Is there no merit in the Left?

APROPOS of Justice J.L. Gupta’s article “The Left should have been kept out” (Perspective, May 23), the writer seems to be deeply biased against the Left. He seems to be a bit annoyed at the simple reality that the Congress could strike an alliance with the Left parties in forming the government at the Centre. His main thesis that the Congress could have easily managed even without the Communists is based upon his own perception. Couldn’t he find a single merit in the Left?

Very few people know that had the Left parties not supported the Congress during the election campaign, the Lok Sabha results would have been quite different. The Communists stood by the Congress because of the BJP’s threat to the unity of the country. Leaders like Harkishan Singh Surjeet and A.B. Bardhan persuaded Socialist leaders to join the Congress-led alliance. Justice Gupta has been harsh towards the Communists who have come to attract and sway the large number of salaried people, the farming community and the poor agriculture workers with their outstanding performance in the Lok Sabha election.



The common people have come to trust the Leftists in a big way. Their simplicity has made them respectable and worthy of public trust. Why shouldn’t the Congress trust the Communists? When even big leaders were targeting Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin, the Communists defended her against this attack..

The writer argues very strongly that the Communists “live in the past” and are “wedded to archaic values”. This is a misplaced charge yet frequently hurled at them by the ideologues of the capitalist system. Socialism is not dead. Communism can never die.

Dr R.B. YADAV DEHATI, Kathmandi, Fatehabad


The writer has said that the Congress, being the single largest party in the Lok Sabha, should have kept the Left parties out of the alliance as they fought against each other in West Bengal and Kerala. They may be rivals in some states, but why cannot they work together at the Centre when they have a common agenda of working towards reforms and keeping the BJP out?

Basically, they want detoxification of the body politic. There should be full social security so that crisis situations like the farmers’ suicides do not recur. Food security is vital. The PDS should be strengthened. Also there must be more employment generation, not through fanciful schemes but based on real increase in public investment. The Left parties want to create more job opportunities for the educated youth. Without jobs, there will be chaos in the country which Justice Gupta failed to appreciate.

Apparently, the bureaucracy has been perturbed over the strength of the Left in the Lok Sabha which will further strengthen their base in the country. There is no cause for worry on this count as the Left parties will ensure stability to this government through outside support so long as the policies continue to be pro-people.

S.M. KHOSLA, Chandigarh


The writer is blind to points of commonality of ideology between the Congress and the Leftists. Secularism is the biggest plank on which the Leftists have supported the Congress over the years. But for Justice Gupta, secularism has no meaning. Democratic principles too are of no value for him.

The writer does not see the difference that the Leftists will make in the new power equations at the Centre as he is hurt by the defeat of the BJP in the elections. For the same reason, he does not endorse the increasing influence of the Leftists. That is why, he wants the Congress to keep away from the Leftists. But the likes of Guptas cannot stop the march of Leftists.

The Congress has committed to give a humane face to its policies of reforms and development. This exactly is another major common interest that has brought the two closer.

B.S. KANDA, New Delhi


What pampering means

THIS refers to the article “For parents who pamper” by Jai Raj Kajla (Spectrum, May 30).

In the nuclear families there is certainly an element of selfishness. As the parents’ income is meant only for the children, if the children squander the money it does not bother the parents.

Parents should also impart social and spiritual values to children. The family should visit religious places or an ailing relative together. This will make the children less selfish and demanding.

Instead of giving in to all the unreasonable demands of the child, parents should teach them the value of money. Pampering does not mean giving children all the materialistic things they can do without but fulfilling all their genuine needs and making the home a warm place.

NEETA SOOD, Chandigarh

Thumbs up for a pat

“No thank you, we are Indian” by Madan M. Mathur (Spectrum, May 23) was interesting. Instead of being courteous and polite in day-to-day dealings, unfortunately, as a nation, we appear to have successfully cultivated the deplorable pastime of condemning and criticising people at the drop of a hat.

We are quick to criticise and condemn but, when someone does his/her job well, we take their services for granted. A well-deserved pat on the back is not only a gracious acknowledgement of work well done, but goes a long way in encouraging that individual into putting in a greater effort. The beauty of this seemingly small gesture has, in fact, a greater fallout in that it sets a pleasant example for others. It is indeed true that “the kindest word in the whole world is the unkind word, unsaid.”


Protect the peacock

This refers to Aditi Tandon’s write-up “Peacock in peril” (Spectrum, May 2). Peacock is our national bird and is part of our culture and folklore. It is common to find peacock feathers in mandirs, masjids and mazzars.

It is not feasible for the law and the law-enforcing agencies alone to save it from extinction. Awareness amongst people can go a long way in protecting this graceful and beautiful bird.

Col D.S. DHALIWAL (retd), Patiala


Not just the peacock but all birds like sparrows, kites, vultures and koels are decreasing in numbers. Strict action should be taken against those who kill birds. Poachers should be penalised and placed behind bars. n


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