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Dust blanket chokes residents
Brings down day temperature; reduces visibility
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
A thick blanket of dust choked residents of the city and neighbouring areas throughout the day today.

It did bring down the day temperature by two degrees from yesterday’s maximum of 43.8°C, but it increased humidity and reduced visibility to a few hundred metres. Visibility at the airport was a bare 800 metres. The Mumbai-Chandigarh flight was cancelled and several trains ran behind schedule.

The Met office ruled out any respite from these conditions for the next days. It also ruled out rain in the next 24 hours and said heat wave conditions were likely to continue.

The dust-laden conditions brought severe problems for those suffering from respiratory disorders.

They were faced with hazardous conditions with many requiring medical assistance.

The Director at the local Met office, Mr Sarbjeet Singh, said there was nothing unusual about the current weather conditions. He said due to the northwesterly winds, suspended dust particles had been lifted into the atmosphere over Rajasthan and drifted further north.

The maximum daytime temperature was 42°C today.

However, it is still four degrees above normal for this time of the year. The minimum temperature was 25.8°C, compared to 26°C recorded yesterday.

According to railway authorities, trains were running behind schedule as drivers had been asked to go slow due to poor visibility. Traffic on the city roads, too, remained thin as people preferred to stay indoors.

The dust blanket is spread over most parts of Punjab and Haryana.

The maximum temperature in Ambala was 42°C and in Patiala 41.7°C.



Brother killed Harjit to ‘save family honour’
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 20
“I killed my sister because she was a dancer. I did it to save my family’s honour and I have no regrets,” said an un-repentant 21-year-old Pritpal Singh. He was arrested today by the Mohali police on charges of stabbing his 34-year-old sister Harjit Kaur to death at her residence in Phase VI on May 12.

Confessing his crime, Pritpal Singh, a class XII student told the police that he along with a friend, Narinder Singh, had planned to kill Harjit as she had brought disgrace to the family. “While Narinder held Harjit, Pritpal stabbed Harjit in the stomach twice. She tried to struggle out of their grip but finally she fell on the floor. Then Pritpal slit her throat to ensure that she is dead,” said Mr Rajiv Ahir, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ropar.

Pritpal Singh was arrested by the police from his village near Rajpura and the knife used for the murder recovered from him. His accomplice Narinder, a final year student of a diploma course in Rode College, Rajpura is absconding.

Relating the circumstances that led Pritpal to the murder, the SSP said that Harjit was a professional dancer and though her husband was not averse to her profession, her parents and siblings did not like her work. “She along with other girls used to perform at marriages and initially her husband Kuldip used to accompany her. They have two children who lived with her in-laws in the village. But the image of her being a married woman did not suit her profession and limited the scope of her career. Highly ambitious, she started lying that she was unmarried and her children were in fact her dead sister’s children. Even her husband, she would introduce as her younger brother,” said Mr Ahir.

She also allegedly got involved with a man Bunty in Ludhiana with whom she was also caught by the police on charges of loitering. “Finally her husband who lived with her on and off at her various rented accommodations in Mohali, decided to divorce her. On May 5, they had a panchayati divorce at Mohali and she informed her aunt in her village. Her parents, two brothers and a younger sister had not been talking to her for many years now,” said Mr Ahir. “When her younger brother came to know of the divorce and decided that his sister had brought shame to his family, he planned the murder with his friend and the two killed her,” said Mr Ahir.

Stating that the murder had been solved within a week, Mr Ahir pointed out that the police had been working on three different theories. While the needle of suspicion pointed towards the husband and the male friend in Ludhiana, interrogation of over 30 persons who had interacted with the deceased revealed the identity of the murderer.

“The biggest give-away was the her mobile telephone which showed that her brother had called her a day before she was killed and the same day she told her friend Raziya, a co-dancer, that her brother is coming home for lunch,” said Mr Ahir.

