T. Road near Pawa village around midnight on November 30. While the accused fled the scene, the victim died on the spot.

Murder bid

The Sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 307 and 34 of the IPC on a complaint of Mr Tarlok Singh Deol of Bachittar Nagar on Gill Road against Baljeet Singh of Industrial Area-B, Gurpeeet Singh and two other persons accompanying them. The complainant, who is a lecturer at Nankana Public School, had stated in his complaint that the accused, who were students in the same school, had thrown acid on him on the night of November 29 with the intention of killing him.


The police yesterday registered a case under Sections 457 and 380 of the IPC on a complaint of Mr Gaurav Sharma of New Tagore Nagar, Haibowal, against some burglars who burgled into his shop near Shiv chowk in the Industrial Area and took away around Rs 5000 from the cash box lying therein.


5 booked for cheating
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 2
More cases of people being duped of lakhs of rupees by a gang promising to send them abroad after marriage with an NRI girl have come to light.

The local police has booked five persons under Sections 420 and 406 of the IPC. A special cell has been constituted by the district police chief to investigate such cases. However, no arrest has been made so far.

Police sources revealed that Sumit, Raj Kumar, Honey (all residents of Ahmedgarh town), Amarjit Singh of Khera village and Gurpreet Singh of Chhanna village had been booked on the complaint of Mr Sukhdarshan Singh of Chugul village in Bathinda district. The complainant had approached the Senior Superintendent of Police at Sangrur to seek action against accused. The SSP got the case registered and constituted a special cell to investigate the case.

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