Quotas of all kinds must be scrapped

All human beings are equal irrespective of caste, colour, or creed. But there are individual differences as every person has his/her own capacities, abilities, talents, weaknesses, IQ etc. Therefore, without any discrimination, the deserving individual should be given his/her due. Reservation of any kind and in any sector, is a big hindrance in the path of progress. It has directly affected the work efficiency and growth. For achieving good results and for national progress, merit should be honoured.

Initially, reservations were supposed to be a 10-year affair, but now they have become a permanent facility. The people of General Category too have been lagging behind for the past half a century. Aren’t they being discriminated against because of quotas? Don’t they deserve equality of opportunity? And why should the General Category people pay four times the money required for an application form?

It is time reservations of all kinds were scrapped in admissions, jobs, promotions and so on. Whosoever proves his/her worth and has the ability to stand in open merit should only be selected. The deserving candidates should only be selected for jobs, promotions or seats.



Poverty in India is no more based on castes today. Continuation of reservations will further exacerbate social tensions and exploit the talented and brilliant youth which India needs most to become a super power. Through the reservation tag, the undeserving are occupying the places meant for the deserving. Those belonging to the General Category should raise their voice against this injustice being perpetrated on them with impunity.

GURPREET KAUR, Lecturer in English, Government College, Gurdaspur


Isn’t it conspicuously strange to hear from the Prime Minister, a just man, that even private sector should introduce reservations for the backward classes? This is not the genuine way of helping them. Even for them, it is a temporary gain and will ultimately harm the nation. India cannot afford to ignore merit in the name of reservation. How can a third class graduate ever do justice to his/her duty in place of a first divisioner?

Everyone knows this is too selfish a move of the politicians for the sake of votes. If we truly want to uplift the backward classes, the proper way is to give them free education right from primary school to university including free board and lodging. But merit should not be sacrificed. Former Prime Minister V.P. Singh has done enough harm to the country by implementing the Mandal Commission report.


Jaswant’s budget mantra

Apropos of Mr Paranjoy Guha Thakurta’s article “Jaswant Singh can smile” (Dec 26), Mr Singh has three different requirements to meet in the forthcoming Union Budget — as the Finance Minister to promote India’s growth, as a party functionary to enhance the party’s prospects and as an Indian to improve the lot of fellow countrymen. He has thus a great balancing act to perform.

“Take care of the basic needs of your countrymen and everything else will be automatically taken care of”. This is the universal budget mantra which has rarely been followed in India in the past 55 years of its freedom. Do that now and see how India prospers as also the party that does it.

Wg-Cdr C.L. Sehgal (retd), Jalandhar


Abolish toll tax

The common man feels embarrassed when he has to pay toll tax for using a road. The problem becomes intolerable when someone is in a hurry because of an emergency. For example, even from Ludhiana to Patiala, one has to pay toll tax at Doraha.

This is nothing but imposing curbs on the free movement of citizens. Some areas could be marked ‘Restricted’ or ‘No entry’, from security or privacy point of view, but all public roads throughout the country should be without any entry fee. Toll tax must be totally abolished in the country. It is the duty of the government to provide basic road infrastructure in the country as per the traffic requirements for trouble-free movement.

Jai Prakash Bhatia, Ludhiana

Of terrorists & demons

We have been hearing an old story in which a master could get a demon for his service. The demon had put a bar that he should be kept busy. If he is left idle, he would eat the master. This has been the condition of Pakistan. It had been keeping demons to be utilised against India and now most of the demons are idle because India has sealed its borders.

The latest attacks on General Pervez Musharraf tell us that these demons now shall eat the masters in Pakistan. The governments or any other unit which keeps terrorists, ultimately shall suffer the same fate as the master of the old story suffered. The terrorists cannot be kept idle nor they can be reinstated in society.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Patiala

Why not in India?

I read the pithy editorial “Yen windfall” (Dec 31) with an acute feeling of envy. In fact, my mouth watered irresistibly on reading the editorial. Why do such “mouth-watering” incidents/ windfall take place only in far-off places like France and Japan and not India, pray? Indeed, why? Would any knowledgeable soul throw light on the subject?

TARA CHAND, Ambota (Una)

Victims of cold

With no let-up in the biting cold wave conditions, poor people continue to die. Most deaths go unreported. The rulers and the ruled have no qualms about doing anything worthwhile for the poor. Our conscience is dead as dodo.

Dead men tell no tales. In a way, those who died unwept are more fortunate than those dressed in tatters who are leading an unprotected life.

D. V. Joshi, Bartana (Zirakpur)

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