“A search of the scene of crime also gave valuable hints. Pritpal changed his pant which was full of blood in her bathroom after the murder. He wore her jeans and ran away with his friend,” said Mr Ahir adding that Harjit also had a piece of Narinder's shirt pocket in her hand which would have come off during the struggle.

Harjit was stabbed to death at her rented one-room set in Phase VII on May 12. The body was found by her landlord, a retired Colonel, at about 1pm when he returned home that day.



Overloading leads to power failures
Tribune News Service

Strengthen system, Verma tells CE

Concerned over unscheduled power cuts being faced by the residents of the city, the UT Administrator, Justice O.P. Verma (retd), today asked the Chief Engineer to strengthen the internal electricity distribution system to solve the problem. He also warned of strict action against any employee found conniving with power thieves.

In a meeting, Justice Verma said power cuts due to snag in the system were a matter of concern. He ordered that 10 mobile transformers for the peak summer season be pressed into service. He said if some transformer in the city developed a snag, a mobile transformer loaded on a truck should provide the alternative source of electricity and the disruption of power to any pocket of the city should not be more than for two hours, especially when the snag was in the internal system of the city.

Justice Verma asked the Chief Engineer to submit an analysis based on studies on each feeder. A report has to be submitted within 15 days so that pilferage and theft points of power could be localised.

Chandigarh, May 20
Inadequate planning on the part of the Electricity Department to upgrade its power distribution infrastructure at the sector level leads to the disruption of power supply at odd hours in the city. Heating is common in transformers and cables are getting burnt. There is no shortfall of power as the city has an assured allocation of 215 MW while the peak demand is also near about this figure. If the demand rises beyond the allocation, the gap is also met by an on-the-spot power purchasing agreement with a power trading corporation. The city can draw power from the northern power grid anytime.

The problem is actually at the level of the transformers installed in each sector. Anything between three to eight transformers are there in each sector. These are getting overloaded due to drawing of power over their capacity. Sources explained that a 300 KVA transformer could hold about 290 KVA of demand. In affluent localities in the southern sectors this much of demand could be generated by just 100 houses or flats during the peak drawing. An engineer told The Tribune “all of sudden there is an unprecedented spurt in demand for power and we are not equipped to handle it.”

The department badly erred in gauging the sales of power-guzzling equipment like air conditioners and microwave ovens in the past few months.

All this was accounted for. Thus distribution lines and capacity of transformers were never enhanced as per the real demand. Now residents are facing the brunt. Last night around 12.30 a.m. power supply failed for more than one hour in many parts of the city. This was due to a breakdown in Mohali from where Chandigarh gets a portion of its power supply.

Engineers throw up their hands in despair saying “people do not get their sanctioned loads enhanced when ACs are installed thus overloading occurs.” Sources said a door-to-door survey was required to check sanctioned load and what was actually being used by people. Such a survey has never been carried out.

Also the Electricity Department could seek a list of addresses from the shopkeepers directly or through the Sales Tax Department and know for itself where the ACs are being installed. Thanks to easy financing options, more than 25,000 ACs have been sold in Chandigarh. A large number have naturally been installed in Chandigarh itself.

Superintending Engineer Paramhans Singh says “our main supply transformers are running at no more than 80 per cent of loading. Some problems at the sector level had developed and they are being looked into.” He said a mobile transformer was started in Sector 22 this evening. Chandigarh had been unlucky twice in the last week as the city had to face power cuts due to bursting of transformer in Mohali.



City houses to be surveyed for ACs
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Chandigarh Administration's Electricity Wing today ordered a physical survey of all houses where air-conditioners have been installed.

The area SDO will send teams to houses to verify the sanctioned load. If the load is found out to be more than that which has been sanctioned, a penalty will be imposed.



UP’s wanted criminal held
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Sector 17 police has arrested Ran Pal Singh Gujjar of Muzaffarnagar, who has 22 cases of murder, attempt to murder and kidnapping registered against him in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other northern states. He is one of India’s most-wanted criminals, with a prize on his head in Uttar Pradesh. He is a proclaimed offender in many cases.

Gujjar was arrested and a country-made pistol and two live cartridges seized from his possession by Sub-Inspector Charanjit Singh in Sector 17.

A police party arrested him on the intervening night of May 19 and 20. He has been booked under Sections 25, 54 and 59 of the Arms Act.

Involved in various crimes since 1983, Gujjar recently killed his sister-in-law (brother's wife) for property and kidnapped Dr Sandeep of Behsuma in Meerut district in 2002.

The doctor was released after he paid a ransom of Rs 15 lakh. Rain, alias Totla, was his accomplice in the kidnapping. Gujjar had been evading arrest both in kidnapping and murder cases.

Ran Pal Singh committed his first crime when he shot at his brother. The brother survived, only to be killed later by Ran Pal.

Soon after murdering his brother, he formed a gang. Then gang rivalry led to a bloodbath, resulting in several murders, kidnappings and attempts to murder. The police is still collecting details of his crime record from Uttar Pradesh and other states.

Gujjar hails from Sardhana tehsil in Muzaffarnagar district. The head of the notorious Gujjar gang of Meerut, Ran Pal has six cases of murder, five of attempt to murder and 10 of kidnapping and extortion registered against him at the Dorala police station in Meerut alone.

He reportedly eliminated several other gangsters to have a monopoly in the area.

The police station concerned in Meerut district has been informed about his arrest. The Chandigarh police has also sent a police party to Meerut to know the details of his pending cases. He has been remanded in police custody till tomorrow. The police is verifying if he had come to the city to help any local gang or commit a crime.

The gangster claimed that he had come here to meet his sister’s husband in Banur. The police has asked the Punjab police to find out if Gujjar has any relatives in Banur.



AIEEE’s first day passes without hitch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The first phase of the two-day All-India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) went off peacefully in the city today. Students from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh appeared at 21 centres situated across the city.

An officer of the CBSE said the exam was held for subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Tomorrow, the exam would be held in the stream of architecture.

Troubled by the recent leak of PMT question papers, the CBSE changed the system involved in the transportation and delivery of the question papers of the AIEEE.

Instead of sending these 48 hours in advance to banks at state capitals, the question papers were sent directly to the examination centres, few hours before the commencement of the exam.

The question papers were sent directly from the board headquarters in Delhi. A senior official said the entire process was being kept confidential.

To ensure that the new arrangement was foolproof, the board had involved minimum number of employees in the selection, transportation and delivery of the question papers.



PGI first govt hospital to produce test-tube babies
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has become the first government hospital and teaching institute in the country to produce test tube babies.

The first set of twin babies produced through hi-tech in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology at the modest facility set up at the PGIMER went home today along with their gratified parents. The seven and a half months premature baby girls weighing 1.1 and 1.3 pounds are otherwise healthy.

As Dr Sarla Gopalan, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, explained, the IVF is the only therapeutic modality of hope for infertile couples where due to tubal damage, women are unable to conceive. This facility is available at a large number of private clinics all over the country but the PGIMER is the first government institute to offer this facility. “What makes this facility special for us is that we have done it without any additional staff or funds from the government. Doctors like Dr Lakhbir Dhaliwal have been working beyond their duty hours to operate the IVF facility”, said Dr Gopalan.

The infertility clinic at the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department has been offering treatment to 500 infertile couples every year for the past two decades The IVF technology was introduced only last year and has achieved success in the first year itself.

Dr Mrs Lakhbir Dhaliwal, in charge of infertility clinic, says that this achievement is a dream come true for their department. So is it for the parents Mrs and Mr S.P. Bedi who have been blessed with twins six years after their marriage.

The IVF technology facility which was set up at the PGI in August ‘03 is a ray of hope for infertile couples as it claims to have 40 per cent pregnancy rate and 20 per cent carry home baby rate. Explaining this technology, Dr Dhaliwal says that after detailed check up of the patient, multiple injections are given to stimulate ovaries and retrieve eggs. These are then fertilized with the husband’s sperms in a dish and is put in an incubator for 48 to 72 hours. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus where it grows. Twins are common by this procedure as two to three embryos are transferred for better results.

It will cost the patient between Rs 35,000 and 40,000 per baby. Unlike private hospitals, the services of this department will be accessible to the economically weaker sections of society.

Recognised by WHO as training centre for infertility management, this department trains medicos from government medical colleges of India as well as from countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.



Challaned in 2008, told to appear in ’03!
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 20
An autorickshaw driver of Kharar was in for a surprise when he realised that the challan chit he was given by a traffic policeman was dated 2008 and the policeman had asked the offender to present himself before the Judicial Magistrate at Kharar on a date in 2003.

Mr Rameshwar Singh, the autorickshaw driver, said he was stopped near the Kharar bus stand on May 14, and challaned for not carrying insurance papers for not having paid CSR tax and for not having pollution control certificate. ‘‘The traffic policeman, Mr. Karnail Singh, harassed me and fined me Rs 600. But at the same time, he asked me if I wanted to get away without paying the fine. But I refused. Then he gave me this challan chit,’’ he said.

The chit says Rameshwar Singh has been challaned on May 14, 2008, at the Kharar bus stand and his registration certificate has been taken away by the policeman. It further says he is required to present himself before the Judicial Magistrate First Class on May 24, 2003.



Manmohan’s tenants feel the buzz
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Six-year-old Yajur Tyagi is a sought-after boy in his class these days. Being the Prime Minister-elect Dr Manmohan Singh’s tenant sets him apart from the rest and he is being treated like royalty by his classmates.

While he doesn’t understand much about his “Sardarji uncle” donning the new role, Yajur knows he is always on television whenever it is switched on. Residing at Dr Manmohan Singh’s house in Sector 11, the Tyagi household has been flooded with phone calls from friends, confirming and re-confirming the identity of their landlord. Their phone just doesn’t stop ringing and now all the hype it is generating is making them uncomfortable.

“To be in the limelight is a very tedious job. We also don’t know anything more than anybody else. The television is our source of information. Interestingly, we had not told anybody about who our landlord was. We would only say that he was staying in Delhi and we had got the house through an advertisement in the paper. Now, everybody knows the connection between us and the new PM,” says Ms Rachna Tyagi, the lady of the house.

Though the family moved in on the first of this month and is yet to meet the landlord, the excitement is palpable. “We are thrilled that the new PM is our landlord and are eager to meet him just like everybody else. However, I think that will have to wait for a while. Anyway, we are meeting him on television ever since we shifted here,” she adds.



Manmohan defies the ‘r’ factor

WITH Dr Manmohan Singh all set to take over as the Prime Minister, the myth that the letter “r” always figures in an Indian Prime Minister’s name has suffered a blow.

An astrologer, Mr TN Sharma, a resident of Sector 38, said political developments in the past few days had validated the “r” theory as Ms Sonia Gandhi had declined the PM’s post.

Mr Sharma said speculation was rife among astrologers that Mr Pranab Mukherjeee or one of the children of Ms Gandhi, Priyanka or Rahul, might be asked to take over as PM. When the name of Dr Manmohan Singh was proposed on Tuesday, the believers of this myth were in for a surprise. He said confusion prevailed whether the “r” in Dr (Manmohan Singh) could be considered. However, Mr Sharma has predicted that Dr Manmohan Singh will be one of the most successful Prime Ministers of the country.

Another local resident, Mr Virinder Mehta, said a few years ago, when the BJP government won by a slim margin, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav had desired to become PM, but finally it was Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee who made it to the top slot.

Even then, Ms Sonia Gandhi was tipped to be the PM, but since Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav did not support her, she could not make it. Mr Mehta said in the case of Dr Manmohan Singh, the “r” theory had proved incorrect, but not so if the “r” in Dr was taken into account. OC



VC hails Manmohan’s elevation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof KN Pathak, hailed the elevation of Dr Manmohan Singh to the august office of the Prime Minister of India. He said that the elevation had brought with it, not only a place of pride for all those who generally have been associated with him for long but also added laurels to his alma mater.

In a statement issued here today, Prof Pathak said Mr Manmohan Singh, an dedicated alumnus of Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, the University Medal for standing first in B.A. (Hons) economics, in 1952, and Uttam Chand Kapur Medal for standing First in M.A. (economics) in 1954.

"We take pride in his association with the Panjab University as a faculty member of the Department of Economics — from 1957 to 59 as Senior Lecturer, 1959 to 63 from as a Reader and from 1963 to 65 as a Professor of Economics,” the statement says.



Foundation hails choice of Manmohan as PM
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Guru Gobind Singh Foundation yesterday hailed the choice of Dr Manmohan Singh by the Congress as the new Prime Minister.

In a press note, Dr Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia, president of the foundation expressed the hope that Dr Manmohan Singh would avoid the pitfalls of globalisation. He said “More than anyone else, Dr Manmohan Singh knows fully well that globalisation in developing countries like India, can deliver for the poor only if it starts from the bottom rather than from the top.” The left in India, could rediscover its relevance if it acted as a watchdog over the direction of globalisation in India, he added.

Dr Ahluwalia said Ms Sonia Gandhi’s renunciation of prime ministership, apart from making her taller than any other political leader in India, had crystalised the polarisation between the Sangh Parivar’s Fascist mononationalism and the Congress plural nationalism. This ideological divide would, in the long run, lead to clear-cut alignments in the national polity in place of the expediency based alliances of diverse political parties, he claimed. The way the RSS-oriented forces in the BJP had raked up the issue of the foreign origin of Ms Gandhi had not only backfired, but had also exposed their fundamantalism, he further claimed.



Cong workers hail Manmohan’s appointment
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
A large number of Congress workers and traders from various parts of the city gathered today in front of the Anand Complex to celebrate the appointment of Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India. Crackers were burst and laddoos distributed.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kamaljit Singh Panchhi, a local Congress leader, congratulated Mrs Sonia Gandhi on her decision with regard to the Prime Ministership of the country and said her stature had risen throughout the world. It was indeed a slap in the face of BJP which was totally frustrated after losing power at the Centre.



Plea to include Bansal in Central ministry
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Dr Tejinder Mohan, president of the local branch of the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), has urged the Congress President, Ms Sonia Gandhi, to give representation to Chandigarh in the Union Council of Ministers.

In a letter addressed to Ms Gandhi, Dr Mohan pointed out that Mr Pawan Bansal was an “individual of great eminence who has been elected from Chandigarh for the third time in a row. He has done immense work for Chandigarh. We NIMA members sincerely wish that he should be included in the Union Council of Ministers. Chandigarh has not been represented in the Central ministry for the past so many years. We are sure that he will come up to your expectations and excel in any responsibility assigned to him.”



Chandigarh cops ‘shielding’ thief
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 20
Mr Bhushan Lal, a resident of Sector 4 here, today alleged that the Chandigarh police had been shielding a mobile phone thief.

He alleged that on May 17 his mobile phone fell near KC Cinema in Sector 17. Before he could pick up the phone, a scooterist came and picked up the mobile set. Mr Lal informed the nearest police beat box giving the scooter registration number.

Next day, he went to the Sector 17 police station with a written complaint for the registration of the FIR. He was directed to the Neealm police post but here also no case was registered and he was forced to wait the whole day.

Mr Lal claimed that on May 18 evening he informed the Office of the IG in writing and faxed his complaint to the Police Control Room also. The complaint has also been sent to the UT Administrator, the Adviser, the SSP and the DSP concerned. However, even after four days no case had been registered, he alleged.



Centralise water supply, demand residents

Panchkula, May 20
The Citizens Welfare Association today urged the Haryana Urban Development Authority and the municipal council to start a centralised system of water distribution through filtration waterworks.

In a press note issued here, the association said the supply of water through proper waterworks would ensure hygiene. Water supplied from tubewells is not fit for human consumption and regular tests have shown that unhygienic water was being supplied to residents. All waterworks should be interconnected and their capacity enhanced. TNS



Mohali Diary
Rally conducted to spread awareness regarding nature
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 20
Students of Golden Bells Public School, Sector 35, Sohana, took out a rally to celebrate the environment week. Every student carried a banner in order to spread awareness regarding conservation of nature. Students also experienced a brush with nature when they visited a sunflower field nearby. A paper reading competition was held in the school. Among those who won top oppositions in the contest include Avneet kohli, Arman, Amanpreet, Manisha Kartik and Shubhankit.

Celebration after NDA defeat

Members of the Trade Union Council here expressed jubilation over the crushing defeat of NDA partners and massive victory of left parties in the Lok Sabha elections. Mr Ramji Dass, General Secretary of the union here urged upon the new government and the left parties to ensure the reversal of anti labour laws and decisions taken by the NDA government. He added that the public sector should be strengthened and their protection should be ensured through independent fiscal policies and broad base employment generation.

Declamation contest

An inter-school declamation contest was held at the Saint Soldier International Convent School Phase VII here. The students were judged by Mr. Joginder Singh, Mr Arjun Singh and Mr Narender Singh. The students were given topics like why women who are mother of great men be condemned? and Are we following the footsteps of Guru Granth Sahib? Among those who won the contest include Harleen Kaur, Karanveer Kaur, Gaganpreet Kaur and Prabhjot Kaur. The host school held the over all trophy but was handed over to Gem Public School who were the first runners up in the contest.

Sushma condemned

Mrs Lakhvinder Kaur Garcha, the OSD to the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh condemned the statement of Sushma Swaraj against Mrs Sonia Gandhi. She said that Mrs Sushma Swaraj should have resigned from the parliament when she was defeated by Sonia Gandhi in the last parliamentary elections.‘‘Sushma Swaraj has made this statement only to gather publicity. Mrs Gandhi is as much an Indian as any one else. Her life is an example of a good India,’’she added.

Beauty contest

A beauty contest was organised by the Ramp World at Thunder Zone here this week. Sahib Joshan from Amritsar was chosen as the best male model and Sharen from Chandigarh was chosen as the best female model. The runners up include Gulzar, Saurabh among the male models and Natasha and Kiran were the runners up among the female models. Mr Surinder Laddi was the singer during the show while Golden Dragun, the dance troupe of Hoshiarpur also participated. Manoj Sharma was the modeling choreographer and Raja was the dance choreographer.

‘Vanyajeevna Ratna’ awarded

Dipanshu of Class V of Shivalik Public School, Mohali has been awarded the silver medal ‘Vanyajeevna Ratna’ for standing second in the All India examination conducted by the India Centre for Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia Region, Jaipur. He secured 79 per cent marks.



Those who couldn’t vote

10th list


Anu Narang 1499, Sector 22-B

Ram Sajiwan Kushwaha 134, Sector 9-B

Raj Kumari 134, Sector 9-B

Akshay Anand 1202, Yatri Niwas Sector 24-B

Abhilasha Anand 1202, Yatri Niwas Sector 24-B

Vidya Devi Verma 110, Gali No 8C, Shanti Nagar, Manimajra

Prem Chand Verma 110, Gali No 8C, Shanti Nagar Manimajra

Kavita Verma 110, Gali No 8C, Shanti Nagar Manimajra

Sonia Verma 110, Gali No 8C, Shanti Nagar Manimajra

Akhil Goel 3266, Sector 21-D

Bhavna Kansal 3266, Sector 21-D

R.L.Chalana 1227, Sector 8-C

Rattan Chalana 1227, Sector 8-C

Rajiv Chalana 1227, Sector 8-C

P.D.Mittal 1748/2, Sector 34-D

Rekha Mittal 1748/2, Sector 34-D

Arti Sood 281, Sector 49-A, Advocate Society

Raman Kumar Sood 2017/3, Sector 45-C

R.K. Mahajan E I-115, Panjab University, Sector 14

Kalpana K. Mahajan E I-115, Panjab University, Sector 14

Sonam Mahajan E I-115, Panjab University, Sector 14


Mamchand Basia 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Kamla Basia 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Sudhir Kumar Basia 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Manju 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Rekha 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Jyoti 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana

Vandana 384,Saini Vihar, Ph-I,Baltana


Jetha Devi 260,Sector 21

Ram Niwas Gupta 1271, Sector 21

Saroj Gupta 1271, Sector 21

Akhilesh Gupta 1271, Sector 21

Ramita Gupta 1271, Sector 21

Kirti Anand Gupta 1271, Sector 21

Ramesh Kumar 284, Sector 20

Shanta Devi 284, Sector 20

P.N.Garg 140, Sector 12

Kamlesh 140, Sector 12

Amarjeet Sharma  707,Sector-16

Renu Sharma 707,Sector-16


Manju Shukla 50, Phase 1 Urban Estate

Anuradha Shukla 50, Phase 1 Urban Estate

Amrit Pal Sidhu 3A Street no 5 Prem Nagar

D.S.Dhaliwal 404, Phase I Urban Estate

Rakesh Pathak 8, Bhupindra Road Near Y.P.S

Sherry Pathak 8, Bhupindra Road Near Y.P.S


Harbans Jit Singh Uppal 2265, Phase 10

Manjit Kaur Uppal 2265, Phase 10

Anu Aggarwal 352, Phase 3B1

Mridu Airi 227, Phase 4

Animish Airi 227, Phase 4


Raj Kumat Panjla 500/E/5, Dashmesh Nagar Jandpur Road

Saroj Bala 500/E/5, Dashmesh Nagar Jandpur Road


Subash chander Kapoor 6-A Shastri Colony

Prem Kapoor 6-A Shastri Colony

Ameeta Kapoor 6-A Shastri Colony

Sandip Kapoor 6-A Shastri Colony

Sangita Kapoor 6-A Shastri Colony

Anshuka D-14, Dyal Bagh   Ward No-11, Block No 1

Neelam D-14 Dyal Bagh   Ward No-11, Block No-1



Four booked for fraud
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Four persons belonging to Himachal Pradesh have been booked for fraudulently securing a Rs 3 lakh loan from Shriram Transport Union Finance, Sector 35, pledging an already financed truck.

A company employee, Mr Ajay Awasthi, has complained that Sunita Devi, Bhim Singh, Shyam Singh Verma and Ranbir Singh took a loan of Rs 3 lakh, pledging a truck. They had produced a document from the RTO, Solan, stating the truck was in their name.

They were given the amount in 2002, but immediately afterwards they stopped the payment of monthly instalments. The company then found out that the truck had already been taken on loan and was not free from encumbrance. The case has been registered by at the Sector 36 police station on the order of a local court.



Missing villager’s body found
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur-Garibdass, May 20
The body of a 47-year-old resident of Mullanpur - Garibdass village, Roshan Lal, was found near the Mullanpur-Chandigarh barrier today. Preliminary investigations have ruled out foul play, the police said.

Roshan Lal was employed as a junior assistant at Punjab Local Bodies, Sector 17, Chandigarh, and had been missing for the past two days.

There were no apparent injury marks on the body, the police said. A relative of the deceased identified the body. A post-mortem examination has been performed and the viscera sent to a laboratory for chemical examination. The police has initiated inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the CrPC.


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